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April 05, 2023
X-Ray Vision
Succession S4 Ep 2 + Yellowjackets S2 Ep 2

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight perform karaoke, no Fancy Dans allowed! In the Previously On (1:16) Jason and Rosie debut Market Moves — speed-capping and analyzing the stocks, bonds, and trades of the Roy family in season 4 episode 2 of HBO’s Succession. In the Airlock (23:44), they dive deep (deeep) into season 2 episode 2 of Yellowjackets, recapping and discussing the possibilities of the supernatural, the blend of horror and mundane, and why you can never Nightmare on Elm Street your way out of sleep. Then in Nerd Out (1:09:13) they discuss our first listener theory on Yellowjackets.


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Jason Concepcion Warning. This podcast contains spoilers for the second episode of Season four of Succession The Final Season and Season two Episode two of Yellowjackets. Be warned.


Jason Concepcion Hello, my name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concepcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast, where we dive deep into your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture.


Rosie Knight In this episode on Previously On, we got something very exciting is on new Succession, final season speed recaps, market moves.


Jason Concepcion Oh.


Rosie Knight Bom, Bom .Bom. Ding. Ding. Ding. In The Airlock is Yellowjacket Season two Episode two. And you don’t want to bet on those girls surviving because they are acting up.  It’s all happening. In the Nerd Out,  Danielle is going to pitch us on a new character in Yellowjackets season two.


Jason Concepcion And of course, if you want to jump around and check the show notes for the time stamps coming up, market moves, Succession the final season. First up, we’re entering the Previously On to also enter Market Moves, our speed recap of the final season of Succession. Folks, it’s tough out there. A lot of chaos in the marketplace these days. Bonds, stocks, crypto. It’s all tanking. No one knows what’s going on when the market is punishing you. Those are red bottoms. This is Market Moves we opened on the eve of Waystar, a sale to the Swedish billionaire Lucas Madsen’s GoJo and Logan. Roy, head of the Roy family, is as cool as ever. He’s excited. He can’t wait for this new era of ATN, and he’s celebrating by taking the kids helicopter arrangements away from them and then going to ATN to harangue everybody and make a Hitler esque speech about how this is now a pirate ship. Logan then puts his stamp on the up and coming new network, the new old ATN, by getting ready to, Rosie, install his girlfriend slash assistant Carrie as an anchor, despite the fact that she is testing terribly on a tape that is currently making the rounds all throughout the New York media space, we have our first segment.


Rosie Knight Do not Buy Carrie stock.


Jason Concepcion Do not Buy it. We are shorting Carrie stock. Our first question, Daddy’s home. Are we long or short on Logan’s ATN pirate ship era? You’re pirates. All right.


Rosie Knight He’s saying fuck many times. He believes in it, but it’s clear that he’s going full Fox News. We always knew it was Murdoch, but he literally says, We’re going to lie, we’re going to cheat, We’re going to say things other people will not say, we’re pirates, we’re doing things illegally. It’s going full Fox News. Carrie is a big sign of that, is honestly going to probably make him a ton of money. So I’m saying bye bye, bye bye.


Jason Concepcion You know what? I hate to say it. Listen, this you know, there’s there’s a big movement these days in investing towards investing according to your personal morals and and and political ideals. Obviously, Logan Roy and the Roy family are antithetical to everything I stand for. I’m buying. I’m big on this. I think it’s going to be a massive, massive success. So fucking spicy they can’t believe what we said. I love it. I buy it. What about the kids? What are the kids up to? Well, listen, the kids need that. They need that GoJo money. They need that GoJo loot because they just made a $10 billion bid for Pierce Global Media, a.k.a PGM. Meanwhile, Shiv, Ken and Roman, the Rebel Alliance, are watching PDM, and I got to say they find it pretty fucking boring. Rosie. They don’t like the product that’s currently on offer at GM.


Rosie Knight They bought MSNBC and they’re pissed about it. They didn’t even read it. They didn’t watch it first. Also, I just need to say, look, I was a hater of their previous choice to make the hundred. It sounded terrible. But you know what? I’m with Romulus on this one. Stick with the hundred. Do what you know, spend a little bit daddy’s money and do something that wasn’t dangerous. 10 billion for this news. You don’t know what to do with it. It’s going to go terribly. And you did it. It’s the most expensive Fuck you to your dad that anyone has ever done.


Jason Concepcion Absolutely. It’s delicious. Again, we’re waiting on that GoJo sale money before they can they can really get off the hook for the 10 billion for GM. It’s professorial. It’s boring watching. It is like doing homework and they can’t wait to get their hands on it. Shiv walks out of the PGM hate fest to take a red hot phone call from Sandy. This is the daughter of Sandy who is incapacitated and, of course, is partnered up with Stewy, Ken’s old pal. And they are saying, hey, this GoJo sale. It’s a little underpriced, isn’t it? What do we think about putting the squeeze on the old nuts of Mr. Lucas Matsson? We squeeze those Swedish nuts and we get a little bit more juice out of them. What do you say about it? What do you say about it? Shiv was like, I love it. She goes, She kind of very, very lightly, very softly pitches it to Ken and Romulus, and they’re not interested. They don’t want to do that. They’re very happy with the price as it currently exists. Our second prompt. You hear about Maghreb? What? Maghrebbing  these nuts. How would you fix PGM? Ken says Maghreb east sub-Saharan Africa. West sub-Saharan Africa. We go to Africa all the time. Jess, would you watch that? Who just would you watch that? Jess is like, What? What the fuck?


Rosie Knight What are you talking about?


Jason Concepcion How long? How would you fix PGM?


Rosie Knight You got to fix them by just making it a Logan smear campaign. Every story is just  about Logan.


Jason Concepcion No good.


Rosie Knight Logan’s terrible. ATN is terrible. And you just make that your only goal. That’s the only you’re going to get those ratings people are going to watch. Maybe you’ll make some money. Maybe you won’t. But also just need to know she is very open to this offer because she is getting divorced from Tom.


Jason Concepcion That’s right. She needs.


Rosie Knight She needs money.


Jason Concepcion Let’s get into that. So Shiv discovers that her number one pick number two, Pick number three. Pick number four. Pick number five. Top five. Favorite divorce lawyers in New York City picks have been tied up by Tom on the advice of none other than Logan Roy, Shiv’s own father.


Rosie Knight She got mummed.


Jason Concepcion She said she got mummed.


Rosie Knight Same shit that he did to their mom. That’s so brutal.


Jason Concepcion It’s absolutely brutal. And so now she’s looking down the barrel of a divorce. That might be a lot more expensive than she was expecting. She needs that Gogo money to go up and quite a pickle that she finds herself in. I really love the way that everybody is. Like there’s really only one decision which is like sell or sell for more money. And yet everybody has. Their own drama going on such that they can’t help but backstab each other even suddenly.


Rosie Knight Constantly.


Jason Concepcion Constantly backstabbing each other.


Rosie Knight This episode, I think, actually cements what’s so great about Succession, which is every single character in this episode, apart from Greg, who’s just catching my jokes as always, but like everyone else has like a moment where you feel empathy for them, even though they’re the fucking worst people on earth and then.


Jason Concepcion Terrible humans.


Rosie Knight Instantly, they remind you why you should have no empathy for them. And this episode is just full of that because Shiv gets horribly fucked over. But Shiv and Tom are so toxic. And also now, you know, Tom’s comeing for everything because he’s finally in Logan’s pocket. So I would be like, I understand, Shiv. She needs more money. She needs more than 10 billion or whatever she was going to get because these idiots spent all that money on their lives in the news channel.


