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September 06, 2023
Keep It
“September is a Summer Month” w. Brittany Broski

In This Episode

Ira and Louis discuss Beyoncé’s star-studded Renaissance Tour birthday show, what shows they’re watching (Platonic, Big Brother), and new music from Kylie Minogue, Olivia Rodrigo, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. Plus, Brittany Broski joins to discuss her comic and cultural inspirations and her new podcast The Broski Report. And in the Keep It segment: spooky season and the ‘08 Obama campaign versus Madonna.


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Ira Madison III And we are back with an all new Keep It. I’m Ira Madison, the third, and I am in the studio.


Louis Virtel I don’t remember the last time this happened. It must have been 2019 or something.


Ira Madison III Well. We did get a bit of 2020, baby.


Louis Virtel Oh, that’s true. Yes, that’s correct.


Ira Madison III The whole year.


Louis Virtel Oh, right.


Ira Madison III Was in Covid.


Louis Virtel Oh, that’s right. Also, of course, it was 2020. Sorry, I’m an idiot. Hi, I’m Louis Virtel. We talk about pop culture here, not memories. Sorry.


Ira Madison III Yeah, There’s a whole different wall here.


Louis Virtel Yeah, the acoustics are a little better than the last time you were here, I think.


Ira Madison III I feel like I need to build a home studio. Be like one of those.


Louis Virtel You’re like, Katie Bush. Yeah, I’ll produce my whole album here. I’ll make the fog sounds myself.


Ira Madison III Or at least get like the Keep It sign right here, which is very different from our old Keep It sign, which used to have like our mood board of celebrities.


Louis Virtel It literally was like just a giant magazine cut out. It looked like we looked like serial killers putting together like our hit list. It was horrible. I mean, like, it was cool, but it was just scary. Yeah.


Ira Madison III So I’m back in L.A. because I was at Renaissance last night.


Louis Virtel And this is How many times have you seen it?


Ira Madison III This was the third time.


Louis Virtel Okay.


Ira Madison III Yes. It was her birthday show, which.


Louis Virtel Is I have to say, that’s pretty awesome for L.A. that we got the birthday show on Labor Day when everybody had the day off. That’s pretty awesome.


Ira Madison III And there was a lot going on. So, first of all, well, Diana Ross sang to her.


Louis Virtel I saw her come out. And to be honest, first of all, I noticed Tracee Ellis Ross is at the show the other day. Yeah, so I should have done the math that maybe Diana’s coming. Perfect celebrity to sing Happy Birthday to Beyonce. How lovely.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And like, there’s a moment where, you know, the music transitions into, you know, Love Hangover, and then she just.


Louis Virtel Easily her top five.


Ira Madison III She comes out and she’s singing. Well, first of all, her mike wasn’t working at first, but then So I know Beyonce murdered somebody. Yeah, but then it comes on. She sings Happy Birthday to Beyonce. And that’s just like I love when, like, legends appear at someone else’s show.


Louis Virtel Right. Namely, someone like Beyonce, who I think is in the Oprah category of I don’t love surprises, like raising a knife at a producer.


Ira Madison III I was someone who was sharing, like, all videos of like James Brown when Prince came on stage.


Louis Virtel Oh, yeah. Yeah.


Ira Madison III And then Prince embarrassing himself.


Louis Virtel Correct. Yes. Which rarely happens.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So that happened. And there was obviously a slew of, like, celebrities there.


Louis Virtel Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III There were the Kardashian clan.


Louis Virtel Oh, yes. I saw Kris roll up in some bright silver number, and it was.


Ira Madison III With Jeff Bezos?


Louis Virtel Yes, She was with Jeff Bezo?


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel She was too busy looking like the $5,000 wedge and Wheel of Fortune.


Ira Madison III She was with Bezos. Timothée was there.


Louis Virtel No.


Ira Madison III Timothée was there with Kylie Jenner.


Louis Virtel With his big clavicle?


Ira Madison III Their debut. Their debut.


Louis Virtel Oh. My. That’s been going on for a while now.


Ira Madison III Yeah. First of all, I feel like their relationship has always been like, are they really dating?


Louis Virtel Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III And is this a PR thing? But it seems like they actually are dating. And here is also a reminder that Timotheeis French and a bird. Okay. He was smoking inside the Sofi Stadium and I’m not talking about vaping like.


Louis Virtel Wow.


Ira Madison III Lit up a cigarette. Like a was smoking it.


Louis Virtel Like a prostitute in A Single Man. Like leaning against the car smoking. Yeah.


Ira Madison III And listen, when I’m on a deadline, I become a smoker. So I have cigarets in my jeans now. I would not light up a cigaret in a stadium when you’re seeing Beyonce.


Louis Virtel Yeah. I assume he was the only person smoking for like within the mile radius.


Ira Madison III Smoking in the ace of spades. Sort of. The celebrities were in a riser. So you get to see them enter and then they were all up in like a riser, which is fine. I mean, you box the celebrities all together, but it also seems like not an amazing vantage point. I would rather be in Club Renaissance.


Louis Virtel Correct. Correct. Yeah. So I guess you want to be seen if you’re a celebrity at these things. Also. Yeah. Well, we always say about Timothee Chalumet, he loves people. He loves dating people who are in the realm of celebrity already.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel He dated Madonna’s daughter and he dated.


Ira Madison III Kaia Gerber.


Louis Virtel Yes. Yeah, right. So, yeah, this is all in line with what we what the personality profile I sketched of him long ago.


Ira Madison III So Meghan Markle was also there.


Louis Virtel Get the fuck out.


Ira Madison III Meghan Markle was there.


Louis Virtel That trips me out. You never see her.


Ira Madison III She was. She’s been she this her second time at the show and she went to the Eras tour, too. So she’s been stepping out.


Louis Virtel Also interesting moment for her because she’s secretly also on the biggest TV show on the planet. Suits.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel Which people care about again, I mean, why are we in this universe? Suits took over.


Ira Madison III I watched Suits when it first aired. And I love Suits. And I feel like now people are watching it again because it’s obviously on Netflix. Yeah, but I never finished the series and I think that I might finish it now. At a certain point, Gina Torres, who plays Pearson on the show, oh, she leaves and goes to a spinoff, Pearson, which then got canceled after one season. But she leaves the show and then, you know, Meghan Markle left the show and it really is just Katherine Heigl joins the show at some point. But I did not see the Katherine Heigl years. Allegedly, it was good.


Louis Virtel Katherine Heigl, a formidable screen presence. We forget this about her and the five credits I remember of her. Did you see that recently, that a clip from I think 27 Dresses went viral where again.


Ira Madison III Why?


Louis Virtel Because her sister gets mad that her sister wears her mom’s wedding dress, but she cuts up the wedding dress and she goes, Oh, but I left. I left the rest of it for you. And there’s just a pile of scraps. Like this is a serial killer who would do this?


Ira Madison III Was this going viral in a Reddit “Am I The Asshole?” thread.


Louis Virtel Is sort of. Yes. I mean. Right. It was certainly an AITA vibe.


Ira Madison III Yeah. While Meghan was stepping out solo.


Louis Virtel Oh, interesting. All right. The rumors are.


Ira Madison III Swirling. The rumors? Yeah. Someone was saying that the rumors weren’t true because a friend of mine said the rumors can’t be true because they’re out there in the media saying that they’re in love. And I said, Isn’t that what every celebrity does?


Louis Virtel Right? No, it has to be official. Before they make the announcement.


Ira Madison III Which I was just thinking about, if that were to happen, if they consciously uncoupled what that really means for either of them. Sure. Because Harry doesn’t seem to want to be a celebrity. And. No, but he wanted out of his family and he needed to push. So I don’t see him returning to the fold, as it were. Yeah.


Louis Virtel You know, he podcast it for a second. I don’t know if that means he wants to be a celebrity. You can’t see a podcast, so it’s sort of like being a celebrity.


Ira Madison III I think you see all podcasts now.


Louis Virtel That’s true.


Ira Madison III Look at us.


Louis Virtel Wow, you sound like you sound like a tech guru at.


Ira Madison III Every podcast is video now, right? And they all go viral online. And people are just wearing a lot of headphones. And now we just watch people with headphones all day.


Louis Virtel Speaking of people breaking up, did you hear that? Maybe Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are on the rocks.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel And didn’t you hear who reacted very loudly in the comments about this story?


Ira Madison III Wait. Octavia Spencer again?


Louis Virtel No, no. Marion Cotillard responded with a huge no. What? What stake did you have in this? Well, she thinks they’re involved in 911.


Ira Madison III Well, she doesn’t believe in it. So this is hard. 911 now.


Louis Virtel Finally, she gets what Bush did.


Ira Madison III But they definitely have something going on. And he definitely did something. If only because the break up news happened. And then immediately sources were talking about how much time Joe Jonas is spending with his kids and his family, which means someone’s PR is working overtime.


Louis Virtel Oh, gosh. All right. Nefarious. I mean, it’s very it’s a strange predicament to find Joe Jonas. Interesting. I mean, whatever, you know, just like I’ve always.


Ira Madison III He’s the best Jonas.


Louis Virtel I guess he is actually. Also probably the funniest one too.


Ira Madison III Funniest one. The hottest one.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III The tallest one.


Louis Virtel Yeah, he’s got it all.


Ira Madison III There’s the shortest one. Nick.


Louis Virtel No wait. Who’s the one? Who’s the one that’s on Claim to Fame?


Ira Madison III The other one? Are there four?


Louis Virtel It’s like having another Zeppo. Jonas. The one we don’t hear about.


Ira Madison III Kevin wouldn’t be on Claim to Fame because we know Kevin.


Louis Virtel Yeah. You’re saying there’s two Jonas says we don’t know?


Ira Madison III There’s. Well we know, Kevin.


Louis Virtel Okay.


Ira Madison III I think there’s just four.


Louis Virtel All right.


Ira Madison III I think there’s four, I sound like a very bad Jonas Brothers fan.


Louis Virtel Yeah, Yeah, right.


Ira Madison III I promise I love them. So who else was at the show? Kerry Washington.


Louis Virtel Oh, okay.


Ira Madison III Noted Keep It guest.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III Walked past me.


Louis Virtel You know what? She was a really good Keep It guest.


Ira Madison III She was really good Keep It guest.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III And jump scare in Club Renaissance. Not in the celebrity section. Turn around. Lizzo was behind us.


Louis Virtel Whoa.


Ira Madison III Singing along.


Louis Virtel I imagine she was hidden behind several fans.


Ira Madison III Now she was literally just standing there, I think elevated, maybe not directly in Club Renaissance, but leaning over the club Renaissance section and just singing along.


Louis Virtel Wow. The energy around her must have been so spooky.


Ira Madison III Yeah, it was very funny because there was a certain moment, and I believe it was around Cuff It where people sort of were looking around and it was like, What is going on here? And that’s when I realized that Lizzo was behind us and people were glancing over Jesus.


Louis Virtel I really feel first of all, I didn’t see the Renaissance tour, so what’s wrong with me anyway? But the sightseeing really does feel second to none. You forget that a concert is going to bring all these people out. What else would you know? Like maybe a chance encounter at L.A.X. some time, you know, But like otherwise, unless you’re at like the Four Seasons Hotel during junket season where you might see literally Paul McCartney walk through the lobby as I did one time, when else will you see these people?


Ira Madison III Yeah. And L.A. is also where people were complaining a bit because L.A. got, well, the big three songs which are. All Up In Your Mind, Thick, Drunk In Love. The Dubai vocals.


Louis Virtel Not Stand Up For Love. The 2005 world children’s anthem by Destiny’s Child, which was first on their greatest hits. I always think about that. Why did they do that? The worst song first on the Greatest Hits.


Ira Madison III They got those songs that she did not include in most of the show except for Atlanta one Night and then Stockholm when she opened the show. But all every night got those three songs and people were mad about that because one, of course, L.A. did not do the new challenge very well. Could you imagine L.A. ever winning a media challenge?


