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August 09, 2021
Pod Save America
“No Climate, No Deal.”

In This Episode

Donald Trump fails to stop Republicans from supporting the bipartisan infrastructure deal, Joe Biden and the Democrats look to budget reconciliation as their last best chance to fight climate change, Crooked Media Political Director Shaniqua McClendon joins to talk about Vote Save America’s No Off Years campaign, and New York Times tech reporter Sheera Frankel talks to Jon Lovett about her new book about Facebook, “An Ugly Truth.”


Show Notes



  • NYT: For G.O.P., Infrastructure Bill Is a Chance to Inch Away From Trump
  • LA Times: Why McConnell, GOP may give Biden a bipartisan win on infrastructure 
  • NYT: $1 Trillion Infrastructure Deal Scales Senate Hurdle With Bipartisan Vote 
  • CNN: Here’s what’s in the bipartisan infrastructure bill
  • WSJ: CBO Estimates Infrastructure Bill Would Add $256 Billion to Deficits 
  • AP: Late nights, early mornings await Senate on infrastructure 
  • Politico: Senate infrastructure bill slowed in last lap by lone Republican 
  • The Hill: GOP senator vows to slow-walk $1T infrastructure bill, sparking standoff
  • The Hill: Trump slams McConnell, infrastructure package: ‘A disgrace’ 
  • NYT: As Infrastructure Bill Inches Forth, a Rocky, Slow Path Awaits in the House 
  • Politico: GOP senators look to add $50B for defense into infrastructure bill 
  • Politico Weekly Transportation: The infrastructure bill is here
  • NBC: A red-blue divide made transit money contentious in the infrastructure bill 
  • DelawareOnline: Dear President Biden: Motor vehicle safety must be an infrastructure priority 
  • White House: FACT SHEET: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Advances President Biden’s Climate Agenda
  • AZ Central: Sinema doesn’t support Democrats’ $3.5T bill, clinches bipartisan infrastructure deal
  • NYT: Democrats Call  Infrastructure Bill a Down Payment on Climate
  • RollCall: Let down by infrastructure bill, climate hawks eye reconciliation 
  • Third Way: Why the BID is a BIG Down Payment on Clean Energy 
  • NYT: Climate in the infrastructure bill: A substantial investment in resilience.
  • NYT: Climate in the infrastructure bill: $73 billion for the electric grid but less for electric vehicles and lead pipes.
  • NYT: In the Infrastructure Bill, a Recognition: Climate Change Is a Crisis
  • The Atlantic: The Infrastructure Bill Won’t Cut It on Climate 
  • The Atlantic: The Infrastructure Deal Is Not Not a Climate Bill
  • Time: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is a Return to the Old Way of Politics. That’s A Problem for the Climate 
  • PBS Newshour: Breaking down the infrastructure bill’s impact on climate change
  • BBC: Climate change: New report will highlight ‘stark reality’ of warming
  • NPR: Climate Scientists Meet As Floods, Fires, Droughts And Heat Waves Batter Countries 
  • Axios: The next major climate science report: What to expect 
  • The Guardian: IPCC steps up warning on climate tipping points in leaked draft report
  • WaPo: The climate news is about to get a lot worse 
  • WaPo: You should not be surprised that climate predictions may have been too conservative 
  • Politico: Climate scientists take swipe at Exxon Mobil, industry in leaked report
  • CNN: First on CNN: President Biden to meet with 7 governors Friday to discuss devastating wildfires
  • Politico: ‘We’re going to see more’ wildfires, Oregon governor warns
  • ABC: Biden touts electric vehicle goals as boon for climate, economy and jobs 
  • CNN: Tesla just got snubbed by Biden’s electric vehicle summit
  • NYT: How Biden’s E.V. Plan Could Help Tesla and Squeeze Toyota



  • CNN: Young people in West Virginia look to push Sen. Joe Manchin in hopes of passing federal voting rights legislation 
  • Insider: Texas Democrats who fled the state are suing Gov. Greg Abbott claiming his attempts to bring them back to the legislature violate their civil rights 
  • CBS: Texas House Democrats still absent as new special session begins
  • NBC: What will new census data show about Latino growth?
  • CNN: 56 years after the Voting Rights Act of 1965, lawmakers struggle to find common ground
  • WaPo: Abbott calls new special session to push voting restrictions Texas Democrats have blocked by fleeing state 
  • Rolling Stone: Texas Governor Won’t Give up His Dream of Voter Suppression
  • WaPo: Government to release census numbers on race and ethnicity on Aug. 12 
  • Vox: Georgia Republicans didn’t waste any time in using their new voter suppression law 
  • The Atlantic: This Court Has Abandoned the Most Essential Element in American Democracy: Voters 
  • CNN: How Republicans and SCOTUS are shrinking the power of voters of color 
  • Brennan Center: Voting Laws Roundup: July 2021
  • AP: EXPLAINER: What’s in the Texas GOP’s voting bills? (7/14)



  • New Yorker: Facebook Wants Us to Live in the Metaverse 
  • Mashable: Facebook shut down political ad research, daring authorities to pursue regulation 
  • MSNBC: Roger McNamee: “Facebook’s argument is total nonsense”
  • Politico: FTC’s economics witness out, in new blow to court fight with Facebook
  • NYT: States say they will appeal the dismissal of their Facebook antitrust suit
  • CNN: Facebook doubles profit but braces for hit from Apple privacy changes 
  • The Hill: States appeal dismissal of Facebook antitrust case
  • Axios: Exclusive: New Facebook partnership tackles health misinformation
  • WaPo: People are more anti-vaccine if they get their covid news from Facebook than from Fox News, data shows 
  • NYT: The Most Influential Spreader of Coronavirus Misinformation Online
  • NYT: Biden’s Antitrust Team Signals a Big Swing at Corporate Titans 
  • NYT: The F.T.C. asks for an extension to refile its Facebook antitrust suit.
  • WaPo: Facebook and YouTube spent a year fighting covid misinformation. It’s still spreading.
  • Yahoo: Tension between President Biden and Facebook ‘remains incredibly strong’: Cecilia Kang 
  • WaPo: Facebook and YouTube’s vaccine misinformation problem is simpler than it seems 
  • NYT: ‘Facebook isn’t killing people’: Biden softens his attack over vaccine misinformation.
  • NYT: Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg’s Partnership Did Not Survive Trump
  • The Atlantic: Facebook Won’t Talk About the Insurrection 
  • New Yorker: Facebook’s Broken Vows 
  • DailyMaverick: Facebook’s role in the genocide in Myanmar, as revealed in the new book “An Ugly Truth”
  • Yahoo Finance: Cecila Kang discusses her book, ‘An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination’
  • Reuters: Review: The many unseemly faces of Facebook
  • PBS: Is Facebook putting company over country? New book explores its role in misinformation
  • WBUR: The ‘Ugly Truth’ About Facebook: How The Company’s Policies Cause Its Biggest Problems
  • TheGuardian: An Ugly Truth by Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang review – Facebook’s battle for domination
  • NPR: Reporters Reveal ‘Ugly Truth’ Of How Facebook Enables Hate Groups And Disinformation


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