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Pod Save The People

Outrage and Action

Clint and Brittany join DeRay to talk the news during our first Black History Month podcast. Sam shares a special call to action. Professor Brandon Terry (Harvard, African and African American studies) joins to talk to DeRay about Martin Luther King’s legacy, today’s struggle for rights and democracy, and finding morale courage outside of religion.


Show notes:

New York Times State of the Union Coverage

New York Times: Immigrants Are Less Likely to Commit Crimes

Slate: Trump Ignores What Happened to the Biological Mother in His Cop Adoption Anecdote

Vox: The opioid epidemic has now reached black America

NPR: How The Opioid Crisis Is Affecting Native Americans

New York Post: Disgraced Michigan State president leaves with perks

Brandon Terry Bio

Brandon Terry: MLK Now


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