Louis Virtel I have to say it is asking us to do the one thing we simply are not capable of doing, which is shutting up. In fact, it’s rude.


Ira Madison III I think that mostly, too, because L.A. concerts are constantly filled with people who are just going because they get a ticket. They have money. They have to be there because it’s the thing to do. That video that Tracee Ellis Ross posted of her doing the meet challenge at the show. There’s literally just two girls behind her having a conversation during energy, which is, Why are you here? Right.


Louis Virtel Also, energy. It’s a short song and I’m sure everybody around you has been like, Here comes the moment. So if you’re not even being alerted to the mute challenge occurring, you probably shouldn’t have been at the show. Yeah, you know.


Ira Madison III We were doing we were doing mute challenge drills at our pregame. Courtesy of.


Louis Virtel Like you’re in the military.


Ira Madison III Courtesy of Chelsea Lazkani, from Selling Sunset with her and Chrishell and our friend Lucas Cage.


Louis Virtel Oh, what a motley crew. Oh, my God.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel A selfie friendly crew.


Ira Madison III Access Hollywood was outside.


Louis Virtel Oh, yeah. Mario Lopez knocking on the door, sir.


Ira Madison III Other than that, I think you know. Oh. Kendrick Lamar also came out.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. That’s amazing.


Ira Madison III Yeah, they did. America Has A Problem together. Oh, Also, his mic was not working at the beginning either, so I know that there were dead bodies after that show.


Louis Virtel Beyonce just on stage, like punching her fist into her hand. Looking off.


Ira Madison III It was maybe my favorite of the ones I’ve seen. She was very she was very happy. This show talking to the audience a lot in the beginning when she was dangerously in love. She was thanking her fans, thanking her family, your husband.


Louis Virtel This is so Janet behavior. I just want to thank the fans.


Ira Madison III Everything they’ve been, all the shit we’ve been through. She said for every for every tear, every fupa.


Louis Virtel Get out. Yeah. Oh, my God. Fupa. Taking me back. She unveiled some look last night. That was gold and blue with your hat. That was maybe my favorite look I’ve seen of her on this tour, too.


Ira Madison III Yeah, the looks have been insane, so I’m very happy.


Louis Virtel She’s getting good at this.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah.


Louis Virtel She’s got a future. It’s pretty crazy. She’s definitely on about her 24th or 25th year of recording. I mean, it’s like, Yeah, if you think of someone like Elton John, that’s when he would have been getting to, like, Can you feel the love tonight? I mean, it’s just like she’s been around so long.


Ira Madison III She was taking us for our being with her since 97. Yeah. You know, it’s get on the bus.


Louis Virtel Yeah, literally. So when she emerges, songs that are around are like, come on, ride at the train. That’s how long she’s got around. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Okay. Who else from? That’s from 97 to now. Yeah, about 25 years.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Who else? Around 25 years. What were they doing?


Louis Virtel You know, I mean, like, it might be. So that would have been after Evita, but before Ray of Light. Okay. Yeah, but that’s. Maybe it’s around the time when Robin is emerging as like Teen Robin. Okay, You know, But it’s like it’s before literally almost everybody else who I mean, but I mean, that’s a very Celine Dion. Titanic soundtrack time.


Ira Madison III Okay. Okay. Yeah. I mean, Michael died.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III He didn’t get 25 years, did he?


Louis Virtel Of course he does, because he’s. Yeah, he’s a child entertainer. Yes, right.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And Janet, what era is that?


Louis Virtel So. That’s right. That’s right. She’s doing Velvet Rope. Okay. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I think that feels more akin to sort of where she is. Yes. Renaissance feels very Velvet Rope-y.


Louis Virtel Oh, yeah. In terms of 25 years of Janet’s career. Oh, I see. Well, that’s hard because, like, Janet has all those albums like Dream Street that we forgot about. Yeah, but 25. No, 25 years into Janet’s career, that would have been after discipline. That would have been after, you know, So she’s coming up on, like, the 20 y.o. era, I believe. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And still doing obviously, like it’s insane that someone is still producing music like this, commanding an audience like. Right. 25 years.


Louis Virtel Today. I have to say, she and Taylor are kind of like this where every album, it’s like they’re just accumulating more fans. Like they add another pack of fans who maybe are connected to their new sound, but they don’t lose any fans.


Ira Madison III Yeah, you know. Well, some people aren’t into that gay shit.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III And some people are tired of Taylor’s versions.


Louis Virtel Oh, no. Again, I’ve given her a blueprint for where I want her to go with this, which is steal other people’s album.


Ira Madison III Next week, she’s probably going to release Sour, Taylor’s version.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. Love it.


Ira Madison III She wants us Olivia fans.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Those rowdy teens.


Ira Madison III All right, should we start this damn show?


Louis Virtel Yes, Much as I enjoyed that recap. Yes.


Ira Madison III We have Britney Broski here with us.


Louis Virtel She I think I was watching Britney Broski videos, one of the most immediately engaging personalities I have ever seen on YouTube. Yeah. Ever. It takes you 2 seconds. You’re like, Oh, that’s my friend. We’re friends.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And we’re YouTubers, so we know, right?


Louis Virtel Oh, yes, that’s right. This show is on YouTube.


Ira Madison III Famous famously YouTubers, right? Famously YouTubers, although they did not like you calling those kids awkward in bottoms where.


Louis Virtel I’m sorry. Oh, we.


Speaker 5 Are.


Louis Virtel Girlfriends. They were.


Ira Madison III Some people don’t like small talk, Louis.


Louis Virtel That’s that’s literally one of my pet peeves of all time. When people don’t like small talk as opposed to heavy talk. Tell me the talk you’d like to have. Sometimes you have to discuss the weather. It’s weird today.


Ira Madison III I want heavy like the first day of period talk?


Louis Virtel Oh, let’s see. Now we’re back into Janet Disciplinary. Yes.


Ira Madison III So we’ve got Britney we’re going to talk about I don’t know what the fuck we’re talking about this. We’re going to talk about music we’ve been listening to. We’re going to talk about what we’ve been watching.


Louis Virtel And how peculiar it is that we’re getting all this new pop music, like this week when, like, maybe it’s September. The summer just happen. Yeah, it’s like releasing new Christmas music on Christmas Eve, right As it’s, you know, the Christmas season is ending. It’s like, girl, I don’t, I don’t have time to be off book. I can’t go caroling with this.


Ira Madison III Which, by the way, all I want for Christmas is you started trending and Mariah tweeted too early. Cut it out.


Louis Virtel Oh, I love imperious Mariah. Love that.


Ira Madison III She’s like, I’m not promoting this shit right now. Is that even Halloween yet?


Louis Virtel Even though they feuded for a long time, Mariah does have that Madonna thing. I’ve. Stop the fuck off.


Ira Madison III Stop. Yeah.


Louis Virtel You know, I wonder.


Ira Madison III If they like each other now.


Louis Virtel At this point. I mean, I would say time heals all wounds, but, you know, I think Madonna likes to keep open wounds. It keeps her fresh, keeps her, you know.


Ira Madison III Lively. Yeah. Anyway, we’ll be right back with more Keep It.




Ira Madison III Okay, so this summer was all about Renaissance, Eras, Ice Spice.


Louis Virtel Enjoyed her.


Ira Madison III She’s been spicy.


Louis Virtel Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III The ice has been spicy. Too spicy for white people.


Louis Virtel That’s right.


Ira Madison III You like ice mile ice chips?


Louis Virtel Tallulah At most. Yeah.


Ira Madison III There’s been a lot of other music happening. So what are we listening to? Let me open up my fucking Spotify.


Louis Virtel Okay.


Ira Madison III I don’t remember anything.


Louis Virtel No, but I do feel like there is a constant new stream of pop going on right now, which is exciting, because, as you know, we basically, unless you count Padam Padam, and I do, I’m wearing the necklace there. But there was no song of the summer like we didn’t really have on maybe Flowers by Miley Cyrus. But that definitely came out before the summer.


Ira Madison III Is that a Padam Padam necklace?


Louis Virtel Duh. The official merch. Oh yeah, I had 25 bucks on hand.


Ira Madison III I bought a Kylie Kay necklace during the disco era.


Louis Virtel Oh. Uh huh. Yeah. Which, as you know, is my least favorite Kylie era.


Ira Madison III Is it?


Louis Virtel Yeah. I just think it. Is it really disco? None of it was really disco.


Ira Madison III Okay, well, here we go again. Louis, disdainly deciding what is disco and what is not. That’s why. Jessie Ware won’t come on this fucking show, bitch.


Louis Virtel I’m sorry. You know, one of my hobbies is gatekeeping. Yeah.


Ira Madison III You know, my least favorite is the one that you liked Golden.


Louis Virtel I think that’s awesome. I like that album because it’s not really country. It’s just style by country. It’s like Madonna’s music album.


Ira Madison III She’s just being wistful.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right. Oh, yeah. It was very romantic.


Ira Madison III Speaking of Madonna, Ah, well, first of all.


Louis Virtel This podcast should be called Speaking of Madonna.


Ira Madison III Kylie released tension. Yes. And I love seeing all bitches fight like all bitches. I mean, gay men.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III Who have AARP cards because how are Madonna and Kylie’s dad still fighting, right. Who’s better online?


Louis Virtel And also, I mean, they clearly have co-existed for a hundred years. There’s famous shots of Madonna wearing the Kylie Minogue shirt, Kylie Minogue. It’s talked about how she’s a big Madonna fan. There’s just no reason for us to have to fight.


Ira Madison III I really don’t even think there’s clips of them being shady to each other.


Louis Virtel Never, Never.


Ira Madison III Because Kylie can’t even be shady.


Louis Virtel I can think of one time somebody said maybe Kylie was on watch what happens live or something, and they asked her, What do you think of Madonna? Was sporting some weird like at the time it wasn’t the Grillz, but something akin to something like that.


Ira Madison III Missed that era.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right. Well, it’s ongoing, let me tell you. And Kylie goes, I’m not a fan of that, but that’s as close as she gets. She’s too sweet. And really, the word I would use to describe Kylie that I think doesn’t go for many of her contemporaries and younger is fabulous, are not really fabulous anymore. Like Adele is kind of fabulous.


Ira Madison III Bring back fabulous gay men. What about Fabulous.


Louis Virtel Yeah, you’re right. Well, again, we loss Andre Leon Tally. And now we’re at a fabulous deficit.


Ira Madison III So, yeah, the gays, we’re fighting about tension because Madonna Stans were saying nothing that Kylie’s produced is ever will ever be as good as Erotica, even. So, Kylie fans should shut the fuck up.


Louis Virtel Okay, I don’t know about that. I think there’s some stuff that’s on par.


Ira Madison III I think Body Language and Fever are up there with some of the best pop music ever.


Louis Virtel I would also say about Fever, completely flawless from track to track. You would never shut off any of those songs, right? Whereas I would say on Erotica, there’s a couple I actually would skip.  Where as like.


Ira Madison III Did you do it?


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Did you do it? Yeah.


Louis Virtel A skip. That sounds like rap music from exactly that year. Like everything sounded like the Teenage Ninja Turtles soundtrack.


Ira Madison III It sounds like she was at home remembering Tupac.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III And was like, Let me just find the first rapper on the street to just say. Just say so.


Louis Virtel Let me take a rap for him.


Ira Madison III Just say some nasty shit on a track. And look, I’m Little Kim.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right, Right.


Ira Madison III Era is, what he was Erotica, actually?


Louis Virtel ’92.


Ira Madison III Oh, pre Lil Kim.


Louis Virtel Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Ira Madison III Big Kim.


Louis Virtel Big Kim, herself, Madonna.


Ira Madison III The first female rapper.