Jason Concepcion I mean, speaking of of of Greg catching jokes. Oh, I absolutely cackled at the scene where. So Logan goes back to ATN. Right. And he gives a speech standing on a stack of printer paper.


Rosie Knight Man of the people.


Jason Concepcion Most of the people that you absolutely killed translated into the original German, you know, and then marched towards Austria on that speech and he there and he he you know, it puts in place basically a reign of terror where he’s micromanaging everyone like this big, huge red eye of Sauron that is looking at everything, including the pizza. He goes into the breakroom is like, why isn’t this fucking pizza here? And he and he gets on this. But then it turns out the pizza is a ruse so that he can talk to Tom privately about Carrie’s.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Can we also say he is standing in the center of this room and he is checking how many emails people send. And he’s complaining that they didn’t just heat up the pizza in the microwave. They bought new pizza. Can we say Ike Perlmutter? This wasn’t it really was big Ike energy here. Not just Rupert Murdoch, but also Ike. But yeah, he really wants to talk to Tom who by the way Tom was the one who lied to Logan and said the test tape was good so that Carrie would go on. I thought if I Logan, I think he might be getting softer. I think the kids might be on to something because he’s so. I thought Logan was going to fire Tom and say, Why did you make me look stupid? Why would you say she was okay to go on, if she wasn’t? Instead, he’s like, You get rid of her. She needs to be gone and it’s on you.


Jason Concepcion More on that weakness in a bit. But I will say I absolutely agree. Number one, he’s trying to, you know, be the tough guy had given this big speech when, you know, it was not that long ago that he was having spells of an undiagnosed nature and pissing his fucking pants, unable to walk from the beach to the house out in the Hamptons when they’re out visiting. What’s his face? I you know, he’s he’s trying to portray strength here. But back to my original. A note about. About Greg catching jokes. You know, Logan is like, Why was pizza Pizza here? We ordered more pizza. And Greg is like, Well  there is you know, this crust issues a bit of a sog factor. All right, next. Lucas Matsson in Facetimes, Ken. He has got new the kind of he’s, you know, has his ear to the street and he’s got gotten word that the kids might be trying to leverage alongside Sandy and Stewy and get that price up. And he says, listen, absolutely fucking not. If you try to get more money out of me, I will pull out of this deal and then you will all be fucked because you will not get that money and I will be out of here.


Rosie Knight And I just want to say. Yeah. The absolute. Chaotic energy of Kendall and Matsson on the phone together. This is the worst thing that could happen for everyone to fucking idiots. Yeah. And Kendall is so consumed with bitterness and getting won over with Logan. This is just way he can literally go in and just bang. He could just go in and be real and be like, This is what’s going to happen. We need to keep the money. But no, he keeps it to himself because he wants to cause chaos and he pretends, like you said, he backstabbed Shiv. He backstabbed Shiv by pretending it’s a good idea and going along with her when really he is intent on fucking his bad one more time, even though he just made a $10 billion bid that he wanted to be that high. Oh, Kendall, I fucking hate him.


Jason Concepcion There’s Ken. Both Kendal and Lucas have speak the language of therapy, and. And they use that language then as a weapon. Like, Lucas has a great line here where he’s, like, talking about pulling out of the deal, and he says, Listen, I’m coming across. That’s coming across as aggressive. I know that’s coding aggressive, but I’m just I’m just telling the truth that, you know, I’m not being aggressive right now. This is how I speak sometimes. And then can can’t help but like drop, you know, numerous like references to his Buddhist meditation practice. Meanwhile, Ken leaves that face time smelling blood and he thinks, Uh-Oh, we’re on to something here. If Lucas is calling me in a in a in a non-aggressive panic about the price, I think we’re on to something. I think we should squeeze. And he decides to join forces with Sandy and Stewy in that moment, since a text to them says, Send me the send me the stats. The way he looks at the stats to say, Oh my, oh my God, we’re under-priced, we’re undervalued. What are we doing? Meanwhile, Logan also getting wind of this is actually impressed by the kids squeeze where they got some juice. They got some real fucking juice. Connor, meanwhile, who’s married to Willa, is falling apart before it even begins. Willa has fled her rehearsal dinner in a drunken panic. She is the bride and says.


Rosie Knight She was like, I don’t need to be here.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, I. I don’t really, they can they could do this without me, right? Connor, you know, is is shaken to the core, but he’s putting on a good kind of facade and he makes his siblings take him to a regular person bar where guys work with their hands and they got sweat on their hands and blood in their hair.


Rosie Knight I like those guys.


Jason Concepcion I know then he wants to go to karaoke like he’s seen in the movies.


Rosie Knight Oh, that line. This is why I mean, that is a line that is delivered with so much sadness, Like I’ve seen it in the movies and no one wants to go with me. And you’re like, Oh, poor Connor. And then you get more poor Connor as you go on. But then you remember he is like stalking Willa, and he’s just absolutely insane.


Jason Concepcion It’s so funny.


Rosie Knight The karaoke bar showdown. I never saw it coming, and I couldn’t be happier.


Jason Concepcion Oh, my God. And he’s. He sings a Leonard Cohen song.


Rosie Knight It’s so depressing.


Jason Concepcion Which is just makes you want to die. And then Logan as a true sign of Logan’s desperation and how Absolutely on his fucking knees in a way like we have never seen before.


Rosie Knight I know I was trying to work out the play, but I don’t actually think it was a play. I think the play was going there and being vulnerable.


Jason Concepcion Here’s my read on it. So Logan drags himself to the karaoke club to apologize to the kids for cutting them out of the family holding company and all the various things he’s done in there. Like specifically, what are you apologizing for? And the only thing he can come up with is the helicopter thing from that day. Yeah.


Rosie Knight What about when you used to, like, Beat Ramen? What about, like, ignoring phone his whole life? What about the fact that you gave Tom all of shivs, divorce lawyers?


Jason Concepcion And so they just. Absolutely. They give it to him. They just pile on Logan and really humiliate him. Not to mention Carrie, who I think that this is Carrie’s idea in my mind, my head canon, is that Carrie has been telling Logan, hey, be more open, be more vulnerable with the kids. If anything, just pretend.


Rosie Knight Because like this cynical level, it will work.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, on a cynical level, because it’ll disarm them. It’ll just make everything easier. And so I think this is her move a little bit.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion And it also gives, you know, Carrie’s of course they’re in this gives the kids an opportunity to absolutely lambast her about her tape. They let her know that they’ve seen it. That lets her know that, yes, this tape is circulating and she is humbled, we should say. After that, here is our third Trump. What’s love? What’s love? Got to do it? What’s love? But a plant that lives on dead insects. What’s the most devastating humbling in this episode? Is it Logan going to the karaoke club to tell his kids he’s sorry? Willa, walking out on her wedding rehearsal and Con spying on her slash stalking her through his phone? Or Shiv’s inability to hire a divorce attorney. And feeling grieved because the man who she told on their wedding day that she wanted to have it open relationship has somehow gotten the upper hand on her in this divorce? Your thoughts? What is the most devastating Humbling?


Rosie Knight I do think if we look at the players and we look at the landscape, is Logan going to a karaoke club to apologize. Connor wanted to be at the karaoke club, and he actually found a way to trick and guilt his family into doing it. So he won that in a small way, even though we walked out. And that’s Conor’s on Conor anyway because he was trying to force aren’t doing like a stunt wedding to get his 1% in the polls. And you know what?  Shiv and Tom? That’s just their own fucked up shit and it’s going to keep going on. But Logan apologizing, first of all, never happens. Being in that room with that, like bisexual lighting and the kids are just fucking roasting him, which, by the way, I think was part of the reason he went because he ally is trying to get people to roast him and his birthday party. He’s like, Please roast me. Come on, come on, give me. And he’s he’s missing that combative, toxic bullshit that he has with his kids.


