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May 19, 2022
Pod Save America
"The Most Dangerous Candidate of 2022?"

In This Episode

Voters select Democratic and Republican nominees in North Carolina, Oregon, Kentucky, Idaho, and Pennsylvania in the biggest set of midterm primaries yet, and North Carolina Senate candidate Cheri Beasley joins to talk about her race against Trump-backed Ted Budd.


Visit Cheribeasley.com to support her campaign and help flip North Carolina.


  • Playbook: Takeaways from the biggest primary night of the year
  • FiveThirtyEight: What Went Down During The May 17 Primary Elections 
  • Vox: 2 winners and 2 losers from the Pennsylvania and North Carolina primaries 
  • Jacobin: Democratic Voters Rejected the Status Quo Last Night 
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: 5 takeaways from the Pennsylvania primary election 
  • Politico: ‘Beware what you wish for’: 5 takeaways from a key primary night 
  • NBC: Fetterman’s plan to win Pennsylvania: Taking his populist message to Trump country 
  • FiveThirtyEight: How John Fetterman Became A Democratic Favorite In Pennsylvania 
  • NYT: Is John Fetterman the Future of the Democratic Party? 
  • Politico: Trump pushes Oz to declare victory in undecided Pennsylvania primary
  • NPR: With a key race too close to call, here are 4 takeaways from Tuesday’s primaries Vanity Fair: JOHN FETTERMAN WINS PENNSYLVANIA DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY BY THROWING OUT THE DEMOCRATIC PLAYBOOK
  • The Atlantic: John Fetterman Wins on Vibes 
  • NBC: Far-right election denier Mastriano wins GOP race for governor in Pennsylvania 
  • NYT: America’s Doug Mastriano Problem 
  • Politico: How Trump-backed candidates fared on the busiest primary day 
  • CNN: Trump-backed 2020 election denier wins GOP primary for Pennsylvania governor 
  • Politico’s Alex Isenstadt tweet 
  • NPR: Budd will face off against Beasley in North Carolina Senate contest, per AP race calls 
  • NYT: Madison Cawthorn loses his re-election bid after a deluge of scandals. 
  • NBC: Doug Mastriano aide who blocked media at campaign event was at Capitol on Jan. 6 
  • NYT: Josh Shapiro’s campaign in Pennsylvania has a message: Beware of Doug.


  • CookPolitical: Trump-backed candidates win in NC SEN, lose in ID GOV
  • The19th: Cheri Beasley won North Carolina’s Senate primary. Like other Black women, she laid the groundwork years ago.
  • CharlotteObserver: Rep. Ted Budd, former Chief Justice Cheri Beasley win NC’s Senate primaries
  • Beasley’s Op-ed In the Charlotte Post


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