Louis Virtel Yes. And in some in some instances, should have been the last. If you if you’ve heard some of her rapping.


Ira Madison III Speaking of Lil Kim, and, I did I did an extended essay on Lil Kim that is in my book, which I finally finished.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God, look at you writing things down on a computer.


Ira Madison III I’ve been talking about this shit for two fucking years, but writing it for two fucking years. But it comes out in June.


Louis Virtel My God. All right. Jesus Christ. I’ll host a Q&A with you at some Barnes and Noble and get accusatory.


Ira Madison III I love that.


Louis Virtel Okay. Good.


Ira Madison III Like, I’m not going to be talking about this every day when it’s coming out. Preorder my book. I’m going to sound like I’m talking like Dan Viper.


Louis Virtel He’s always writing something.


Ira Madison III I feel like he has 70 books.


Louis Virtel He’s good at seeming pissed. We don’t do pissed well, here.


Ira Madison III Pissed, but like, but like, happy, like a wry pissed. Very, very young Biden.


Louis Virtel Yes, yes, yes. Wry pissed. You know who does that? Well, the English. Okay, So Tension is the second single from the same named album by Kylie Minogue.


Ira Madison III Thank God. Yes. I was so sick of Padam.


Louis Virtel And also, I was sick of this album not coming out. Finally this month this album comes out. We’ve been anticipating this for months and months and months. Padam, I would say is good in a ring tone way like, Oh yeah, I remember the hook.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel I would not say it’s among her best songs. Padam, at least, first of all, Kylie is very much leaning into a persona and sound that I’m going to call Siri sex tape. It’s just an electronic voice being like Whore Me, you know, that’s her whole thing right now. But the song is very magnetic, very danceable. Yeah, maybe even her. My favorite single of hers since at least Say Something, The first single off Disco.


Ira Madison III I was actually talking with a friend about how Kylie’s second singles tend to be better.


Louis Virtel Oh, interesting.


Ira Madison III Magic.


Louis Virtel Oh, even though I prefer to say something. Okay.


Ira Madison III I Was Going To Cancel.


Louis Virtel Love that song. Very forgotten album that I think actually has gained something over time.


Ira Madison III Get Out Of My Way.


Louis Virtel Oh, I much prefer that to all the lovers. Totally. Yes.


Ira Madison III In My Arms.


Louis Virtel Is that after Can’t Get You Out Of My Head?


Ira Madison III I think that’s after Two Hearts.


Louis Virtel Oh, sorry. The X era. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Two Hearts I don’t love. Yeah.


Ira Madison III And then Red Blooded Woman.


Louis Virtel Oh, fuck. Yes.


Ira Madison III The Slow is amazing.


Louis Virtel Slow, I think it’s probably her best song. So.


Ira Madison III And In Your Eyes.


Louis Virtel Great song.


Ira Madison III I think, obviously, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head is amazing, but In Your Eyes, is actually my favorite Kylie song.


Louis Virtel Also, this is just living proof that she doesn’t just. She’s not a one single artist. There’s always also, she’s one of the few people that really is preserving the the art of the pop album, you know, like her and Carly Rae Jepsen and Madonna to a certain extent, and not the last album. But but like, really, it’s always a full package. You would never listen to a Kylie Minogue album and not like five of the songs, but there’s a lot of new pop music going on this week. How do you feel about Single Soon by Selena Gomez?


Ira Madison III Now you know I’m a Selinator, Selinator. I never know how to.


Louis Virtel It’s one of the worst words in the English language.


Ira Madison III Yes, I’m not a fan.


Louis Virtel Interesting. It’s it’s Okay.


Ira Madison III It’s. It doesn’t feel like a return to form.


Louis Virtel It feels like it belongs on the last album to me.


Ira Madison III Yeah, it feels very.


Louis Virtel Which was a good album.


Ira Madison III I don’t know what’s going on. I feel like I want it more of I want it more like of a thump, more of a beat I like. I don’t know what vibe she’s going for on this album. It’s very calypso.


Louis Virtel Yep. Call Mr. Belafonte. I will say about the song. I do like the Selena thing of murmuring over a sick production. Sure. We need them. We need. We need a pop murmur. I think it could be her. And I love the title single soon. I love the sentiment of I’m going to be single soon. So saucy, fun. And also, I just love the Queen of Jordan.


Ira Madison III This, yes.


Louis Virtel Of the obvious.


Ira Madison III Single was dropping.


Louis Virtel Yes, a single called My Single is Dropping so single soon. I was at trivia last week and our team was called Selena Gomez’s new single, Single Soon, and soon to be my favorite single. Hmm. What a time. What a good time. And then, of course, we won.


Ira Madison III I feel like you always win trivia.


Louis Virtel Yeah, well, I will always win trivia. It’s at high tops in west West Hollywood, where they ask girls like, you know, spell it out. But when I go to trivia at O’Brien’s in Santa Monica, I have one literally one time. So, yeah.


Ira Madison III I miss trivia. I should start playing trivia in New York. I got to I got to find let me know where the trivia bars are in New York, listeners. Please Keep It-teerss.


Louis Virtel Yes, Keep It-teers. I love that from 2018. Also, I’ll say about trivia. I think it’s just the best way to hang out at a bar gives you something to do. Then you talk between rounds, drink whatever, and then it needs to be slickly run. I want to get there at eight and I want to be out by ten. So hit me with the rounds quickly.


Ira Madison III Cause I used to do it at Barney’s Beanery and we used to win a lot and we had rivalries, and that was a fun era.


Louis Virtel I love that stuff. Now, by the way, Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood does. You know, this stopped me if I brought this up before. Do you know who spent their last afternoon on Earth at Barney’s Beanery?


Ira Madison III No.


Louis Virtel Janis Joplin. Oh, you don’t think of that as, like, a really historic place in West Hollywood. But it’s been there for years and years and looking exactly the same. I guess Janis Joplin was like, before I go, I will be having French onion soup.


Ira Madison III It was that when they had the no fag sign on the door.


Louis Virtel I am sure it was. Yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah. They used to hate us.


Louis Virtel Yes. Right.


Ira Madison III But then they were like gays like beaneries too.


Louis Virtel Right. Gays can play pool also. This is crazy.


Ira Madison III And some gays are named Barney. Like the dinosaur.


Louis Virtel Like, Oh, wait, I was going to say Barney Stinson, but he’s supposed to be straight on that show.


Ira Madison III Yeah, right.


Louis Virtel Okay. Anyway, allegedly. Yes. Right, right, right.


Ira Madison III But they canceled How I Met Your Father.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III So we’ll never know. He’s not like he was on that fucking show. I actually have never seen it. I feel bad that it was canceled for the people who like it. But also now Hilary Duff is free for Lizzie McGuire, which I still want that reboot.


Louis Virtel Right. Also, Hilary Duff. Cool person. I underestimated her at the time.


Ira Madison III She’s fun. Yeah, she’s really fun. I feel like she is very aware of who she was and who she is and has fun with it.


Louis Virtel Totally.


Ira Madison III I loved when she’s not dead.


Louis Virtel She has no grudge about it.


Ira Madison III I love to see that that TikTok when people were making fun of her doing the With Love dance, that weird choreography.


Louis Virtel Yes. Yes.


Ira Madison III And she redid it on Tik Tok. That’s from the era where, like. Late 2000s where I feel like every pop star had a choreographer giving them very weird dance moves.


Louis Virtel Yes. Right, right, right.


Ira Madison III Jerking around and, like, crawling on floors.


Louis Virtel Now, speaking of Disney alums, what do you think of the new Miley single?


Ira Madison III I love Miley Cyrus.


Louis Virtel You’re just avoiding the question.


Ira Madison III It’s good. I think it’s. It’s a one listen for me.


Louis Virtel Yeah. The song is called You Used to be Young, right?


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Okay.


Ira Madison III I mean, it’s a little sad.


Louis Virtel I will say this. It has the pomp of the climb. Like you’re getting an anthemic moment. I don’t feel like it hits the get ready heights of the climb, where you then get, like, a big part pounding moment. It feels like it almost stops before it hits the. The gigantic, satisfying moment. Great vocal, you know, great video.


Ira Madison III She always fucking sounds great. I think we’ve talked about this before. I love her covers era and I feel like she does so many amazing covers but never really releases a music that feels like those covers, like as bombastic as like a Blondie song, a Pat Benatar song. And that’s what I want from her. Mm hmm. Her rocking and rolling.


Louis Virtel She, of course, looks fantastic, too. It is my pet peeve of all time when, first of all, people who are 30 years old are being like, I’m old now. Hands down that. And then to that Adele thing of we used to be young and we’re older now. Bitch. That applies to everybody trying to stop sounding like a horoscope where you’re your go it again. I’m coming for the Taylor fans again. She’s writing in a way where it’s it’s feigning specificity, but it’s universal. And I think that’s a trick and cloying.


Ira Madison III Hmm. Okay.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III You hate 30 year olds who say they’re old.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III I actually I kind of do, too. I was with a friend.


Louis Virtel So much time in life to be literally old. Don’t claim you’re old now. It’s like how daddies are in everybody over 24. No. That’s not true. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I think I was with a friend who was bemoaning their dating life.


Louis Virtel Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III And not having a man. And I looked at them and I said, Baby. You were 28.


Louis Virtel What?


Ira Madison III I am 37. Okay.


Louis Virtel We watched men fall.


Ira Madison III Okay. I Miss Havisham. Over here. Okay. I am.


Louis Virtel Pulling cobwebs off your shoulder.


Ira Madison III And that card game we used to play? Old Maid. Do you remember Old Maid?


Louis Virtel Oh, I play it all the time. Also, it’s the insane idea that you would be stuck with a woman who is old. It’s a card game based on. Oh, no. She has gray hair.


Ira Madison III I used to think Old Maid just meant like Amelia Bedelia.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III For her later years.


Louis Virtel It’s not. No, it’s a spinster.


Ira Madison III Yes. And what happened to her?


Louis Virtel Amelia Bedelia. She misunderstood some idiom and was hit by a car.


Ira Madison III That is.


Louis Virtel They said, hit the road. And she’s like, Here I go.


Ira Madison III She is one of my favorite pop culture references.


Louis Virtel Oh, of course.


Ira Madison III Is relevant anymore. No one Gen Z is going to know who the fuck Amelia Bedelia is, but you make that reference and at least a millennial will sort of laugh. That. And I mean the original Amelia Bedelia. Penelope Pitstop.


Louis Virtel Oh, yes, Right.


Ira Madison III Always being kidnaped.


Louis Virtel The wacky races. Wacky Racers, right? No, nobody knows that show any. Hanna-Barbera is kind of I guess they’re still Scooby Doo knowledge out.


Ira Madison III There, but yeah, but Jetsons, Flintstones are dead.


Louis Virtel Right, it sucks


Ira Madison III You know. White women in peril.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III No one. No one wants to watch those cartoons anymore.


Louis Virtel I would think Gen Zers would at least appreciate that Amelia Bedelia was snatched. Oh, yes, She tied up, motherfucker. Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Like a fit.


Ira Madison III That’s what a bitch was clumsy.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III She couldn’t breathe.


Louis Virtel Yes, She.


Ira Madison III She was hungry.


Louis Virtel Yes. One of the hungriest children’s literature icons were written by Peggy Parrish. I remember that. Okay. I feel like there was one more. Oh, Olivia. Rodrigo?


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel What do you think of her new song?


Ira Madison III I fucking love that song.


Louis Virtel I think it’s my favorite song of hers. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Taylor should be scared. Yeah, I’m kidding. I tweeted that Taylor Swift is scared and someone some fabulous. All of them I mentioned. And I was like, Listen, I’m not actually saying that she should be shaking or that or that, you know, she’s stealing her fanbase. I’m just saying that. We talked about it earlier where Taylor and Beyoncé are accumulating new fans, obviously. But there’s there’s has to be at some point new guard. The people who you know, someone’s going to come out out of Olivia concert in 20 years and sing Happy birthday to her.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right, Right.


