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November 15, 2022
The Takeline Series Finale

In This Episode

All good things come to an end! On this series finale episode of Takeline, Jason is joined by three of his rotating co hosts, Zach Harper (the Athletic) Jordan Ligons (Spinsters podcast) and Jamel Johnson (Air Buds, Sorry We Love Football), to offer one last round of hot takes on the sports world. Then, super producers Zuri Irvin and Ryan Wallerson join the fray for one last Take Survivor.





CJ Toledano What’s up, Takeline? Megan and I have already got in a fight about this, but this is C.J. and Meghan Gailey, and we have hosted Takeline before and had the great honor and pleasure to and we just wanted to take a second to say goodbye and say thanks for taking a chance on me and Megan hosting together. You know, many outlets have done that before. Some have been happy.


Megan Gailey It hasn’t worked out. This was also, this was also our son’s very first ever podcast appearance.


CJ Toledano That’s right. I forgot about that.


Megan Gailey It’ll go down in the baby record books for him.


CJ Toledano It’s been a lot of fun being a part of it. And yeah, thank you for for listening and supporting and have a happy holidays and we’ll see you in some way or another soon.


Megan Gailey Very soon. Thanks for ending on a week the Colts one big for me.


Jason Concepcion Welcome. This is not a funeral episode, though. This will be the last and final episode of the Takeline program that will ever grace your eardrums. This is a celebration. It’s a celebration of life. It’s a celebration of sports. And it’s a celebration of the last two years of incredible, high quality content. That we’ve been able to take part in. Joining me today to take part in this celebration, some of my favorite people ever in the world. First up, you know, and you’ve laughed at this stuff. You’ve you’ve taken pleasure at his writing, though you don’t know it. The great Jamel Johnson. Jamel, how are you?


Jamel Johnson I’m good. This feels like, you know, that Instagram ad with the dudes in Africa selling socks.


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Jamel Johnson And they’re like, they got the you know, they got the casket and they’re dancing.


Jason Concepcion Yes. We’re dancing right now, folks.


Jamel Johnson We’re dancing.


Jason Concepcion We’re in the presence of not just the star, but an actual superstar right now, formerly the co-host of The Spinsters podcast. You’ve seen her collaborating with Nike. You’ve seen her doing all kinds of things. One of my favorite people of the last five years, if I had to power rank them, she’d be up there in the top three.


Jordan Ligons Oh.


Jason Concepcion Please welcome Jordan Ligons. Jordan, how are you?


Jordan Ligons I’m great. I’m so happy to be here. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this best show ever.


Jason Concepcion We could not. We could not do it without you. And then finally, every time I turn on Sirius XM Radio, among many other audio pieces of programing and I hear this man’s voice, I’m like, That fucking guy. I love.


Siri I don’t have to respond to that.


Jason Concepcion Oh, Siri, shut up. Hold on. Sorry. Sorry.


Zach Harper Siri knew that you wanted me on. So


Jason Concepcion Siri was just like, oh, we’re talking about Zach. That’s right. It’s, you know, him from The Athletic NBA pod, from his writings at the Athletic from Sirius NBA radio. Zach Harper, one of the greatest ever, two he’s got he’s got a Xenophobe, his pop culture and movie podcast. You see him on Le Batard. He’s simply one of the hardest working human beings in show business. Zach, how are you?


Zach Harper I never stop working. And I will never stop working. I have so many fucking bills. You have no idea.


Jason Concepcion That’s right. This is America.


Zach Harper He goes to. Yeah, I just don’t know. Taxes.


Jason Concepcion That’s right.


Zach Harper Postmates. It’s like. It’s. It’s really. I figured out. It’s just I spend almost half a country’s worth of money. I feel like I’m on Postmates.


Jason Concepcion I feel you. This is America. We die in the saddle.


Zach Harper Yeah, that’s right. I want to say, when I saw Jordan show up in the Takeline merch, I don’t have any, but I had to wear my own face on on this final episode of Takeline, because I am nothing, if not a whore that will promote myself.


Jordan Ligons Got to pay those bills, somehow.


Jamel Johnson Or you can write the tip. Bro. You can write the tips off on your taxes. Just so you know.


Jason Concepcion You can do that.


Jamel Johnson Get up on that.


Zach Harper I do,  I do like taking tax advice from a friend who has sold so many of my friends jerseys.


Jamel Johnson They listen.


Jason Concepcion Let me tell you one thing. Jamel was the only person that I take tax advice from.


Zach Harper He is the number one businessman in this business. Like, I mean, this he knows how to grind it.


Jamel Johnson I have four Vince Carter jerseys in my trunk and I’m very familiar with the tax code. It’s these are this is me.


Zach Harper You’re about to have two.


Speaker 4 Let’s go.


Zach Harper I’ll Venmo you.


Jamel Johnson How did you know that one was Atlanta? One of them is Atlanta.


Jamel Johnson Jamel just loves to buy and sell. That’s what it’s about. He just loves.


Jamel Johnson Constant movement.


Jason Concepcion That’s it. I’ve said this numerous times, but Jamel, like, there have been times where I’m like, Jamel, man, like, let’s get brunch. Let’s hang out as we go live. What’s going on? He’s like, Man, I’m going to be in commerce at 4 a.m.. Scouting is a Jersey shipment that’s coming off the boat.


Jamel Johnson Yeah, city of Commerce, dude. I’m like a I’m a fiscal shark. I’m just moving.


Jordan Ligons Some of that for you.


Zach Harper He is Comptroller of Commerce.


Jason Concepcion Folks, let’s start let’s start our conversation this way. What? I know you all got in the chamber that final silver bullet. That final, hot, hot, hot, hot chip of a take, that you’re just keeping in the chamber for yourself because you’re thinking, Well, I’m waiting for the right moment, or I’m just going to I don’t want to use it yet. I would like us all to air that that that last take in the chamber today. And I’ll start. I got one. New York Knicks got absolutely embarrassed. I feel like Stephen A right now. They got embarrassed by the Oklahoma City Thunder this weekend, Sunday morning at MSG. The Knicks lost by ten to the Oklahoma City Thunder and their star player Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, SGA, who, and here’s the take, I think is better than Ja Morant. And I think I think the conversation is not there is not at that point yet. But I think over the course of this season, like unless Sam Presti is like, that’s too much winning, we got to shut this guy down, over the course of this season, SGA is going to continue to have games like where he scores 35 points on 11 shots. Continues to have performances like the one he had against the Knicks this weekend. And he will. He will create that conversation where people will come to realize that at 6’6, one of the most efficient and talented and high scoring and heady wings in the league. And that, in fact, at 6’6 with that efficiency, with the health, I think I’d rather have him than Ja Morant going forward. I think I’d rather have him. Obviously, their teams are completely different. You know, the Grizzlies are a really good team and have shown that they are good because they’ve excelled, not just survived, but excelled in the moments when Ja has not been able to play for them for various reasons. But I’m going to say it again, SGA., better than Ja. Is this recency bias because they just blew out the Knicks? Is this an emotional cry for me? Because the Knicks, in fact, could have drafted SGA and instead drafted king of the Fortnite, sued Kevin Knox. No comment. SGA better than Ja. That’s my hot take any any thoughts concerns about that particular take from from my guests today?


