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July 19, 2023
Keep It
“Once Upon a Strike in Hollywood” w. Tori Kelly

In This Episode

Ira and guest co-host Jay Jurden discuss SAG-AFTRA joining the WGA on the picket lines, Emmy nominations, racist TikTok lives, New York theatre audiences, and Miranda Lambert lashing out at fans. Plus, Tori Kelly joins to discuss her new EP, her Y2K music and fashion inspirations, and more.



Ira Madison III And we are back with an all new episode of Keep It. I’m Ira Madison, the third, and the white boy is on strike. He heard WGA strike, SAG strike. Louis and I are in both, and he said, Let me get the fuck up out of here. I’m tired of you hoes, deuces. I’m kidding. As we said last week, Louis was out, and in his place, I have a wonderful guest co-host, the hilarious Jay Jurden.


Jay Jurden Hello. Thank you for having me. Oh, my gosh. So excited to be here.


Ira Madison III This is like I this is like the Barbie and ice.  I’m Nicki, you’re Ice Spice.


Jay Jurden Wait a minute. First of all, thank you for thinking I’m young. That makes me so happy. Thank you for thinking that I grab my coochie in public as much as she does. Thank you for thinking that. Like I can blow up and sometimes still be out of breath when I perform. Thank you. Thank you for all of those things. And you know what? Hell yeah. This is. This is Princess Diana. This is going on right now.


Ira Madison III *laughter*.


Jay Jurden But also shout out to Louis. And I’m sorry for the loss of your grandmother, but also thank you for letting me fill in this spot for a little bit.


Ira Madison III Yeah. You know, I think we’ve talked about you on Keep It before.


Jay Jurden I heard. I heard someone said they were talking about you and Keep It.  I got worried and I, listened, I was like, You didn’t say compliments. You just said girl. Girl.


Ira Madison III The streets are talking.


Jay Jurden The streets are talking.


Ira Madison III First of all, who does that? Oh, like I feel like who? Who is like, I hate when people give you a message without context, right? That’s what, like people. That’s like a friend or somebody text you like, can we talk.


Jay Jurden Or have you seen this?


Ira Madison III Right. I’m like, What is going on? Because can we talk, is.


Jay Jurden To be fair


Ira Madison III Very dark.


Jay Jurden To be fair, they followed up very quickly that they were praising me. So I was like, okay. Then I listened. I was like, That was right. But also, it’s very I think it’s I think it’s very kind of serendipitous because that was concerning. GLAAD award, GLAAD Media awards, which it was me versus Louis and now this week. Well, last week it was announced it’s my show versus Louis’ show again. And he left a very rude comment on my Instagram post.


Ira Madison III Wait, what did he say?


Jay Jurden He basically said that he would throw a tantrum if we won an Emmy.


Ira Madison III Wow.


Jay Jurden Well, jokes on you.


Ira Madison III You know, you work at The Problem with Jon Stewart.


Jay Jurden I do.


Ira Madison III And, you know, Louis works at Jimmy Kimmel.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III And I love I love both shows. And they are of course, they’re friends. You know, they come from like the old Comedy Central days, etc.. You know, they were running the streets together. But.


Jay Jurden Wait a second, Jon and Jimmy were running in the streets?


Ira Madison III Well, I mean, like Jimmy was on Comedy Central, wasn’t he?


Jay Jurden He was, he was.


Ira Madison III The Man Show


Jay Jurden So we gone bring it up. We gone bring it up.


Ira Madison III We can bring up the mad show. We just don’t bring up that other nigga that was on the show. We don’t bring up him. Jon, Jimmy has his number blocked, I’m sure. But, you know, Jon was on The Daily Show back then, too, so I felt like there was running the streets.


Jay Jurden And Jon guest starred, I think, on the live version of Facts of Life that Jimmy produced. This was Louis’s message. You fuckers beat me for a glad award. And if it happens again, I’m bursting into tears on Hollywood Boulevard. Parentheses Congrats. Exclamation point. So it’s very sweet.


Ira Madison III Spoiler alert. It’s probably going to happen.


Jay Jurden No.


Ira Madison III No, the Emmy’s this year. We’re going to talk about The Emmy’s this week, by the way.


Jay Jurden You know, what’s not going to happen?


Ira Madison III What?


Jay Jurden The Emmys. Girl


Ira Madison III We’re going to talk about the obvious and the strike this week, and why The Emmy’s probably will not be happening. But I do just want to say, like, you know, who else is nominated against you? Is it John Oliver?


Jay Jurden No, because it’s variety. So it’s talk, not variety, which there is.


Ira Madison III Because they love giving it to John Oliver.


Jay Jurden And you know what? I’m so happy for all of my peers and friends and WGA members who are on strike but have Emmys from John Oliver. Shout out to all yall. Yeah. Ryan King. They got their first Emmy last year. I love that. So, you know.


Ira Madison III You know, I could have an Emmy.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Ira Madison III Because, you know, I was interviewed to be a writer on The Daily Show once. Trevor Noah did not hire me, but in a Sliding Doors universe, I have several Emmys.


Jay Jurden I listen, I went for the first time last year to the Creative Arts Emmys. Some people call it the Schmemmys. It’s still the real Emmys. You still get the hardware. It’s like.


Ira Madison III But who hosts it? Who hosts it?


Jay Jurden Probably like everybody. Who host it is


Ira Madison III Probably, probably Pink Doll from Pink Doll from TikTok. Like the gang gang, ice me so good. She’s probably hosting it


Jay Jurden No, they have a stick that they pass around. That’s the talking stick at the Creative Arts Emmys. And whoever is holding the conch shell gets to speak.


Ira Madison III It’s Lord of the Flies over there.


Jay Jurden Girl, it is Lord of the Flies,because we were children. We were children.


Ira Madison III Um, I’m excited to have you here in the studio. It’s like, you know, it feels like a New York link up.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III Unfortunately, it is the worst weather imaginable in New York.


Jay Jurden Ooh.


Ira Madison III It’s hot as hell.


Jay Jurden I’m from Mississippi. Mississippi. He has traveled up the East Coast. The Mississippi Humidity did the Great Migration this summer. It went up to New York and it’s staying. It is just a hug outside. It’s nasty.


Ira Madison III It is the kind of weather where, you know, you see like everybody black has like a towel on the subway to dab themselves. People have like the towel on their head and they’re like, it’s the head is a towel.


Jay Jurden We all have.


Ira Madison III That. And then, you know, it’s the snapback like, you know, like you have to keep the snapback dry. So you have to carry a hand towel.


Jay Jurden We all look like Big Pun and Fat Joe. We have a towel, a baseball jersey, a wife beate and some shorts.


Ira Madison III All right. So we’re going to talk about the Emmys this week, the nominations. We’re going to talk about the strike. SAG-AFTRA has joined the WGA on strike. We’re going to talk about that. But as you all know, that means, you know. The guests that we have on the show.


Jay Jurden Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III These actors can’t be coming on to promote anything anymore. You know, guys, unfortunately, you know, we had Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie booked this week.


Jay Jurden And Tom Cruise.


Ira Madison III And Tom Cruise booked this week, but none of them could make it this week. And, you know, you can’t confirm or deny if I’m lying. So it’s believable that one of them would be on Keep It. I’m a let yall, I’m gonna let you all try to figure out who is believable. But


Jay Jurden I will say Gosling. I think Gosling would come on.


Ira Madison III He would. He would.


Jay Jurden He’s fun.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Jay Jurden He. You know what he would do? He would come here, promote the movie. And he probably also he’d sing a little Jodeci from back in the Mickey Mouse Club days. He, I think he’d do something out of the box.


Ira Madison III They really had them singing grown ass songs on that show.


Jay Jurden Songs about fuckin.  Wait a second, like, Why are you Why is a 12 year old saying, so you having my baby?


Ira Madison III Christina Aguilera singing like Whitney’s, He’s All the Man I Need.


Jay Jurden Wait a second.


Ira Madison III What man? Let’s talk about the homework.


Jay Jurden Yes. You’re about to open up your Lisa Frank, don’t come to me.


Ira Madison III Also, you can imagine if Ryan Gosling were on the show this week, I would just be asking him about young Hercules, Breaker High, and just staring into his blue eyes and being like.


Jay Jurden Ask him about Remember the Titans? Yeah, that’s the trajectory.


Ira Madison III Yes. Be Like you said, you want to play house with Eva? Like come on.


Jay Jurden He’s a good man, Ira.


Ira Madison III My son need a new papi.


Jay Jurden We can’t.


Ira Madison III Anyway, We have the fantastic Tori Kelly here.


Jay Jurden Whoo whoo.


Ira Madison III Talk about a singer with vocals.


Jay Jurden Let us, no, because let’s actually talk about it. Because when you look up anyone trying to do fun covers of songs, when you look at anyone with that much control, with that much precision with their instrument, and a person who is always there, like just always on the periphery, being like, girl was going, Oh shit, you got some new I love Tori Kelly. My husband loves Tori Kelly so much. When he found out he was like, so I was like you can’t come, you can’t come. And it ain’t that kind of gig. First of all, it’s a Zoom so don’t.


Ira Madison III Why are you denying your husband Tori Kelly?


Jay Jurden I love I love Tori Kelly. Also, and you bring this up almost every week, you talk about somebody black folks love.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jay Jurden You said Paramour last week and Fall Out Boy, because of Babyface and because of a number of and the Hayley Williams connection in Mississippi and the church. But black people love Tori Kelly and guess what them 23 & Me results came back and we now we know why. We know why.


Ira Madison III Yes, yes, okay. Her papi


Jay Jurden I hope it also was very funny because black people were like,  Girl, you didn’t have to take that test. What! What!


Ira Madison III We know.


Jay Jurden I see your curl pattern.


Ira Madison III We do. We knew you have our open invite to the B.E.T. Awards. Anyway, Tori Kelly.


Jay Jurden Stay in the invitation.


Ira Madison III Anyway, once again, me talking like I’m on SNL. We got a great start for you this week. Tori Kelly is here. We’ll be right back with more Keep It.




Ira Madison III As you should know by now, the members of SAG-AFTRA decided that the picket lines needed some hot people.


Jay Jurden You’re a hot writer. I’m a hot writer. Don’t do that to us.


Ira Madison III But we’re in SAG and the WGA.


Jay Jurden Okay, now we getting to the specifics of it. Where is my hotness coming from?


Ira Madison III So that we are all on strike. And the next few months will not be a picnic. What is in store for Hollywood? We’re going to talk about that. But first, let’s get back to that question, though. Like, okay, everyone’s always making the memes online about SAG joining the WGA, and then, you know, there’s always some writers being like, we’re hot, too. And I’m like, Yes, there are hot writers. Not all of them.


Jay Jurden Okay. It. Let’s.


Ira Madison III I don’t want to cause controversy. But. If you are a writer who is not also in SAG. If you are hot, you are usually not a white man, who is straight.