Ira Madison III The younger girls are getting into Olivia, and I just think that she has younger fans now. She’s going to continue to accumulate fans. And she has older fans, too. I just think she’s doing everything right right now. And every fucking single’s been a banger and this is my favorite one yet.


Louis Virtel We’re talking about Bad Idea, right? Yeah. I also, I have to say, well, if we’re going to compare it to Taylor, I’m going to go for it. You know what this song has that I feel like Taylor is always inching up towards the line of trying to achieve, but then doesn’t get it funny.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel You know, like I tripped and fell into his bed. I love that.


Ira Madison III Olivia is a very funny writer, and I think she’s also very savvy. I love that recent interview with The Guardian was just very open, revealing about a lot of things she gone through. She talked about how, you know, people were accusing her of stealing songs or like using melodies and stuff.


Louis Virtel Oh, the Panama business. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I think that that is such a weird industry thing to that’s happened recently where people are taking these things as sort of the idea that someone is stealing. But Elvis Costello mentioned, I think in an interview once that he was like, No, that’s what fucking rock is, right?


Louis Virtel But it wasn’t listen.


Ira Madison III And you, you hear it and then that’s what is making you create rock music. Rock music is building on everything, you know.


Louis Virtel And I just want to say, by the way, that Elvis Costello seems really cool and should be on the show anyway. Moving, huh? How? I wonder how Diana Krall is doing their stuff together. I love it. Was COSTELLO Yes, great, great music. Also, I was going to say, do you know what is going to be video of the year? I think, though, this Fucking Doja cat thing.


Ira Madison III Demons.


Louis Virtel Guys, she fucking nailed it with this video.


Ira Madison III I love her.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Also, first of all, the look, she’s dressed like a demon in the video.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel The performance as the demon is a fucking scream. I mean, something is very wrong with Doja Cat and right. That’s what. That’s. That’s the critical mix.


Ira Madison III  I like it. I like Paint The Town Red, which I think is our first number one rap song by a female singer since Super Freaky Girl.


Louis Virtel Jesus Christ.


Ira Madison III Like a year.


Louis Virtel Okay, Yeah, we need it. We need more of these per year.


Ira Madison III Yeah, she is. I didn’t know where we were going with this cause she’s got the crazy boyfriend and she’s been a little extra online. But the music slaps as always with Doja.


Louis Virtel And also the whole verse where she’s seemingly surpassing some of her fans. Yeah. Really? I mean, like, I guess in rap music, that kind of attitude is familiar. But the way she delivers it is, again, drier than expected. Yeah. So it’s really it’s funnier. I don’t know. She’s she’s very funny.


Ira Madison III She’s very funny. I think I like the era funny.


Louis Virtel So everybody be a little bit funny. That’s all I have to ask.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel I don’t want to emphasize this for drag queens. Please always remember to be funny in addition to glamorous.


Ira Madison III Did you hear the new Nikki single?


Louis Virtel No.


Ira Madison III Last Time I Saw You.


Louis Virtel What do we think?


Ira Madison III It’s very. It’s very tender, Nikki. I like it. I think it is. She’s doing her singing thing again, which I like.


Louis Virtel Okay?


Ira Madison III I think that she is going in a direction that is different from where everyone else is going. You know, she’s. She’s trying to everyone’s doing the hard wrapping. You got, Ice Spice, Meghan out here. You got Doja. And I think Nikki, I hope she’s returning to a more pop space for pink for it to be.


Louis Virtel Oh, yes. Oh, I love the album cover.


Ira Madison III Album cover. It’s giving the world. Yes, giving a She kills a visual.


Louis Virtel A little bit the Janet Jackson All for You video.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel Additionally, speaking of rappers and singing stopped me off about this before because I always think about it and they don’t know the answer.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm.


Louis Virtel Can Will Smith sing? Think of the choruses of his songs. He’s not singing on them.


Ira Madison III He doesn’t.


Louis Virtel You know, like the Patrice Russian single Men in Black. Like, he’s not singing on the chorus in just the two of us. He’s not singing in the chorus.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I don’t think you can say.


Louis Virtel I don’t think you can sing either.


Ira Madison III I wonder if there’s an episode of Fresh Prince where he tries to sing.


Louis Virtel There’s got to be. Yeah. And bust a move.


Ira Madison III I’m sure all of us are. Original Air vent.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Karen Huber.


Ira Madison III Yeah, Is that our.


Louis Virtel Nose? Janet Huber.


Ira Madison III Yes, Yes. Yes. The second.


Louis Virtel Karen Parsons. Janet Huber. Yes. Yes.


Ira Madison III The second Aunt Viv. I don’t think she was busting a move.


Louis Virtel No, no, no.


Ira Madison III Maybe busting unions.


Speaker 5 Yeah. Oh, my God.


Louis Virtel Busted a picket line. Yeah. She’s like, I’m going right in in Culver City.


Ira Madison III Busting into a conversation and censoring herself. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Yes, correct.


Ira Madison III We are getting this week a new Cardi single.


Louis Virtel Oh, right. And it’s with.


Ira Madison III Meghan.


Louis Virtel Again. Yes. Oh, the lobster.


Ira Madison III It’s called Bongos.


Louis Virtel A plus title. It’s like Kim Petras Coconuts, which, by the way. I think that may be one of the best angles of our time. Coconuts came on the other day and it’s just like that. Ingratiating, like Michael Good. It’s so good and so funny. Now it’s Mary-Kate and Ashley.


Ira Madison III Somebody clip that. I’m doing that.


Louis Virtel Why is it I believe there are cameras, Louis.


Louis Virtel It’s just. like.


Louis Virtel I’ve learned not.


Ira Madison III To magic over here because that’s how you dance.


Louis Virtel Your movies sucks when people do find that movie. I’m like, could you not can you not see the TV? What’s it about?


Ira Madison III I famously remember the episode where we said practical magic was bad. People weren’t happy.


Louis Virtel It’s still coming back. Still, they’re coming after us.


Ira Madison III Yeah. We’re talking to RuPaul’s Drag Race at this point. We’re just referencing all the episodes all the time.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right, right. We have nothing else. We’ve been trapped in this room, so. Yeah.


Ira Madison III All right, that’s the music. When we’re back, we will be joined by Brittany Broski.


Speaker 1 <AD>.


Ira Madison III Our guest today is one of your favorite tech talkers, comedians, content creators and people in general. She’s hilarious. And she is back with The Brodsky Report. Her new podcast, Please welcome and Keep It, Brittany Broski


Brittany Broski I’m the live studio audience. I’m the only fan. Hi, team. So nice to see you.


Ira Madison III Hi.


Louis Virtel I’m psyched to have you here.


Ira Madison III It’s nice to meet you. And also, I want to say that we have a mutual friend, Julian Buchanan, and he was telling me a story that I’m already jealous of you now about how he introduced you to Charlie XCX, who is my favorite pop star.


Brittany Broski Bitch. Am I allowed to cuss?


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III I mean you’ve met the Queen. Please tell me about this.


Brittany Broski Well, it’s like, how do you move on? I was doing pre and post, Charlie XCX was the question. SHe was everything. We were, like, drunk at a party. It was everything I wanted. She, like, introduced us and she goes, You’re so funny. And he walks away. This is like, If I met Obama, bitch, I know she’s my Obama. I don’t give a fuck that.


Ira Madison III She asked me for a cigaret once outside of Ak bar and that was the only time I’ve met her. Pink you got? Yeah.


Louis Virtel I just watched another interview with you. You’re talking about how it’s actually daunting to meet all these people that you’re fans of who obviously know you from your work and like. Are there interactions where you like you kind of even if somebody is totally nice, you wish they could have just stayed in the fame sphere, Like you didn’t have to actually get to know them.


Brittany Broski Yes, literally. It’s a weird thing to it because it’s like. When you’re such a fangirl and like these people’s art means so much to you, it’s like the last thing you actually want is to be like, Hey, I’m Britney, You know, like, Oh, you’re a real person. Like, I don’t ever want to make that connection. And it’s weird how often it has happened, and it’s been a very strange thing to grapple with because it’s like I have tattoos for some of these people and it’s like, I don’t want to be I don’t want to know like, you know, your eating habits and like how you wipe your ass. I don’t, but I just I just love them so much. It is weird, you know, to think like, Oh, they’re working a job in the creative industry, just like we are. Like, it’s very strange. But yeah, it’s also.


Louis Virtel Probably weird, like, you know, because you’re a performer, whatever. It’s like it’s not even like they’re, they’re meeting you and thinking, Oh, this is a fun person. They’re in a way thinking, this is a colleague, right? We’re all entertainers together. So it’s a little bit like there’s something it’s just not as fun. Like your coworkers, so to speak, you know? Yeah.


Brittany Broski Yeah. I hate it. So I hope that answers the question.


Louis Virtel Like, good.


Ira Madison III Now, that is always a weird sensation, everybody. I was reading an interview recently with a a Deborah, and she talked about how she was at, I think, the Tribeca Film Festival. And someone had introduced her to Robert De Niro and she was excited to see Robert De Niro. And Robert De Niro clearly didn’t know who the fuck she is. She actually said she she shocked him by being like, You can actually go talk to someone you want to talk to, You know, like you don’t have to entertain me because you don’t know who I am.


Brittany Broski Oh, my God. No, that’s weird To go. Like, you have to act like you know everything about every person. It’s possible, girl. She’s so real. She’s so real.


Louis Virtel Also, a question I have about you is I’m realizing, like, you came to the fore in 2019, which is not long ago at all. You’re extremely popular. And I literally want to know, is it almost kind of depressing to be able to become successful that quickly? Like, Oh, that’s all it took like a couple of years of work?


Brittany Broski Well, you know what? This is actually an interesting conversation because especially when it comes to traditional comedy, which I’ve done like live shows and things like that, I’ve tried standup. It’s not my passion and purpose in life is fun, but it’s like, you know, for the people that do standup, I have a lot of respect because it’s a true art form, like crafting a Type five take. You might as well be like carving something on a marble like and the comedy scene, like the traditional comedy scene. I know that there’s this weird power imbalance of like these people who have had to, you know, wait tables and like, take ticket stubs at the door. They really resent the people that are coming from online and like have a built in audience. Like they really resent it. And it’s jealousy, of course, because it’s like they’ve had to grind for five, ten, 15 years for something that I could easily do, you know, in a year just from Tik Tok success. And that is a weird like you feel like you don’t deserve it. And that’s definitely the imposter syndrome, of course, And that’s something that I feel like every creative kind of goes through. But yeah, it’s weird to be like, What did I ever do to deserve that? To deserve millions of eyes listening and watching. It’s very dystopian when you kind of think about it.


Ira Madison III And even, you know, the concept of Tik Tok, you know, I guess walk me through what it’s like for you when you are making content, you know, because obviously you make content that is, you can make sponsored content. You make content that’s just for yourself, you know, Do you enjoy making tiktoks all the time? Do you enjoy watching them or are you sort of like, it’s work for me now?


