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September 13, 2021
Pod Save America
“Sick of vaxxing nicely.”

In This Episode

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain joins to talk about the President’s new vaccine requirements, Republican politicians have a meltdown over Biden’s announcement, and Donald Trump commemorates 9/11 by skipping the memorial ceremony, hinting that he’s running again in 2024, and doing color commentary at a Pay-Per-View boxing match in Florida.


Show Notes


COVID Mandates, the GOP, & the Media

  • Politico: Surgeon general: New vaccine policies neither illegal nor unusual
  • NYT: Biden’s Speech on Vaccine Mandates and the Delta Variant: Full Transcript
  • Axios: Biden plans COVID vaccine mandate for 80 million private sector employees 
  • Politico: Biden administration opens investigation into Florida’s school masking policies
  • Politico: Biden to call for global summit on Covid response
  • NYT: New U.S. vaccine requirements draw praise, skepticism and outrage.
  • WaPo: Olivier Know tweet
  • AP: Vaccine mandate spawns new fear: finding and keeping workers 
  • NYT: New U.S. vaccine requirements draw praise, skepticism and outrage.
  • NPR: Biden Took A Tougher Stance Against People Resisting The Vaccine In Speech 
  • Politico Playbook: Joe Biden’s Covid 180
  • WSJ: Biden’s Vaccine Command
  • NYT: Biden is requiring the vast majority of federal workers to get vaccinated or face disciplinary measures.
  • NY Post op-ed: Joe Biden’s incoherent, fear-mongering COVID vaccine speech
  • Intelligencer: Why the Media Is Worse for Biden Than Trump 
  • Jacobin: The Media Was in Love With Joe Biden — Until He Tried to End a War
  • Fox: Liberal media embraces Biden’s COVID power grab after rejecting Trump’s threat to override governors last year 
  • NBC: Republican threats to Biden’s vaccine mandates unlikely to succeed, experts say
  • Yahoo: Pence blasts Biden’s vaccine speech: ‘Unlike anything I’d ever heard from an American president’
  • Axios: America’s civil war of 2021 
  • Axios: GOP governors, RNC threaten legal action over Biden’s vaccine mandate 
  • Fox News: Republicans explode with fury over Biden vaccine mandate: ‘Absolutely unconstitutional’
  • Fox: McMaster and the RNC responds to Pres. Biden’s vaccine mandate speech
  • CNN: Fox News and right-wing media frame Biden as evil ‘tyrant’ after vaccination speech
  • AP: Half of US workers favor employee shot mandate: AP-NORC poll
  • CNBC: CNBC poll shows very little will persuade unvaccinated Americans to get Covid shots 
  • Loudoun Now: McAuliffe Pushes for Vaccine Mandates in Ashburn Visit
  • NBC: Democrats make vaccine mandates their closing issue in California recall 
  • Gallup: Update: American Public Opinion and Vaccination Requirements 
  • SF Gate: California may wait until after Newsom recall election to enact sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandate 


C BLOCK: Trump & 9/11

  • Fox: Trump, on 9/11, teases 2024 run
  • NYT: Where’s Trump on 9/11? Not at ground zero. 
  • Intelligencer: Trump Guest-Hosting a Boxing Match on 9/11 Was a Vision From an Alternate Reality
  • CNN: Trump says he wants to box Biden on 9/11
  • WaPo: George W. Bush compares ‘violent extremists at home’ to 9/11 terrorists in 20th anniversary speech 
  • USA Today: How America’s former presidents will commemorate the 9/11 anniversary 
  • Politico: Prosecutors: Jan. 6 defendants should expect jail time
  • USA Today: 6 US Capitol police officers recommended for discipline in Jan. 6 riot ahead of ‘Justice for J6’ rally



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