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March 15, 2022
Pod Save America
"Putting the Mess in Messaging."

In This Episode

President Biden reboots his midterm agenda and message in order to fend off a red wave in November, Democratic strategist Addisu Demissie joins to talk about a DNC proposal to potentially de-throne Iowa and change the presidential nominating process, and Jon, Jon, and Tommy try to break up some of the tough news with a few fun mailbag questions about Pete Davidson, Elon Musk, and Tom Brady.



  • NYT House Democrats Push Biden to Build a Better Midterm Message
  • The Hill: The Memo: Biden, Democrats feel new political pain on inflation
  • Politico: Dems see midterm hope in Biden bounce
  • ABC: Biden tells House Democrats to do better job selling agenda ahead of midterms 



  • BloombergOpinion: Iowa Caucuses Are Likely to Survive Democrats’ Ire (3/14) by Jonathan Bernstein
  • WaPo: Democrats move closer to cutting Iowa’s first-in-the nation status for 2024 presidential calendar
  • Des Moines Register: National Democratic leaders draft proposal to reshape presidential calendar, threatening Iowa caucuses 
  • Politico: Iowa takes criticism at DNC but hangs onto its spot — for now
  • Buzzfeed News: The Iowa Caucus is supposed to tell the story about America
  • Des Moines Register: A year after Iowa caucus collapse, the stage is set for a bitter debate over the presidential nominating calendar
  • Jacobin: The Iowa Caucus Meltdown Showed Everything That’s Wrong With the Democratic Party
  • NYT: Iowa Caucus Results Riddled With Errors and Inconsistencies




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