Brittany Broski Well, the thing is, is I have a crippling addiction to my phone. So from that, the best content I make is born from when I’m sitting on the toilet. And in that sort of sense to, you know, I’m tapping into my creative tank, I think, like I enjoy making content most of the time. Mm hmm. There are times that it feels like a chore or like, Hey, the last thing I want to do right now is be funny, because there’s that weird misconception online of, like, if you’re a funny person, you’re always happy and you’re always funny. And if you’re not, it’s like, Oh, but you mean like, are you ready for, like, good? It’s like this sort of dogpile thing of like, guys, I’m having a tough time, you know? It’s like, Sure. And I get that because it’s like, what are you complaining about? But it’s a very strange thing to a not want this, you know, not to come from a place of like, I want to be famous. It’s like I didn’t really I was just kind of making videos to make my friends laugh. And then the B side of that is like, What do you do with all that attention? It’s kind of daunting. It’s like as a creative or a funny person. Of course, I love attention because I like to make people laugh, but there comes a time where it’s like, Oh fuck. What do you mean? 7 million people are like, watching these videos. That’s crazy. Mm hmm. So, yeah, I think that especially when it comes to the sponsored content, in the very beginning, I was like, Oh my God, how is this real? You know, like, brands are reaching out, being like, I love what you’re doing. Can you incorporate our product in just what you’re doing? Because in the very beginning, people didn’t really know how to do tik-tok ads. You know, it was like, Look, I did one with Crocs and they were like, just kind of do what you want. And I was like, Period. I’m like, That’s the best. But it’s almost too much freedom.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm.


Brittany Broski Versus the flip side where, like. When you do a scripted ad read, it’s like this is just it’s necessary to put kind of food on the table because I’m a walking billboard and I have to do that to do what I actually want to do. But yeah, it’s very weird. It feels like I’m pouring myself out sometimes to to corporate America. But, I mean, what can you do?


Louis Virtel I love laying down, for corpoorate America. Okay


Louis Virtel They get it. I get it. Call me. Yeah.


Brittany Broski I feel validated by that. I really do.


Louis Virtel Now, of course, you were hilarious anyway. But something I love about you is the rapport you have on a matching. You work with other comics. There’s a very famous video where Trixie Mattel gives you a makeover, and she just did it again recently. Yeah. Who are the people? I guess when you’re performing with or talking with where you feel even funnier? Like, who are the like people were that bring the best out of you, do you think?


Brittany Broski You know, it is like. I mean, because here’s the thing. Trixie is rotted, got in terrible, awful. But I said all that. Like, hard to look at. But having said all that, I do think that it’s one of life’s true gaffes to, like, meet someone who can go toe to toe with you, like wit wise and comedy wise and just you have to be so smart to be that funny. And I don’t think people give Trixie her flowers enough for that. That is a smart bitch. Her and Katia, both. And it’s such a one of life’s joys to be able to banter with someone who is that funny, that successful, that like, but also very real. You know, like, one of her biggest gag is that she’s. She makes fun of herself, so you can make fun of herself. And I’ve always kind of had that shtick as well, where it’s like, that’s how you set people at ease. And so to find people who are that level of successful, who are still just like very normal, normal people is is really, really nice. And it is I do feel in those moments it’s like, shit, she’s so am I keeping up. And then I watch the video back and I’m like, Oh, bitch I kept up and I’m like, It’s real. It’s so much fun.


Ira Madison III Who do you find funny? You know what? What do you like to consume? Like, who do you like to watch? Who? Who are your go tos that you’re always returning to?


Brittany Broski Well, I grew up with, like, that’s kind of one set of people, and then the another set of people is kind of. It’s more so the content I watch quote unquote on like YouTube, because I don’t really I don’t really watch like Netflix stand up specials like that. I think that a lot of the time those are it’s kind of antiquated, especially the subject matter they talk about. It’s like I don’t find I don’t find one night stands funny, like I really don’t like I’ve heard about it, girl. I think that is somebody’s vagina.


Louis Virtel I think that is the main challenge of stand up is finding topics that we have not talked about 25,000 times. That’s very hard.


Ira Madison III Trans rights.


Louis Virtel Yeah. There we go. Yeah.


Brittany Broski I mean, a but like an original take on something, it’s always like, you know, it’s you’re very right. I grew up with honest to God, and this is I hate to admit it, a lot of men, it was like Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, and not even like those comics, but like just funny men in Hollywood. Like Ocean’s 11 is one of my favorite.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Brittany Broski And that’s like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, you know, that sort of like, just they’re really witty people. And I grew up and I was like, I can do that. And so that’s kind of my main inspiration. And then, of course, the gay community and my gay friends kind of in middle school, high school, college really were the only ones that could keep up with me and I could go toe to toe with them. And it’s sort of this flow of comedy and information to of like, I’m making you laugh and you’re making me laugh and we’re learning from each other. It’s just a beautiful thing. And so to come out to West Hollywood and meet these bitches and it’s like, they’re so funny. It’s like it’s every day. They’re very inspiring for me. So a lot of the drag Race girls, honestly, are some of my close friends. And that’s crazy. Crazy because I would lay in my bed in high school and watch up and be like, Oh, I love them. And now it’s like she’s begging me for a YouTube video because she needs me so bad. Whatever, girl. I got you


Louis Virtel I can’t believe that show’s been going on that long. But it has. Wow. It’s like an institution now.


Ira Madison III Yeah, it’s like. It’s like, come up with something. Say, already. Yeah. You know, get some. I’m for a long time.


Louis Virtel Wake up. Wake up, America.


Ira Madison III It’s funny. You bring up even you know Jim Carrey, because I’m thinking too, you know particularly with us watching those movies as a kid, those are obviously films that inspired a generation of people wanting to be funny. Just watching Jim Carrey make faces. I got to see a clip from Liar Liar was going viral recently and just watching him, making faces reacted with his body in a movie is very entertaining.


Brittany Broski Yeah, it is. And it’s not this like lily ponds vine humor of like, I’m going to run into a glass door and like that’s the bit it’s like he in court he used his physical comedy to enhance his you know like word.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Brittany Broski Word comedy. I just woke up guys. Who uses physical comedy to enhance, you know, like what He already the joke structure. And I think that him and Will Ferrell are just so important to like the early to late 2000 like before the 20 tens of like my formative years as a child, I was like, this is comedy. It’s like, who who’s doing it? Like these white men. Not a  single other person.


Louis Virtel Does that mean you watch people like that and also think like, Oh, I could act till like, how much does the acting world speak to you in general?


Brittany Broski Well, me as a 12 year old, I was like, the world’s my oyster. I anything I do, you know, I would love to do, like, voice acting like like I’ve always wanted, like what life was to frozen, you know, like Josh Gad has all off. I would love to do something like that of like, you walk into Walmart and you see that character on a backpack for children and it’s like, I made it. I’m getting the royalty checks, bro. That’s kind of how I envision. But stage acting and like screen acting, Not particularly. What about yall?


Louis Virtel Me? And if it was tailor made for me, like literally, it has to be like, you know, a offend grousing fag, you know, I mean person.


Ira Madison III Yeah I’ve talked voice acting for I wrote for the Netflix show Q For Us and I did voice acting for that and I’ve done on screen appearances before too. It’s something that I enjoy because I grew up in theater, but I still sort of prefer writing to.


Louis Virtel Some people, just like actors like, operate like you. If you watch people on set, it’s like, this is like a mutant skill set. It’s not normal to just go launch into something. Yeah, yeah.


Brittany Broski Yes. I literally the other day I saw a clip came across my TikTok feed and it was like the final episode of Game of Thrones. And it was people ask. Like, obviously the cast acting and how they go from like stone face to sobbing, crying, mourning the death of like your closest academy. And then it’s like, cut it. It’s like, how do you do that?


Louis Virtel Right. It’s weird.


Brittany Broski Actors are crazy. But I was a musical theater kid as well. And I remember, like, what a rush. Like, being on the stage is something totally different than, like, what I’ve done sort of scripted acting stuff.


Ira Madison III With shows?


Brittany Broski This isn’t as fun. Well, girl. I did Spamalot.


Ira Madison III Okay, we stan, we stan. Shay DIaz original.


Louis Virtel Shay Diaz original content. Yes.


Brittany Broski Yes. Love it. I did a Addams Family musical. Okay, I did.


Louis Virtel Who’d you play?


Brittany Broski The grandma, of course.


Louis Virtel Oh. You are bringing fresh young Carol Kane to me. Yes. Yes, that’s what we love.


Brittany Broski Do you mean that? Yes, thank you. Yeah. So, yeah, it was. It was a lot of fun. And then we did, like, serious ones, like The Crucible and shit like that. But I was like my soul on fire.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III I fucking hate The Crucible.


Brittany Broski Thank you.


Louis Virtel I don’t like that. Daniel Day-Louis.


Ira Madison III That is boring. Arthur Miller. It’s got a lot of flops.


Louis Virtel That’s true.


Brittany Broski A lot of flops.


Ira Madison III And he wrote a lot of goddamn plays.


Louis Virtel That’s true.


Ira Madison III Is he fucking Marilyn Monroe and just writing awful plays?


Brittany Broski And she put him on, too.


Ira Madison III She sure did. Okay. Are you actually from that era Behind every male playwright is a like a starlet. You put them on?


Louis Virtel That’s right.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel I also want to say you’re one of the few people I can think of who you truly have a stage name. Like and like. Like. Yeah, but, like, okay, brewski. I understand that. That’s like a female, you know, like the way you would call someone, like, Giambrone or something, you know, whatever. Heterosexuals, they have fun, too. But like, how did you arrive at that name? Because it’s so right. And yet I don’t think to myself, Oh, it’s obviously like, you know, this here’s a Tik Tok-er with her cutesy name.


Brittany Broski Right. My alias. Yeah. Like, respect my privacy. Oh, the real story. And it’s not funny at all or whatever is. It was like sixth grade, and it was my Twitter handle. Oh. So I was like 11, 12, 13 years old. And I was, like, tweeting at 13. What’s something. Oh, I’ve been on the Internet. Sharing my thoughts for way too long. My original Twitter handle was JBLovoaforEva, Justin Bieber, of course. And then but I was like, We’re in middle school now, girls. Time to get serious. So I came out with Brittany Broski like bro, but exactly like you said, because I wanted to fit in so bad. And now I just kind of never changed it. And it’s proven to be this, like, really nice sort of not character, but a persona I can slip into and still maintain, you know, like my government name aside. And it’s honestly like the biggest blessing. The 13 year old me, I was thinking, girl.


Ira Madison III Now, did you consider legal action against Billy Eichner for Bros?


Louis Virtel Yes. You know, how targeted is it? Yeah. Yeah.


Brittany Broski I can’t talk about it. We’re in negotiation. Joke.


Ira Madison III Wow.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Thank you for being here.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God, Brittany, What a pleasure.


Ira Madison III Yeah, you’re delightful. Delightful.


Brittany Broski Y’all are so fun.


Ira Madison III I love that we’ve both met the queen, Charlie. So that’s. We’re bonded for life now.


Brittany Broski Like, aliens, Superstar TV.


Ira Madison III Oh, thank you. I was. I was at the show last night.


Louis Virtel Oh.


Brittany Broski I don’t want to, like, overwhelm you with Beyonce talk.


Ira Madison III We can. We can. I was.


Brittany Broski Were you Club Rennaissance?


Ira Madison III I was Club Rennaissance,got my wristband on still.


Brittany Broski Appear and it’s not coming off. That’s going to smell like pickles by the end of the week.


Ira Madison III Third time at the show.


Brittany Broski Oh you went all three nights?


Ira Madison III No So I live in I’m here I used to live in L.A., but I live in New York currently. I came back for this show. The first two I saw were in Amsterdam.


Brittany Broski Okay. Period.


Ira Madison III Yeah, It was nice to see it with a U.S. audience because let me tell you, the Dutch were just standing there and.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III There probably stoned, you know, just just vibe in.


Louis Virtel Clogs are heavy clogs.


Ira Madison III Many people were hype.


Brittany Broski Yes. Right.


Ira Madison III Last night.


Brittany Broski No. And it was like the birthday show. Yeah. And it was I saw so like signs. People make those songs.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Brittany Broski All of them were like, shut the fuck up when she says everybody on mute. Thank God. We’re kind of spreading the word. It was so much fun. I’m Bey-hive to my fucking core. I have a IV tattoo. Okay?