Jason Concepcion He missed his kids. He missed his.


Rosie Knight Kids. And I think that combined with Carrie realizing that she has as as I think it’s Remini says, it is like, congrats on having your betrayal cherry pop. It’s like she she realizes that she’s not special to Logan. She’s there to be used and fucked over as much as I want.


Jason Concepcion The next one. You’re just. You’re just the current girlfriend, that’s all. I agree with you. I think it’s Logan. We’ve never seen him on his knees like this. We’ve never seen him without a card. Like he has no move.


Rosie Knight He has no move.


Jason Concepcion And so routine.


Rosie Knight They reject him. That’s, like, the biggest thing. It doesn’t even work.


Jason Concepcion It. It doesn’t work. And we’re call it This is what? Why this show so genius but partially is it’s it’s it closes a loop if you call in season one. Logan takes Ken to a I think a Vulture meeting and you know, it’s very acrimonious and they agree on a price. And then Logan and Ken walk out and Logan looks at Conan’s go and goes go back in there and ask him for 20 million more dollars. You say we’re not. We’re walking away unless he get more. And he’s like, what? We just agreed on that they barely agreed to it. He’s like, Go in there and fucking do it. Now. They’re doing it to his dad, which when Shiv says very simply, just go in there and ask him for more money. I mean, that’s it’s they’re exactly right. It’s exactly what Logan would have done if he still had his fastball. And it’s very, very sad and also satisfying to see Logan, who is a horrendous, horrendous person and very generous when it comes to, you know, only the generational trauma that he passes on to children in this position. It is very, very satisfying. Final verdict. We see at the end of this episode that Roman, who is tried to say that the texts that he got from his dad was just merely a continuation of the happy birthday wishes that he that he texted their father. Turns out that no. They’re actually quite close still. And that Roman, who is always been conflict diverse and is really that guy when when Logan is like roast me, that’s who he wants, that Roman energy. Will Roman stay with the Rebel Alliance or go back to to suckle on the somewhat dried up but still pendulous bosom of Big Daddy Logan? Where will he? Which way will he go?


Rosie Knight I sadly think it’s the latter. I think the reason that that is saddest is because I truly believe in that moment. Logan would have made that same offer to any of the kids who walked in, like I’m sure he’d been sitting there and he’s like, It’s probably going to be Roman. But if it was Ken, I’ll offer him the same thing. If it’s Shiv, I’ll offer the same thing. But with divorce lawyers, he knew what to say in that moment. He had his cards back. I don’t want you there. I need you. That’s what all of them want to hear. Yeah, And I. My my dream for this my dream outcome is that Roman goes with Logan, but ends up fucking him over. I think of all of them. I feel like he deserves it the most to really get that final fuck you.


Jason Concepcion They kept him in a dog cage?


Rosie Knight Literally, I think. No, I think. Kendall, I like your read. Kendall knows the business and stuff, but I think the reason Kendall is so excited about this is because I think he believes that Matsson will walk and I think he wants that ultimate final fuck off.


Jason Concepcion Right.


Rosie Knight But I sadly, I think Roman’s on team Logan for now.


Jason Concepcion I, lean that way as well. I do think that that Logan had that offer or similar kind of Godfather offer in store for any of his kids and his offer. It’s very short on specifics, but it’s basically like run Eaton at my side, you know, as my.


Rosie Knight Run it, as you run as you like, brutal, hardcore roast me like fuck you. It’s also very smart because it basically is like, you can do the hundred, like you’re still going to get your own news place, but it’s going to be 80 and you know, you’re going to have to hide all the bodies.


Jason Concepcion One more question, because I was unsure about this. When Shiv calls Sandy, she says, Hey, if that offer that you made is still in play, I think I’m willing to to lobby the brothers to up the price. Now, if I recall correctly, that offer was chief of staff of the White House. Like, so is that what do you think that that’s what it is like like the new president comes in.


Rosie Knight I could tell if it was financial or political.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight But I think it makes it’s very rare for a shiv is not a desperate person. So I think it’s more about weighing up what I need more money, what else can I get from it? I mean, that would be so nightmarishly unhinged. And I mean, look, this is I’m going to make a prediction. You know, don’t bet your money on it. But I think I can see from these first two episodes. 18. Logan wants to make it successful. We have Conor in politics. I think we can see why this kind of horrific nightmare is going to lead. So Chev, also, being in that political space would make a lot of sense.


Jason Concepcion Well, we’re going to be continuing to cover the GoJo merger, the latest ongoing news at ATN. The beleaguered PGM network right here on Market Moves. Up next, Yellowjackets.


Speaker 5 <AD>


Jason Concepcion We’re stepping out of the airlock for an enchanted forest feast.


Rosie Knight Yum.


Jason Concepcion Hmm. Season two Episode two of Yellowjackets on the beleaguered Showtime Network.


Rosie Knight It’s beleaguered, but it’s doing great.


Jason Concepcion It’s really, the episode, man. This series continues to be a lot to dig into. This episode is titled Edible Complex. Haha, good pun written by Jonathan Lisco and directed by Ben Semanoff.


Rosie Knight We’re back in the meat shed and things are getting even weirder. It’s called Winters Here, and Jackie is straight up taunting Shauna. She’s walking around. She’s representing Shauna’s fractured psyche while saying, Hey, there’s no food. What are you going to do? You got a baby.


Jason Concepcion It’s very, very troubling.


Rosie Knight It’s incredibly troubling. And Shauna is struggling.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Yeah. And the rest of the survivors are cooking dinner, which is not yet human. And they’re sort of wondering about Shauna’s mental health, which I feel like should have probably happened before. But, yeah, you know, we get an insight into why they haven’t done anything yet, which is Lottie insists that the group just need to, like, leave her be. She’s still mourning, but Tai and Natalie are like, Bro, she’s in there every night freezing to death, talking to her best friend in the meat shed. Like we need to do something. And it’s quickly becoming clear that Tai and Natalie are sort of becoming like the parents of the group. They’re in charge of what people eat, where they poop. There’s a big poop argument this episode don’t poop.


Jason Concepcion In the in any kind of vessel and leave it in the cabin.


Rosie Knight The house. By the way, somebody in our Discord pointed this out. But poop gate. It was probably Tai. I believe this. It was probably nighttime Tai.


Jason Concepcion I think. I think it was Nighttime Tai as well. Although, like, did she. Here’s the question. Did she do it in her room with Van and then bring it down? Or did she pop it.


Rosie Knight On the way in the middle of the room? And it’s obvious, it’s really interesting because it shows that there’s like this. Nighttime Tai, she’s dangerous and Tai and Nat like getting very sick of kind of the rule breaking girls who don’t really seem to understand how hard it is to survive and almost kind of seem like they’re still on vacation. Well, like Tai’s trying not to kill them all at night and Nat’s trying not to die while hunting them food that doesn’t seem to exist. Matt and Ty’s surrogate child, Shauna, sadly, is still in the meat shed. Nobody went to get her.


Jason Concepcion Which this is where this is. So this is so disturbing right now. That’s where this goes.


Rosie Knight Probably one of the most powerful and scary moments from any of the cold open. So Shauna is in the meat shed and Jackie encourages her to braid the hair of her dead corpse because if she braids ahead, no one will see that Shauna ate her ear.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight You know, logical.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, that makes sense. Cover her tracks.