Jay Jurden It’s just very funny because a lot of writers, particularly in my corner of the WGA, we’re talking about comedy writers, talking about late night writers. It there there was for the longest time, an overwhelming majority of white men in hoodies year round. And that was just I didn’t say they were bad white men. I said they were good. I mean, they were just white men who looked loved, hoodies, loved hoodies.  Was wear, they were wearing Aesics before they came back this summer. You know what I’m saying? That sort of energy was in the rooms a lot. Some of those people surprisingly handsome. Some of those people look like writers. Now, what’s occurred because of the diversity of writers rooms now, as we have so many different beautiful black and brown people and people of color and women and queer people and trans people and non-binary people, and we have people that every now and then look in a mirror before they leave the house, as so is hard to it’s hard for me to say, oh, the the pickets finally got hot. But I will say this they definitely got louder because like the writers for the first couple, the first couple of pickets, I was I was getting the bullhorn a lot. Okay. I was getting the bullhorn a lot. And is because they needed rhythm and projection. And some people have one, not the other. Okay. But I’m expecting the strikes to be even more lit. So, continue. Union Strong.


Ira Madison III Because you got you got you got everybody on the line now. You got you got a you got you know, you got day players, You got Law and Order SVU culprits. And then they’re all then they’re also mixing with like, you know, like, like the big dogs, you know, like first of all, I was going to say people like Mark Ruffalo. But first of all, Mark Ruffalo’s ass was out there even before SAG was strike. Here.


Jay Jurden It is very funny.


Ira Madison III Mark Ruffalo sees a protest and he is like, let me get in it.


Jay Jurden Yeah. Mark Ruffalo was out there for a while, and every now and then you see a person in New York who looks like Mark Ruffalo, hand to God, it’s usually him. If you if you bump into someone in New York that looks like Mark Ruffalo, He’s just out here. He’s he’s he goes to a lot of stores.


Ira Madison III Can I tell you a Mark Ruffalo story?


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III So you remember the election?


Jay Jurden Yeah.


Ira Madison III And, you know, he wants to get involved. There is a period where people were recording Instagram videos, putting them on Twitter or whatever, about why they were voting for Joe Biden.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Ira Madison III And if we could flash back to the election, you know, I was you know, I was pro Joe, okay. You know, I was I was in it to win it.


Jay Jurden Well, because.


Ira Madison III I was donating to Kamala Silk Press Fund.


Jay Jurden That’s not what it’s called. That’s not he was donating to the Skee-wee fund. He was donated to the laughing gas fund. She  She told Keke she don’t get a silk press. She says she just used the hard brush. Which let me tell you something. That is that is an older black woman lying to you and checking you.


Ira Madison III Lying. Lying, okay.


Jay Jurden It’s like one of your aunties being like, I never had sex with that man. Now, Auntie, okay, You went on dates with him. He paid for everything. He took us on trips. You were sleeping with. You were sleeping with Mr. Calvin. We know. I would never. I would. I’m a woman of God. You never. You never know. She just lied directly to Keke Palmer’s face. And you know what, Madam Vice President? As is your right. I don’t get a silk press? Come on. A hard brush?


Ira Madison III Listen, speaking of skee-weeing, I would get back to this Mark Ruffalo story, speaking of skee-weeing, I heard the most skee-weeing of my life. First of all, my mom is Delta, so I was raised in a house with, you know, a lot of red and elephant paraphernalia.


Jay Jurden Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III Okay. I was I was like, okay. It’s like Marco Polo’s house.


Jay Jurden Yeah. We get we’re getting into Divine Nine talk on Keep It. This is what happens.


Ira Madison III But, the AKAs were out this past week because I was in L.A.. My dear friend Kelly Carter, her wedding to her man, Moreno, who is fantastic. Kelly is an entertainment journalist. She’s been in the game for a minute. Like when I was at BuzzFeed years ago, my first job, like, she was my mentor there. But she, like, has like repped black Hollywood dad and they love and support her. So, like the AKAs were strolling, doing the dance, like, first of all, the dance was cute.


Jay Jurden It’s always gone be cute


Ira Madison III Pinky up in the air. They were strolling at the wedding. But like, when I told you this wedding had, like, Chante Moore sang. First of all, we had to lock up our phones. So.


Jay Jurden Chante Moore sang.


Ira Madison III Chante Moore sang. Tyrese gave a speech.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Ira Madison III You know, two of her best friends are like Gabby Union and Jemele Hill.


Jay Jurden Their phones were locked up. This is the beautiful tux photo.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jay Jurden Okay. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Olivia Munn and John Mulaney were there.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Ira Madison III Okay. If you want to watch them watching AKAs skee-wee. That way was worth the price of admission.


Jay Jurden That’s one of my favorite. That’s what my favorite SNL sketches. The one with him where he is doing the Cha-Cha slide, or he’s just doing a black line dance at a black function. It was akin to that, I would assume.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Jay Jurden Wait a second, is that? Is that John Mulaney doing the wobble? Wait a minute. Hold on. What is John Mulaney dancing to Pound Town? Is he getting his coochie scratched?


Ira Madison III Sexy.


Jay Jurden Wait a second. His booty hole is brown. Okay.


Ira Madison III Anyway, diverging over, Mark Ruffalo, slides it to my DMs because we used to follow each other on Twitter, you know, before I was banned, etc. We had to get into that again. But he asked me, Would you record a video, say why you’re so excited to get out the vote for Joe Biden and post it? And I quietly left him on read.


Jay Jurden Can I say, good on you.Good on you.


Ira Madison III If I made that damn video.


Jay Jurden Good on you.


Ira Madison III Yall would be clowning me until I’m in the casket.


Jay Jurden Oh, no, no, no. Yeah. That you never want that video to exist forever so that people can save it and put it up whenever something happens.


Ira Madison III Right.


Jay Jurden You know, I, ugh, people were very they were like, oh, it was a South Carolina primary that did it. When they’re like, oh, why do black people like Joe Biden? And a lot of people had to understand were like, now we just we unders we understand worst case scenario more than some people. It just it was right.


Ira Madison III But the case scenario is, you know, Trump is either going to jail or is going to become the United States of Trump.


Jay Jurden Yeah, yeah. We will be like, oh, he’s been on the throne for so long, I got to get back to the Mayans. But all hail God, Emperor King Trump. You know, I mean, like. So I’m glad you didn’t make the video.


Ira Madison III Thank you.


Jay Jurden I think that black people probably being able to make fun of Joe Biden is actually an indicator of our fondness of him. If we like you, we get to tease you a little bit. Just deal with it.


Ira Madison III I have had to explain that to, you know, as a person who’s gone to, you know, some predominantly white schools and had some white friends. That is also a sign of love. Yeah. You know, because I’m like, when I’m like, in a group text with my black friends or we’re hanging out, like, you will be shading each other.


Jay Jurden Yeah, Just a little.


Ira Madison III If you can’t take that, then I don’t know what we’re doing here.


Jay Jurden People will see replies to tweets and be like, Are y’all fighting? I’ll be like, Nah, just a little kee, we’re just pulling on each other’s wigs a little bit. It’s just a little tug.


Ira Madison III I just want to shift it a bit.


Jay Jurden Just I just. What’s wrong with the bop? Nothing. Yeah.


Ira Madison III All right.


Jay Jurden What was Claudia Jordan at the wedding?


Ira Madison III She was not.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Ira Madison III She was not. She was not. Some members of New Edition were.


Jay Jurden Wait a minute. Which one?


Ira Madison III I don’t remember who.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Ira Madison III You know. Essence Atkins was there.


Jay Jurden Love, Essence Atkins. We love Essence. The voice of reason. Here’s the wild part, so Essence Atkins. Well, she was on Smart Guy. I think she was smarter than T.J. You know, like I mean, I don’t want to be like kids can get in trouble. T.J. almost got molested. Essence Atkins wasn’t going to crazy folks houses.


Ira Madison III Yes. And that episode. Yes. Yes. You know.


Jay Jurden There things the older sister was smarter than the smart guy on the show. He was a genius. But I that show to me also. Oh, we can talk about it because, are FUBU jerseys ever going to come back? Because Moe always had like a FUBU jersey. They had like FUBUl jerseys in the beginning, in like the show opening.


Ira Madison III You know, I love a FUBU jersey.


Jay Jurden I love mesh. Wearing it currently


Ira Madison III I have a FUBU vintage Jersey, that I wear sometimes.


Jay Jurden Don’t say vintage.


Ira Madison III I mean, like it’s old.


Jay Jurden Yeah, it’s 20 years old, but. It’s vintage.


Ira Madison III It’s vintage.


Jay Jurden I’m realizing this in real time.


Ira Madison III Yes. It’s old.


Jay Jurden And someone wore a FUBU jersey to the event I went to the. I went to the movies. Oh, my gosh. What movie just came out?


Ira Madison III Mission: Impossible?


Jay Jurden No. Oh, my goodness. It’sa.


Ira Madison III The Blackening?


Jay Jurden No. I saw. I saw The Blackening, the girl comedy.


Ira Madison III Oh. Joy Ride.


Jay Jurden Joy Ride. Oh, so, so. Sabrina Woo, very, very funny comedian. I saw them in Joy Ride, went to Williamsburg Cinema, and someone at that showing was wearing a FUBU jersey. And me and my friend were like, Are we busing them back out? Are they back?


Ira Madison III I want to wear a FUBU jersey on the picket line.


Jay Jurden You should. I want the blue and gold one. I want a FUBU jersey. I does, actually. There’s an investment investment piece.


Ira Madison III Hmm. Okay. Yeah, Yeah. Let’s. Let’s. Let’s. Let’s coordinate some FUBU.


Jay Jurden Yeah.


Ira Madison III On the line.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III Because I do need to get back on the picket line. I’ve been out of town, so much.


Jay Jurden You’ve been thugging with your rounds? Okay. Ira,  I know we supposed to be talking  about this strike, but Sexy Red showed up at a middle school or a high school. The first thing she did was flick the kids off me. She threw a B’s because she’s banging a little bit. And then she was like, I’m here to give yall  haircuts and prom money. And then the school administrator was like, Shut it down, Shut it down. They all stormed the court.


Ira Madison III We talked.  I talked about before the show when it first came out. Pound Town 2 by Sexy Red, featuring Nicki Minaj, the remix, and about how this was becoming my song of the summer. It really is. I’m hearing the song everywhere. Pound Town.


Jay Jurden At weddings.


Ira Madison III Weddings, graduations, funerals. Pound Town is an anthem. And to bring it back to what we talking about on the picket lines, the music needs to get better.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III Okay. So like if we’re wearing FUBU and like, bopping to Pound Town, there are more black actors than there are black writers. I think that really not talking about hot people in flux, that’s going to be just an influx of, you know, like niggas on the picket lines.


Jay Jurden Yes. Yes. And I’ll say, I love you, Rivers. I love Weezer. But now they they played at one of the pickets, you know, the switch it up a little bit. There’s.


Ira Madison III Rivers played at a picket?


Jay Jurden Yeah. Weezer was on one of the pickets in L.A.. In New York. In New York. In New York.


Ira Madison III They don’t give a fuck about New York.


Jay Jurden No, let me tell you


Ira Madison III New York, New York, New York. We are on tiny ass sidewalks.


Jay Jurden Tell it.


Ira Madison III People with people bustling pass to get to work like the fuck out of my way.


Jay Jurden Tell it.


Ira Madison III People don’t walk in L.A. so like you just get cars honking in support and me on New York like people are walking past. Like if you don’t get the fuck out of my way, I am late to work.