Ira Madison III You know, You know, good albums.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Brittany Broski Thank you.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel Oh IV I love to. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Brittany Broski She did Rather Die Young.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Brittany Broski And I. I’m just about fell out. It’s like it is. So let’s. How do you cram 25 years of good music and into 3 hours you perform for 3 hours? Yeah, I could talk about it for hours.


Ira Madison III It was amazing.


Louis Virtel Before we let you go, what other tattoos do you have? You mentioned having kind of icons on your body.


Brittany Broski I have. How much time do you have? I’ve got The Stones, too.


Louis Virtel Well, she. She just revealed what I’m going to call it. The Buy Your tapestry. There’s, like, a hundred things on that.


Ira Madison III That is, that is actually the book that you get when you go to the tattoo parlor. Which one would you like?


Brittany Broski I wouldn’t do it after. It was like, Here’s my flask and I’ll take more.


Louis Virtel Well, Rolling Stones. Yeah.


Brittany Broski Yeah, I love the Stones. I’ve got a 1975 tattoo. Rosalia, fans of the.


Ira Madison III Oh, yes.


Louis Virtel What’s your favorite Rolling Stones song?


Brittany Broski Favorite Rolling Stones are either Midnight Rider or I don’t know, Girl. Wild Horses. I know a.


Louis Virtel Great song.


Brittany Broski Yes. I mean, it’s a classic and so many people have covered it. But I don’t they have the best cover because it’s their fucking song.


Louis Virtel Right.


Brittany Broski Right. I have so many. I’m a Beatles girl, too. But the multiple me ones, one of my most recent ones, because she, like Rosalia, is on the way to becoming like legendary status, I think. Yeah.


Ira Madison III My house is blossoming like a rose.


Louis Virtel There you are. She’s kind of person where like, she’ll be on, like, the lineup for an award show. And I forget to think about it and I’m like, Oh, wait, that was the best part of the whole award show.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Brittany Broski Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I love her to death.


Louis Virtel My favorite Rolling Stones don’t song is Emotional Rescue, by the way.


Brittany Broski Okay. So, are you okay?


Louis Virtel Yeah. This is me reaching out. Thank you. Yeah.


Brittany Broski I love it.


Louis Virtel I’m well, thank you so much.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I mean, listen, I’ve got Hall & Oates. I’ve got Prince.


Brittany Broski Period. Bitch.  Are you a Steely Dan girl?


Louis Virtel I’m just talking about Steely Dan. By. Did I find one.


Ira Madison III Thing about me? As I’m gone, I’m going to be up in that Steely Dan concert.


Louis Virtel Mm hmm. But Ricky, don’t lose that number.


Brittany Broski You don’t lose a number. Oh, my God. I love that whole era of music, too. I feel like such a white dad when I talk about it. And then I find, like everyone loves that music.


Louis Virtel Yes, you are exactly right. It’s music. Everybody like. Like Michael McDonald. Like everybody loves Michael McDonald. Yeah. Yeah. Michael Bolton. Yeah.


Brittany Broski Michael Bolton. Girl.


Ira Madison III Baby. I mean, I can. I can go the distance.


Louis Virtel Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Brittany Broski George on my mind.


Ira Madison III I love you pretty hard. You’re iconic, you’re iconic. I love it. Thank you so much for being here.


Brittany Broski Y’all are so sweet. And you got me up at the crack of dawn. 10:30 a.m.. Yeah.


Ira Madison III See, that is why I like living in New York. I recorded this podcast much later. Yeah, yeah.


Brittany Broski Yeah. Oh, my God. You think I’m so glad you’re all right.


Louis Virtel Come back sometime soon. Thanks again so much.


Brittany Broski Well, do My lawyers will reach out.


Ira Madison III Once you get through the Billy?


Louis Virtel Reach out sternly.


Ira Madison III The Billy negotiations.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Then talk to us.


Brittany Broski WIll try.


Speaker 1 <AD>


Ira Madison III Okay, we’re back. First of all, I’m drinking a Snapple. Yeah, and I know I’ve complained about we’ve complained about this. I feel like a few weeks ago about how it doesn’t have the glass bottles anymore, which used to be kind, and I hate that. But they do still have the facts.


Louis Virtel Okay, good. I love to learn.


Ira Madison III The first TV remote control introduced in 1950 was called Lazybones.


Louis Virtel I may have even known that if you give me multiple choice, I probably would have had that.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Sounds like a pup named Scooby Doo villain.


Louis Virtel Yeah. But I picture a skeletal version of scrappy do. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Oh, remote controls. Can I say?


Louis Virtel Yes?


Ira Madison III I remember the era where we didn’t have remote controls, necessarily. You had to go and change the buttons on the TV yourself. It was hard work.


Louis Virtel I also want to say that I had some TV in my basement for a while. Where you I don’t know if you had to adjust the antenna, but like it was, the reception could change based on the way something was.


Ira Madison III The adjusting the antenna era was a dark time now or. Yeah, you would. Or you’re banging the TV.


Louis Virtel Yeah, banging the TV. That is exactly the kind of TV I’m talking about. Yeah. Which makes me feel 177 years old.


Ira Madison III Banging the TV and that you’re watching something and it’s just going out and it’s, you know, it’s the static and everything. It was hard to watch it.


Louis Virtel But also, how old are we? It feels like I’m talking about watching Texaco Star Theater in 1949.


Ira Madison III I was firing up Petticoat Junction.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right. Waiting for the fireside chat to begin.


Ira Madison III Speaking of watching things, what have we been watching?


Louis Virtel Well, let me just say, the game show Only Connect is back, which is my favorite UK game show. I’ve talked about it years ago on the Keep It, but.


Ira Madison III I don’t listen. So tell me again.


Louis Virtel It’s. It’s hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell, who I think is the wittiest and best game show host we have. It’s a show where you have to figure out what four seemingly unrelated things have in common. And it can be I mean, you would think like that’s not a very interesting conceit. You are racking your brain like the people, like there’s teams of three and they’re sitting there trying to figure out what and if they can do it with just a couple of clues, they get more points. If it takes off for clues, they get fewer points. It is the most addictive show you will ever watch. It is a full half hour and for years they stopped uploading episodes to YouTube and they just started up again. And I am like a full like drugstore cowboy, like addict for this show. So fabulous. Fabulous. In terms of shows that are.


Ira Madison III Four things.


Louis Virtel Go ahead.


Ira Madison III Crooked Media.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III Ferrell.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III Obama.


Louis Virtel Oh, I’ve got it. White people can’t get enough.


Ira Madison III Hitler.


Louis Virtel Nailed it.


Ira Madison III No, those are the fourth. You figure out how they’re connected and I will reveal it later in the show.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. I’m starving. I’m only going to get one point since I need all four.


Ira Madison III As a little tease.


Louis Virtel Yes. All right, all right, All right. Mm. I hope it’s fashion. Coming soon, we’ll see? Do you know what I am watching right now? This is a genre of TV I don’t often think I need because I’m not somebody who. You know how, like, when people describe why they like Schitt’s Creek, they’re like, I really like this show. It’s funny. And then I can also, like, do things around the house. Well, it’s odd. It’s like, Well, then you’re not watching the TV show, so what’s wrong with you?


Ira Madison III I watched Days of Our Lives.


Louis Virtel Okay. Oh, okay. See, I don’t have that.


Ira Madison III I don’t care about Rafe Hernandez, but I never have. Get him off my fucking TV if you’re listening.


Louis Virtel So my version of that is I love the show. I think it’s hilarious. But then also, if I walk into another room and I’m just hearing it, it’s equally funny. Platonic with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, a very dynamic duo. I just want to also.


Ira Madison III Is this on Apple?


Louis Virtel Yes. When I moved to L.A., I saw a taping of The Tonight Show with CONAN O’Brien, and the guests were Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. If I had known they would be on this TV show all these years later, I wouldn’t have made any money. It’s not that interesting.


Ira Madison III You guys gone up to them and said, Look, yeah.


Louis Virtel In my like in my hood and turban gone up to him, said, you will be on a TV show at Apple Plus.


Ira Madison III We have had neither of them on this show.


Louis Virtel And I Rose Byrne I mean as as gay people, part of your job is to remind people she can do anything. Yeah. You know, even now, you know, once upon a time it was like, oh, yeah, she was hilarious in Bridesmaids or she really held her own against Glenn Close on Damages. But then over the years it’s like, Oh wait, she was fucking amazing on Spy. Yeah, you know, it just and she’s accumulated all these great credits.


Ira Madison III I didn’t watch Physical.


Louis Virtel Which people love. People love that show. Yes, yes, yes, yes. But on this show, she and Seth Rogen have a very casual rapport. I’m a I’m a big fan.


Ira Madison III Of iconic rapport.


Louis Virtel Yes, that’s right. You’re you’re understanding the premise of the show. She on the show is married to Luke, Luke Macfarlane, who we last saw in the movie Bros.


Ira Madison III But he’s gay.


Louis Virtel Can you believe this? He plays straight. Oh, my God. Do you like progress? Because you’re getting it here.


Ira Madison III I think straight actors should play straight roles.


Louis Virtel Oh, my. Right you are. Is that also progressive?


Ira Madison III I think so. I’m third wave gay. Okay. Progressive.


Louis Virtel Sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Gloria Steinem is kind of disowning you a little bit. All right. Seth Rogen, also, can I say it for as long as he’s been famous, this man is not very old. He’s like 42 or 41.


Ira Madison III He and Beyonce, you have the same age.


Louis Virtel Yeah, I think she’s born in 81 and he’s born in 82, but they’re around the same age. You know, I’m obsessed with years. I think I’m right, by the way. I’m right.


Ira Madison III He’s 82.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Imagine me not knowing that.


Ira Madison III I also always forget that he is Canadian.


Louis Virtel Right? Yes, he is Canadian. When funny people are Canadian, it’s just correct. You know, like Martin Short, where else could he be from? It’s either it’s either Canada or Mars.


Ira Madison III Also is a great. Everything you feel like. COOPER Something funny, Cooper said. And he he, like, acts very well, too. Like, not just funny, but like, he was great in the fable.


Louis Virtel Do you know what he was really good at? And this is a movie I hate, but he was great in it. Steve Jobs.


Ira Madison III Oh, yeah, he was great, but he was. I forgot about.


Louis Virtel Steve Wozniak. Yeah, right.


Ira Madison III Yeah, That’s the Steve Jobs was the.


Louis Virtel Michael Fassbender.


Ira Madison III The final. Fassbender What? And Jobs was the Ashton Kutcher, right? Correct.


Louis Virtel Where his mom was played by Lesley Ann Warren.


Ira Madison III Yeah. One time.


Louis Virtel Yes. And the Ashton Kutcher one outgrossed the Michael Fassbender one.


Ira Madison III Oh, well, I don’t find that hard to believe.


Louis Virtel Yeah, it’s just What a what?


Ira Madison III We love Ashton Kutcher.


Louis Virtel Yes. Right. Right. And all of his credits in the past ten years, which is just that.


Ira Madison III Baby, All I do is watch The Ranch. Okay.


Louis Virtel Remember, we put Debra Winger on that?


Ira Madison III I’m home on the ranch.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Right. That was a multi-cam on Netflix. We tried that. Okay.


Ira Madison III I can’t wait till we get Bezos and Jeff Bezos And who’s playing that ball, bitch?


Louis Virtel Oh, God. Well, anybody can be bald, so it really can be. It can be anybody from, like, Johnny Depp on down to, you know, such a Ronan.


Ira Madison III Yeah, well, I’m not watching that.


Speaker 5 Okay. Either. And he over there.


Ira Madison III Surveying Jeff Bezos is sort of like a it’s like that Bob Dylan movie.


Louis Virtel Oh, I’m not there. Right? Yeah. You know what I thought of up because I think I had heard she was originally up to play Sinead O’Connor and like a biopic, I think just of the past part of her life where she ripped up the picture of the pope. But I always thought that was a weird fit. I mean, I guess they’re both Irish, but she can do anything.