Rosie Knight Weird, but sure. And has that begins to happen, they’re having so much fun reminiscing about all these fun times that. Jackie’s makeup box miraculously appears. And Jackie’s like, Oh, do my makeup, please do my makeup. So Shauna obliges. And while Jackie looks alive and her memory is not creepy, but once you see her dead body, it is very creepy.


Jason Concepcion It’s extremely creepy.


Rosie Knight And you don’t care. And you don’t.


Jason Concepcion Remember who said this, Which are the girls said this in the previous episode, but basically called Shauna Norman Bates.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm.


Jason Concepcion And that’s this is pure and legitimately what Norman Bates did.


Rosie Knight Literally. And not only that, but Shauna goes one step further because in a very, very, very, very, very good scene. I mean, this show is just so good. But Jackie gets a knife and starts to cut away her own flesh. She’s like, come on, you’re running out of food. Don’t I look delicious? And Shaun is like, Stop it. And Jackie says, Well, you’re the one holding the knife. And obviously it’s just showing her that, cutting up her dead body of her friend. It’s very gross and terrifying. And cut to those awesomely nineties credits. And guess who’s back? We’re always harsh to her. I feel like today, she brings us.


Jason Concepcion She’s getting worse.


Rosie Knight She’s getting worse,  honestly. She’s does one vaguely redemptive thing. But Callie’s back. Guess what? She’s still the wise. She’s dealing with the fact that Paris almost certainly killed Adam by getting high with that boyfriend who she then immediately dumps because he offers to make her chocolate chip pancakes or his mom offers to make a chocolate pancakes. I say take the win. Like, why does some crazy married.


Jason Concepcion Eat the pancakes and then do it?


Rosie Knight She’s literally like, my parents don’t care about me, blah, blah, blah. Everything’s terrible. And then you have your boyfriend who’s like, Well, my mom does care about you and would like to make you a delicious breakfast. And she’s like, No, I’m breaking up with you. Fuck you. So still the worst, honestly, at this point. Cally probably could have done with some time in the wilderness to teach her how to behave a little bit better.


Jason Concepcion She would have become a cult leader, I think.


Rosie Knight Oh, yeah.


Jason Concepcion It would have become like she does.


Rosie Knight Have Big Shauna Energy. I’m not going to lie. I think that’s why she has so much beef with her mom is because she’s actually really similar to. And back in the nineties, Van has to stalk Nighttime Tai, who has broken out of her ropes and essentially almost sleepwalked off the edge of a cliff.


Jason Concepcion Step brothers sleepwalking towards the edge.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good call. And it’s like she’s going off that cliff, but luckily she’s like, she’s.


Jason Concepcion Going.


Rosie Knight Going off. It’s going to happen.


Jason Concepcion She has a she has a vision. She’s being led to the cliff. She sees now this is the nineties, right? And she sees like an anime version of Vincent from Pulp Fiction. The only way I would describe this.


Rosie Knight Yes. Now it’s all wondering who Anna Mae Vincent Pulp Fiction is. If you remember, in the first season, Tai had all these memories of her grandma, and her grandma used to see an eyeless man. And this is the first time, unless you go through at half speed of the credit sequence where you actually get that clip, you get to see him again here. So it’s very creepy and it almost leads Tai to sudden death. But Van stops because Van’s the immortal gay who apparently can do anything and never dies between love and but as they’re as they head back to the cabin we see that the tree that Tai almost slept walked past over the edge of the cliff had the cult symbol.


Jason Concepcion Dun dun dun dun.


Rosie Knight Dun, dun, dun. So it’s probably there’s some supernatural occurrences if there is. So it seems there’s something that the girls are connecting to with this symbol. Lottie seems to think it’s for protection, but it is clearly growing as a source of power, even if it’s just through a group delusion. And talking of Lottie, Van is like you should go to for help. Remember when she gave Travis that boner vision and now he she doesn’t have panic attacks anymore and he’s told, like, he’s.


Jason Concepcion Totally fine now. He’s just and doesn’t have any troubling thoughts.


Rosie Knight And you’ll never see that you will see this episode. He doesn’t have any problems that didn’t establish a strange connection between the two of them that you might not want for your girlfriend. But Tai refuses. And she’s like, No, fuck that. And you’re not going to talk to Lottie about this either. And it’s kind of clear you’re seeing this chasm grow between that Nat and Tai and this kind of logical faction, and then Lottie, who’s still blessing people all over the place and she’s blessing them when they got to Hun and she’s, you know, making blood tea, all kinds of shenanigans. Sadly, in the future, present day, adult Tai is not really doing much better and she’s decided to fend off Nighttime Tai. She’s going to go Nightmare on Elm Street.


Jason Concepcion Hashtag never sleep. That is.


Rosie Knight Hashtag never sleep.


Jason Concepcion That is Tai’s philosophy, never sleep.


Rosie Knight She is drinking 50 coffees a day. They don’t show it, but I’m sure she’s also taking some caffeine pills. This is like, Freddy Krueger 101. And I’ll tell you two things. Anyone who’s seen those films know that that is only effective for so long. Plus, anyone who has struggled with mental health issues knows sleep deprivation only makes things a million times worse. So this is a terrible idea.


Jason Concepcion Terrible idea.


Rosie Knight Terrible idea. And I really wish she would just listen that estranged wife and get some help. I’m not quite sure why she hasn’t done that yet. That’s kind of a big question I have after this episode.


Jason Concepcion I think I know and I think it’s because, you know, she she just entered into this very, very high stress, very important job as a state senator from the great state in New Jersey. And I think when you’re in that kind of dream job, high pressure, high performing space, you know, the last thing that you want to do is admit that, hey, I turn into a different person at night. I cut off the head of dogs, I eat dirt, I a memory and.


Rosie Knight Maybe a blood sacrifice.


Jason Concepcion And and basically the only way I can cope is by never, never, ever, ever, ever sleeping. And don’t worry, I can handle this. This is totally fine. Like I am going to be able to perform my duties as the state senator to the great state of New Jersey. I’m fine.


Rosie Knight I think you make many good points. I would say if I were in Tai’s life, I would count. I would like, just go to the therapist and be like, I’m feeling a bit fucked up. I think I might be like, see? And thanks. Can you keep it quiet? I’m going to go to an expensive therapist. So nobody. So I feel like there’s a compromise, but I appreciate her dedication to this absolutely terrible idea that is just pure nightmare on Elm Street. Just is that really what your best ideas, best self care ideas from.


Jason Concepcion Where we’re going to get to how crazy it gets for Ty shortly. But I can’t. She can’t go another 48 hours notice. I just. This. Yeah. She can’t go. She can’t keep doing this.


Rosie Knight No.


Jason Concepcion She can’t. Physically, she. She won’t be able to continue doing this.


Rosie Knight Unsustainable. And they. Speaking of things that were getting unsustainable, but this may see an end to this one particular kind of tragedy. Nat and Travis go off. They continue their search for Harvey that they’re doing every day. They’re not having any luck finding game. They kind of have a little argument because Nat’s like, I’m not doing the blessing stuff anymore. And Travis is like, Nah, law is T, It’s just a symbol. Like, you’ve just got to be more open minded. They go off and it turns out that Nat finds Travis’s little brother, Harvey. She finds his bloodied shorts in the wilderness. And it seems like, at least from this episode, Travis, while finding that very tragic, ends up accepting that Harvey is likely gone and it’s been two months in the snow. So.