Jamel Johnson I, like. I’d rather have a guy like, you mean to play basketball?


Jason Concepcion I mean if you’re starting if you’re starting a franchise today. You’re building a team and you have the choice between Ja or SGA. I would I would choose SGA.


Jamel Johnson I’m taking Ja just because I need them checks, baby. Hey, he’s next in line for that Nike deal. Come on, man.


Jason Concepcion So, yeah, that’s true.


Jamel Johnson He’s so much fun. Yeah, he’s better. Yeah, Ja don’t really shoot jump shots like that, but. So what? He’s built like an NBA Jam character. It’s fun.


Jordan Ligons It’s fun. And for pure entertainment value. Ja Morant. But I I heard you say that earlier, before we started, and every time you repeated it, it just hurt my soul like it didn’t, it just didn’t sound right. Like that, it can’t, it can’t be true. It can’t be. I would pick Ja for even the entertainment value. I understand that SGA is balling out of control, and I think it’s also because it’s in OKC and no one’s really.


Jason Concepcion No one’s paying attention, no one knows.


Jordan Ligons Seeing it. So is it really happening? I’m kind of like, is it an illusion happening in OKC? But I would pick Ja, but I appreciate the hottest take possible I think.


Zach Harper Here’s my concern with SGA. Two concerns.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Zach Harper One. Three years ago. Really good. Crazy efficient. Last year, not efficient. This year, he started out efficient. What if he’s just Jimmy Butler in efficiency, where one year he’s magically hitting three pointers and the next year you can’t. Then the next year he’s magically hitting three points and then the year after he can’t. We don’t know what that cycle is because he doesn’t play enough and stay healthy enough. Ja has his issues with healthy.


Jason Concepcion Healthy quotation marks. Healthy?


Zach Harper Well, you know, look, is it healthy to help your team tank? Yeah, it’s healthy to help your team. TANK You know, we know they have a sprained ankle. Maybe they say you lost your foot. I don’t know. I don’t know what th Thunder are doing out there. My second concern is and I hate to I hate to stereotype, but.


Jason Concepcion Sure.


Zach Harper He’s Canadian. I don’t know if you can trust the Canadian being number one on your team.


Jamel Johnson Damn.


Zach Harper They’re too polite.


Jamel Johnson Damn.


Jason Concepcion I already got RJ.


Zach Harper Anthony Bennett, Andrew Wiggins. You know. Steve Nash.


Jason Concepcion Josh Primo.


Zach Harper Anthony Towns.


Jordan Ligons Oh.


Jason Concepcion Sorry, I, I. I’ll just. Let me just, like. Here’s his last. You know, he’s played 12 games against the New York Knicks. 37 points, two blocks, eight assists, five rebounds, three steals. And he’s been doing this all season, a couple of, you know, 120 point game, but 37.39 points, 33 points, 37 points, 34 points, 38 points. And she’s come in. That’s all I got to say. I understand that it’s hot, but let’s I’d like to pass the the the hot baton onto whoever wants to take it and whoever has something they’ve just been saving up, they want to get it off their chest. In this final, final episode of the Takeline program.


Jordan Ligons I’ll go.


Jason Concepcion Jordan, yes.


Jordan Ligons Real quick. Real quick. I, this has been on my heart. This is I feel like this is a safe space that I can share this information.


Jason Concepcion The safest space.


Jordan Ligons I am from Sacramento as well.


Zach Harper Aw, Sac Town what up? Yeah, me too.


Jordan Ligons Yeah, I knew we did have that in common. Okay. I’m from Sacramento and I have been so hard on my city, I have really thrown it under the bus, really not taken pride in SAC Town. And I’m a Lakers fan. People have just already hated me for that for so long. And you know, this past year I have been home a lot. I got married this year. I was.


Jason Concepcion Congratulations.


Jordan Ligons Thank you.


Zach Harper Couple of brags right there, but not a big deal. Keep going.


Jordan Ligons I appreciate it. And I was like, you know, Sacramento’s not that bad. And I said that out loud as we were landing the plane in the Sacramento airport. And then the Kings are doing better this year. And I think I had to let that go and say it out loud. So now this is the Kings Year, because I let that go and I said, Sacramento’s not that bad. The Kings are going to excel this year and I just want to, yeah, take all of that credit and say because I really, you know, expressed that and and said that Sacramento isn’t the worst city ever. And I said that sentence that the Kings are going to excel. So you’re welcome, Kings


Jason Concepcion Six and six, baby.


Zach Harper Yeah. Look, that’s a championship for the Kings. That’s. I mean.


Jordan Ligons Honestly, city, I’ve never seen so many Sacramento Kings highlights. All my friends from, like, high school are coming out with their Kings jerseys. There is static. So I just wanted to say you’re welcome. And you know, it wasn’t the.


Jason Concepcion Number eight offense, but the number eight offense in the league. Mike Brown, formerly a defensive guy, showing that, you know what, I know the other side of the court as well. Yeah.


Zach Harper I mean, he’s got De’Aaron Fox and Damontas Sabonis. It’s like it’s not like he’s going to be at the defense. So obviously you got to be good at offense.


Jordan Ligons Got to.


Zach Harper Ever seen two red carpets rolled out on a defensive possession?


Jordan Ligons So yeah, it’s got to be the Kings’ year. They’re going to do so well. And that’s because.


Jason Concepcion How many? How many games better than the Lakers will the Kings finish this season? They’re six and six now.


Jordan Ligons I can’t say all that. But.


Jason Concepcion Okay.


Jordan Ligons That’s that’s hurtful.


Jamel Johnson Hold on.


Zach Harper The Kings can miss the playoffs. They’ll still finish 25 games above the Lakers this year. So


Jamel Johnson Yeah, what the hell? Yeah. How are you going to say?


Jordan Ligons I know.


Zach Harper Look, it’s like the 2012 Bobcats every night and we’re just more worried about, oh, are the Kings going to finish above the Lakers?


Jamel Johnson The hot take. Is that.


Jason Concepcion Let me, let me ask.