Jay Jurden When I tell you that New Yorkers just go. Oh, that’s crazy. Because you move. Is that. That was okay. We were in Midtown a couple of weeks ago at a picket. There was a guy who and I don’t know why he was wearing a strap on, but on his face. And he looked at us like we were crazy. I can’t make this up. Writers, if you remember this and you’re listening, it happened. So I think that, like, if New York needs some, like, you know, we need a little bit of a an injection of life into some of the pictures. I think that the SAG-AFTRA strike definitely like emboldened numbers. I would like it if people knew how much food they would bring in. I don’t want to make fun of Lin-Manuel Miranda, but I think he only brought like six donuts. You know, one of my friends said, And then Hamilton brought the other 51.


Ira Madison III But meanwhile, you got Snoop giving, like, you know, Roscoe’s in L.A..


Jay Jurden Food trucks. Yeah. You know, union strong solidarity. As much help as you can muster. New York celebrities who aren’t evil, I guess.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Come on, Sarah. Jessica. Yeah.


Jay Jurden Yeah. And just like that, we could have some food. Oh, have you? Okay, I have a as a comic in New York City. I have not seen Che in a while, so I don’t know where Che Diaz is. I haven’t seen them at the cellar. It’s, like, very funny that all this, the strike is happening and more. Kind of like discussions concerning wealth inequality and the one person and taking advantage of working people. All this is happening and what the well, like what the media does is they go, Bob Iger, what do you think of this? You know, it’s like don’t ask him. First of all, Bob Iger, you should have lied. You should have lied. That was not smart, just a lie. If there’s one thing I want them to take away from this, multi-millionaires lie more. Y’all have not. Y’all have been telling the truth too much. David Zaslav Bob Iger. Just lie. Be like, Oh, we. I’m going to try my best. You went on CNBC and saidit is unrealistic.


Ira Madison III You know what it’s like when you’re in a fight with somebody and it’s like the best way to resolve it too, is like, you know, just like, just. So even notes from, like, studio executives, right? Like, we lie to them all the time, but in front of us, you just say stuff like, Oh, absolutely, I’ll change that, you know, because it gets the things resolved.


Jay Jurden Thank you for flagging that. Thank you for flagging that.


Ira Madison III When you’re stubborn, though, and you’re like, I doing that shit. Well, then people get mad.


Jay Jurden And you’re not in a position where people are going to take your side easily. That’s the thing. If you’re like, Oh, I want this to happen. Oh, I’m trying my best. We’re going to get through it. I really want to talk about that. Let’s make shit settled. But you were like, It’s unreal. It’s just not realistic, girl. What else do you want? Bob Iger, why did you say that? And then the next day, you’re like, By the way, I think I want a new boat and I don’t care.


Ira Madison III By the way, I’m selling parts of Disney.


Jay Jurden Selling things for scraps? What’s happening? Why are we splitting stuff up.


Ira Madison III It’s like, Oh, you’re on strike. I’m going to get rid of  FX.


Jay Jurden No.


Ira Madison III Now get rid of Hulu.


Jay Jurden Bob Iger put FX on his Instagram story and was like, Who wants this?


Ira Madison III I’m sorry. I’m so. I’m renting out FX for two weeks. Oh.


Jay Jurden My goodness. He’s on the Facebook marketplace.


Ira Madison III Um, let’s talk about some of these rules, by the way. Because as I said before, you know, this is Keep It strike edition, which means like, you know, this is almost like when we had like the the COVID episodes, you know, like our at home editions. In the COVID editions, we were getting like Jane Fonda popping on, you know, like people coming on to promote their stuff because they were at home and they were bored. Now we have celebrities at home and bored, but they will not be coming on Keep It because they can not promote their work. SAG’s rules are basically that you can not do any promotion.


Jay Jurden Nope.


Ira Madison III Like interviews, promotions, publicity services for any struck companies is verboten.


Jay Jurden Mm hmm. Except for the Jesus of Nazareth show. Apparently that Jesus show got a waiver.


Ira Madison III Did they?


Jay Jurden Yes, they can.


Ira Madison III Who the fuck is in that show? Jim Caviezel.


Jay Jurden No, it’s not. It’s the new Jesus show.


Ira Madison III Oh, wait. Is that the one at the CW?


Jay Jurden Yes, Ira.


Ira Madison III How did they get a waiver?


Jay Jurden Look at God.


Ira Madison III We could promote the Lord. We can promote the Lord.


Jay Jurden  My goodness.


Ira Madison III That’s one thing we will do.


Jay Jurden In this house. WGA. I know about H I M.


Ira Madison III But you are allowed to just, like, be on podcasts and shoot the shit, I guess, which you.


Jay Jurden Just can’t promote nothing.


Ira Madison III Which is fortunate because doesn’t every actor in SAG have a podcast at this point anyway?


Jay Jurden It is. It is, Yeah. It is interesting because you can’t promote something that is working with this drug company, but you can just be like, Man, I saw this thing at the grocery store. You seen this? Like, you can just do that. I mean, but also all these athletes have podcasts now. So like, there’s just going to be, I think, an influx of people talking about other things since promotion of a lot of media is kind of like not going to be able to be done. And also like Instagram and Tik Tokers have a couple of specific rules. Some Tik Tokers are being stupid.


Ira Madison III Okay. Yes, some of that.


Jay Jurden Some Tik Tokers are being dumb with a capital D.


Ira Madison III Yeah, there was somebody with the name, so there was somebody with the name like on Tik Tok. I think it was like StrawGoofyHat.


Jay Jurden StrawHatGoofy. It’s a.


Ira Madison III Which is apt. It’s an apted name.


Jay Jurden Here’s the crazy part.


Ira Madison III Franchesca Ramsey ran up in his ass.


Jay Jurden Shout out to Franchesca Ramsey, by the way, because, ooh, baby, you have the time that a lot of us do not so handle some of these lightweights. So StrawHatGoofy is his name. It’s a reference to one piece as a reference to him enjoying anime. But girl, if you go say something stupid, change your name because now everyone is like, with Yo goofy ass. Goofy ass. Everyone is like, okay, Goofy. And you can’t even be like, That’s not what it means. These have to be like, Yeah, you’re right.


Ira Madison III It is wild to get on TikTok and be like, like some of the girls are doing and be like, Well, you know what? If I, if I get offered a job, I’m take it. Yeah, I’m a scab.


Jay Jurden And not only that.


Ira Madison III They’re not like, Oh, wait, I’m not a scab. I’m not this guy.


Jay Jurden And I’d be like, I’m getting this bag. And then they’d be like, I would never accept the acting role. And then me, like I did some voiceover work and I was an actor in this one thing, but that was just for fun. And you’re like, No, you don’t get it. Stop speaking about it.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So basically scabbing involves crossing a picket line. So if you are a tiktoker, an influencer, a drag queen, because you know, Jinx Monsoon, they just made a post about this on Instagram too. You know, like the studios are nasty bitches, which means they will get anybody else to promote the stuff that they have coming out because, you know, like Barbie Heimer was coming out this week, Like that was that was the last. That was Custer’s last. Yeah. Yeah, that was that’s why I said, you know, like it’s no more per any other movie that it’s coming out now, there will be no red carpets, there will be no press junket. The girls are not, they’re not even posting, They can’t even post on Instagram. You can go see the movie. Okay. So my friend, you know Solomon Georgio.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III He was you know, he was a writer on Survival of the Thickest.


Jay Jurden Producer.


Ira Madison III Producer in an episode. You know, I wasn’t going to support any way because Michelle Buetow did not hire me. And I interviewed for the show.


Jay Jurden But we love you.


Ira Madison III I love you, Michelle. Michelle It’s so fucking funny. So the show is the show was great, you know, But they can’t promote it. No, they can’t promote it. They can’t talk about it, which is a shame, you know, because it’s a shame that, like, it’s affecting like a show like that, too, because, you know, it’s like a show kind of show that you want on the air.


Jay Jurden Yeah.


Ira Madison III You know, like it’s it’s not some like other Netflix nonsense, you know.


Jay Jurden And it was like the timing of it was truly like, tick tock, tick tock. You know.


Ira Madison III Push that shit. To be honest. Yeah. You know, Barbie and Oppenheimer pushed them press release, press the press junkets, pushed their premieres up earlier because they were like, Oh, this, this strike about to happen. We will be on the carpet.


Jay Jurden And also, I if you remember that video Fran Drescher talked about, part of the extension was that, oh, are they going to renegotiate some of these terms? No, the extension was so that studios had another two weeks to promote and release movies so that there could at least be some sort of mid-summer push for films. So they kind of like got away with it as well. I.


Ira Madison III I can tell you something, Tom got his movie out.


Jay Jurden But listen, if we know anything about Tom Cruise that’s coming out on time, it will.


Ira Madison III But also it came out today that, like Tom was in the negotiations with the studios on the support of the actors, obviously about like I said, yeah. Which is Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning is basically about like the evils of A I. So


Jay Jurden Let’s not just say that movie. There’s an entire subgenre of sci fi that’s just about the dangers of artificial intelligence and us playing coy with it.


Ira Madison III Spielberg made a damn movie called A.I..


Jay Jurden Not just that, like the most famous movies are about this, Why are we going to be nerd for a second. Literal comic books are about this. This is a story that is very old and very well tried. Why studios be like, Well, let me just let let’s see what can happen. No, no. You want to save a digital IRA so that you can use it in perpetuity. And then Ira never knows. So then you have him online talking shit about someone that he’s like, I never said that about you, Azealia Banks. I didn’t say that. That was digital, Ira, you know what I mean? Then she’s attacking him again. No.


Ira Madison III I love how you put again.


Jay Jurden I, we went in on Twitter for a little bit.


Ira Madison III Still the funniest assault everybody’s got me I’m sorry podcast The brokest form of media. She is funny as hell.


Jay Jurden Girl.


Ira Madison III I love Azaelia Banks. I love Azaelia Bank.


Jay Jurden I was.


Ira Madison III Get her on the picket line.


Jay Jurden I, listen, I need her.


Ira Madison III With the with the bullhorn.


Jay Jurden With the bullhorn and the machete and a chicken and a cauldron and a pot and some hair and some incantations, some spells. I want some bruja. I want some magic dark magic, though. Let’s. Let’s put some curses on, folks.


Ira Madison III Yeah, because this. This shit needs to wrap up. I’m like, my bills have been affected. I don’t have the income coming in anymore.


Jay Jurden I mean, everything is getting pushed back. CBS is airing Yellowstone now this fall, a lot of streaming shows. And then.


Ira Madison III Fuck Taylor Sheridan, because with his whole, he just had that profile, too, where he’s like, you know, like, I write everything, you know, like, because, you know, people don’t know, you know, the Old West like I do like, okay bitch.


Jay Jurden First of all, you don’t know the old West. What are you talking about?


Ira Madison III And so he’s a writer on every single fucking episode, which means he about to get some CBS residuals. You know, CBS is not doing re-airing. So Help Me, Todd. That damn show that I worked on. Yes. I want a residual check.


Jay Jurden Yes. Yes.


Ira Madison III But they are re-airing Ghosts with like the UK version of Ghosts.


Jay Jurden Wait, what?


