April 15, 2021
"Prime Day" (with Michelle Buteau and Kim Kelly)

In This Episode

This week Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco talk about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine halt, the increased health risks that anyone with uteruses face, the GOP’s missing empathy bone, and the brave men, women and children testifying in the Derek Chauvin trial. Plus, we follow up with labor journalist Kim Kelly about the Alabama Amazon union vote in a new segment called “Wait, What Happened?”. Then Rheeqrheeq Chainey and very special guest Michelle Buteau join to discuss what it means to be in the prime of your life, saying yes to yourself and no to self-nullifying choices you made to impress people you don’t even like. Then finally, dishwasher woes and other petty thoughts in I Feel Petty.


Show Notes:

The Duante Wright Memorial Fund:

Bail Fund:

@colorofchange’s petition to end violent policing against Black people:


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