Jason Concepcion I mean, where is he?


Rosie Knight Where is he?


Jason Concepcion Like, if he’s not dead, where you know, where is he?


Rosie Knight Unless, There is a, you know, stranger things style, lost style kind of military base or something like that. It’s not looking good for Harvey, and the shorts seem to be like a momentary end to that that quest more. He doesn’t believe it, though, and we’ll get to that in a little bit. And speaking of Lottie in the modern day cult is going strong. They’re wearing that heliotrope robes. She’s showing Nat around and she’s like, well, it’s not pebble, it’s heliotrope. And then I’ll call Jason. They’re actually an intentional community.


Jason Concepcion I get it. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Sorry. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to call you guys a cult. I’m sorry.


Rosie Knight How could we do that? She also claims that the they’re not cult were never going to kidnap Nat, until they broke into her room. May I just say.


Jason Concepcion They had to do it.


Rosie Knight And. And she was about to commit suicide, so they had to do it and there was no other choice. And isn’t she lucky that Lottie saved her?


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Shauna, meanwhile, is trying to kind of connect with Callie and she’s saying, like, do you want to go to the mall? You want to run up some credit card debt on your dad? Honestly, sounds great. Feel like Callie should just embrace it. If you think your mom’s a murderer, maybe nice are up a bit. I don’t know. It seems silly to me, but cop Kevin, who you may remember, went to high school with the girls and was in a relationship with Nat, like a kind of a dodgy relationship with Nat. He turns up and lo and behold, he’s got a lot of questions about Adam.


Jason Concepcion Who? Who’s Adam? I don’t know. Oh, we had a fender bender. And then you texted a couple of times and he texted a lot.


Rosie Knight Oh, a thousand texts? I don’t know. She’s like, you know, we had to sort things out. And. And it’s here that we see, I would say probably more for our own self-preservation. But it is a rare moment of solidarity from Callie who comes in and is like, mom, we’ve got to like go to the mall. It’s going to shut. So stop being talked to by this. And the cops like, oh, okay, sure. Like, I guess I’ll go. And Kevin, you know, Cop Kevin, off he goes, though, obviously, I have to say Misty was right. Shauna is an idiot. She is like.


Jason Concepcion Shauna’s a moron.


Rosie Knight The most suspicious person of all time. You can’t just you could just been like, hey. And she’s like, oh, do I need a lawyer? And he’s like, Oh, why would you need a lawyer? No, that’s what you should have said first.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, let me talk to you. Let me have my lawyer. Yeah, know, And honestly, don’t answer any fucking questions. What are you. And you can’t say I don’t remember this guy and then be like, Oh, yeah, we had a very significant interaction regarding a car crash


Rosie Knight Car crash, and we texted.


Jason Concepcion And we texted.


Rosie Knight Multiple times. I think he like, yeah, there’s like hundreds of texts and she’s like, Oh yeah.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, that guy just slipped my mind. How’s he doing? Oh, is he dead?


Rosie Knight Oh, wait, Adam. Oh, no, I missed that. That’s so tragic for his family and the people who care about him, which definitely didn’t include me. And while Shauna is making the Adam situation, like, 10,000 times worse, Misty once again doing the work, trying to put these kind of snooping suspicions of some of our friends on the true Crime Forum. She’s trying to wipe those away. She’s she’s the only one who cares about. She’s the only one who’s keeping up to date with it. And she’s still the only one who cares about that. She’s calling people. She’s saying, Tai, Shauna, Nat. I think she has fallen afoot to foul play. Like, we got to help her. And these motherfuckers just are not answering the phone. Tai at kind of understandable. Shauna, what are you doing?


Jason Concepcion Tai’s got a lot of her own thing going. Well, to be to be fair, you know, Shauna is embroiled in the ongoing responsibilities that come from committing a murder and needing to cover it up. So that is an issue.


Rosie Knight But she’s not doing anything. That’s the problem. She’s just chillin like she’s trying to go to the mall. I’m like, okay, she’s with Misty. She might give you a tip on how she’s.


Jason Concepcion She’s having sex in the apartment of her former murder victim. I you know.


Rosie Knight She’s terrible. And honestly, at this point, Misty is so good at dealing with this shit that I’m like, wishing that she hadn’t tried to poison people back in the nineties because she might have been some use with all the fucked up shit that’s going on. Because guess what? No surprises there. Tai eventually finds the disgusting Norman Bates mother style corpse of Jackie, which they just the production design did so well on this because the haunting.


Jason Concepcion Is really really chilling. Like if. You know, to be fair to Shauna, this is a very stressful situation. It was high stress before the plane crash. Now, they’re starving.


Rosie Knight She’s got a lot of guilt, obviously, about.


Jason Concepcion She’s got a lot of guilt. She got dosed with hallucinogenics at least once very badly. And who knows how many more times. And so, you know, she’s under a tremendous amount of strain. But this is like, if you saw this, you’d be like, holy shit, this is serious. This is really bad.


Rosie Knight Jasmine Savoy Brown, who plays Tai, does such a great job in this. She is just she is this perfect mix of just like absolute fucking rage and, like, deep, deep heartbreak because she loves Shauna, but she’s just like, You cannot do this. Like, and I’ve been telling everyone, I’ve been here and I’ve been saying, Please, she cannot do this. Stop her from doing this. Don’t let her out that this is an okay. And everyone’s just been like, Nah, nah, let’s leave it. We don’t want to have to deal with it right now. And obviously at this point, Tai is like, fucking done. And she’s like, Where? But in the body. Lottie does not argue, which I think could be argued as quite an important moment going forward because Lottie’s been very much on Shauna’s side and that’s it. They’re going to build a pyre, they’re going to burn Jackie and everything’s going to go back to as normal as it can be for being in the wilderness because, you know, she won’t be able to be Norman Bates anymore. The body will be gone and they can just move on.


Jason Concepcion And honestly, it’s a solid plan. Until it isn’t.


Rosie Knight It is a solid plan. Exactly. Until it very much is not. Yeah. And while Tai is kind of being the logical force in the past, in the present, she’s still drinkin like 5000 coffees. And she’s pleasantly surprised to see that her lovely young son Sammy, has arrived at her beautiful townhouse home to see their new dog, Steve Love. Steve Glad he’s still alive.


Jason Concepcion Man. Steve just keep thriving in a very tough situation. We’re all pulling for you, Steve.


Rosie Knight Very proud of Steve. Like we believe in you. We believe you can survive. So she calls our wife, which I actually have to say. Good move, Tai.


Jason Concepcion Responsible.


Rosie Knight Show you were that that was quite responsible. She calls her wife. They, the wife arrives at her house, which strangely the door has been chained and Tai has been asleep. And it seems a bit like, well, where’s Sammy? And they they realize he left. And then in one of the best moments, kind of most chilling moments of the episode, which is saying a lot for this episode. Tai and her wife get a phone call from the school. And the school says, Why was Sammie never picked up? And it turns out that Sammie was never in Tai’s house and has been at school the whole time waiting for his mom to pick him up. And it is just absolutely gut punch. Horrible to realize just how bad Tai is struggling.


Jason Concepcion It’s as bad as feeling. It’s as bad as it gets. And I suspected from the first when he showed up that this was because.


Rosie Knight He’s just he’s just there.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, he just is there and it just didn’t sit right and you know. For  Tai’s ex, this must be really, really, really scary. And it only gets scarier from here


Rosie Knight Yeah, it’s terrifying because they get this phone call and then. Dun dun, dun. In a hint that we might actually be seeing Nighttime Tai in the daytime, Tai gives this kind of inscrutable look and then just crashes her car into oncoming traffic with her wife in it. And it is on. There’s been a lot of debate whether this is intentional or unintentional, but there’s definitely a question there. This is not a sleep deprived crash. There was a moment where our choice was made to accelerate.