Jamel Johnson The Lakers are better than the Kings.


Zach Harper Yeah. That’s a hotter take


Jason Concepcion Let me let me ask everybody this. Oh do you think LeBron regrets the father time commercials.


Jordan Ligons I hope so. Yeah. Father, time is up in his ass right now. He looks so old and it’s like. I don’t I don’t I can’t even talk about my Lakers.


Jason Concepcion As an old man, I’ll say it as an old man with a bad hip, with an achy hip. He looks like a man with an achy hip to me. I’ll just say that.


Zach Harper It looks like he’s not stretching properly. He’s not activating his hip flexors right.


Jordan Ligons That’s a great way to say it. Yeah.


Jamel Johnson Listen guys, Bron’s coming back. Nas just put out another album and he’s going to be fine guys.


Zach Harper He’s just been waiting for that? It’s just.


Jamel Johnson Been waiting for the next.


Zach Harper Nas comes out with another album. Here we go.


Jamel Johnson Come on, man. He’s going to be in the gym soon. Yeah. I’m here doing all the. Doing all the interludes.


Jason Concepcion Up next, who’s got and who’s got a something they’d like to get off their chest?


Jamel Johnson You wanna go?


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Go for it.


Jamel Johnson Let me take one. I’ll give you. I’ll give you a non basketball one. The Eagles are not making the Super Bowl.


Jason Concepcion Whoa.


Jamel Johnson The Philadelphia Eagles are not making the Super Bowl.


Zach Harper What?


Jamel Johnson I repeat, ladies and gentlemen.


Zach Harper But they’re so good.


Jamel Johnson They’re very good. And I’m only saying this. This is only a hot take. What for the people in Philadelphia? I think the rest of the country believes the Phillies going to hit a roadblock. They are dog. They’re either losing to Minnesota or the Giants. It’s happening. And don’t, don’t even get me started on Seattle.


Zach Harper Both would be so embarrassing.


Jamel Johnson That’s Seattle. Losing to Tampa in Germany. Come on, dude. Tom Brady wasn’t losing in Germany. There’s no way they was going to send Tom Brady to Munich and he loses. That shit was rigged


Zach Harper You don’t you don’t fly to Germany every year to touch up your hair plugs just to go lose a road game there.


Jason Concepcion Nah, bro.


Jamel Johnson Exactly. And I’m just saying that, look, the Eagles are the best team in the NFC right now, but Justin Jefferson was not playing like this when they met in week two. This is week ten. Teams are different, weather’s different. Kirk Cousins, apparently all the black guys on on his team like him now. The Eagles are here and I hate it. I hate the Eagles. I wish nothing but ill, on Kirk Cousins


Jason Concepcion This is shocking. But as a Giants fan who, you know, has started a little perplexed at that, at the Giants start has become some something of a believer and who just watched Daniel Jones have his best performance like as a pro ever in his life, this weekend. Please lay out to me how the Giants will be the roadblock for the Eagles.


Jamel Johnson Saquon Barkley quarterback on Barkley and Daniel Jones never throwing the ball They should play the game when they play the Eagles again, it should look like 1953. Leather helmet ball.


Zach Harper The like Remember the Titans.


Jamel Johnson And they could actually win. Take the ball out of Daniel Jones’ hands you got a chance.


Zach Harper Just want to just want to clarify so you have the Eagles not getting the Super Bowl because they did lose to Daniel Jones or Kirk, Kirk Cousins.


Jamel Johnson Or Kirk Cousins or Geno Smith. Take your pick. There’s three teams that could get them. I just think, you know, not losing a game in the regular season. Also a bad omen. Shout out to my guy, Robert.


Jason Concepcion Very true.


Jamel Johnson Very hard to get a loss in there. And Jalen Hurts is too dumb to lose. He’ll never lose a regular season game.


Jason Concepcion How do you? Let me ask you this.


Jamel Johnson Just not in him.


Jason Concepcion How do you get it if let’s say that the Eagles leadership they understand we got to get one loss in. How do they do it? How do you make sure it happens?


Jamel Johnson You tell Jalen Hurts the wrong address to the plane. Because if he gets on the plane, he’s winning the game.


Zach Harper One week, he was like we’re flying out of LaGuardia this week. Not bad.


Jason Concepcion Oh so I had that wrong. Shit


Jamel Johnson No, we were at AMF bowling alley. You went to the other bowling?


Jason Concepcion All my bad.


Jamel Johnson You went to Lucky Strikes. My fault. This is my hot take just for the people of Philly to get upset about. Because I know that Philly needs this. The narrative that no one likes them. And guess what? I don’t like y’all. I’m here for you.


Jason Concepcion Well.


Jamel Johnson I’m the one that hates you. You’re wondering who hates you, Philly? It’s me.


Jason Concepcion Other than Joel Embiid sitting setting a 50 point individual record in a wonderful Philly Sixers loss. You have to admit it’s been kind of a disappointing couple of weeks for Philly sports. Losing the losing the World Series, the union crashing out of the MLS Cup.


Jamel Johnson Same day.


Jason Concepcion Same day. So, you know, Philly haters, it’s been a good it’s been a good couple of weeks for y’all. Zach, that leaves you. Get something  up off your chest, let it loose.


Zach Harper So a take I had secretly forever was just I don’t think it was that Anthony Davis is that good, right? Like and it’s something that I had in my chest. I had to keep it in my chest because it was just like, I just don’t think he’s that good. Like, I in part of it, I’ll admit, as a, as a Timberwolves fan growing up and Kevin, Kevin Garnett, you know, my favorite player ever other than Ricky Davis and so with with K.G. with K. That’s the original get buckets right there he would right get buckets on a shoot for anybody else did now you got all these other people saying get buckets all the time that’s the that’s the godfather of it. But so part of it came from, you know, people saying, oh, Anthony Davis, he’s going to be the next KG. You know, he’s gonna be better than KG and I was pissed and I was like, how dare you? He doesn’t pass like him, he doesn’t defend like him. He doesn’t even score like him. Don’t, don’t even get me started on that. So I had to keep that on my chest for a while. Now that the Lakers are bad. Sorry, Jordan. Now the Lakers are bad and now that, you know, they’re kind of a joke and everyone’s doubting A.D.. It’s something that I’ve been more comfortable with. So I’m going to get out of this this real take. I’m a get out in front of it now. And part of it is just to. Piss off every dumb, slow, unathletic white basketball Twitter person because they love to glom onto this. Like that could be them someday. Nikola Jokic is never going to win an NBA title. In fact, he’s never going to make the NBA Finals.


Jamel Johnson Oh.


Zach Harper How about that?