Ira Madison III So, like, because you know, the networks, ain’t got shit to air. So their fall schedule includes reruns of Ghosts.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III But also airing the UK version of Ghosts, which it was based on. So like, audiences could see like the UK version paired with the American version. I don’t know what the fuck that is going to do besides, you know, like if you was writing Episodes of Ghosts. Well, congrats on some new residuals.


Jay Jurden CBS, Viacom. Why are you rummaging through your purse? You’re like, No, I got it. I wasn’t here. I know. Okay. Just. Just find the peppermint. Hopefully the strike is all a dream. I just. I can’t. Oh, my goodness. It’s so it’s so, like, interesting also to hear people who enjoy the consumption of media and not necessarily understand kind of what you’re describing is that, like some writers are going to make a shit ton of residuals because of the way networks have been set up. But if that would have continued on streaming, those residuals wouldn’t have come in. They wouldn’t be as necessarily as lucrative. So like there are there are levels to this that also are.


Ira Madison III I got a residual check for the one CBS show that I did work on and it paid my rent for a few months the beginning of this year.


Jay Jurden Yall hear that?


Ira Madison III Okay. You know, I got a residual check from those.


Jay Jurden His bills are paid.


Ira Madison III I said for the first few months of the year. Okay, she’s broke again. Because the residual check comes in for a Netflix show, and that will get me, I don’t know, a seat upgrade on JetBlue. Even more space.


Jay Jurden Oh, you’re not going to fully to the front. You just go, okay.


Ira Madison III Not Mint.


Jay Jurden Okay. All right. Not Mint.


Ira Madison III Just some leg room. An extra carry on.


Jay Jurden You know, because streaming residuals, part of that is the way that deals are set up. I mean, SAG-AFTRA just released some information today that the the studios basically don’t want us to know as performers and as writers. They want the they think that the the way that show’s end up being viewed that data is IP. So they don’t want to share that with us because if they shared it with us, then we’d know how much we were supposed to be making based on how many people were watching.


Ira Madison III And if they shared it, then their investors would also know how popular shows really are. Because Netflix every week is always like this, the most watched show on Netflix ever. And I’m like, What does that mean?


Jay Jurden And they go on a Thursday at this time slot this month. Today?


Ira Madison III What does that mean?


Jay Jurden No one has watched any more shows than this show today at this hour per our study.


Ira Madison III Great that at this time of the week, at this point, how about you actually deposited some money in my bank account.


Jay Jurden Exactly. Exactly. Pay people for making. I mean, I thought when I found out that Stranger Things, oh was making huge amounts of money and they’re like, I don’t think the writers are seeing any of that.


Ira Madison III No.


Jay Jurden They’re seeing what they agreed to.


Ira Madison III When it came out about. Orange is the New Black. Yeah. How like they were they were like, broke.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III Working minimum wage job still while on the damn show.


Jay Jurden Today Dascha Polanco has those Tik Toks about it. She even did waitress during that right after that. So I mean like you hear these stories both from the acting side and from the writing side that people aren’t being compensated not only for their work but for the halo effect of their work and for us boosting the streamers. And it really I want people to.


Ira Madison III People getting bonuses off of.


Jay Jurden Performances.


Ira Madison III I put this show on the air, but you haven’t done shit. Why are you still as an executive continuing to make money off of a show for years when the people who created it, who acted in it, are like, can’t pay their bills?


Jay Jurden They’re doing us the way Puffy did Mace. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


Ira Madison III They’re Pebbles.


Jay Jurden No. Okay. Is that when you bring somebody bring that up because when someone talking about the air quality in New York is smoky again. Yesterday I said, girl, Lisa done burned the house down.Toronto, why are you burning the house down? Oh.


Ira Madison III All right. When we’re back, we’re joined by the fantastic Tori Kelly.




Ira Madison III Our guest today brings to mind one of my favorite Whitney Houston quotes. I listen to singers. I very rarely listen to people who cannot sing. And our guest today has vocals. She has been writing and releasing incredible music for over a decade now. She is back with a new album dropping on July 28th, my birthday, so I’m really excited about that, appropriately titled Tori, Please welcome to Keep It, two time Grammy winner, The Divine and Celestial, Tori Kelly.


Tori Kelly Oh my goodness. That was the best intro ever.


Jay Jurden And guess what? We meant it. We were talking about this before the podcast. We were like, Listen, you talk about somebody that can sang. And it’s so it’s so cute that other people try, but  you, whew.


Tori Kelly Oh, stop. Oh my goodness.


Jay Jurden We are so happy to have you.


Tori Kelly Thank you so much. You just you starting that intro with quoting Whitney Houston, I was like, Wait, where’s this going? That’s amazing.


Ira Madison III I listen to singers.


Tori Kelly I love it. That’s a great quote.


Jay Jurden And the new album has Missing You, which I love. Missing You is such is such a fun summer song. It’s about kind of getting back into some mess that you thought you you’ve gone on that Riesling. What, Tori?


Tori Kelly It could be interpreted that way.


Jay Jurden Tori Tori. You gone off that Riesling?


Tori Kelly You know, there’s a lot of my songs, to be honest. I definitely write from a real place, but a lot of my songs, people don’t realize they’re also pulling from different stories, whether it’s like a friend’s experience and I kind of insert myself. Yeah, I’m I’m happily married, like, not missing anybody that I can totally insert myself into, into that emotion. And actually it’s funny because I sometimes just play pretend and think about like, oh my gosh, what if, like, me and my husband broke a of the and then I can totally get into that world? And also.


Jay Jurden That’s what good artists do.


Tori Kelly Totally.


Jay Jurden Storytellers.


Tori Kelly Their storytelling is a little bit of acting involved, but it’s always coming from a real place, I think, which, which is kind of the through line of everything, but yet getting into some mess.


Jay Jurden When I first heard it because it was so popular online. But then also when the single was released, I was like, Oh, this is good. This is like elements. It’s like, it’s got fun build up, it’s dancey, it’s a fun summer song. It’s still about love and longing and connection. But I was like, What is this about? Hold on.


Tori Kelly Yeah. So there’s also there’s going to be a Missing You remix as well.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Ira Madison III Okay.


Tori Kelly Yeah. People were I want to play it out. People were begging for like more of a R&B kind of spin on it. So it’s like, might as well, because we are definitely, I feel like with this song and a lot of the EP and the album, we are super inspired by like the Y2K and like early 2000 R&B, late nineties, R&B, but then also that kind of UK like Craig David I always like I’m saying it wrong. UK Garage Is that how they always say it? Like the first time I’ve said out loud.


Ira Madison III Sure, yeah.


Tori Kelly I was typing and I’m like, I’m an American.


Jay Jurden Tori,  Tori, I’m from Mississippi. He’s from Milwaukee. We don’t know.


Tori Kelly Yeah, yall are the wrong people to ask. But I ask all my British friends, they are like yes say garage, because I’d be weird if I was like UK garage.


Jay Jurden Yeah. You better, you better ask some beans on toast, folks.


Tori Kelly But I don’t know why I felt the need to like, justify myself just there. But. But yeah, we were kind of pulling from that UK sound too. So it’s like this combination. But then people are like, yeah, we want, we want like a straight up R&B version. We’re like, okay, So we put them on there too.


Ira Madison III You said Y2K inspired. You know, actually have first of all, you’re like one of the first guest that we had on the podcast, and we’ve done this like six years. Like obviously, like we’ve had people who like, you know, friends of mine love and stuff, but I know friends of mine, like, love your voice down. So you’re one of the first people that I’ve actually text friends. I was like, It’s coming on the show. What do you want to ask her? And Y2K, my friend Melanie Hunter wanted to. Now, since this album is Y2K inspired, she said, our story one influential girl pop album from the Y2K, Which one’s got to go? The Emancipation of Mimi. Full Moon – Brandy, Can’t Take Me Home- Pink. Or, Jojo, self titled.


Tori Kelly What.


Jay Jurden Ira, we ain’t doing this.


Tori Kelly Why would you do that to me?


Jay Jurden What?


Tori Kelly What a mean friend.


Ira Madison III She is rude. She’s also a Leo. She’s also Leo. So she’s a terrorist.


Tori Kelly Oh, my goodness. Okay, Which one has to go? You said. You said Mimi.


Ira Madison III Emancipation of Mimi, Full Moon, Can’t Take Me Home, and Jojo- self titled.


Tori Kelly Can’t Take Me Home. Is that, you said Pink?


Jay Jurden Yeah, That’s with the sunglasses. Right.


Ira Madison III There you go.


Jay Jurden Looking pitiful


Tori Kelly And then Joe and Jojo would like her first album.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Tori Kelly Y’all is is so hard.


Jay Jurden We truly can’t do this to her.


Ira Madison III We truly can’t. Which one’s your favorite?


Tori Kelly That’s a way better question. I would say, I feel like Mariah, that album was so just iconic. I mean.


Jay Jurden Mimi was truly a emancipated.


Tori Kelly Yeah, like that. Because she obviously obviously was Mariah Carey already at that point. But from me and just maybe it’s just my generation to like something about when that album came out, I was like, Whoa. Like, it was just. Yeah, it kind of.


Ira Madison III We Belong Together. That’s like, Shake It Off.


Tori Kelly Like, it’s like. Like Circle Circles is on that, right?


Jay Jurden Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Like there’s some crazy ballads, too. Like, vocally, I think I was really inspired again. Mariah Carey was always Mariah Carey’s. Everyone was like, Oh, best voice, whatever. But I think for me, growing up, I, like, really studied those songs as a vocalist. Yeah, there was the other one, Circles and then Mine.


Ira Madison III Mine. Oh my God.


Tori Kelly Yeah, Could you be mine.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Tori Kelly That’s right. That’s true.


Ira Madison III That’s what I say. Impromptu. Tori Kelly vocals.


Tori Kelly Yeah, I’ll still try to hit those notes. That’s like, that’s a good like practice album when I’m like warming up and stuff.


Jay Jurden Ooh. Well because you’re, because your voice and your instrument is so precise and so beautiful. Whenever you want to have a song like you said that’s inspired by like UK Garage, as we’re going to say, that’s like the production is a bit more dancey. Yeah, but like you still get to have fun vocally. Is that like a balancing act where you’re like, I want to, you know, I kind of want it like this, but also because it’s not a ballad like Missing You in a ballad.


Tori Kelly For sure. Yeah, it’s funny you say that, because so I did I did this whole project with this amazing artist slash writer, slash producer, John Bellion, and I’ve been a fan of his for ever so good. He’s so dope, and I’ve been a fan of his art for a long time. People don’t know that he’s like behind a lot of crazy big hits right now. But he he and I were chatting, just what do we want this sound to be? And I really appreciated how he he how do I say this? It’s like he really appreciated my gift and my vocal ability, but he wasn’t like, it wasn’t this thing of like, Oh, we got to have you, like, going crazy on every song and like, just seeing your face that like, he was really focused also on what is a Tori Kelly like big song sound like or catchy song, you know, like let’s focus on the hooks and then kind of blend the two worlds together because I love so many different genres and I love singing my face off, but I also want to like, let other people sing along. So kind of finding this balance of like, no, I don’t want to just like, sing all over this track. Like I want people to have fun and sing along with me. Because I think at this point too, it’s like I’ve already I’ve already shown that I’m a singer, you know? It’s like, Well, I don’t need that.


