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April 19, 2024
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So You Think You Can Be a Trump Juror?

In This Episode

Jon chats with Alex Garland, the writer and director of the hit movie ‘Civil War,’ about why he chose to make a blockbuster about the demise of American democracy. Plus, Jon and Dan talk about the 12 jurors who are finally seated in Trump’s hush-money trial, MAGA Mike Johnson’s gamble the on foreign aid package bills, and Arizona Republicans’ commitment to their draconian abortion ban and how it could impact the Senate race.

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Show Notes:  



  • NBCNEWS: Prosecutors seek to ask Trump about civil fraud, E. Jean Carroll cases and more if he testifies in hush money case
  • NBCNEWS: Trump gripes he can’t reject ‘unlimited’ jurors in New York hush money trial
  • DB | RS: Trump Forced to See Mean Memes About Him Shared by Prospective Jurors
  • Slate: What We Know About the First Seven Jurors Seated in the Trump Trial
  • Politico: On Day 2, Trump met some of his jurors. His lawyers met their social media accounts.
  • Politico: Judge dismisses prospective juror over social media posts


  • NYT: Johnson Pushes Ahead on Foreign Aid Bill, Teeing Up a Weekend Vote
  • Politico: Johnson releases text on foreign aid plan as it hangs by thread
  • The Hill: Johnson brushes off conservative pushback, tries to lower expectations
  • Advocate: Mike Johnson briefed right-wing influencers including Libs of TikTok ahead of election bill announcement


  • RCP: 2024 Arizona Senate: Lake vs Gallego vs Sinema
  • NYT: Kari Lake Urges Supporters to Arm Themselves Ahead of Election
  • MSNBC: Kari Lake’s ‘strap on a Glock’ comment illustrates the GOP’s penchant for violent rhetoric
  • DNC: NEW: Kari Lake Doubles Down on Trump’s Dangerous and Violent Rhetoric
  • Politico: Kari Lake is scrambling to call Arizona lawmakers after abortion ban ruling
  • AZ Mirror: Kari Lake flips on abortion ban, but says she wants to ‘save as many babies as possible’
  • WaPo: How Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake has shifted her abortion stance
  • NYT: Kari Lake Backs G.O.P. Effort to Drop 1864 Abortion Law in Favor of 15-Week Ban
  • NBC: ‘The damage is done’: Ruben Gallego says repealing Arizona’s near-total abortion ban now would be too little, too late
  • The Hill: Gallego targets Lake on abortion in new Arizona Senate ad
  • MSNBC: ‘Women are scared, and they should be’: Arizona Senate candidate slams abortion law
  • Intelligencer: Arizona’s Split Reality: Ground zero for the rigged-election conspiracy, the border state could decide both the fate of the Senate and the presidency.
  • Playbook: How abortion is playing in Arizona
  • Daily News: Meghan McCain blasts Kari Lake’s dangerous call to take up arms