Ira Madison III That’s the entire movie. Yes. It’s just the SNL performance. Very sort of Frost Nixon.


Louis Virtel Yeah. It’s just like, Yeah, scene for Scene it. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I’m thinking, who else was on that episode of SNL with Sinead O’Connor? And it’s Tim Robbins.


Louis Virtel Wow. He must have been promoting the player around then, I think.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel A movie I just rewatched.


Ira Madison III Weirdly, The Cold Open was a spoof of Ross Perot’s 1992 United We Stand America campaign.


Louis Virtel Oh, how strange. Tim Robbins, I believe I was told this recently, our tallest Oscar winner, because he’s six five. I think you’re taller. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Remember Dead Man Walking?


Louis Virtel I do. He directed it. Yeah. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Awful play.


Louis Virtel Is it a play?


Ira Madison III It was it was a it was a I think it was a play and then it became a film.


Louis Virtel Oh, okay. Interesting.


Ira Madison III It’s, it’s sort of Laramie Project-y.


Louis Virtel Oh I got it. Got a Yeah. Mm. I Sister Helen Prejean I believe still on Twitter.


Ira Madison III She is.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III I think she responded to a tweet of mine once.


Louis Virtel Oh, that’s bone chilling.


Ira Madison III Yeah I, I was saying some back ad or I forget what years ago but yeah, she likes to tweet.


Louis Virtel Yeah. No. So these people are out there, you know.


Ira Madison III The original Kim Kardashian. Yes.


Louis Virtel It’s bringing people out of prison. Yes, that’s right. What have you been watching, if anything, recently?


Ira Madison III I have been watching that.


Louis Virtel I’ve been watching that mouth now.


Ira Madison III Okay. Graham.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Yeah.


Ira Madison III You know, I was on Delta coming here and.


Louis Virtel God, I love watching things on planes. And I was.


Ira Madison III Picking a film and I was going to watch you hurt my feelings.


Louis Virtel Oh, yes. A good movie.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel But in the B plus range for me.


Ira Madison III But instead I watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume three.


Louis Virtel Oh, well, a classic double feature.


Ira Madison III On one feature. First of all, Delta was getting me drunk


Louis Virtel Oh, you know.


Ira Madison III Just out twice during the movie.


Louis Virtel Oh, that’s glamorous.


Ira Madison III I did like the movie, though. I passed out twice because I was drunk. They were I put a photo of this on Twitter, but it was giving it was giving very blockheads, this old restaurant in New York with clothes. They served my drink like this.


Louis Virtel Oh, like you’re on at a resort. Yeah. The little Grey Goose bottle is upside down in the glass.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah. So I was like, there.


Louis Virtel Like, you’ll be asleep soon.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel It may as well be a hypnotist to give you a drink.


Ira Madison III I liked it. I like the movie. I think that it. It got me out of Marvel’s flop era, which was been in and had a good time. I had a good time. It’s very emotionally manipulative.


Louis Virtel No way is the Flash marvel.


Ira Madison III No, baby. What’s going on here.


Louis Virtel Girl? I can’t put them together. They’re all wearing spandex to me.


Ira Madison III The fly. I did watch The Flash, by the way.


Louis Virtel Ezra Miller and the Flash. They were I don’t want to say funny because, like, there were lots of funny lines that didn’t land, but I did think there was a charisma there that I have to give them credit for, even though the movie is a mess all over the place. But I also find that all of those movies are a mess and all over the place.


Ira Madison III The movie was wacky. Yeah, there’s a lot going on. Two different flashes playing against themselves.


Louis Virtel I thought the the dorky diorama where they go back in time and you watch the part that didn’t work.


Ira Madison III I also. Godot appearing.


Louis Virtel Yeah. On that bridge.


Ira Madison III The least charismatic actor we’ve ever had. Mm.


Louis Virtel You know what? I’m going to think about that, because I do feel like maybe we can get a top 100 together.


Ira Madison III Okay. Yeah. Giving. Very.


Louis Virtel Kate Bosworth. I’m thinking of.


Ira Madison III Giving Barry Pia Zadora.


Louis Virtel Wow. Oh, my gosh. Just the star of Butterfly. Yes.


Ira Madison III Sorry I’m late. And then you just hear the Wonder woman’s theme.


Louis Virtel She’s not Hungarian. She has fangs suddenly.


Ira Madison III She’s a she’s hungry for bloodlust. Someone so at college said when we were doing the Q&A. Yeah, a few weeks ago. Asked me, When are you all going to watch Heart of Stone Ed review it, bitch, You think I’m that bored?


Louis Virtel Stone First of all, a lovely chair, sir. Second of all, I don’t know what that is.


Ira Madison III That Gal Gadot film on Netflix.


Louis Virtel Oh, got it. Right, right, right.


Ira Madison III I don’t want to watch that woman act.


Louis Virtel That’s in the category of movies I’ll never see. Like the Gray.


Ira Madison III Man. Yeah, Although I will say. That. I like the Gray Man.


Louis Virtel Oh, yeah. That’s no see, that’s something you would watch. And then I hear about it a little bit, and I’m like, Good for him.


Ira Madison III I will say, though, that I am looking forward to that Snow White adaptation that she’s going to be in with Rachel Ziegler because I feel like that is going to be a mess. That is going to be a debacle. Something from our past hot mess.


Louis Virtel Oh, sure. Yes. Yes. By the way, I know people flipped out at Rachel Zeigler. I don’t know if we talked about this on the show.


Ira Madison III I like her.


Louis Virtel Excuse me. I like her. And also what she said was I wasn’t attached to Snow White. It’s not. It wasn’t that interesting a story, guys. It’s not what people are flipping out.


Ira Madison III Into every generation. And Anne Hathaway is born. And I think that people are doing to her what they did to Anne. Because making fun of her at first for not getting invited to the Oscars and tweeting about it and then getting invited, they’re also sort of mad at her, I guess, because she was in a film with Ansel Elgort, which who cares?


Louis Virtel Yeah, right, Right.


Ira Madison III He’s a great movie.


Louis Virtel Oh, you mean West Side Story? Yes. Raha, Unfortunately, I thought he was good in West Side Story. It was great, Yeah.


Ira Madison III Because he’s always good.


Louis Virtel I don’t know about that.


Ira Madison III Baby Driver.


Louis Virtel He is pretty good in that. When people dance like that and it’s a lot of shuffling, I get nervous for Caucasians.


Ira Madison III But that’s what you do.


Louis Virtel Yeah, I mean, not like that. No, I would say I would say the, the, the piano scene in BIG has a little bit more rhythm than he did in that movie. Penny Marshall has more rhythm and he does.


Ira Madison III Those fair use sort of dance like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.


Louis Virtel I’m a little bit more well, first of all, it’s very hips and ass. I make friends easily. And then also.


Ira Madison III What else? Oh, yeah.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Have you seen any TV show in the past? Whatever.


Ira Madison III Besides Days of Our House and Big Brother?


Louis Virtel That’s all I do. Oh, yeah. Big, Big Brother.


Ira Madison III Oh, that is why I have not watch anything. By the way, Big Brother is on constantly.


Louis Virtel I also forget that, by the way, Big Brother really replaces Drag Race for us. It becomes the all consuming reality show. We take it and like it’s all you’re talking about with people and you meet up with your friends to watch it and stuff.


Ira Madison III Let me tell you something. Three Fields. Her son Jared sucks.


Louis Virtel He has like fallen off.


Ira Madison III Little loser.


Louis Virtel When he but we were endeared to him because Syria, who is a you know survivor legend now playing on Big Brother and immediately capable of playing this game like really operating well, making the right alliances, telling her son when to shut the fuck up and her son is in the house and most of the house doesn’t know that they’re related. Yeah. Yes. And now he had a very sexual moment with a another cast member named Blue. Who? Another disappointment this season. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go through the reasons he blows.


Ira Madison III Currently they had sex which is whatever. Yeah but he leading up to that he kept asking her about her body count which is a thing that straight men do apparently. And it does not involve people you murder.


Louis Virtel No, no, I don’t like that. Three words. Like words, like body count. It’s very I don’t mean to say this glibly, but like insult world. I hate hearing about that.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So asking about that. And he also said the R word and.


Louis Virtel Oh, God. Oh, right.


Ira Madison III My favorite word, actually Raconteur. Remember The Raconteurs.


Louis Virtel Verse of all the bad. But second of all, in 2010, when like every celebrity actor joined Twitter, the fifth thing in their profile would be raconteur. It’s like Jane Lynch. Tell me one time and tell me a story funny one time, like a fancy word for it. I’m on the television. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. He said, you know, the R-word slur.


Louis Virtel Which is interesting because we had a cast member already eliminated for muttering a racial slur. The main racial slur, Yeah. And now there’s questions about what should be done about saying this word. I would say they’re not comparable and he should just apologize.


Ira Madison III But yeah, because. Because one of them, you know, is an insult for me. And the other one is just what I am.


Louis Virtel Well, at the viewers to say. But you left it up to.


Ira Madison III Choose your own adventure. Yes.


Louis Virtel Jesus Christ.


Ira Madison III How about you, Toby?


Louis Virtel It’s a it’s important to get yourselves some time before you speak, but. Yeah, no, I mean, like I will say, Big Brother is this weird show where, like, sometimes the season just straight up doesn’t matter. And then other times, like, an alchemy occurs where more people get involved and you have to watch and you’re impressed by the gameplay. And I think there’s enough going on that this is one of the more solid seasons other than serious.


Ira Madison III On sucking and Cameron, who is creepy as hell obsessed with America.


Louis Virtel Another cast member America.


Ira Madison III Has the country had also America? The cast member. BR Yeah, it’s giving shades of BB16 where Caleb was obsessed with Amber, right?


Louis Virtel Yes, yes, yes.


Ira Madison III She was hit in the head and she essentially just got voted out because of that. Right.


Louis Virtel There should be a definitive like BuzzFeed type list of Big Brother cast members who suck, though, because you it’s so frank.


Ira Madison III The once upon a time for BuzzFeed.


Louis Virtel All the cast members.


Ira Madison III I did wow. A long time ago that.


Louis Virtel I would wish for something in that you had actually done. It is simply horrifying.


Ira Madison III Okay, so this was 2015, okay. And this was through season 16. And I put Danielle Reyes on season three as the best player.


Louis Virtel Oh, God, I got it.


Ira Madison III Cause she should have won.


Louis Virtel And that is that June season.


Ira Madison III No, no. That’s that season for the junior season four.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right, Right.


Ira Madison III Yes. Danielle Reyes played in season three and all Stars. She placed second in season three because that was in the era where they used to show people, yes, their diary room confessionals. And they knew that she was playing them all the whole time.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III So she said about it.


Louis Virtel The production treated her unfairly. Yes.


Ira Madison III After that, I had put Dan Gosling.


Louis Virtel All right.


Ira Madison III Doctor.


Louis Virtel Well, yeah, These are classic.


Ira Madison III Janelle and whatnot.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Danielle Donato, who have hung out with two times. Lovely. Loved her. So much fun.


Ira Madison III Her father demonic.


Louis Virtel The worst.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Never want him spoken of again, ever. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. He’s like, Mr. Mix of, like.


Louis Virtel Oh, God, that’s the.


Ira Madison III Superman reference.


Louis Virtel Yeah, I needed to not ask about that.


Ira Madison III He’s a marvel.


Louis Virtel Okay, Okay, I’m sure. I’m sure. Yes. Brandon Routh, fellow University of Iowa alum. Well, sure. I would love to know. Remember the show Partners with Michael Urie?


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel He was on that. And so was Nene Leakes. No, she was on the New Normal. There were two gay shows at one time. Yeah, Yeah. Let me stop that. Mm. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Anyway.


Louis Virtel That’s what we’re watching. And the other recommendations. Can you believe we host the show? They got to stop us.


