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March 10, 2022
Pod Save America
"Putin's Price Hike."

In This Episode

President Biden bans Russian oil and labels higher energy costs Putin’s Price Hike, Senator Elizabeth Warren is here to talk about Russian oligarchs and crypto bros, and Kevin McCarthy tells Marjorie Taylor Greene that she’s not allowed to attend any more events sponsored by white nationalist Putin fans this year.


Show Notes 

How to Help in Ukraine



  • The Hill: 79 percent of Americans back Russian oil ban: poll
  • NYT: Ban on Russian Oil Could Hit the U.S. Economy as Gas Prices Rise
  • Axios: Biden redirects American anger to “Putin’s price hike”
  • Slate: Republicans Pushed Biden to Ban Russian Oil. Now They’ll Attack Him for the Results.
  • The Hill: As Russia conflict pushes gas prices higher, House GOP leader blames Biden
  • NYT: Californians may get tax rebate to combat soaring fuel prices.
  • CBS: What the U.S. ban on Russian oil and gas means for Americans
  • The Atlantic: America Is the World’s Largest Oil Producer. So Why Is Losing Russia’s Oil Such a Big Deal?
  • White House: FACT SHEET: United States Bans Imports of Russian Oil, Liquefied Natural Gas, and Coal
  • WSJ: What Is a No-Fly Zone and Why Has NATO Rejected Ukraine’s Calls for One?
  • Economist: Joe Biden bans Russian fossil fuels—and faces the consequences
  • AP: EXPLAINER: What does a US ban on Russian oil accomplish?


Senator Warren 

  • CNN’s Melanie Zanona tweet 
  • Insider: Kevin McCarthy reaffirms pledge to give Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar committee assignments again after they attended a white nationalist conference 
  • Intelligencer: Money Pours Into MTG’s Race, But Not to Anyone Who Can Win
  • Politico: Why Republicans may let Greene and Gosar’s latest brushfire burn itself out WaPo: Republicans know exactly how to handle the fanatics in their party



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