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June 22, 2023
Salmon Alito w. Monica Potts

In This Episode

Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco cover the latest: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito doesn’t understand what the big deal is about accepting a free luxury vacation from a billionaire megadonor and not reporting it, SCOTUS is finishing up their session, and self-described misogynist and incel influencer Andrew Tate gets indicted. Then, Monica Potts joins to discuss her new book about women in rural America, The Forgotten Girls. Next, Grace Parra-Janney and Dana Schwartz join to discuss weddings: planning them, Instagramming them, paying for them, the works. Finally, Sani-Petty (we’re improving our handwriting and seeing Stevie Nicks live).

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Show Notes
The Forgotten Girls: A Memoir of Friendship and Lost Promise in Rural America by Monica Potts (Bookshop)
Quiet ‘epidemic’ of drugs, alcohol and suicide has killed half a million middle-aged white Americans (Princeton)
Justice Samuel Alito: ProPublica Misleads Its Readers (WSJ Op-Ed)
Justice Samuel Alito Took Luxury Fishing Vacation With GOP Billionaire Who Later Had Cases Before the Court (ProPublica)
THE FAKE POOR BRIDE: Confessions of a wedding planner (The Atlantic)
Noble Blood podcast
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