Jamel Johnson Oh.


Zach Harper That’s right. He’s really good in the regular season. Those playoffs come around. Oh, we get swept. Rogue is dropped in five or all. You know, all of a sudden his team can’t perform its oh he doesn’t have enough help he’s never gonna have enough help.


Jordan Ligons Wow.


Jason Concepcion Now, let me just I’ll just lightly push back for the for the people in the Colorado area who are losing their shit. It was a little bit of a shaky start last last postseason. He he put it he’s certainly put in a bunch of good performances down the stretch of that Warriors, that Warrior series.


Zach Harper Remember when he got his ass handed to him by DeAndre Ayton two years ago?


Jason Concepcion That did, maybe not quite happened in the way that you’re framing it, but he did lose that series. And so to unpack the no help. What is what is the thing that’s going to happen?


Zach Harper Everyone got everyone got dazzled by Jamal Murray in the bubble. Well, sorry, let’s have another pandemic that shut us down. We’re not seeing that. Jamal Murray again, that’s not happening. Michael Porter, Jr He’s got the same back that I do. That’s not happening. Aaron Gordon. Aaron Gordon’s biggest accomplishment is changing his jersey to number 50 because he’s so mad that he can’t win a dunk contest. That’s not help you need. KCP is the best teammate he has for helping them. And look, KCP, he’s a fine player. He’s not going to be your Scottie Pippen. It’s just not going to work out. I think Mike Malone’s a bad coach in the playoffs. I don’t really have anything to back that up other than that they keep losing. And so I’m just going to stick with that.


Jason Concepcion Hey. Hey


Zach Harper I get sick of everyone just pretending he’s like this fun puppy dog on Twitter and everything. He’s a dirty player. He slaps the hell out of people. He pushes them. He bum rushes them in the back. He gets away with flopping. He is the king of flopping now. It’s not James Harden, it’s not Chris Paul, it’s Jocic flailing.


Jason Concepcion Wow.


Zach Harper All over the place all the time. And I’m sick of it. And I’m sick of those Denver Nuggets fans being mad at me all the time. And I’m sick of Serbia coming after me on Twitter just because I don’t fawn at the feet of Nikola Jokic and yes, I am scared of his brothers. So I will ask you to cut this whole segment.


Jamel Johnson Take it easy on him. Serbs, man.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. We got to be we got to be careful with them. We do have to be careful with each other. Let me ask you this quickly, Zach, while I have you here, because we’ve been texting about what the fuck has been going on with the Timberwolves, what’s happening?


Zach Harper They’re just a group of idiots. Those guys, they started.


Jordan Ligons Yikes.


Zach Harper They started playing the dumbest basketball I’ve ever seen last year in the playoffs actually was in the it was in the Play-In tournament game against the Clippers.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Zach Harper Had Karl-Anthony Towns, their best player not fouled out of that game, they would have lost it. How is that possible? How is your best player foulling out is the reason you win the game. Yeah, that’s how bad he was. And then the whole just like and look, Memphis played stupid basketball too in that series.


Jason Concepcion They play stupid as well.


Zach Harper Yeah, it was the dumbest playoff series I’ve ever seen. But the perfect encapsulation of the Timberwolves is Karl-Anthony Towns telling the media they got to come back to Minnesota now. They got to come back to Minnesota now. Saying that on the inside tracks, as he’s mic’d up for a game because they’re up ten in the first quarter and then they get blown out of their own home floor. That same game that is Minnesota Timberwolves basketball. You can’t change it. It doesn’t matter how many French tall guys you bring in, it doesn’t matter how many of Karl-Anthony Towns friends you bring in. It doesn’t matter what you change in Anthony Edwards diet. They just are not going to play good basketball moving forward.


Jason Concepcion So D’lo can’t continue to start after not after not entering the game and causing the Timberwolves to to play four on five basketball. Right. He can’t and not to mention that there’s probably 12 bench guys better than D’lo like in the league right now. Right. He can’t continue to start like this. Right.


Jordan Ligons That was wild.


Zach Harper It’s it’s a contract year. This is his best foot forward and that’s got to check in to the game. That’s that’s hard to do.


Jamel Johnson Here’s what I do want to say. Just in defense of Cap, maybe we need to be a little harder on Popeye’s. That’s all I do.


Zach Harper Wow.


Jordan Ligons That’s what you’re going to go with?


Jamel Johnson Yes, that is exactly what I’m going to go. I had a two piece yesterday. Okay. I had a two piece yesterday. I am not in the NBA. I am not a star shooting guard. I am mad that attitude. I wasn’t even able to said I had to put my league aspirations behind me. Zach, I’m not in the league.


Zach Harper When you were in line at Popeye’s yesterday. Yeah, I just decided it’s one or the other, and I guess I need  a two piece?


Jamel Johnson It wasn’t until I went back for the apple pie. That’s when I knew that I wasn’t making the league. The second trip through the drive thru.


Zach Harper Yeah. Here’s, here’s one more take.


Jason Concepcion Tell me.


Zach Harper Popeyes biscuits. Good. I don’t care if thy’re dry.


Jason Concepcion Of course they’re good.


Zach Harper I fucking love them.


Jamel Johnson Well, you know what I do?


Jason Concepcion I dip it in the gravy. I dip it in the gravy. I dipped that I, I dunked the whole thing in the mashed potatoes and the gravy.


Zach Harper Yep.


Jason Concepcion I put the beans on it too sometimes.


Zach Harper Yes. Put the beans on there. Absolutely.


Jordan Ligons Wow. Living life on the edge.


Jamel Johnson It’s not the ingredients, you know, because if you catch Popeye’s on the wrong day. Yeah, you might not even get handed a biscuit.


Jordan Ligons Or you waited, like, an hour. And, you know, my time zone. It’s a whole different clock at Popeys.


Jason Concepcion Well, they they’re a little too full of themselves over the last couple of years, I’ll say that. Popeyes is they they’re feeling themselves a little bit too much. And they and you sense that when you walk in the place.


Zach Harper The the hype over the chicken sandwich.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. There is an imperiousness to them now. Like they’ll be like, Oh, you’re lucky we’re even serving you. Right? You could be lucky. You’re getting whatever. Whatever’s in the bag is whatever’s in the bag. If you’re lucky right now.


Zach Harper If you’re the only car in the drive thru. It could be done in 2 minutes. It could be an hour and a half. And just. You don’t know.


Jordan Ligons Toss up. Yeah.


Zach Harper Sometimes I’ll put it in park. I’ll take a nap.


Jason Concepcion <A.D.>.


Jason Concepcion And now, let’s go to the final installment of what I think is one of the greatest contributions to human culture in the last certainly in the last two years. The Take Survivor segment. Roll it.