Jay Jurden Say that. Say that Tori Kelly. The streets. Talk your shit Tori Kelly, I’m already shown. That’s right. Two Grammys. We ain’t playing games.


Tori Kelly As an artist. But yeah, like, I like what? You know, what else can I do in my artistry? What else can I explore? And that side of me is not going anywhere. Like, that’s always so fun about making me songs is like I still kind of had those little vocal moments, but, you know, they’re just a little less in your face, I guess.


Jay Jurden No, that’s one of the best parts of a song that you’re dancing to, and then you try to sing it in front of your friends. You go, Oh, this is hot. Oh, wait a minute. Oh, right, right.


Ira Madison III Speaking of my vocals, you know, you are, like, so good at, you know, like, so many things. But, you know, like, I love a vocal run and, you know, and like, we’re talking about Mariah. You’re like, what are some of your favorite vocal ruts that you.


Tori Kelly Oh, my goodness. Of my own.


Ira Madison III Of your own are like other songs that you’ve sung and you’re like, oh, I love doing that.


Tori Kelly Hmm. That’s a good question. I mean, the the first one that comes to mind, I don’t even know if it’s my favorite, but I love I love the reaction I get from it because it’s kind of it’s become this run that I. I feel like I’ve been kind of known for, which is like the PYT run I guess. Mhm. Or it’s like I have to give my dad credit for that run too, because he always was challenging me to like reverse the runs. Like, you know, people go like a lot of times we run like downwards, you know, like, oh whatever. And then he was like, What if you flip it around and then it’s like, you’re going up. So then that’s where the PYT came. The PYT run came from that. So shout out to dad. Yeah, that one. I don’t know. I make up. I feel like I make up runs all the time. That’s that’s the most fun part. And and what I’m looking forward to about just like touring again and stuff, because I feel like every show I get to sort of, you know, make up my own things and like. Yeah, like, I like when you can’t, when you can’t predict what I’m going to do that I get I get a lot of joy out of that.


Jay Jurden You talked about touring and you kind of talked about this static, well, the sonics of the album. So is the tour going to be early 2000 theme? Is there going to be Because we look at the art for Missing You, We look at Yeah. So we look at this kind of fun new area we’re playing in that’s familiar but also new. Like do you have a favorite fashion component from the early 2000, from early twenties R&B? You talk about Craig David So like what was like, what’s something you can’t wait to see again? Metallics.


Tori Kelly Metallics are a vibe. I wore like all metallic for my Y2K themed 30th birthday. That was.


Jay Jurden What’s up.


Tori Kelly All silver. I felt like bucket hats are definitely a vibe for me.


Ira Madison III I wore my first bucket hat the 4th of July weekend and it’s crazy because I always something look crazy on my head, but I just put one on because it was hot. I like, I was like, This is practical and I was like.


Tori Kelly You’d look good in a bucket hat. I could picture it.


Ira Madison III I was like, okay, the bucket hat is a vibe. And my friends, like by the end of the night were like, they were like,  Ira you love that bucket hat. You love it down


Tori Kelly Yeah, they’re fun. Yeah. I never I mean, I had bucket hats as a kid, but I yeah, I never thought I could pull it off. And now I have, like, a whole closet full of bucket hats that I find special, like, especially on bad hair days And, like, I of it doesn’t matter.


Ira Madison III I would think that also, like, the, the, the Y2K esthetic is really just sort of like back in general. I mean, like, I’m sure you know the group, Flow. Like, I just saw them do a concert in New York recently and it was.


Tori Kelly Just like, Oh, wait, where were we at the same show?


Ira Madison III Oh, the New York show. The one at.


Tori Kelly Yeah,.


Ira Madison III At Hudson Hall?


Tori Kelly Yes, I was there. That’s soe funny. You know, I happened to be there all singing the anthem at a Knicks game and then almost was like, Oh my gosh, Flow is performing. I was like, we’re going.


Ira Madison III Oh,I. I love them so much. And I’m friends with Eminy K who has worked with them. Yeah. And so I’m like, I love, like the 2000 sound from them. And it was just like, like before the show too. It was like they were playing, you know, like all the 2000s jams, like Destiny’s Child, you know, 3LW. The audience, like the audience. And this is, this is like full of like a lot of Gen Z people too, like just singing these songs down and like, they are.


Jay Jurden You wonder why this tribe, Because the old hymns still have power. Okay.


Tori Kelly Yeah. That’s facts.


Jay Jurden We’re not playing.


Tori Kelly Absolutely.


Jay Jurden Also, what my, my favorite part about it is that it’s always celebratory. Like there is a fun element to that early 2000 sound not that we’ve completely gotten away from but like yeah even songs that were kind of sad, even songs where he was cheating there was still kind of fun. You were still dancing to them.


Tori Kelly Yeah, that’s so true. Yeah, it’s so, it’s so interesting because I kind of have a theory that, like, it feels like every. Gosh, what year are we in? Yeah, like every 20 years. It feels like things kind of recycle in fashion, music. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I remember. I mean, even like when the eighties were kind of in and then. Yeah, I don’t know. I just think maybe. Maybe that 20 year thing is there’s something in that. But yeah, I love, I love seeing it because me and my friends joke that like even the fashion and stuff now it’s almost like all of the, all of the things that we saw as kids, like looking up to, you know, the I don’t know, the Lindsay Lohan’s and just like the Paris Hilton than, you know, the it girls of that time. What, like Destiny’s  Child.


Jay Jurden Did you like your nave out


Tori Kelly I didn’t.


Jay Jurden Did you have your navel out? Did you have your belly button out , young lady.


Tori Kelly Like the fashion now it’s almost like we we get to just like, have fun with that stuff now, because we were you know, we were a little younger back then, but it’s like it’s just like reliving all the best parts of Y2K and erasing the not good parts, I guess.


Jay Jurden Like bullying.


Tori Kelly Yeah, bullying, of course. Never again. I was thinking more like like my I have a picture of myself in, like, capri pants and, like. No.


Jay Jurden Okay, let’s talk about that. No, because you brought it up. What’s the thing that you better that you do not want to see come back?


Tori Kelly I think that I think capris. I think that’s it for me. They make, ankles make me uncomfortable. I’m like, I don’t. I don’t want to see just my ankle. It’s like.


Ira Madison III Listen, I agree.


Tori Kelly Unless it’s shorts. SHorts are fine because it’s like, intentional, but like, yeah, you know.


Ira Madison III I agree. Because you know what I hate? I hate, like, no show socks. Yeah, like, just wear the crew socks or no sock at all. Like the ankle, the bare ankle. It’s like, yeah, not to me, you know, like, you know, like, like we’re talking like I’m from Prohibition or something. Like, ladies don’t show ankle, but it’s like a little about fashion, and it’s not sexy.


Jay Jurden Cover it up. Cover it up, Shrumpet. Yall out here being wontonng the women expose the ankles.


Tori Kelly People right now are listening to this in capris, like, really sad. But it’s weird because also, like the big I love, like the big baggy pant. I don’t know if that was more was that more nineties.


Jay Jurden Now they’re still big in the 2000.


Ira Madison III Yeah yeah yeah the like Jenko jeans.


Tori Kelly Yeah that’s like I’m into the you know the bag business for me right now.


Jay Jurden Well dressing like Kim Possible. Big old pants, kind of tight, small shirt.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Tori Kelly Yeah yeah. We are all dressing like Kim Possible.


Ira Madison III Bring back beepers.


Jay Jurden Oh. Oh, okay. Disney. Don’t get mad. Disney. It was not enough for us to get in trouble.


Tori Kelly No. No way too fast.


Ira Madison III So you’re doing the R&B remix. Um, are we going to get, like, an R&B full album at some point? And also, what are we going to get like the full length live album? You know, like, you know, like, like Homecoming and like, you know, like Ariana. So I was just recently listening Ariana’s live album yesterday and I was like, This is so good. I need a new live album from people.


Tori Kelly Yeah, I, you know, I that’s on, that’s on my bucket list for sure. I feel like yeah. I mean ideally it’s, it’s when you’re on a tour, right? And you can just kind of record it that way. I’ve always wanted to do a live album. I actually think with this new music and you know, this is this is also just like the first part of there’s a lot of people that are like, Oh, it’s just an EP. Like what it is We’ve been waiting and I’m like, This is really just the first taste and there’s definitely more coming.


Jay Jurden Oh yeah, that’s awesome, folks. Be grateful. Be grateful. What’s what’s out doing being mean to Tori Kelly because she’s giving yall stuff? Cut it out.


Tori Kelly Be grateful. Yeah. So I guess live, live album is like a dream of mine. Yeah, I would absolutely love to do that.


Jay Jurden You also teased. You also teased a song on Instagram.


Tori Kelly I did.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Ira Madison III It’s good as hell.


Jay Jurden So  what can we. What? What or what are you allowed to say?


Tori Kelly Well, I t i, I forgot what I tease at this point because I feel like I’ve enjoyed having little hints, like for a year.


Ira Madison III It was. I was just listening to it, too.


Tori Kelly And it was like me walking?


Ira Madison III Yes.


Jay Jurden Mm hmm.


Tori Kelly And that’s, so that’s on, that’s on the EP.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Tori Kelly Because we. We announced the tracklist and everything. So it’s. It’s seven songs, including Missing You and the Remix. And. Yeah, I’m so excited because it it really has been a long time since I’ve just been able to put out my own stuff like I put out. I mean, I did a Christmas album through COVID. It’s like I’ve been doing stuff I did. I feel like I’ve been busy.


Jay Jurden But actually you did two movies where you sing your face off. Yeah.


Tori Kelly Yeah. Like my own, you know, original songs in the in this new style, in this new era, if you will. And just really exploring like, okay, what, how do, how, how do I want this next chapter to sound? What do I want these songs to feel like for people and for myself? And really just stepping into more confidence as a woman and artists like all of these things coming together, It just makes me even more excited for people to hear these songs because I think on in a lot of ways it’s a new, fresh sound for a lot of people. I think of like, Well, this is so different for her, but then for me, it’s, um, it feels a lot like simultaneously going back to my roots because this is all, you know, this is all the type of music either that I was listening to as a kid or that I was literally recording as a kid, like kind of in and out of the industry. So it feels like even with the brown hair, it’s like, this is like my natural color. So like, you know, it’s like my roots. But also a new twist.


Jay Jurden Tori, not only do we love it, it is exactly what you described. You go, Oh, I knew she could do this. I didn’t know when she was going to do this, but I knew if she wanted to, she could handle this. So, like this style, your voice fits so well. It’s so because, like you said, like you have the talent, the skill, the precision and the instrument to be able to do so many things, but to make a catchy, fun song that’s also sung beautifully, that’s a skill. So I’m very excited.


Tori Kelly Wow. Thanks. That means a lot.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, listen, like I have been such a fan since the first time I heard Nobody Love. Okay? Oh, yeah, I still like that. So the.


Jay Jurden The beginning of that song.


Ira Madison III That song that is just like. That Is Anthem. Okay.


Tori Kelly That’s your song?