Jason Concepcion I agree with this. And I have to say, you know, we talked about this in our previous recap. This idea that I have that there is some reason that time can’t get fired. I feel like, you know, originally I thought maybe Lottie put some sort of post hypnotic suggestion in and it’s dream, you know, and is, you know, wants an important ally in government or something like that. Maybe that’s not it because Lottie doesn’t unless she’s.


Rosie Knight It’s unclear what Lottie’s role is.


Jason Concepcion Yeah unless lady is playing a much more nefarious game than we suspect. I guess I’m leaning away from that now, but it still feels like whatever is going on, part of it is that it remains important for Tai to be in government and for whatever reason, Nighttime Tai really doesn’t want anything having to do with her existence exposed because that would cause tie date dynamics Step down. And I agree with the take that this seemed like a choice. Now, whether it’s nighttime tie or daytime times choice to drive into oncoming traffic and potentially kill her estranged wife in order to keep the secret, I don’t know. But I think it’s a choice.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Whose choice? I know, but it feels like a choice.


Rosie Knight It seems intentional and very. It’s a really creepy and sad moment that kind of lets you know how lost Tai is and how alone she is in this moment, too.


Jason Concepcion X-ray Vision will be back.




Jason Concepcion And we’re back.


Rosie Knight We get another great, really creepy moment that sort of follows this interaction, which is Misty Quigley. Good old serial killer Misty, who yet somehow manages to be the hero of this show, is working at the old people’s home where she has inevitably killed many people. I have to just point that out. And she hears a strange new voice. And it’s Elijah Wood, who we knew was going to be appearing. And it is her online frenemy, Walter. He has a very scary username. His username is like PuttingTheSickInForensics. So I’m sure these two are going to get on very well. But he’s they’re basically scoping out Misty and leaves her a little spooky note.


Jason Concepcion I can’t wait for these two to get together. It feels like it’s getting.


Rosie Knight It’s perfect casting. We know that Misty has been alone for a long time and has always been seeking out companionship. And also, I mean, this is the thing we haven’t really delved into yet. It was hinted at just before Adam was murdered. But there’s got to be people out there who are obsessed with the Yellowjackets. Like, if you have true crime, not these people are like celebrities to you. So I do wonder if Walter will have that kind of interest where he’s like a Yellowjacket super fan.


Jason Concepcion That makes a lot of sense to me. Yeah. You know, as you know, as a person who spent some time on Reddit, I mean, he is all he’s clearly alongside Misty all the way deep down in several rabbit holes. And it would makes sense that the Yellowjackets, their history, what happened in the wilderness is a rabbit hole for a lot of people.


Rosie Knight Yeah, completely. And we see Misty kind of realizing that she may have made a new friend in this strange kind of frenemy situation she has with Walter. And as she is doing that, her beloved BFF, Nat is being told a story by Lottie, which I’m very excited to talk about, because I think it makes and poses a lot of questions.


Jason Concepcion I agree.


Rosie Knight Nat obviously thinks Lottie killed Travis and stole his money, which is what the evidence points towards. But Lottie says it does. It really does. Let’s be real. That’s the Occam’s Razor version.


Jason Concepcion It really does.


Rosie Knight But Lottie says. Travis called her asking for help. He said the wilderness is coming for him. And the only way to fix it was to have a near-death experience. Because in the woods, when Lottie smashed her head against the window and almost died, and when Van was definitely killed, almost killed by a wolf. Afterwards, they both claimed they had visions. So he goes there and she says, No, please, I promise we’re going to make this better. And she thinks that she’s calm them down out of this. Sort of near psychotic break, but she wakes up and he has set up an extremely convoluted and dangerous auto asphyxiation ritual involving.


Jason Concepcion Involving construction equipment.


Rosie Knight A crane and a chain.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, we don’t need that. It’s unnecessary, Travis.


Rosie Knight My friend, it could have just been a doorknob and a rope. I mean, I don’t get about this in any way.


Jason Concepcion I don’t condone it. What do you have to it?


Rosie Knight It’s a bad idea. But if you are going to do it, not with the crane.


Jason Concepcion Not up some sweat pants.


Rosie Knight Literally.


Jason Concepcion We don’t need to. We don’t need.


Rosie Knight Ask Lottie to lean on your neck. Like, it. Something. And Lottie claims that she told Travis, Please don’t do this. And he said, I’m going to do it whether you’re here or not. So, of course, Lottie did the responsible thing. I was like, I’ll press the button and I’ll pass the crane button so that when you lose consciousness, I’ll bring you back and you will have seen the wilderness and it will all be okay. It’s just unbelievably bad idea. Everyone here, I realize, is just up to shenanigans. Whether this was a lie from Lofty, it’s a terrible lie. If it was, if it’s the truth, it’s almost more embarrassing because you’re just like, this is so much bad decision making. Like you are in charge of a wellness community and you are just allowing a man to do this. This terrible, terrible pun. So in this incredibly safe situation that the pair of them have created, just apparently Lottie tried to press the button to bring Travis back down after his at unconscious asphyxiation experience. But the button got stuck. Now, this is the big question. Do we believe that the button got stuck? Lottie tells Nat that it was a tragic accident, but we then see a different version of events that she does not share wedlock with, not which include a magical gust of wind. The crane just going up and taking Travis, you know, 15, 20, 30, 40 feet into the air and even a supernatural ghost in the form of ex Yellowjackets team member and faithful Christian who baptized Lottie, Laura Lee. So there’s just a lot going on here. What was your take on this situation? Where do you think the truth lies?


Jason Concepcion I think that she is telling the truth, but left out the part about the Laura Lee vision, which is real. I should also note that it seems that our good friend Lottie, uh, is a more powerful vasoconstrictor than Cialis or Viagra, because not only is it the the fallacies of of teenage boys who she’s able to make rise like the dead. But it is also these cranes that that that they all right just call up everything anything that can go up when Lottie is around.


Rosie Knight It goes up.


Jason Concepcion During her weaving her spell, it will go up. And that is worth noting because again, here, here again is another hint that maybe there is some something supernatural going on.


Rosie Knight Yeah. And we’re about to get as. That very specific point that you have about the way things change in the environment of what you whether it’s wind or cranes or boners or all kinds of things, becomes even more relevant as the episode kind of goes on. So in the wilderness, they’re getting ready to burn Jackie’s body and the J.V. squad. I want to say make a very good point that like, shouldn’t we just take our clothes off because we need clothes and we’re in the wilderness and Shauna is like, Fuck you, you can’t steal her clothes. I’ve been cutting chunks out of her body and eating her hair, but that’s really crossing a line. And and then we quickly we interestingly skip to the present day where we get to see some big Shauna energy coming from Callie, who is in a bar with her friend, abandons her friend so she can chat to a mustachioed man at the bar. And, you know, she wants she’s flirting with him and she just spends 2 hours that just spilling her guts, telling him everything. And it is big Shauna behavior because guess what? That man is a cop.


Jason Concepcion He’s a cop.


Rosie Knight Who is investigating her mom with Cop Kevin.


Jason Concepcion Our good friend, John Paul Reynolds. Drew Gardner from Search Party.


