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August 29, 2022
Pod Save America
"Redactions Speak Louder."

In This Episode

Donald Trump and his pals threaten riots in the streets if the GOP frontrunner is charged w a crime, New York’s newest congressman Pat Ryan joins to talk about what Democrats can learn from his surprise victory in last week’s special election, and Republican politicians are outraged that Joe Biden is helping people with student debt.


Show Notes



  • NBC: DOJ says review of seized Trump documents is already done, suggests request for watchdog came too late
  • NYT: Trump’s Legal Team Scrambles to Find an Argument
  • NYT: Republicans Signal Worries About Trump and the Midterms
  • WaPo: Inside Trump’s war on the National Archives
  • NYT: Document Inquiry Poses Unparalleled Test for Justice Dept.
  • Daily Beast: Kash Patel Melts Down After Being Named in Affidavit, as Trump Rails Against Redactions
  • MSNBC: Trump’s response to the FBI search is definitely paying off — for DOJ



  • CNN: Special election for upstate New York House seat offers new test of political energy around abortion
  • Politico: Turnout surge powered Democrats’ N.Y. special election win — and their renewed hopes for November
  • NYPost: Loss in NY-19 special election better be a wake-up call to Republicans
  • BrennanCenter: After Redistricting, Here’s How Each Party Could Win the House
  • Politico: Democrats’ chance to save the House majority runs through these districts



  • Message Box: The Coming Political Fight over Student Debt
  • CBS: Rep. Tim Ryan breaks from Biden on student debt relief plan
  • ABC: Sanders pushes back on ‘Republicans squawking’ over Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.
  • The Hill: Student loan forgiveness should backfire on Biden
  • CNBC: Student debt experts say $10,000 isn’t enough specifically for Black borrowers—here’s why
  • Insider: Ted Cruz says there’s a ‘real risk’ that Biden’s student-loan forgiveness will help Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections
  • Axios: GOP ad blitz mocks Biden’s student loan plan
  • The Atlantic: A Democratic Economist’s Case Against Biden’s Student-Loan Plan
  • CNN: Biden’s student loan relief plan will mainly help working and middle class borrowers, report finds
  • ABC: Biden’s loan forgiveness plan to heavily impact Black borrowers
  • WaPo: Biden’s student debt plan is a Democratic version of ‘trickle-down’ economics
  • NYT: Biden’s Student Loan Plan Squarely Targets the Middle Class


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