Ira Madison III We will be right back with our favorite segment of the episodeKeep It. And we are back with our favorite segment of the episode. It’s Keep It. Louis. Yeah, I’ll let you go first.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. One of the nicest things you’ve ever done or said. I Keep It. This week is going to be brief and it is in keeping with, I think, my past four Keep Its or something. Keep It to the phrase spooky season, motherfuckers. I do not want you to say spooky season to me. What does that mean?


Ira Madison III Spooky season.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III Spooky season.


Louis Virtel I’m getting back from like September 1st to October 31st. We’ve adopted this phrase for, I guess, the anticipation for Halloween. Number one, I just don’t anticipate Halloween that much. I find it more stressful, the preparation for it I find stressful. And I just want to say about the Renaissance to want to.


Ira Madison III How is it stressful? You have three Halloween costumes.


Louis Virtel That’s what I mean.


Ira Madison III You cycle through every year.


Louis Virtel That’s what I mean. Like I be Christopher Robin.


Ira Madison III This year.


Louis Virtel I avoid the rush.


Ira Madison III Or baseball player this.


Louis Virtel Year or street fighter character. That’s it. Those are my three. I just want to say, first of all, so I find getting ready for Halloween stressful. I have to say. Getting what? Looking at the costumes for Renaissance tour, I know people sort of like ragged on certain people for looking cheap or whatever. For the most part, people fucking brought it to that tour. Mean not only did you have to have a look, you basically had to have an outfit concept. It wasn’t just, Oh, I’m putting on like a good looking dress like people had like. Anyway, I just think that was a bold undertaking for the entire world to get into the Renaissance tour and look amazing. So congrats to them.


Ira Madison III Thank you.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Oh, yeah. You did go, didn’t you? Yes. All right. I hate when I accidentally have let go, but anyway. Yeah. Spooky season. It’s just a piece of immaturity. It reeks of It’s too cute, it’s too cloying. And also, let’s just confine Halloween to October. And also, by the way, September is a summer month. It is still is summer. We you walk outside. It is summer.


Ira Madison III You would not know it from every person on Instagram doing their last of summer.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Grid post baby summer. September 21st.


Louis Virtel Yes, please.


Ira Madison III Earth, Wind and Fire. That’s right. That’s why they said, Do you remember? Because the girls I remember people say that for years, but they told us.


Louis Virtel It was the first song about long Cover Girl. So what’s going on with Summer? Speaking of that, by the way, did you know that in that song September, which goes Body said that you remember Body? Yeah. Dancing in September. They had always intended to put words there like body. Ah, but it sounded so good they just let it go. So anyway, it’s like you’re listening to a rough draft of a song. If it is stuck with.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm. Even. Yeah. Three or whatever they are on. Victoria Mona’s new album. And when we were talking about new music, I didn’t collect it to bring up Jaguar and Jaguar to her new album. Fucking Amazing. Oh, I wrote the song on My Mama. All Right is a great song. She’s just she’s a good singer.


Louis Virtel Also Earth, Wing, and Fire good for them.


Ira Madison III Good Singer. A good performer.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Young singer.


Louis Virtel Yeah. You’re getting into the Aretha complements now. All right.


Ira Madison III Earth, Wind and Fire, Get around. They’ve been on a Meghan Trainor album.


Louis Virtel Oh, have they?


Ira Madison III Her Christmas songs on holiday. It’s actually really fucking good.


Louis Virtel Oh, no. It’s like for a while, Iggy Pop would be on everybody’s album. Like he’d work with Kesha and he worked with Kylie Minogue and just whatever.


Ira Madison III I think that song is on my Spotify playlist. Meghan Trainor has a couple of BOPs and I think are only two songs on it.


Louis Virtel Okay. Yeah. No, I was just thinking about, Oh, did I bring up Bonnie McKee recently? She has a new song called Hot City. Bonnie McKee is the songwriter who red haired girl, and she wrote lots of Katy Perry songs, Short Dynamite by Taio Cruz. She’s sort of like a this generation’s Kara DioGuardi or something, but.


Ira Madison III She’s dynamite by Taylor.


Louis Virtel Yeah, but like, it’s not my jam, but somebody she has come back. She had great songs years ago, like American Girl. She had an EP with lots of great songs like Wasted Youth and Easy. She’s new song called Hot City that I fucking love. It’s like if classic Katy Perry were back, that’s what it’s like.


Ira Madison III I’ve been to her home twice. She’s never been there.


Louis Virtel I see. Good home.


Ira Madison III She looks great. Home? Yeah. People who are friends of her throw parties there. She’s not.


Louis Virtel There. I feel like she was friends with Sam Lansky, and I would see them see her through him sometimes.


Ira Madison III I might love Max Bonnie McKee’s house if she’s not here. What’s going on?


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Weird body. Mickey, I’ve been in your home. You are my home. You touched my child.


Louis Virtel Anyway, that’s me in Spooky season and how I don’t like it. Okay, Ira, you have a very complicated game. Keep It. It seems I do. Let’s hear.


Ira Madison III It. I’m going to give you the connection now.


Louis Virtel Okay.


Ira Madison III Of crooked, crooked media. Barack Obama. Yeah. Pharaoh.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III And Hitler. Happy things in my Keep It. Which I just discovered recently because I was looking up Madonna and her hard candy era. Yeah. Mm hmm. And you remember the sticky and sweet tour?


Louis Virtel Yes. Where she does the jump roping and stuff?


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yes. And then you remember her song. Give it to me. Yes. Where She has to get stupid. Just stupid. Anyway. During the sticky and sweet tour, the get stupid video cause controversy in the political world as it showed then Republican candidate John McCain alongside pictures of Hitler and Robert Mugabe. Tucker Bounds, subtle spokesperson for McCain, said that the comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time. By contrast, another part of the video depicted then Democratic candidate Barack Obama with pictures of John Lennon, Gandhi and Al Gore. Tommy Vietor, spokesperson for Obama’s camp, also spoke out against the video and deemed it outrageous and offensive with no place in the political process.


Louis Virtel What if I start office right now? Go into his fucking office in tears.


Ira Madison III I’ve already texteed him about it.


Louis Virtel So look, Tommy, stay in your lane. It’s only sensible, Dennis. We’ll be right back with more advertisements for Tommy. John.


Ira Madison III Oh.


Louis Virtel Fuck him.


Ira Madison III He was doing his job.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel I can picture him gulping and typing that.


Ira Madison III Can you imagine Tommy saying that now?


Louis Virtel No. Well, he would hear me in his ear. And he was like, I don’t want to hurt that spindly fags feelings and get him on my case. Which reminds me, he can say fag to me. Go ahead, Tommy.


Ira Madison III He has.


Speaker 5 Yeah.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III He says. He says about you all the time.


Speaker 5 Oh, that fact. Yeah. Yeah. Love her, huh?


Louis Virtel Wow. Keep It to Tommy Vidor.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Wow. And his work at the White House. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Vintage Tommy Vee toward them.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Right, right, right. Yeah. Oh, my God. Also, the White.


Ira Madison III House does things to you. Okay.


Louis Virtel You also forget that, like, something like that from a madonna tour would actually make headlines. Like she controversial. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That is really funny.


Ira Madison III Now, who would give a fuck?


Louis Virtel No, exactly. Well, excuse me. Remember when she had the rubble art artwork and then these the strings on, like, Martin Luther King and stuff? Yeah, That was among the most creative things she’s ever done.


Ira Madison III Martin Luther King was a rebel heart.


Speaker 5 Yeah.


Louis Virtel I picture Coretta Scott King just responding.


Ira Madison III She was like, actually.


Louis Virtel Don’t


Ira Madison III For a very lucky star. Yeah.


Louis Virtel I mean, Martin liked her old shit, of course. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Wow. You know, if he hadn’t been shot.


Louis Virtel Yes. Rob.


Ira Madison III Do you think he would have been at the restaurant bar?


Louis Virtel My God, Yes. Yeah. Is that offensive to say?


Ira Madison III Yeah. Martin twerking in the box with Jeff Bezos.


Louis Virtel Martin twerking King. Yeah. What is wrong with this bar? I guess. Can you go back to New York? There’s actually safer when you’re there.


Ira Madison III That’s actually the dead zone.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Someone saw Martin Luther King with Jeff Bezos twerking at the Renaissance Store and they said we got to shoot him.


Louis Virtel Yeah. It all makes sense now. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Time is going to blow at my phone tomorrow.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right. You guys. I haven’t seen her in a minute. Oh, I did an extra episode of The Crooked Stuff for whatever the patriarchy or however they make money here. And that was. That was fun.


Ira Madison III You’re talking about peanuts.


Louis Virtel Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Oh, yes, I was.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Snoopy.


Louis Virtel And I was scolded for not being supportive of Marcy and her. There’s a new Peanuts special about Marcy. Guys don’t want to see Marcy up to anything.


Ira Madison III I see the dirty one liner. She’s not. She’s the one who looks almost dirty. She laughs.


Speaker 5 Yes.


Louis Virtel She wears glasses. Just Peppermint Patty’s little friend who’s always like, Sir? Yeah. Which is a pretty, pretty good bet, I do have to say.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Oh, non-binary icon. Embarrassing.


Louis Virtel Potentially.


Ira Madison III Potentially. Yeah.


Louis Virtel They’re working it. Yes.


Ira Madison III I haven’t thought about peanuts. And Peanuts is still around. I’m talking about Flintstones and Jetsons, but like, peanuts are still peanuts.


Louis Virtel It’s still relevant because they had a movie in the past ten years. Yeah. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Uh huh.


Louis Virtel But no, you’re right about the idea of, like, a comic strip still being like, Nope. Do people know what Dick Tracy is anymore?


Ira Madison III Anyway, I read Mary Worth every day.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Rhymes with orange. We speak your name.


Ira Madison III Let me tell you what she was up to last week, talking about one of her neighbors business. She’s always doing it, Mayor Werth. Nosy bitch, gossipy bit.


Louis Virtel I mean. Okay, I’m going to go take my.


Ira Madison III Mary needs to know her worth.


Louis Virtel I’m going to go read Doonesbury and get out of town.


Ira Madison III That’s our show. Thank you to Brittany Broski for being here. And next week, I will be back in New York.


Louis Virtel And the show will be hinged.


Ira Madison III On us, but coming soon. We’re going to have some bonus episodes for his show called Keep It Real, Keep It Reality. I actually don’t know what I’m calling it yet. Let me know in the comments. Which one you like best.


Louis Virtel And it’ll be reality TV focused.


Ira Madison III Reality TV focused. Just some interviews with those folks, some Bravo folks that I won’t do alone because Louis would rather watch Room.


Louis Virtel I. That’s right. You know, I only watch Bravo when it’s opera is the original recipe. Bravo.


Ira Madison III But some other reality TV people than you will be involved, too. Sure. Yeah. And we got to launch a bonus one for you. Just, you know, you wandering around cemeteries talking about dead white women graves.


Louis Virtel Here’s where Carole Lombard lives.


Ira Madison III We love her.


Louis Virtel Up next, Clark Gable.


Ira Madison III And Just Glenn.


Louis Virtel Yes, right. Just Glen. Yes, of course.


Ira Madison III Famously dead.


Louis Virtel Yes. What happened to her?


Ira Madison III I killed her. My body counts four now.


Louis Virtel We’ll see you next week.


Ira Madison III Keep It is a Crooked Media production. Our senior producer is Kendra James. Our producer is Chris Lord and our associate producer is Malcolm Whitfield. Our executive producers are Ira Madison, the thir, and Louis Virtel.


Louis Virtel This episode was recorded and mixed by Evan Sutton. Thank you to our digital team, Megan Patzel and Rachel Gaewski, and to Matt DeGroot and David Toles for production support every week.


Ira Madison III And as always, Keep It as recorded in front of a live studio audience.