Jordan Ligons Hmm.


Jason Concepcion Oh, you know what that sound is? You know what those drums being you know what that pan flute signifies. That’s right. We’re going to the island. We’re going to take Survivor Island, where only the strongest take survives. Joining me today, the final installment of Take Survivor. She’s one of the greatest to ever do it. She’s a superstar in her own right. The co-hosts of The Spinsters podcast, you’ve seen her in various ad campaigns for a little company called Nike. A little mom and pop sportswear start up called Nike. I hope they survive. She is Jordan Ligons. Jordan, how are you?


Jordan Ligons I’m great. Ready to play,


Jason Concepcion He is a comedian. Par excellence. Oh, he’s one of the funniest human beings ever to live on planet Earth. Jamel Johnson. Jamel, how are you?


Jamel Johnson I’m fantastic. And I’m here playing on behalf of the monumental sports network, Bob.


Jason Concepcion He is the greatest NBA analyst, NBA writer ever. Ever. That’s right. You forget all the rest of them, the news breakers, anybody that you want to think of. Zach Harper bests them like A.I. stepping over Tyronn Lou. Zach Harper, how are you?


Zach Harper I feel fantastic. I feel ready to give takes. I also agree not everyone can host a funny podcast about basketball.


Jason Concepcion That’s right.


Zach Harper And also confirm third level draft news rumors with some reporting. Yeah, that’s right.


Jason Concepcion He’s got all of that.


Zach Harper Show me who can do both. This guy.


Jason Concepcion About all of that in his toolkit. It’s like when you when you walk to the park and you see a painter sitting there painting the park and they’ve got all their colors laid out before them. That is Zach Harper on a daily basis. On a weekly basis. On a monthly basis, folks, let’s get into it. We’re on the island now to refresh everyone on the rules of the Take Survivor game. Here’s how it works. Three rounds. Each round, our competitors will give a take. Everyone here on the zoom that includes super producers Zuri and Ryan and myself will vote on who’s take sucks. That person will be eliminated from the island but will stay in the voting as we progress. And then that person will vote on takes number two and takes number three. We go to the finals, in which case everybody will vote for the winner of Take Survivor. Are we ready to get started? It seems like we are ready to go. And here is our first prompt. Elon Musk recently was forced to buy Twitter at a valuation of a $44 billion, $44 billion, by the way, would be number 85 on the world GDP list above Serbia and just under Lithuania. What would you spend $44 billion on? What would you spend $44 billion on? I’ll start with you, Zach Harper.


Zach Harper I think the obvious answer here.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Zach Harper Is I would spend it on the New York Knicks.


Jason Concepcion Oh, my God. You would buy the New York Knicks?


Zach Harper I would take them away from James Dolan. I would remove myself from the situation. I would hire the best there is. Part of that 44 billion is going and getting, not just Pat Riley, not just Masai Ujiri, not just Danny Ainge. I’m getting all of them. I’m getting Gregg Popovich to coach forever.


Jason Concepcion Oh, my God.


Zach Harper I’m getting a time machine with that $44 billion and bringing back Tim Duncan and putting him on the Knicks. I’m going back in time and grabbing 2010 LeBron James and bringing him to the Knicks like he should have signed with not the Miami Heat.


Jason Concepcion Wow.


Zach Harper I’m doing all that stuff. And definitely what I’m not doing right now is pandering to Jason, even though it’s a voting system that I just realized halfway through this answer, that just actually doesn’t benefit me at all. So that’s what I’m doing.


Jason Concepcion So 44 billion, you then have the 38 billion left over to to pay Pop, Pat, Tim Duncan, LeBron James, Chris Paul, etc., whoever you want.


Zach Harper I’m building a madison Square Garden on top of Madison Square Garden.


Jason Concepcion It’s a hat on a hat.


Zach Harper Double decker Garden.


Jordan Ligons Double decker Garden. Oh, wow.


Jason Concepcion Holy shit.


Jordan Ligons Wow. Yeah.


Jamel Johnson This is sound like QB to me, dawg. You know, you do it, too. You got to. Was too much bread.


Jason Concepcion Well, I mean, again.


Jordan Ligons If you chip.


Jason Concepcion And there’s. There’s dip on the dip on the chip on top of the chip.


Zach Harper Another chip on top. But there’s another dip and there’s another chip. And you know what? Those chips are champion-chips, not just Lays.


Jason Concepcion All right. Incredible. An incredible opening salvo from Zach Harper. Wow. Jamel, your take on the $44 billion. What would you spend it on?


Jamel Johnson Well, you know, I’m not too far off. I would buy the Washington Commandments. I would buy the Washington Commandments. I would build a facility in Woodbridge. I would change the team name to the Woodbridge Wombats. I would take the existing facility in Ashburn, and I would move the entire unhoused population of America to Ashburn, Virginia. We’re flying them out. All dogs welcome. You know what I’m saying. We got grooming services for the for the whole team. The Wombats will be playing at Potomac Mills Mall and blowing up Potomac Mills Mall. I’m turning it into a football stadium. I’m sorry to everybody. You will never get to buy discount polo shirts in Woodbridge again.


Jason Concepcion Wow. I got to say, housing the entire unhoused population of of the Virginia area.


Jamel Johnson Yeah, I’m bringing L.A. out to fuck Rick Caruso. I’m bringing the whole we all. Everybody coming.


Jason Concepcion Fly them first class too. Fuck everybody.


Jamel Johnson Pull up.


Jason Concepcion I love to hear it. Jordan. $44 billion. Just hit your bank account. Boom. What do you do?


Jordan Ligons I’m not proud that the first thought I had was hair. I don’t know why that was my first thought, but that’s a lot of hair. So I’m going to retract that statement. I’m buying the WNBA. First of all.


Jason Concepcion Whoa.


Jamel Johnson Wow.


Jordan Ligons I’m buying the WNBA and we are taking it over. We are actually getting more teams. We’re getting a marketing push. We have our own network. Forget ESPN, forget all the other networks to try to give us scraps of games. We have our own network, more teams. Bringing back the Monarchs. That’s number one on the agenda. Sacramento Monarchs, champion Sacramento Monarchs are coming back.


Jamel Johnson Shout out to Ticha Penicheiro.


jo Better, jersey, better, everything. It would be a great time.


Jason Concepcion Wow, folks, what an incredible amount of takes and quality of takes here in our opening. Ryan, super producer. Ryan, your $44 billion. You’ve just been paid $44 billion. It’s probably the most money that you’ve ever hit have hit your bank account. What do you do with it?