Ira Madison III Yeah, it’s, you know, it’s just like, well, you hear like when the music builds it, it’s just it’s a perfect song. And I think that’s what we like. That’s when people start falling in love with you. And so excited for the EP.


Jay Jurden Yeah, yeah. And it’s Ira’s birthday gift. That’s so sweet of you to give him that birthday present. Yeah.


Tori Kelly Yeah. Happy early birthday. That’s awesome.


Ira Madison III Thank you. Well, I mean, I also like. Yeah, yeah. So we were saying in the beginning of the episode too, like Jay’s husband, like, is a fan down?


Jay Jurden Oh, my gosh. Yeah. When he found out that you were going to be on the podcast, he’s like, Can I come? I was like, Baby, it’s still Zoom.


Tori Kelly You want to watch the screen. You got to tell him I said hi


Jay Jurden I will. Yeah. His name is Garrison. He’s a huge fan.


Tori Kelly Hi Garrison. Shout out.


Ira Madison III You have been the sweetest. This is such a delight. Thank you for being here, Tori.


Tori Kelly It’s wonderful. Thank you for having me. This is awesome.


Speaker 5 <AD>.


Ira Madison III So the Emmy nominations were announced last week, and I hope you like Succession and White Lotus because that’s all you got nominated this year. There are still some surprises of snubs, but damn, HBO, Last of US To.


Jay Jurden The Last of US for a Bottle episode.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jay Jurden This is what I’ll say. I’m I love the fact that queer storytelling is at the forefront. And by queer storytelling, of course, I’m talking about Succession and that I know. Yeah, it’s yeah, the TV is where on Sunday there’s a lot of Sunday. Sunday night, the voters were watching. You know, you can watch the rest of the week as well. People know some notable snubs. People talk about P-Valley. People also talked about how this is so they talked about how like, you know, you know, you don’t have to nominate the entire cast of a show. You can just pick your favorites.


Ira Madison III That is. So this is really the thing because like I love Succession. Yes, I love it down. But and I also always get that like, you know, like the last season of a show usually wraps up a lot of nominations. You know, it’s why, like Sarah Jessica Parker has, you know, like her Sex and the City Emmy for like the last season. It you know, people finally like, oh, we ignored you for a few years. Let’s give you saw that I would.


Jay Jurden Do my five season shows we were like gauge.


Ira Madison III Succession has got a bunch of Emmys last year. Yes. This is the last season. I expected some Emmy nominations. But baby, not everybody was, you know, showing out this season to where like, I’m sorry, why is Nicholas Braun nominated? That’s a great.


Jay Jurden Be careful to.


Ira Madison III Correct me if.


Jay Jurden You can’t go back to Brooklyn, you can’t go to a dive bar in Brooklyn. You better watch out. He’s, you know, watch out.


Ira Madison III I have his number. He has mine. If he mad, he can text me


Jay Jurden But this is I mean, I think he’s he’s not he’s nominated because the scene when he when he told when he told the secret maybe maybe that’s what the voters saw. They’re like that’s a scene.


Ira Madison III I don’t I love Nicholas Brock. Okay. Sky high chef’s kiss that’s what actor and I feel like he was one of my favorite parts of Zola. He was showing the movie. He was showing this movie.


Jay Jurden Okay. That’s what we that’s where we need to see him more, right? He needs him and shit like that. Yeah. Yeah. Very good point.


Ira Madison III Thank you.


Jay Jurden Okay, Well, also, because os strike, y’all ain’t seen him in shit.


Ira Madison III Sure won’t.


Jay Jurden But whenever the strike is over, think about that.


Ira Madison III Put him in more like indie sit with, like, opposite black people.


Jay Jurden Yes. Yeah.


Ira Madison III That’s where he. That’s where he’s comfortable.


Jay Jurden Well, because he’s uncomfortable, I guess.


Ira Madison III You know, I was giving, like, awkward white boy, you know, like, you know, if, like, the white people would be on UPN shows.


Jay Jurden Oh, ooh.


Ira Madison III You know.


Jay Jurden Yeah.


Ira Madison III You know, like. Like I like Bullet Head for the Steve Harvey Show.


Jay Jurden Bullet Head and Lori Beth Denberg.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jay Jurden Lori Beth. We got all the way back to Mr. Hightower.


Ira Madison III Yeah, but that is just to say that, like, you look at these nominations and it is just it’s giving lazy. It’s giving payola. It’s giving a tendency on their pickpocket.


Jay Jurden Which, should out to White Lotus.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah. I mean. Because here are these nominations for. Like outstanding supporting actor in a drama series, as I said. Nicholas Brar, Succession. Matthew Macfadyen, Succession. Alan Ruck, Succession. Alexander Skarsgard, Succession. Will Sharpe, White Lotus. Theo James, White Lotus.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III For showing the dick.


Jay Jurden The prosthetic is nominated.


Ira Madison III Yes. F Murray Abraham. The White Lotus. What is going on?


Jay Jurden That’s that’s out of the category because Tyler James Williams is nominated in the comedy in the comedy adjacent category for that one. But is that one? There’s only one person of color in that one yet.


Ira Madison III Oh, yeah. An outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series. You got that one is a little bit more like comedy. The nominations are a bit more loose.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III Okay. Like for comedy, you’ve got, you know, like Anthony Carrigan for Barry, you know, films on Star for Ted Lasso. But. Goldstein Ted Lasso James Marsden for Jury Duty which.


Jay Jurden Yes, yes, yes, Yes. Yeah. When I first saw James Marsden acting that silly in Jury Duty, I felt so happy. I was so happy. I was so happy when he talked about being Cyclops, because as a nerd, I was like, You bet you better talk about it. You better brag about that. I love you. Was Corny Collins too, Boo. But come on, we know. We know who was buttering your bread.


Ira Madison III You like lead actor. You know, you’ve got Bill Hader. Jason Segel.


Jay Jurden Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III Martin Short. Jason Sudeikis. Jeremy Allen White. You know, like the it is the lead actress. You know, you got Christina Applegate. Rachel Brosnahan. Quinta. Natasha Lyonne. Jenna Ortega. Wednesday.


Jay Jurden Yes.


Ira Madison III Which was very funny to me where, you know, like she was snubbed as a writer.


Jay Jurden And if you’re fun Wednesday Addams, you’ll laugh at that tweet. You won’t get mad about her.


Ira Madison III I feel like she would fight that fight.


Jay Jurden She better.


Ira Madison III Okay. She sat down with the president of Netflix and she said, I’m going to make history. And that’s what this is. But like comedy, the voters are watching comedy. Yeah. You know, like, you know, like there’s different streamers, you know, like, first of all, like, Abbott is really the only network comedy I would nominate to. It’s the only one I’m watching. I since Big Bang Theory went off the air, it’s the only network comedy that I watch.


Jay Jurden People love Grand Crew and American Auto. I’m not I don’t. I’m not. I paid by NBC, Universal.


Ira Madison III I did love Grand Crew.


Jay Jurden I love Grand Crew. Unfortunately.


Ira Madison III American Auto seemed too much like a show that would air after night court original. So I unfortunately have not watched it.


Jay Jurden But now we’re at comedies. The reason this is important ya’ll listen. We just talked about it because guess what? The way the network contracts are set up, those people can still get good residuals for re-airing. And you know, she’s going to re-air this fall. So a diversity of media is helpful to all of us, but only if everyone is also getting treated fairly. That’s part of what we’re discussing. But also when it comes to drama voters, Emmy voters, and I know some y’all watch a bunch of stuff. We watch a bunch of stuff on cable, Right?


Ira Madison III And it’s so weird because it’s like. Do the ratings reflect like this? It feels like we’ll never know. We’ll never, never, never know. But like, well, sometimes HBO, you know, the ratings up, but like. The show and HBO. The residuals must be set up different. The residuals must be set up before the stream. But I don’t know HBO residuals because I have not earned an HBO check. I would love one.


Jay Jurden I’m not going to be that girl. But you keep dead naming her, and I don’t like it. Now,  listen.


Ira Madison III Max.  Max.


Jay Jurden Now I’m gone.


Ira Madison III I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Max


Jay Jurden  I’m saying this with love. I gave you a couple opportunities. Hello? Yes. Glad we got him. We got him. It’s Handled.


Ira Madison III Max. What are Max’s one of Max’s pronouns.


Jay Jurden You said it. Pay. And. Ola, I did get to talk to Megan Fahey, and I think she’s wonderful as Daphne. And amazing. I don’t either. I don’t vote. But like, we talk about someone who made me go. What the. God. Okay. Yeah, that’s some acting. Acting. But also, I think categories are so stacked now, also because the Emmy nominees, if you get to you get to have a long list because there’s.


Ira Madison III A lot of shit on TV, but it’s also like there doesn’t seem to be a lot of shit on TV because like, voters for Drama are only watching one thing. Like, that annoys me too, because I’m like. I mean, you know, I watch a lot of TV. Yeah, I like the TV. I grew up watching.


Jay Jurden A lot of TV, Right.


Ira Madison III And I kind of miss the I don’t know, I would aside from, like, residuals of like the like SAG-AFTRA, like Writers Guild, you know, like, I want network TV to get it’s lick back. Oh, okay. Like, you remember the era of, like, Lost, Desperate Housewives, West Wing. Okay. Like NYPD Blue, like Good Wife. Like this shit was being nominated for Emmys.


Jay Jurden Mm hmm. Yes.


Ira Madison III Who is like, watch? Like, is there. There are no it’s like from like, Abbott Elementary, right? Like, who is really talking about network TV anymore? It’s all just like different versions of CSI or like, you know, like 911, Lone Star. But where is the shit that I want to watch? The drama.


Jay Jurden You were there for CSI,  The Pines a couple of weeks ago, right? With the chicken tenders.


Ira Madison III People being airlifted out because they did too much G


Jay Jurden Oh, no. I was there one weekend, and someone did drown in the pool.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jay Jurden Yeah, That shouldn’t be happening out there. Like, Why not make a show about that.


Ira Madison III You know, a crime that needs to be solved.


Jay Jurden What?


Ira Madison III This could be a Keep It. It’s early Keep It. Middle T.


Jay Jurden Wow.


Ira Madison III Middle T on Fire Island pilots, you know, they are charging for that shit now. Charging for middle T you don’t get the fuck out.


Jay Jurden Of is a wild part. Can we just congregate right outside? Yeah. You could just stay.


Ira Madison III At low T, right? Well, no, they just start selling off reserve because they want to force you to go up in there. But it’s like, well, then how about you get a better deejay? Oh, I. I don’t want to hear another remix of MacArthur’s Park. I want to hear Pound Town.


Jay Jurden Play some hoe music. Okay, we need a little hoe section. Stop playing all this damn caftan music you play mother fucking. You play some hits. Girl, this is the second time you played The Boss. And I love The Boss. But come on now.


Ira Madison III I mean, fancy me. I thought I had my degree in love. I have a I had a painting. Vintage, literally vintage painting of Diana Ross from, like, 1986, hanging in my apartment.


Jay Jurden Beautiful. We love it. Yeah, that. I mean, but also, this is this is proof you can listen to Diana Ross and love Diana Ross, but still also want to hear Sexy Red. Come on now.


Ira Madison III Oh, now, okay.


Jay Jurden We we aren’t dead, yall.


