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May 20, 2024
Pod Save America
Why 2024 Should Be About the Supreme Court

In This Episode

The prosecution rests in Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial, and the defense begins to present their case. Biden pitches young Black voters while Trump compares himself to Abraham Lincoln. Then: Justice Samuel Alito is outed for showing solidarity with the “Stop the Steal” movement, and Dan explains why Democrats should be running hard against the MAGA Supreme Court. Plus: Rudy Giuliani gets served!


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Show Notes



  • CNN: Prosecutors question Michael Cohen in Trump hush money trial 
  • NYT: Trump Falsely Claims He Won Minnesota in 2016 and 2020
  • The Hill: Trump urges members to ‘be rebellious and vote’ after accepting NRA endorsement  



  • WaPo: Biden trumpets progress for Black Americans in Detroit and at Morehouse College
  • NYT: Biden Draws on Themes of Manhood and Faith at Morehouse Commencement
  • AP: Biden tells Morehouse graduates that scenes in Gaza from the Israel-Hamas war break his heart, too
  • ABC: Biden faces silent protests at Morehouse commencement
  • The Grio: Did Biden’s Morehouse graduation speech break tension with Black voters?
  • Detroit News: Biden tells NAACP dinner: Trump is out ‘for revenge,’ not to lead country
  • Detroit Free Press: At Detroit NAACP dinner, Biden says he needs Black voters, chides Trump
  • CBS: Biden reaches out to Black voters at Detroit NAACP event: “You can’t build a future on revenge”
  • Time: Biden Likens MAGA Movement to Segregationists in Speech to NAACP



  • NYT: At Justice Alito’s House, a ‘Stop the Steal’ Symbol on Display
  • Politico: Upside-down flag at Justice Alito’s home another blow for Supreme Court under fire
  • WaPo: Sam Alito’s flag flew upside down. Are his ethics?
  • The Hill: Raskin on upside-down flag at Alito home: ‘It’s a very clear conflict of interest’
  • Slate: The Smallest Justice Who Ever Lived
  • The New Republic: Samuel Alito Dumped Bud Light Stock at Quite a Suspicious Time
  • WJAR: Rudy Giuliani launches coffee brand amid financial woes and legal challenges