Rosie Knight Yes, I it was so good. As soon as I saw him, I was like, this is immaculate, astere casting. Search Party is so good and he is so good in it. And he just brings is a different energy, but you still really get that similar kind of vibe and it’s so good. I can’t wait to see where this goes because Callie obviously sees him as like a potential romantic partner. And as Kevin tells him, like, you can’t just go around pretending to be undercover. Like, at some point you’re just going to. Be in this girl’s house, like arresting her mom. But yeah. Where do you think this is going after?


Jason Concepcion Ask her honestly. With the way Callie is moving, having sex with her daughter, then smoking marijuana.


Rosie Knight It’s absolutely probably what’s going to happen. And also, I love that this is just another character. It’s another morally gray like character, obviously just going to get completely swept up in this kind of chaos of showing his family. And it kind of blows my mind that from what we’re hearing, from the way Cop Kevin approaches it and the way we see Callie approach it, it doesn’t really seem like Shauna has been in the radar of the police before, which blows my mind because she is legitimately, let’s put it in a polite way. She’s a very troubled individual.


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Rosie Knight And and and I believe that much of that trouble came from her time in the wilderness. And it is she who finally, you know, lights the pyree and sets Jackie’s body on fire.


Jason Concepcion Let me ask you this. We are seeing now over the course of this season just how troubled Shauna was. Now, her adult life is certainly traumatic and messy. She’s committed a murder. Is her ongoing efforts to cover up that murder, yada, yada, yada. But the rest outside the.


Rosie Knight Home side of that side of that.


Jason Concepcion It’s just kind of it’s just kind of like, you know, adult drama and messiness. So when. Or how did this kind of. Almost psychosis around around. Jackie, when did it stop or even did it stop? And what things that modern day Jackie are doing or what people that modern day Jackie is interacting with are potentially not real because it feels like or even is modern day Shauna continuing to speak with Jackie with a version of Jackie.


Rosie Knight I think this is a huge question because we get a hint. Even before Shauna kills Adam, we see her kill that bunny in her garden. I think there has always been a lingering effect of whatever she went through in the wilderness that has stayed there and a tendency for violence that may have well been there before, because we saw even before Jackie died, Shauna was the one who was going to Travis’s start on the night of Doom coming. So I love the idea that it really never stopped. She just got back repressing it or hiding that side of herself. And I think you ask a great question about. Does Shauna still speak to Jackie? I think that could be such a cool conceit and a way to have an adult. Jackie in the season, if we reveal that at times of stress or maybe something that gets triggered as the show goes on that we see adult Shauna talking to adult Jackie, I think that would just be so cool, especially because it’s the only way we’re going to get see her because Jackie is very much that.


Jason Concepcion And is she seeing anything? Just generally. That no one else is seeing. Like what other things from her subconscious are manifesting as real. I just wonder if that’s continuing and it feels like something we should try and keep track of.


Rosie Knight I think that’s a really smart point, especially because until they had to dispose of his body at the end of last season, I did wonder whether Adam was like a figment of Shauna’s imagination. You know, it was a very private, separate relationship that no one else knew about. And I was like, there’s a version of this where the relationship isn’t happening or it was a one time thing. And but no, she she killed him. And then they chopped up his body with a turkey electric turkey knife. No, thanks, Misty. That’s a great idea. Yeah. And speaking of delightful Misty, our secret hero of Yellowjackets, she gets a letter, which is, of course, in the most true crime loving courtship ever written in invisible ink. She has a U.V. torch, and she reads it, and she gets invited by her true crime buddy who stalked her to her work. So I would say red flag don’t go. But I’m sure in Misty’s eyes, this is like green flag. Definitely go. She. Is invited to play FBI agent with him. He once had to pose as a federal agent so they can interview a man who was staying at the hotel with Nat. Sounds like it’s going to go very badly for that, man. But good for Misty. I’m sure that the two of them will have a lot of fun. And now we’ve all been waiting for it. I am. Okay. I was not sure if it would happen this quickly.


Jason Concepcion I didn’t think it would. I thought they might work up to it. But that bodes, I think, very, very well for the rest of the season that we’re accelerating like this.


Rosie Knight Absolutely. So it’s the evening of Jackie’s cremation. Everyone has hidden themselves away in cozy corners of the cabin to wait until her body is, you know, no more. And Nat and Travis start getting intimate. And while Nat seems very into it and is focused on Travis is obviously going through this great tragedy of losing his brother. Travis is just thinking about strange, ghostly Lottie. And it is very unsettling. It feels almost like some kind of astral projection. Lottie is watching over him in this kind of virginial white nightgown as they have sex. And it would have just been a kind of strange, you know, boner vision oddity. How do you not, directly? It directly leads into some very intentional and just brilliant cinematography of this almost sentient gust of wind flying through the woods.


Jason Concepcion The wood and the wind again.


Rosie Knight The wind again. And it knocks a huge amount of snow onto Jackie’s body. And as Nat and Travis continue to hook up, we see that the flames rather than being, you know, muted by the snow, instead begin to roar, and the snow pack on top of Jackie means that her body becomes beautifully steamed and baked. It’s intentional.


Jason Concepcion Instead of being devoured by the fire. We’ve got a nice, you know, a wonderful slow roast in which Jackie is is kind of slow cooked in her own juices.


Rosie Knight And the snow is keeping her moist. And essentially what we have here, I think it is fair to say the wilderness serves Jackie up perfectly cooked.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight To the girls. And they wake up and they all say, What is that? And it’s unclear. It’s the early hours of the morning, probably. And they’re all awakened by this delightful scent of roasting meat. And they rush outside and they all sort of look at the body and wonder whether they’re going to do what we all knew that they were going to eventually do. Shauna touches her belly and she says. They want this to talking about the baby and then we get this really fun. It’s great because this leans very much into the supernatural elements and the mythological elements of the show. But Co-showrunner, who wrote this episode, Jonathan Lisco, has confirmed that this is more about delusion and allowing themselves to do what they need to do. So we get this great moment of all of the survivors in these Grecian finery, at this great filled table full of dried fruits and delicious meats and wines. And as that version of them begins to touch the food on the table, we see Shauna reach for her knife and cut a chunk out of Jackie, and she eats it and the feast begins.


Jason Concepcion Coach Ben, who has to  think, he’s not feeding on it, terrified, flees from the scene because he has to think I’m next.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm. Oh, it has to be. Absolutely. I have to say. If we’re talking about strategy here, I think Coach Ben flopped this one hot I know, is a scary sight. There’s like 20 kids. They’re just feasting on a body. They’re eating all the body. They got two faces in there. They in the organs that covet in me. But you know what? If you’re trying to survive, I would have just gone over there and pretended to eat some.


Jason Concepcion Pretend.


Rosie Knight Just some. I just. They might just been like, Oh, yeah, delicious. I’m going inside now. A bit tired, but tired of these crutches. He just breezes. Also will just say lots of interesting bed and character work because Ben didn’t stop them from putting Jackie outside, which is basically when he lost the juice to tell them to do anything. So he he has a lot of guilt around that. Then this episode, he doesn’t do a good job of getting Shauna out of there, even though he is the adult, you know, inverted commas, he is the oldest person, and then he doesn’t go over and say, Oh my God, what are you doing? This is terrible. Like, that’s your friend, which I do believe in that moment could arguably have woken them out of this kind of group delusion. Instead, he just hides. So it’s very interesting. But yeah, I agree with you. He’s next. I mean, odds on Batten surviving this without getting and have just dropped exponentially.


Jason Concepcion What are your thoughts? Because you know when you’re hungry and then you eat. I would imagine, much like the like the act of sexual union, which this feast was definitely a metaphor for and has been a metaphor for over the course of this, the series. I wonder if there’s going to be a moment of reflection on there once they’ve eaten and what the reaction is going to be.


