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November 04, 2020
Pod Save America
“Nauseously optimistic.” (Election update)

In This Episode

Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan discuss the clusterf*ck of an Election Night that has ended with votes still being counted in several states, and Joe Biden on the cusp of defeating Donald Trump.


Show Notes


Where are we right now?

  • WaPo: Presidential election hangs in balance as Trump falsely asserts fraud and makes a claim of victory
  • Politico: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania take center stage
  • Vox: What we know — and don’t know — about the presidential election results so far
  • WaPo: Here’s what we know about key states that are still counting ballots
  • WaPo: How Trump or Biden could win – The remaining paths to victory, updated as results come in
  • New Yorker:  The Fight Over Election Results Begins
  • NYT: Americans Conclude an Election Like No Other, and It’s a Tight One
  • WaPo: Presidential election hangs in the balance in a country convulsed by crisis
  • Politico: Trump and Biden may be in limbo for days
  • NYT: Despite Fears of Violence, Election Day Proceeds Smoothly as Millions Line Up to Vote
  • Politico: After dire warnings, Election Day voting issues are ‘isolated and sporadic’
  • CNN: Millions of votes still being counted as contest between Trump and Biden narrows to key states
  • CNN: Crush of mail-in ballots slows count in key states
  • NYT: Will Biden’s Focus on the ‘Blue Wall’ States Win Him the Election? 
  • WaPo: A stomach-churning night of counting leaves the outcome in the balance
  • WaPo: Biden says he is confident of victory but asks supporters to have patience as votes are counted
  • Vox: In election night speech, Biden says he’s “on track” to win the 2020 election
  • Politico: Biden: The election ‘ain’t over until every vote is counted’
  • Vox: Trump signals he’s counting on the Supreme Court to help him steal the election
  • The Atlantic:  The Nightmare Is Here
  • New Yorker: The Worst-Case Election Scenario Is Happening
  • WaPo: With final outcome uncertain, Trump unleashes an assault on integrity of the U.S. election system
  • Recode:  Twitter and Facebook both label Trump’s post baselessly asserting that the election is being “stolen”
  • Politico: Fox News defends calling Arizona for Biden after pushback from Trump team 
  • WaPo: Biden campaign manager calls Trump claims on ballots ‘outrageous, unprecedented and incorrect’
  • CNN: Trump’s call to halt vote counts is his most brazen swipe at democracy yet
  • Omaha World-Herald: Joe Biden picks up 2nd District electoral vote; Trump wins the other four Nebraska votes
  • NYT: Nebraska Election Results: Second Congressional District 
  • USA Today: Nebraska and Maine’s district voting method could be crucial in this election. Here’s why
  • NBC News: These 2 congressional districts could decide the election. Biden is up in both.
  • The Hill: Nebraska district couple prove pivotal for Biden in November
  • NYT: Can Biden Regain Lost Ground With Latinos?
  • NBC News:  Trump cultivated the Latino vote in Florida, and it paid off
  • CNN: More Latino voters support Trump in 2020 than 2016, but young Americans favor Biden, early CNN exit polls show
  • The Atlantic:  What Liberals Don’t Understand About Pro-Trump Latinos
  • NBC News:  NBC News Exit Poll: Latino voters show small shifts in some Sun Belt states
  • Reuters:  Trump showing new strength with Latinos, losing some older voters: exit polls
  • Vox: How Latinos in Miami-Dade County helped Trump win Florida
  • The Nation:  By Ignoring Latino Voters, Biden Has Made the Election Too Close


What comes next and what do we fight for?

  • WaPo: Pennsylvania’s governor pleads for patience as GOP mounts challenges
  • Vox: Pennsylvania is shaping up to be a decisive 2020 state.
  • The Hill: Key Pa. county suspends vote counting until 10 a.m. Wednesday
  • ABC News: Why Pennsylvania won’t finish counting absentee ballots until Friday at the earliest
  • Politico: Election-related legal wrangling underway in Pennsylvania, Nevada
  • Yahoo News: Pennsylvania Republicans are already trying to cast doubt on the state’s election results
  • CNBC:  Biden now leads Trump in Wisconsin as tight race comes down to wire in Rust Belt
  • CBS:  Results from Milwaukee County give Biden narrow lead in Wisconsin
  • AP: Biden, Trump locked in tight race in Wisconsin 
  • Vox: Wisconsin is still counting its votes. Vox has live results.
  • NYT: Georgia Presidential Election Results
  • USA Today: Closely watched Georgia still up in the air in the presidential race; one Senate race headed to runoff
  • AJC: Fulton, Gwinnett counties struggle to count absentee ballots
  • WRAL: Tillis declares victory in North Carolina’s US Senate race
  • WCNC: Tillis claims victory, Cunningham silent as NC race for U.S. Senate still too close to call
  • The News Observer: All eyes on North Carolina as Trump, Tillis come from behind in pivotal races
  • Vox: Michigan is still counting its votes. Vox has live results
  • Detroit News: Trump leads in Michigan; confident Biden asks nation to be ‘patient’


The Senate

  • WaPo: Republicans and Democrats in all-out fight to hold Senate majority
  • NYT: Mark Kelly Defeats Martha McSally in Crucial Arizona Senate Race
  • Axios: Mark Kelly unseats Republican Martha McSally in Arizona Senate race
  • AP: Democrat Mark Kelly wins US Senate race in Arizona
  • Vox: John Hickenlooper just clinched a key Senate seat for the Democrats in Colorado
  • Politico: Hickenlooper beats Gardner, gives Senate Dems pickup in Colorado
  • Coloradoan: Colorado voters have changed since Gardner, Hickenlooper were last up for election
  • Coloradoan: How Cory Gardner, John Hickenlooper differ on the big issues this election
  • Vox: Former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville flips Alabama Senate seat back to Republicans
  • Vox: Lindsey Graham has defeated Jaime Harrison, keeping his South Carolina Senate seat
  • Politico: Graham fends off Harrison in South Carolina Senate race
  • Daily Beast: Lindsey Graham Fends Off Historic Challenge From Jaime Harrison in South Carolina
  • Texas Tribune: John Cornyn defeats MJ Hegar to retain U.S. Senate seat
  • Vox: Sen. John Cornyn has fended off Democrat MJ Hegar to win reelection in Texas
  • Politico: Cornyn wins reelection in Texas
  • Courier Journal: McConnell defeats Democrat McGrath to keep his seat in the Senate 
  • Vox: Mitch McConnell gets 6 more years 
  • Newsweek: What Polls Say About Mitch McConnell vs Amy McGrath With Less Than 24 Hours to the Election
  • AP: GOP’s Marshall wins Kansas Senate seat as Trump wins state
  • NYT: Joni Ernst Wins in Iowa, Frustrating Democrats’ Push for Senate Majority
  • Roll Call: How the 10 most vulnerable senators fared on election night
  • Bloomberg: Republicans Hold Iowa Senate Seat With Ernst Victory
  • Axios: GOP Sen. Steve Daines wins re-election in Montana, AP projects
  • NYT: Democrat Warnock Leads Loeffler as Georgia Senate Race Heads to Runoff
  • CNBC: Georgia Senate special election result projected to go to a runoff, Democrat 
  • Warnock advances
  • AJC: Georgia has two runoff election dates after the general election
  • NPR: ‘More Conservative Than Attila The Hun’: Kelly Loeffler’s Push To Keep Senate Seat