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November 09, 2020
Pod Save America
“President-elect Joe Biden.”

In This Episode

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris deliver victory speeches after the race is called, two-time popular vote loser and soon-to-be one-term President Donald Trump refuses to concede, and Democrats debate how to govern and win in a divided Washington. Then Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown talks to Jon Lovett about the power of organizing and the Georgia Senate runoffs.


Show Notes


President-elect Joe Biden 

  • NYT: Tension, Then Some Tears, as TV News Narrates a Moment for History
  • WaPo: Biden’s victory seemed clear for more than a day. So why did the media hold off on calling it?
  • FiveThirtyEight: Biden Won — Pretty Convincingly In The End
  • NYT: Read Kamala Harris’s Vice President-Elect Acceptance Speech
  • The Guardian: ‘I won’t be the last’: Kamala Harris, first woman elected US vice-president, accepts place in history
  • NYT: Harris thanks the women who shaped her, and inspires more than a few herself.
  • CNN: Kamala Harris, as first woman elected VP, says she ‘won’t be the last’
  • NYT: Read Joe Biden’s President-Elect Acceptance Speech: Full Transcript
  • WaPo: Joe Biden’s victory speech, annotated
  • NYT: Five Takeaways From President-Elect Biden’s Victory Speech
  • NYT: The hymn Biden quoted during his speech was a nod to his faith and his son Beau.
  • CNN: President-elect Joe Biden seeks to unite nation with victory speech
  • Vox: Joe Biden in victory speech: “Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end”
  • NPR: From Jubilation To Dismay, A Divided Nation Reacts To Biden’s Victory
  • LA Times: Across the nation, jubilation, relief, defiance
  • WaPo: Celebrations erupt across the country as Biden declared winner of presidency
  • WTTW: Biden Win Sparks Smattering of Protests; Most Stay Peaceful
  • WaPo: ‘Welcome back’: America’s allies celebrate Biden win, hope for a U.S. return to global cooperation
  • WaPo: The world’s populists are losing their White House ally, but global Trumpism is far from over
  • NYT: Biden Victory Brings Sighs of Relief Overseas
  • NPR: World Leaders Congratulate Biden On Win, And Some Celebrate Trump’s Defeat
  • NYT: Chinese State Media Reacts to Biden Victory With Cautious Optimism
  • Politico: ‘Despite defeat, Trumpism lives on’: Europe’s papers on Joe Biden’s victory 
  • CNBC: ‘Mission impossible’, ‘huge relief’ and a ‘bittersweet victory’: World media reacts to Biden win


The Biggest Loser 

  • AP: Trump, who never admits defeat, mulls how to keep up fight
  • NYT: Denial, and Resignation, From Trump and a Handful of Aides
  • WSJ: Trump Says He Will Keep Fighting as Aides Doubt Path Forward
  • Politico: Trump’s concession: Undermining Biden, attacking elections
  • NYT: Denial, and Resignation, From Trump and a Handful of Aides
  • WaPo: Trump’s bid to discredit election raises fear that he will undermine a smooth transfer of power
  • Axios: Trump’s stalling legal strategy
  • WaPo: Trump, a president obsessed with winning, spends the day refusing to admit his loss to Biden
  • NYT: Where the Election Fight Is Playing Out in the Courts
  • ABC News: Lawyers from both parties puzzled by Donald Trump’s election legal strategy
  • New Yorker: Trump’s Legal Strategy for Challenging the Election Is One More Trumpist Fantasy
  • Politico: Trump’s refusal to concede amps up pressure on GOP
  • NYT: Top Republicans Are Silent on Biden Victory as Trump Refuses to Concede
  • WaPo: The Daily 202: With GOP at crossroads, Trump team employs fear tactics in bid to keep Republican lawmakers in line
  • CNN: Top Republicans defend Trump on baseless voter fraud claims as concerns grow in the ranks
  • WaPo: GOP splits over Trump’s false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations
  • NPR: The Next 2020 Election Fight? Convincing Trump’s Supporters That He Lost
  • WaPo: As Biden wins presidency, Trump supporters insist election isn’t over as they protest his loss
  • Politico: Trump-linked figures have boosted #StopTheSteal movement
  • USA Today: Trump says the election is not over as ‘Stop the Steal’ and ‘voter fraud’ disinformation go viral on Facebook and Twitter
  • NYT: The Disinformation Is Coming From Inside the White House
  • Yahoo News: Donald Trump’s Adult Sons Spreading Election Disinformation To Discredit Vote
  • Slate: Trump Team Holds News Conference Outside Drab Landscaping Firm, Next to Adult Book Store
  • Daily Beast: The End of the Line for Trumpland Is a Poorly Rated Sex Shop in North Philly


What’s next

  • NYT: Biden Could Roll Back Trump Agenda With Blitz of Executive Actions
  • WaPo: Biden plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump policies
  • NYT: Treasury Secretary Warren? Progressives Line Up to Press Their Agenda on Biden
  • Vox: Biden plans on swiftly rolling back Trump policies with a set of executive orders
  • WSJ: Biden Charts Course for New Administration
  • NYT: Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Major Policies?
  • NYT: Why the Biden Economy Could Be the Same Long Slog as the Obama Economy
  • The Atlantic: The Crisis of American Democracy Is Not Over
  • The Atlantic:  Winning Was the Easy Part
  • New Yorker: The Biden Era Begins
  • Politico: How Life-Sized Joe Biden Could Be a Larger-Than-Life President
  • Reuters:  Trump-to-Biden presidential transition could be rockier than most
  • WaPo: Lame-duck Congress and lame-duck president face huge challenges in coming weeks
  • Politico: Meet the contenders for Biden’s Cabinet
  • Politico: Californians eye Biden jobs after years of Trump attacks
  • CNN: Joe Biden won a race another Democrat may have lost
  • NYT: How the Suburbs Moved Away From Trump
  • WaPo: Democrats won the White House and lost a myth about turnout
  • NYT: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Biden’s Win, House Losses, and What’s Next for the Left
  • NYT: Conor Lamb, House Moderate, on Biden’s Win, ‘the Squad’ and the Future of the Democratic Party
  • Slate:  AOC Slams Democratic Establishment, Says It Lacks “Core Competencies” to Win Elections
  • The Atlantic:  The Most Important Divide in American Politics Isn’t Race
  • Vox: Joe Biden has won. Here’s what comes next.
  • Vox: We need to talk about the white people who voted for Donald Trump
  • The Atlantic:  Joe Biden Won’t Fix America’s Relationships
  • Politico: The Biden Agenda: Obstacles and Opportunities
  • New Yorker:  The First Question for Democrats to Answer About the Election: What Happened?
  • The Cut: It’s Time to Look Ahead Today is a victory, but the fight is far from over.
  • NY Mag:  Police Reform Is Probably Dead Under Biden
  • NY Mag:  Biden’s Lame Duck Presidency
  • WaPo: What Andrew Yang misunderstands about working-class voters and the Democratic Party
  • WaPo: What’s the mandate for the next president? It’s harder than it’s ever been to answer that.