Ryan Wallerson I’m grabbing a little bit of New York City real estate. It’s been on my bucket list. It’s like it’s not going to happen. But if I came into $44 billion, it would be as a penthouse above the Brooklyn clock tower that overlooks Barclays Center at the intersection of Atlantic and Delaware.


Jason Concepcion Oh, yes.


Jamel Johnson What a Modell’s used to be.


Ryan Wallerson Yes, yes. Yes, sir. So that is one of my favorite buildings in the world. I’ve called it the middle finger of Brooklyn since I got slapped on the back of the head for doing so out loud by my mother. And ever since I found out there was a penthouse at the top of it, it’s been the only place that, like, if I could choose anywhere in the world to live, regardless of value, like that’s where it is. So if I got that money, I’m grabbing that, probably making a little bit of investments. And honestly, I’m donating at least a solid couple billion dollars just and sharing that the Knicks, Yankees, Steelers, New York City FC and I’ll even give the Giants some love. I’m making sure that New York City sports just goes on like a multi-decade long run of dominance. And like, no one even needs to know why it’s happening. I’d be a shadow investor. I would just, like, drop off bags money to these different front offices with a note saying Use it well, don’t say shit. And pay your luxury taxes.


Jason Concepcion Damn.


Jamel Johnson Sports Bruce Wayne.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Bruce Wayne, the the Batman of New York. Zuri. Yeah. It falls to you. What would you do with the 44,000,000,000.


Zuri Irvin 44 Bills I’m going to buy. First thing I’m gonna do, I’m going to buy that penal colony that Brittney Griner is being housed in in Russia. And we’re going to sell it to Hawaii


Jason Concepcion Now sanctions. It might be tough with sanctions, but I love the thought.


Zuri Irvin Thought that a lot of backdoor money, we’re just going to make it an American colony and then we’re going to fly it home right away. I think I’m going to buy you know, a lot of people make fun of the Lakers for being named after a Lakers that don’t exist in California. So I’m going to buy all five Great Lakes and I’m going to buy the Great Lakes or we’re going to dump it into Southern California. That way we’ll be.


Zach Harper That’ll save the drought. And that’ll save the drought for us.


Zuri Irvin Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ll go one year without droughts.


Ryan Wallerson No. Not one year. One day.


Zuri Irvin One really great day in the summer.


Zach Harper Because we’re all just going to all summer water, every lawn possible.


Jason Concepcion Incredible. Okay. Yeah.


Zuri Irvin And more and more. Yes. Yeah. And in some shoes. I got some shoes on top of that. Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Okay. What an incredible folks. This is amazing.


Zach Harper The wildest take is that he’d be on the Sneakers app after that.


Jason Concepcion Folks, Let’s go to the voting. Here we are now to who will it be? I will add send your votes through chat to to Ryan and Zuri. Either one. It doesn’t matter. I guess they’re both playing, but it doesn’t matter.


Zuri Irvin  In ranks if it ranks and Rick.


Jason Concepcion Is in Ryan. And who’s it going to be? Just a reminder of the votes we’ve seen. Will it be Zack who said, I’m going to spend I’m going to buy the New York Knicks for about 6 billion and then they spend 38 billion on time machines and various sci fi escapades in order to get all the greatest managers, coaches and players ever to be part of the New York Knicks. Plus, I’m going to build a MSG on top of MSG to make it eight MSG on MSG on MSG Channel. Or will it be Jamelle who said folks houses for the unhoused population of Los Angeles and Virginia slash DC and I’m going to buy the Washington commanders I’m going to I’m going to name them the Woodbridge Wombats, and I’m going to fucking bulldoze a shopping mall in Woodbridge and I’m going to build a stadium there. Will it be? Jordan said, Fuck it. WNBA about to be the richest sports league ever. I know that the NFL made 10 billion is on its way to it being a $10 billion league. What if the WNBA was a $44 billion league, which with its own sports network, with its own everything, with the best of everything, their own jets, etc., etc., etc.. Or will it be Ryan who said, You know what, I need a house, I’m buying a house, I’m buying the clock tower in Brooklyn to be my house. Then, like many billionaires before me, I’m going to sport squash, but only four New York area sports. I’m going to I’m going to make sure that New York teams dominate for years and years and years and years and years to come. Call it clock-tober. Or will it be Zuri who says, number one, forget about the sanctions, forget about how this works in terms of international law by the land on which the penal colony, which is currently housing Brittney Griner, sits, and make that American Eagle Zuri in territory that he owns. Then because the Lakers, obviously the name is an anachronism. The Los Angeles Lakers name is an anachronism based on the years that the team spent in Minnesota by the Great Lakes. Transport them bucket by bucket to the less, the Los Angeles area. What will this do to the environment, to the ecology of the Midwest and the world and Canada? Fuck it. You heard me. Fuck it. Move the lakes today. Voting is going on now and the. The returns are coming in. What a celebration of democracy this is. Do we have the. Do we have the. Do we have the votes? Remember, we are voting for the worse. Take the take that needs to be gone from take Survivor right now. So who do we have the votes are coming now.


Ryan Wallerson All votes are in by a hair. My Brooklyn Tower. New York City dynasty dream lives on and.


Jason Concepcion He moves on. Ryan with the picture perfect. Buy me a house. Okay. Well, I guess. I guess. Zuri Environmental terrorism was not enough to carry the day.


Zuri Irvin Yeah. Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Zuri, What do you have to say?


Zuri Irvin Well, let’s check the voting machines, first of all. And you don’t really want Britney home. So I think that’s what we’re learning here. In our last episode.


Zach Harper My my idea was to make James Dolan richer.


Zuri Irvin Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Well Zuri, you will remain you will remain in our voting pool. And let’s move on to round two with our prompt. That is the follows. What is your favorite scam? We’re watching a cratering of the various crypto currency marketplaces. FTX, once formally a blue chip crypto exchange is has gone under. is in the midst of a run right now. Cryptocurrency is being revealed in a very, very big way as being fraudulent on many different levels. With that in mind, your favorite scam. Let’s start with you, Ryan. Your favorite scam.


Ryan Wallerson Oooh. Easy. I’m going to go with the Fire Island Festival.


Jordan Ligons Oh, yeah.


Ryan Wallerson I enjoyed I enjoyed this scam for a few reasons. One, because at the center of it was a super washed New York City based rapper who I’ve grown up making fun of. And so just, you know, the relevancy and muscle memory and bragging on Ja Rule was just like, Oh, yeah, we’re doing it again. Great. Two, it mostly affected, you know, shall we say, financially secure influencers who perhaps don’t know how to read fine print. And I’m good with that. You know, if they’re going to be victims out there, I’m really good with them being, you know, silver spoon kids who know how to take photos more than they know how to take care of themselves. And I hope they all learn lessons. And three. Yeah. Shout, shout out to those to those cheap cafeteria sandwiches. Man, they.


