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November 06, 2023
Pod Save America
EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama on Democracy, Gaza, and 2024

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It’s Election Day, with big implications for abortion, democracy, and much more in Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, and Mississippi. It’s also one year out from the 2024 presidential election, and a new set of battleground polls in the New York Times shows Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden just about everywhere. Meanwhile, Trump takes the stand in his civil fraud case while his advisors draw up plans to use the military against protesters if he wins the election. Then, Barack Obama sits down with Jon, Tommy, Dan and Alyssa Mastromonaco for an expansive conversation on democracy, violence in the middle east, and his memories of winning the presidency fifteen years ago. 


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Show Notes



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  • Politico: Ohio voters weigh weed legalization  
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  • AP: AP Election Brief | What to expect in Kentucky’s general election
  • PBS: What to expect in Mississippi’s 2023 general election
  • APNEWS: Mississippi has a history of voter suppression. Many see signs of change as Black voters reengage



  • NYT: Trump Leads in 5 Critical States as Voters Blast Biden, Times/Siena Poll Find
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  • NYT: Voters Aren’t Believing in Bidenomics
  • NYT: Trump Indictments Haven’t Sunk His Campaign, but a Conviction Might
  • NYT: As Black Voters Drift to Trump, Biden’s Allies Say They Have Work to Do
  • Axios: Behind the Curtain: Biden’s race problem
  • NBC: Poll shows Biden support slumping among Michigan Muslims
  • NYT: Democrats Express Deep Anxiety as Polls Show Biden Trailing Trump
  • Message Box: How to Respond to the Very Bad NYT Poll
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  • NYT: Could a Prominent Democrat Really Challenge Biden? It’s Unlikely, at This Point.



  • NYT: Trump’s lawyers in the case have different approaches to representing the former president.
  • NYT Live: Trump Civil Fraud Trial
  • NYT: Trump faces a test as he takes the witness stand. Here’s the latest.
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