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June 12, 2024
Pod Save America
The GOP Meltdown Over Hunter's Conviction

In This Episode

Dan and The Bulwark’s Sarah Longwell break down the chaotic Republican response to the Hunter Biden news and what the conviction might mean for the Biden campaign, which of Donald Trump’s rumored VP picks scare them the most, and the latest from Tuesday’s primaries.

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  • CNN: Hunter Biden found guilty on all counts in gun case
  • Politico: How the Hunter Biden verdict is landing
  • NYT: Jury Finds Hunter Biden Guilty of 3 Felonies
  • Politico: Will Hunter Biden go to prison? Here’s what happens next after his conviction.




  • WaPo: In S.C., Rep. Nancy Mace faces challenger backed by Kevin McCarthy
  • APNEWS: US Rep. Nancy Mace faces primary challenge in South Carolina after tumultuous term 
  • WaPo: No lawmakers have lost primaries yet. Will the streak end tonight? 
  • APNEWS: Nevada Republicans prepare to choose a candidate to take on Jacky Rosen in critical Senate race
  • NBCNEWS: Nevada Senate Primary Results 2024 
  • NYT: After Trump Endorses his Rival, a Nevada Senate Candidate Lashes Out 




  • Atlantic: The Two-Time Trump Voters Who Have Had Enough (6/5)
  • Marist: Trump Leads Biden by 7 Points, Brown up by 5 Points Over Moreno (6/11)
  • ABC/538: Trump and Biden are tied in 538’s new election forecast
  • Morning Consult (updated weekly, latest on 6/10): Tracking the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election – Biden leads Trump for first time in a month
  • CBS: Trump and Biden neck and neck nationally and in battlegrounds