Jordan Ligons Iconic.


Ryan Wallerson Been in the news a long time.


Jason Concepcion Iconic. Iconic


Ryan Wallerson Been in the news for a long time.


Jason Concepcion Iconic.


Ryan Wallerson It was cool to see photos of them rolling on MSNBC and CNN for a couple of days. Shout out shout outs.


Jason Concepcion Jordan, your favorite. Your favorite scam.


Jordan Ligons My favorite scam is college.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, that.


Jordan Ligons Is the scam of the decades. I fell for it and I don’t know if I needed it, but I’m still paying it back. And they will continue to get money from all of us and from everyone. And we’ve been tricked. It’s the greatest scam.


Jason Concepcion We’ve been tricked. We’ve been hoodwinked. We’re all paying it. We will be paying it until we are very old. It’s what a what an incredible what an incredible selection on your favorite scam, Jamel.


Jamel Johnson My favorite scam is. My favorite scam is Amway.


Jason Concepcion Amway. A pioneer in the multilevel marketing space.


Jamel Johnson Yes. Yes. The leader in health and beauty. Also because my mom used to sell Avon women. I’m from the other side of the block. Fuck Amway.


Jordan Ligons Everybody sold for Avon.


Jamel Johnson Avon. Avon, Avon wants their corners back. And let me start there. Second point, they took they took multilevel marketing schemes all the way to the league, bro. They made it to the league, like Mary Kay, they got pink Cadillacs. That’s fine. I always thought the pink Cadillac was hard, but nobody made it to the league, bro. They got a whole fucking building fuck crypto. Amway, they’ve been getting this money. They’ve been. They’ve been taking Suave lotion and putting it in different bottles for 40 years.


Ryan Wallerson Shout out to Suave, man.


Jamel Johnson Made it all the way to the top, dog.


Jason Concepcion Shouts to the Orlando Magic. Zach, Your favorite scam.


Zach Harper It’s tough because there’s a lot of them, you know, there’s a lot of them. I was going to go with the Sacramento Kings having power balance pavilion. Power balance is the naming rights for this is after we knew that these these bracelets did not keep your balance it did not make you healthier. And we knew it. And they still said, yes, the Maloofs. The Maloofs were just like, yeah, we’ll take your money. Well, we’ll take anybody’s money at this point. We need cash like J.G. Wentworth. We need cash need now. But. But I will not go with that. That is just an honorable mention. My favorite scam of all time, the one and only Brett Favre. If you think about, oh, this guy, oh, this guy is not an all time great. He is someone who is one of the top intercepted quarterbacks of all time. We liked him because he wanted to play in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We thought, oh how how quaint, how quirky. Little did we know this was a scamming, dusty, shriveled grade dick pick slinging guy who’s so dumb that he would put on wax. Do you think the media can find out that I’m asking you for money? That then just two years later, the media found out he was illegally asking for money. Every turn of the Mississippi scandal. Mississippi, one of the most destitute states, does not need to be building volleyball, college arenas for Brett Favre’s daughter. And yet he said, you know what, welfare money? No, my daughter needs the nicest of hardwood floors to jump off of the spike of volleyball. It’s Brett Favre is my favorite scam because.


Jason Concepcion Wow. Brett Farve.


Zach Harper Just wasn’t that good.


Jason Concepcion Folks, let’s go to the voting. Well, let’s do a double elimination so we can get to a head to head finals. You will be voting for the two takes that you think should be ejected from the island. And here are your selections. First with Ryan, he says, My favorite scam, the Fire Fest. Who could forget it? You love the pictures of the absolute destroyed FEMA tent sitting bedraggled on a beach somewhere on the pictures of of influencers who thought they were going to be seated at the most luxurious event in the Western Hemisphere, eating sandwiches that consisted of wilted lettuce on stale bread with maybe cheese? Or will it be Jordan who said It’s college, y’all. It’s college. Why does it cost this much? Why do they let teenagers take out loans that they then pay off for tens and tens of years and decades? What is it all mean? Why do we have to make these decisions so early in our life that are then tied to economic burdens that you must carry forward for years and years? Or will it be Jamel who said, Shout out to Amway. Shout out to a scam that has been going on so long and so successfully that they’ve actually been able to purchase the naming rights for an NBA franchise. The Orlando Magic. The Amway Center. Fucking killing the game continuously for the last 40 years. Or will ti be Zack, who said, How about my guy Brett Favre? Should he be under a jail? Yeah, probably. But let’s talk about ripping off the citizens of one of the most destitute states in the nation so that he could have his daughter play at a nice gym.


Zach Harper Not what they already had a gym.


Jason Concepcion What.


Zach Harper They just wanted a nicer one.


Jason Concepcion Not to mention his, you know, his supposed, like concussion drug that he was researching. Anyway, voting is going on now. The votes are coming in. And Ryan, who is compiling them and Ryan, what is what’s the outcome of our votes here?


Ryan Wallerson All right.


Jason Concepcion Although we all love democracy, folks. Democracy in action is beauty. It was a beautiful thing.


Zach Harper Only when it works for us.


Ryan Wallerson All the way forward. So let’s see. I have I have been voted off unanimously. So that’s actually kind of impressive considering if I’m trying to block is this.


Jordan Ligons I to apologize now.


Jamel Johnson I had to, dog because I love Ja Rule because yeah there’s Ja Rule got involved oh.


Zach Harper You’re on.


Ryan Wallerson I wish him well.


Zach Harper Very, very geechie, son.


Jason Concepcion I know. We’ll go to a final triple. We’ll go to a final triple and we can move forward. No, no, no. It’s easy. It’s easy because we can just vote for the winner. We can just vote for the right. That brings us to our first. Three competitor, Final Round. We will be voting for the winner after this round, after this take of the final episode of Take Survivor, ever.


Jordan Ligons Aww.


Jason Concepcion So the World Cup is starting up soon. It’s over in Qatar. The the situation that led to Qatar getting the World Cup was, you know, basically bribery. We can say that, but. If you could select one location to host every single major sporting event the NCAA tournaments, the NBA Finals, the World Series, the World Cup, the European Championship. The F1 Championship. On and on and on. Sports City. Sports Nation. Championship Nation. What location would you select? Zach Harper, we’ll start with you.