Rosie Knight I also.


Jason Concepcion Holy shit.


Rosie Knight I also think they’re going to be very sick. But just think about if you haven’t eaten for a long time, even eating the smallest amount of food can be really hard, let alone in human flesh. I also think this sets up a very interesting. Jewel kind of sliding doors. Obviously not a rom com situation going forward, which is anything that happened before this. We had the argument, is it supernatural? Is it, you know, real? I think after this that question is going to become even more blood because one of the scientific takeaways that they’ve done from the very small studies of people who eat humans is it can give you a brain infection called Kuru, and that brain infection can make you hallucinate, it can make you ill, it can make you experience all kinds of terrible things. So I also think that now that they’ve eaten Jackie and they eat in this flesh, it’s going to be very hard for us to know what is and isn’t real from here on out because it’s probably going to affect them. And as we know, this isn’t going to be the last time that they do this.


Jason Concepcion What? Okay, let’s unpack some of the supernatural stuff in this because I guess we’re leaning now towards. Either. There’s some very, very persistent and severe mental illness that everybody is kind of having, like a like a shared delusion.


Rosie Knight And we’re not sure and we’re not getting we are getting unreliable narratives in that case, because I think something the biggest argument here for the supernatural is the snow pack falling on the tree, seeming intentional. I do truly believe there is a version of the end of this season or the next season where we learn that actually that was a group of the guys who went out and prepared Jackie and they basically just, Oh, something magical happened and that was that. It was meant to be. That’s why I write the book and admit.


Jason Concepcion To themselves that they, that they actually actually went out and.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion And intended to eat their friend. I that makes a lot of sense to me as well that and as we saw from the episode they kind of participate in this grand.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Hallucination in order to.


Rosie Knight Esxactly.


Jason Concepcion Like make the eating of Jackie kind of okay, so I think that there is something to that. But it still feels like, gosh, every time we are coming along to a murder, there’s sex involved and then there’s some sort of gust of wind or something that happens.


Rosie Knight Very ritualistic.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, very ritualistic. And I really I sort of I can’t wait to find out what the fuck is going exactly what this  symbol means.


Rosie Knight Can, can we? The big question is, are they going to be able to long it out like successfully and keep people engaged? Is it going to be the Twin Peaks problem where they told they have to solve it too quickly? Or is it going to be the last problem where they have it almost go on for so long that people start to, you know, become confused or questioning about what the real outcome is? I’m very interested to see because I do think if you just go by what we’re shown this episode, I think you could say something supernatural is happening. Lottie saw a ghost of Laura Lee. Lottie felt like the crane was taken up without her to kill Travis. So in that case, what is the supernatural? Is it this idea of the wilderness? Is it a cult that already exists in this space that is using these kids as sacrifices? Is this something that they’ve almost manifested themselves just out of a need to survive? I’m very interested to see where it goes, because at the moment it’s just really cool, brave storytelling. And I totally agree with you. It bodes very well that they did not. Wait until the finale and keep teasing this idea of cannibalism. Instead, they just went for it. They were like, It’s happened now here’s the fallout. And there’s still you know, you’re only two episodes into the season.


Jason Concepcion Do you think there’s going to be a bad guy? Because I was really leaning towards Lottie created this cult and a lot of the stuff that’s going on now is because of Lottie’s Cult, and she’s continuing to pull the strings with Ty and with others and maybe in ways that they don’t even understand that they’re being manipulated. But after this episode, I’m honestly not.


Rosie Knight I know.


Jason Concepcion So sure.


Rosie Knight I think and.


Jason Concepcion It but it still feels like there’s.


Rosie Knight There’s somebody and there’s.


Jason Concepcion Someone else group of other people. Yeah. That is that is behind some of this stuff.


Rosie Knight I think that Lottie seems to be the obvious option, but I do agree that after this episode I think Lottie believes in this stuff because she believes it is protection. I actually believed when she told not that her she sent the people there to help her and it was just kind of this bad organization. I am a believer that Shauna could be the one who was the antler queen that we first saw in the first season, and that Shauna has some deeper involvement in all of this because she’s just like a chaotic void at the center of all of the problems that are going on. I also do believe. I’m leaning more into the idea that there might be an unseen. Figure, an unseen group that we’re yet to meet, the people who put the symbol there in the first place in the cabin. The ones who are connected to the dead man in the attic when they first found it. I think that might be a big pull out from the camera where we kind of get a bigger picture scene that some other people are involved. But I can’t wait to see.


Jason Concepcion Well well, we’re going to continue our coverage of this truly appalling and intriguing show. Up next, Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight In today’s Nerd Out, where you tell us what you love and why, or share a theory that you are really excited about. Danielle shares our first Yellowjackets theory, which I mean, that’s that’s a big success. This is a big milestone for us because we get a lot of the comic book, the TV theories, but Yellowjackets. This is a fast.


Jason Concepcion Danielle opens with I am freaking out thinking of the new red shirt girl Krystal who likes to sing. She entices Missy with the opportunity to harmonize. I thought that the creepy Satan Girls Choir, a phrase coined credit to Kelly, a.k.a. the Blood Hive podcast, was just for dramatic music effect. Now, I wonder if Misty and her new duet partner are actually going to be responsible for inventing and performing said creepy vocalizations as part of the ritual. Oh.


Rosie Knight Dun, dun dun dun.


Jason Concepcion What if Krystal, who loves Drama Club, is also responsible for the production of the rituals? From costuming to stage production. Thank you. Danielle Rickard, I. This is great.


Rosie Knight This is so legit. Because think about this. We already had that group delusion that wearing the Grecian outfits that made them feel like everything was okay. There’s a version of this where Krystal and Misty, we know Misty’s kind of on the outs of there. She just does it. Whatever’s going to get her in with the group and keep her surviving. There’s definitely a version where they sort of put these on as plays. So they feel like, you know, when you take off the mask, you’re no longer that character. It’s the same way that slasher movie killers often wear masks. They can’t kill without the mask. I think there is a lot to this, and I think we could really see it become quite a prominent part of where the the story goes.


Jason Concepcion There’s a lot to this, too, and it really makes me think of something that I was kind of like knocking around in my head during our conversation, which is. No one knows what happened in the womb. And there was a there are a lot of people there, including people who, you know, we’re just meeting now. That’s part of like the core group, which means they really, really stayed strong and no one spoke to anyone. Which makes me wonder, like. If this kind of shared hallucination that they participated in, if they’re almost continuing to do it in their adulthood, you know, it just feels like maybe they are the secret villain because it’s really incredible that none of them have ever told the story. That’s like the fact that it must get really fucking crazy for none of them to have ever told, Right?


Rosie Knight The shame and the horror of what they did. Also, I wonder, is there someone like Misty who’s very smart? I understand why that thought of this in those first episodes of the first season. Maybe that someone like Misty, who kept proof to keep everyone quiet, to, you know, protect everyone. Maybe there’s somebody who has the tools to say, well, if you try and talk about it and I can prove that you were just as culpable as everyone else, and if she was part of this costuming and development, part of the rituals, that would have probably been quite easy for her to keep.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, I think so, too. Wow, This is exciting.


Rosie Knight Danielle, You’re blowing our mind. That was so good.


Jason Concepcion Thanks Danielle, if you have theories or passions you want to share, hit us up at Instructions or in the show notes. Well, that’s it for us, Rosie. Any plugs? Plugs, plugs, plugs.


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