Ira Madison III Blackness is, you know, a cornucopia.


Jay Jurden It’s ever changing, ever moving, ever evolving. Also, when you talk about network TV, when you bring up abit what I love about it and I say is every time I even hear mention of it, it’s such a sneaky, fun, black female focused show because you’re like, No, no, it’s just about schoolteachers. But guess what? In America, you know who’s teaching the lives of kids in public schools? Black women.


Ira Madison III Sure are.


Jay Jurden So that’s what the show is going to be a motherfucking bout. Is like, I love it.


Ira Madison III But it’s like, where is the sneaky, you know, like show that’s about something that’s also entertaining to watch. And like a drama on TV. I would love a good network drama to air again.


Jay Jurden Yeah. Okay.


Ira Madison III And you know, it’s not like the voters would watch it, but I’m not talking about the fucking voters. They would. But it’s like, you know, it’s like it’s also.


Jay Jurden I think they would and then there would be tons of articles like, can you believe that this show that’s well written in a good timeslot is doing well.


Ira Madison III I know, but like, do networks want that share? It’s like maybe that like you would think seeing these Emmys, they’d be like, you know, like network would be like, well, why the fuck are we even airing the Emmys anymore? You know, like, we don’t get nominated for shit, you know?


Jay Jurden And it rotates. yeah.


Ira Madison III But like bring back network TV brings back network TV because like on all these three big shows, it’s like first of all, the way right stuff is being, you know, like puritanical and ending with sex and shut out any way of like shows is like, it’s not like there’s much difference between what’s on streaming or cable versus what could be on network TV, but it’s just like network TV, just a lot of wacky shows.


Jay Jurden And and you make.


Ira Madison III A wack show.


Jay Jurden And you’re making a very good point because you’re like, if you’re already going to sanitize the sex and the language, you might as well just put it on network and have kind of, I guess, like what they do with Abbott and a few other ABC shows and then air it on your connected streamer like don’t.


Ira Madison III What like oh yeah oh like a Bravo where like they’ll air like a Vanderpump Rules or something and then like air like an uncensored version on Peacock.


Jay Jurden Yes, yes.


Ira Madison III That’s fun. But also like if you’re already then you’re going to put because of the straight CBS, like Viacom, you got to put Yellowstone on CBS. Well, why wasn’t Yellowstone on CBS in the first place?


Jay Jurden Exactly. And especially with the target demographic of Yellowstone, with all those centrists and those DiSantis voters. But.


Ira Madison III Right. They eat that shit up.


Jay Jurden Baby.


Ira Madison III All those DiSantis voters, then they’re going to get no votes. More like, oh, wow. Oh, two fantasies. America is coming. You’re scared of Trump. You should be scared of DiSantis. Scared of who? .


Jay Jurden It is funny.


Ira Madison III Scared of who.


Jay Jurden It is. Funny, that.


Ira Madison III Was like, don’t say gay. That’s going to take me all the way to the White House. And then people were like, Bitch, we gay.


Jay Jurden So and he put out a video that was like, can you believe Trump said all this pro-gay stuff? And we were like, Wait a second.  Trump? Do we? Ron, don’t make me say, I kind of like Donald, what are you what are you doing? Also, it’s so odd to see Ron DeSantis do this, do a Trump impression for three years and then be like, Plus, I hate that guy. No, you don’t. That’s your daddy. Okay? For real, You imitate him, you imitate his hand gestures, you gesticulated like him. And now the minute that you think you have some chance of actually being the the nominee for the party, you go, Well, I don’t like him. Go. You lie in his head. Look silly.


Ira Madison III He’s a clown.


Jay Jurden Oh. I mean, he’s also like. He’s also just. He. He’s a climber. He won’t. He’s like, I got to. Maybe I could be president. And everybody’s like, No, that’s cute, but no.


Ira Madison III Hmm. Any last words on the Emmys? You are nominated, so congrats.


Jay Jurden Oh, thank you. The show, The Prom. Jon Stewart is nominated. I hope that the writers and I hope the WGA and SAG-AFTRA secure a fair deal. And then we can talk about celebrating achievements for the studios because they put out all these f y CS for these shows that they love so much.


Ira Madison III Because they know what is happening.


Jay Jurden Not not on the timetable for that current war. So just know this if you appreciate the work, appreciate the crafters who made it, both the actors and the writers and everyone else involved in making these shows that you get to say, Oh, look at this new shiny gem in my collection.


Ira Madison III And stop doing bullshit like. Like news reports where it’s like. This this cleaning lady at the studio was laid off. Now she’s collecting bottles on the street to pay her bills. It’s like. But you can pay her, you know. You’re firing her to try to create a news story to make us look like the villains. But you are the villains


Jay Jurden And it’s even bigger. Is them going Can you believe that? These actors and writers, it’s so selfish that they’re going to wreck LA’s economy. And you go, girl, they are LA’s economy. What are you talking about? That is, they’re connected. They are apart from it and above it all.


Ira Madison III So why are you cutting this the way cutting the trees country is to.


Jay Jurden Listen.


Ira Madison III L.A. like so there’s no shade. Now I’m like 91 degrees now for people Striking.


Jay Jurden Me and Ira will be okay. Some of these writers will develop melanoma. They have not seen the outside. Listen, I mean, it’s literally and figurative. Me and our we are sat. Take that how you want to take it. These people have not been. Give them some shade.


Ira Madison III The sun is mighty bright. Okay. And white people in the sun, the leading cause of death is melanoma.


Jay Jurden I guess so. The other thing that like concerning this whole the strike and the Emmys is that, like everyone had such a mixed reaction when celebrating last week, everyone was like, Yeah, yeah.


Ira Madison III Mostly because writers were already striking for 11 weeks. So they’re broke.


Jay Jurden Yeah. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Thank you for the Emmy nomination. Can you send some gross?


Jay Jurden I mean, I’ll be super honest. As a as a writer who does stand up, I was like, thank you so much for nominating the problem with Jon Stewart. We have such an amazing team. And you can catch me this week in Zanies, Chicago, August 17th through nine. These are literally everything is a pivot back to people getting tickets to see me live so I can keep afford to buy these stupid new ballots.


Ira Madison III You know, I’m launching a live comedy show.


Jay Jurden Well, guess what? I heard a rumor that I might be on that show. You heard it here first.


Ira Madison III That’s how you get  booked by cornering me on my own podcast. You know what? Like, I need to be at this. I’m in New York. I need to be on the street.


Jay Jurden Be in the streets, though. We saw each other at Lucas’s show. That was so much fun.


Ira Madison III Yes. Also works on the problem with Jon Stewart.


Jay Jurden Very, very an amazing an amazing member of the problem, Jon Stewart talent team, Lucas, who produced a show in New York. And this is actually very funny because I said, I keep seeing you. And Ira said, I live here. And I said, Girl, quit playing. And you went, I’ve been here. I said Ira,  you are so silly. You don’t live in New York. You are famous for not living here. That’s not what you do.


Ira Madison III I’m like Dua Lipa, I’m never home.


Jay Jurden ooh, speaking of Dua Lipa? Dua Lipa is home Now. Imagine being on the road for three years and people are celebrating. You finally chilling in your house. She’s Odysseus. Do you get it? My favorite about Dua Lipa is she says something that I will never forget. If you don’t want to see me having a good time, don’t go out. Don’t go out.


Ira Madison III If you don’t want to see me dancing  with somebody, don’t come out.


Jay Jurden Dancing with somebody, baby pluck your eyeballs out of your head. Don’t go out cause you gone see me.


Ira Madison III Just like Dua Lipa in the streets. Stay tuned. I will be in the streets soon, you know, because, like, what else am I going to do? I’ going to start a live comedy show.


Jay Jurden You certainly can’t write or act in them.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jay Jurden Ira.


Ira Madison III Live. Coming soon. Anyway, when we are back, it’s our favorite segment of the episode, Keep It. And knowing Jay, he got a good one.


Jay Jurden Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III And we are back with our favorite segment of the episode. It is Keep It. As the guest of honor, Jay, what is your Keep It?


Jay Jurden My Keep It Tik Tok lives. Keep It.


Ira Madison III Why you coming for my girl, Pinky Doll?.


Jay Jurden I love. I love Pinky and I love.


Ira Madison III Gang gang.


Jay Jurden But I’ve never I’ve truly never seen a black cat kemet. I’ve never I been to Montreal two summers now. I thought it was just me. But shout out, she’s also a mother. She is a mother.


Ira Madison III She’s a mothering?


Jay Jurden She’s correcting somebody’s baby off camera and video. She was like, Why are you not in bed, little man? Why are you not in bed? The reason I’m saying Keep It, Keep It. Tick tock lives is like she’s a professional. She’s got the shit under wraps. Now everyone else is trying to do it. And now something insidious has occurred. And I say this is a person who has seen it happen. They are letting you make videos and then sending stuff that you have to react to. And they are making fun of you. They’re sending black people fried chicken.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Jay Jurden I don’t like it. I don’t like.


Ira Madison III I saw somebody do a live and they were like, oh, thank you. Yes, I’m a fatty and I like, What? Why are you insulting yourself for coins?


Jay Jurden No. Yeah.


Ira Madison III It’s giving. Did you watch Bamboozled?


Jay Jurden Yeah. Yeah. I don’t like it. I don’t like the fact that people are wanting to do it. I don’t like the dystopian nature of the economic plight of our society is now that people are trying to do it. Let the professionals do it. Let the sexy anime girls with caddies do it. Their rooms are set up for their lighting. They have enough outfits, y’all. Y’all can’t do it. You can’t do it. Why? Pinky, don’t try it, okay? Keep It. I don’t want to see if I see someone I know and love doing this. I’m. I’m calling the police. I’m calling the police. I’m also calling CPS. I’m calling some sort of intervention services to get you away from your phone because you need help.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Like, like cooning for coins is, is, is, is bad enough but like cut in for tick tock coins because you have to work. I don’t know if you know how like Tik tok lives work, you know, like people pay you pay to send like little gifs and then you get a point but like Tik Tok takes like half of it.


Jay Jurden You get a portion.


Ira Madison III Basically so like you have to work like this picky doll girl who’s like, become very successful online lately, you know, like she’s doing, you know, like these reactions. Like, first of all, Timberland is her like number one donor, which is weird because she 19.


Jay Jurden But that’s some old, that’s that’s some old man shit.


Ira Madison III But he’s watching it.


Jay Jurden And Timberland definitely.


Ira Madison III He’s just looking for the next, Nelly Furtado. Okay. He’s like, does she the next Aaliyah. Like, does she have, can she sing? Are there vocals?


Jay Jurden Timbaland is that the age where if he sees you post a swimsuit picture on the beach, his comment is, so beautiful my dear. You are you are said you have grown into such a beautiful one and and he’ll sign it. He’ll sign the Instagram comment.


Ira Madison III So, you know, it’s him. I think it’s a valid ice cream. So good.


Jay Jurden Are you start to get good.


Ira Madison III Anyway but like she has to do that for so long even to earn some damn money. She has a lot of subscribers yet like, oh, bless anybody who can sit there and like monotonously do that forever because like some of us got a A.D.D.. I could not. I could not. Even even with me doing lines of vivant. Okay, like it’s not happening.