Zach Harper This is very self-serving, very self-serving. But number one, on my list of things that I want to do, I want to get really drunk, eat a lot of sushi, and go watch a sumo wrestling match. And I think we should bring all of the sports together to Japan so that I can not only cover these momentous events, but also fulfill my dream of getting really drunk on Saki, eating the best sushi I can find, and watching two very large men slam into each other and try to throw out of a circle. And so I think the scenery in Japan is beautiful, the food is exquisite, the people are polite. So you’re not going to have a bunch of like when you flood Japan, right. With all these people. They’re not going to be like, get the fuck out of here. We don’t want you here. No, there’s a comedy. Yes, come in. What can we do for you? They got cool, cool lights on the streets. Cool neon lights. It looks like it looks like a futuristic city. They got all the technology in the world that you could possibly want years before we have it. We don’t even know what’s fucking cool yet. They have it. It’s old to them and we haven’t even gotten it yet. So let’s bring them to the epicenter of technology and cuisine and entertainment. We’re going to Japan.


Jason Concepcion I love it. Jamel.


Jordan Ligons It’s good.


Jason Concepcion Sports nation. Where?


Jamel Johnson Sports nation. Okay. All right. Because there’s got to be a country.


Jason Concepcion It could be anything. City, country, town.


Jamel Johnson Well, it’s. It’s Oakland, California.


Jason Concepcion Whoa.


Jamel Johnson I’m bringing everything to Oakland. And if that requires me, like, taking control of California, we secede from the union. We make it its own, its own nation. If it requires that, that’s what I’m doing. This is not a pro Warriors take. This is pro black America take. I just think they need some money infused up there.


Jordan Ligons Yeah.


Jamel Johnson And I think it would be fun as hell. I think watching Marshawn Lynch light a blunt up at the Alameda County, the facilities for a group B match between Uruguay and Peru would be fucking fire.


Jason Concepcion I love to hear it. Oakland, California. Jordan. Yep.


Jordan Ligons I love that.


Jason Concepcion All the marbles.


Jordan Ligons For all the marbles.


Jason Concepcion Sports Nation, where?


Jordan Ligons I was really going to bring this full circle from. You know what I talked about earlier? I say let’s bring it to Sacramento.


Jason Concepcion Oh.


Jordan Ligons Let’s Do it.


Jamel Johnson Wait.


Jordan Ligons They don’t know what championship


Jason Concepcion The capital.


Jordan Ligons The capital of Calafornia. We have the space. We have a track. Yeah. Out in  Vacaville. You know. This valley?


Zach Harper Vacaville, in YOLO county. YOLO.


Jason Concepcion American River stand up. Vacaville.


Zach Harper Sacramento, Folsom Lake.


Jordan Ligons Folsom Rowing Club. Yeah, that’s out there. Like Sacramento is the place. We have the space. We don’t have a ton of championship experience there as a city. So let’s bring all the championships there. And I think, you know, people would be welcoming.


Zach Harper You ever seen a broken down train on display? Well, you’re about to go to Old Sack and watch Johnson walk on some wood boards for no reason.


Jason Concepcion Oh, I love it. Okay, folks, it’s been.


Zach Harper Ligitimately called old sack.


Jason Concepcion It’s been it’s been an honor of a lifetime to preside over this. The final Take Survivor. And now we go to the voting. We are voting for the winner of this final episode of Take Survivor. Will it be? Who will it be? Will it be Zack who says, you know what, Sports Nation, Japan, they got it all. They got the food, they got the culture, they got the high tech stuff, they got the sumo wrestling, they got anime, they got manga. What do you what more could you want? It’s the crossroads between East and West. Let’s go to Japan. Or will be Jamel, who says Oakland. We’re going to Oakland. Blow the whistle. That’s where all the sports are going to happen from now until the end of time. Everything will happen there in the bay area. Oakland will then zoom to the top of the Bay, the Bay area powerings. It will be jordan who said capital region of California. Let’s make it the capital of the world in terms of sports, let’s put Gavin Newsom on the top of the heap. Let’s put the American River among the kings of rivers in the world. Amazon River, move aside. Nile River, get out of here. We’re talking about the fucking American River, motherfuckers. We’re talking about Sac Town sports town. International voting starts now. Who is the winner of this? The final episode of Take Survivor and Who will Stand Supreme? Folks by a score of I don’t know to I don’t know, the winner, the final champion of this. The last Take Survivor of all time. Jamel Johnson. Jamel.


Jamel Johnson Wow. Wow


Jason Concepcion Talk to the people about your win.


Jordan Ligons My god. So deserving.


Jamel Johnson Look, I first I’d like to thank the Academy. I’d like to thank my mom and them. I’d like to thank Jordan for picking the worst city in California.


Zach Harper Wow. Like Chico doesn’t exist, huh.


Jamel Johnson Listen, man. Honorable mention to Fresno.


Zach Harper Yeah, sure. Fresno.


Jamel Johnson San Bernardino. Yeah. That’s a lot of.


Jason Concepcion Hemet.


Jordan Ligons What’s the irony of tow people from Sacramento on one call. .


Zach Harper I know.


Jordan Ligons That’s wild.


Zach Harper I’ll tell you. I voted for Jordan and I put Sac Town’s finest in parentheses.


Jamel Johnson Hey.


Zach Harper Since this is the last one, I just want to say, I think my favorite moment in Take Survivor history was Jamel calling Squints a pervert.


Jamel Johnson Oh, right. Yeah, because he is.


Zach Harper Yeah,he is, you were spot on. But it takes and it takes a true all time. Take Survivor champion.


Jordan Ligons American Great. Yeah.


Zach Harper To call a ten year old a pervert to.


Jason Concepcion Hey.


Jamel Johnson Spot the lie bro.


Jason Concepcion This is. Well, folks, it has been my honor to be your host on this last episode of Takeline. I want to thank everybody here, super producer, Zuri, super producer, Ryan. Carlton Gillespie, who helped us so much, everybody at Crooked who’s been so supportive. This has been an absolute joy and adventure to get to do this show. We’re going to the archive of episodes going remain active for people to enjoy. Of course, I’m going to remain here with my show X-ray Vision. We’re going to go to two episodes a week. So enjoy that. And thanks, everybody, for for taking the ride with us on on Takeline. It’s going to be sad to leave Take Survivor Island, but the real estate market there remains strong. I want to urge everyone to not sell their properties to remain there. And thank all of you for listening. Goodbye. Takeline is a Crooked Media production. The show is produced by Ryan Wallerson and Zuri Irvin. Our executive producers are myself and Sandy Girard. Engineering, Editing and sound design by the great Sarah Gibble-Laska and the folks at Chapter Four. And our theme music is produced by Brian Vasquez. Mia Kelman is on the Zoom for vibes, and the vibes are fantastic all the time.