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DeRay, Sam, Clint and Brittany talk about Marielle Franco’s assassination, charging low-income college students to stay on campus during breaks, public officials who profit off of prison nutrition systems, and the Austin bombings. Irma Solis from NYCLU and Stephanie Gibbs of Safe Passage Project join to help us understand how the DOJ, ICE and local police are violating due process of immigrant children every day.

 Show notes:

NYT: What we know about the Austin Bombings

NYT: In Brazil, 1,000 Protest  Murder of Rio de Janeiro Councilwoman

NYT: It’s Hard to be Hungry on Spring Break

SCHR: Gordon County Jail Fails To Provide Adequate Nutrition To Inmates: Detainees Combat Hunger By Eating Toothpaste and Toilet Paper

Immigration Impact: Sessions Aims to Add 350,000 Cases to Immigration Courts

NYT: Young Immigrants are Being Held Illegally, Lawsuit Claims

Safe Passage Project

New York Civil Liberties Union

NatGeo: Race: What Defines Us?




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