Jay Jurden And this is also us being I listen I’m in this regard. I’m old, I’m conservative, I’m part of like traditional media. I, I, it’s not for me, but you know who else is? Not for a lot of y’all. So just know that this is like I mean, I don’t want to liken it to only fans work because it is a bit different, but a lot of y’all truly don’t understand the amount of work, care, precision and intention that goes behind having a digital front facing presence that makes you money. Girl. This is work. Is work. Okay, So I don’t just hop on there. Don’t, don’t, don’t just hop on to Tik Tok live. If you want to have a fun little TikTok live, fine. But don’t be *eating noises*. Spicy, spicy, you know, I take it back, maybe I should do it.


Ira Madison III I’d pay.


Jay Jurden I would do mine in my underwear. You got to have. There’s. There is to be some.


Ira Madison III You know what? I think there’s an audience for that.


Jay Jurden Okay. I I’m give to my in my drawers.


Ira Madison III People want to see it.


Jay Jurden It in my drawls. Listen, writers on strike, actors on strike. The dang a lang is not on strike.


Ira Madison III Okay.


Jay Jurden What’s your Keep It?


Ira Madison III Uh, I have like a two pronged Keep It.


Jay Jurden Oh, okay. Double ended.


Ira Madison III Mine goes, first of all. Two. And this is. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I had to attack the theater, but. Theater for a new audience in New York City.


Jay Jurden Okay.


Ira Madison III I just recently saw a revival of Orpheus Descending by Tennessee Williams.


Jay Jurden All right.


Ira Madison III Not every Tennessee Williams play needs to be revived. Let me tell you something. It is. It was not a good play. It was not a good play.


Jay Jurden You don’t want 27 wagons full of cotton? Again.


Ira Madison III Okay, listen, I thought. I thought we were scraping the bottom of the barrel. What I saw. Like the milk train doesn’t run here anymore. If I like. Roundabout years ago. This is. This was not good. It was not good. It’s not a good play, but I do. Has something else to say, though. Okay. This is theater for a new audience, right? I assume, you know, that means, you know, like revivals of plays, you know, like for like a new audiences to see them. But the audience isn’t new. The audience is as old as white people. And I have never met a more hostile audience than the audience that I was sitting in. First of all, there was this woman in front of me who, like, was undoing her like, curly hair. No, it was like and like, playing with it. Like. Like during the show, Lang and Lang her, like, nasty cross all over my legs. Like, like, like it was a blanket. No awareness.


Jay Jurden This was the part the show.


Ira Madison III Meanwhile, she like looked back at me when I was, like, sipping my drink, like, Oh, I’m making noise. I’m like, Ma’am, your hair is on my leg. And it was my bare leg, too, because it’s hot as hell in New York City. Okay. So I was wearing shorts. Her.


Jay Jurden To the theater?


Ira Madison III Yes, I made. And I like, you know, like you’re laughing. You’re supposed to be participating, though. Yes. The playbill says participate, you know, or I’m laughing, you know, like I like, you know, say whisper something like to my friend Juan, who I’m watching a play with and this like Amy Mann looking heffer like, like to the side of me, like turns back and gives me a look to like several times, like when I’m laughing or reacting to the show. And I’m like, Well, this is hostile. Yeah, I’m sorry that I want to sit there like a boring white person and watch this Tennessee Williams show. Yeah. And like, I am an audience from 1957 also where I wasn’t allowed in the show. You know, it reminds me of when I saw a slave play and was like, laughing. And this older white couple, like, gave me like a look. I’m like, Why are you even here? This isn’t for you. I actually snapped back at that moment because I was like, I was laughing at a joke and they gave me, like, a dirty look. And I’m like, So what are you doing?


Jay Jurden Here’s the wild part. That is such that is such a weird new thing over the past 20 years that now people are like, they view theater as if it’s a museum piece. There’s this weird veneration and sort of like pedestal placement of theater, which is live and ephemeral, but also interactive to varying degrees. If there’s a joke, if there’s a humor situation happening on stage, if someone laughs and you look at them for Laughing Girl, you need to be looking onstage and see why they’re laughing, right? That is so weird to me.


Ira Madison III That a hard response in good theater.


Jay Jurden Yes. Yes. 100% is the start of theater. The death ramp chorus that’s been stepped up. Like the weirdest part for me when I hear about stories like this is I’m like, Well, girl, why didn’t you just read about the play?


Ira Madison III Yeah. Just sit at home and read.


Jay Jurden Yeah.


Ira Madison III You know, the collected Tennessee Williams. Okay? Yes. Why are you bothering me to come and see this?


Jay Jurden Also because Ira didn’t like it. You’re attacking a queer playwright?


Ira Madison III Right.


Jay Jurden Oh, my gosh, Ira.


Ira Madison III I really didn’t like that woman. But that brings me to also just like, disrespect towards audience members in general, because I don’t know if you saw this video of Miranda Lambert. So singing at her court. Did you see this video? Listen, she was on stage at her concert at two fans are taking a selfie as she starts their singles them out route is how like y’all are taking a selfie. You can’t hear my song. You know, I’m here to sing some damn country music. It’s like, first of all, taking a selfie does not mean you can’t hear. I can hear the song. Also be lucky people come to see a damn show girl.


Jay Jurden Because people said it and I’ll say it. Gwen wouldn’t have yelled at them.


Ira Madison III Sure wouldn’t have.


Jay Jurden I’m a  just say.


Ira Madison III Gwen would have been like Super Kawaii. I love selfies


Jay Jurden No, Oh, no. Oh, not the Harajuku bag. Oh God.


Ira Madison III It is reminds me that Miranda Lambert is still friends with Jason Aldean. Jason Aldean. First of all, we know Jason Aldean has a trash homophobic transphobic wife who Maren Morris is always getting up in that ass. And I love Maren Morris for it. But Jason Aldean also has a new song out, the country people are trashed this week. He has his new song out called Try That in a Small Town, which basically has like the lyrics got a gun to my granddad gave me. They say one day they’re going to round up, Well, that shit might fly in the city. Good luck. Try that in a small town. See how far you make it down the road. It’s basically lynching music.


Jay Jurden Now here’s the crazy and what’s the other?


Ira Madison III Which is also what Orpheus Descending is about to tie it all back in.


Jay Jurden The craziest part about that particular lyric is that Jason Aldean is being very cavalier about shootings when he had a shooting happen at his concert.


Ira Madison III The Las Vegas shooting.


Jay Jurden Yeah, the Las Vegas shooting. That’s insane to be that careless and that kind of like nonchalant.


Ira Madison III Also, why are you making sundown music in 2023?


Jay Jurden He said. He said.


Ira Madison III Stay out of my small town. Who do you want to stay out?


Jay Jurden He saw.


Ira Madison III The nigras.


Jay Jurden He’s. He’s our Morgan Wallen. Okay. How is it I can do you one better, Right?


Ira Madison III Morgan Wallen said was nigga, and like he has been at the top of the charts. Okay, he is, baby. Taylor Swift is sure she’s like Taylor Swift and Drake. Yeah, sure. They’re like, We thought we were the ones who dominated the charts. It’s just like the people with the most double words on the hot 100. However, unlike Taylor Swift, Drake, and the cast of Glee.


Jay Jurden Here’s the craziest part about Morgan Wallen. Right. Isn’t he on doctor’s orders not to sing right now, he’s like, on vocal rest and crushing it. Girl, I mean, Drake did not bring him out of the concert last night, thank God.


Ira Madison III But, you know, Drake, with Morgan Wallen, all of these number ones, you think Drake go have, like, a country era next? That he’s like, you know, it’s like he’s tired of Jamaican acting, he’s tired of being Brittish, you know.


Jay Jurden Girl, you know, my favorite Drake.


Ira Madison III Still tired of patois. He’s going to have a country twang.


Jay Jurden No.


Ira Madison III I want to hear a Drake Country album.


Jay Jurden Listen, honestly, never mind. I love I love faggotty Drake. You give me a little bit of fag.


Ira Madison III Of course. I mean, Drake. Drake wrote Heated. You knew that, right?


Jay Jurden I’ve heard that. Yes, I’ve heard the same I’ve heard the reference track. And yes, I know Drake wrote he did, which also is like Drake being like saying, I’m just as petty as you are, girl.


Ira Madison III I’m just as petty as you are.


Jay Jurden Girl. Come on.


Ira Madison III Only the radio can play me.


Jay Jurden Come on, Aubrey. Yes, Aubrey.


Ira Madison III Only the radio could play me. That is the sassiest line Drake has ever written.


Jay Jurden Drake said that to a girl that didn’t text him back once. Girl, I don’t know who you think you’re playing with, but only the radio can play me, booboo. Okay. Now check that. You must think I’m one of these other rappers. That’s not who I am.


Ira Madison III Anyway.


Jay Jurden Oh, no, no. I love the idea of Drake hearing Beyonce do Heated and he’d be like, I’m gonna need to be a little bit more pussy . Step it up a little bit. Now, girl, with what’s going on Beyonce, okay, it’s like it’s like Lil Yachty writing The City Girls.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jay Jurden Now, JT, you.


Ira Madison III I heard your little brother wanted to fuck on me


Jay Jurden Now JT when you get in there, listen. Oh.


Ira Madison III All right. Anyway, that is our show this week. Thank you to Tori Kelly for being here and Jay Jurden. Thank you for being here. You are on tour?


Jay Jurden Yes, I am on tour. I have to kind of sort of sort of kind of tour. I’ll be going all over the country. I’ll be in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ll be in Birmingham speaking to sundown towns. No, I’m kidding. I love Alabama. I’ll be in Chicago.


Ira Madison III Jason Aldean is going to be waiting for you there.


Jay Jurden As long as he brings his fans. Come on. I’ll be in Toronto. I’ll be in Grand Rapids, I’ll be in Houston. You go to my website, go to my social media. Just I mean, really go, which is.


Ira Madison III Which is JayJurden.com.


Jay Jurden JayJurden.com, @JayJurden on all social media, you can find the tour dates and tickets and maybe some secret shows in New York coming up. I have one that sold out on the 21st, but then who knows?


Ira Madison III I will not be in the country otherwise I would go.


Jay Jurden Ira, does have a reserved ticket. I’m sorry.


Ira Madison III I’m Dua Lipa, I will be gone. Also to let you all know we’re switching it up.


Jay Jurden Yeah.


Ira Madison III Next week I will be gone and Louis will be here with a guest co-host because I can’t stay home. Bitches don’t know how to stay home.


Jay Jurden Can I just tell you something, Ira said he was out of the country and I want you know before this podcast started Ira said, oh, you know I can’t do this next week I’m going to Columbia. And I was like, Girl, I live in Harlem too. What are you talking about? I was just up there. But now I understand. Now I understand.


Ira Madison III First of all, I went to TISH. Don’t you ever imply that I would set foot on Columbia’s campus.


Jay Jurden So he’s. He’s. He’s going out of the country. He’s going flewed out.


Ira Madison III I’m joining the cartel.


Jay Jurden No, no.


Ira Madison III I’m going to come back. Mafia Papa. Okay.


Jay Jurden No, no. Illegal activities are going on. We’re behaving. He’s behaving himself.


Ira Madison III All right, That’s our show. Louis, will see you next week.


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