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August 10, 2023
Pod Save America
My Ohio, My Choice

In This Episode

Ohio voters resoundingly defeat a Republican ballot initiative that threatened democracy and abortion rights. Donald Trump is headed back to court while he awaits a fourth indictment and possibly even more criminal charges. Ron DeSantis shakes up his campaign, again. Donald Trump debates debating. And later, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stops by to talk about the one year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act and everything happening on Capitol Hill. 


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  • NYT: Ohio Voters Reject Constitutional Change Intended to Thwart Abortion Amendment
  • NYT: Ohio Vote Shows Abortion’s Potency to Reshape Elections
  • WaPo: Once again, an abortion-related measure breaks partisan barrier
  • WaPo: Arizona coalition launches effort to get abortion rights on the ballot



  • POLITICO: Special counsel obtained search warrant for Donald Trump’s Twitter account
  • NBC: Trump says a protective order would violate his First Amendment rights: ‘I will talk’
  • NBC: Trump attacks special counsel Jack Smith and judge assigned to 2020 election case
  • CNN: Atlanta-area prosecutor expected to seek more than a dozen indictments in Trump case
  • AP: Atlanta Begins to Brace for the Potential of a New Trump Indictment as Soon as Next Week
  • Vox: Trump’s emerging defense in the 2020 election case, explained and picked apart by legal experts



  • NYT: DeSantis Upends Campaign Leadership as Trump Looms and Urgency Grows
  • POLITICO: DeSantis campaign sheds staff amid cash crunch
  • NYT: DeSantis Suspends Second Elected Prosecutor in Florida
  • South Florida Sun Sentinel: A billionaire backed DeSantis’ presidential effort with $30 million. Here’s why he’s halting contributions.
  • New York Magazine: First Republican Debate: Who’s In, Who’s Banned, Who’s Boycotting
  • POLITICO: Mike Pence qualifies for first GOP debate
  • Daily Beast: Ex-Pence Adviser Trashes Former Boss, Backs Trump Instead
  • Daily Beast: Mike Pence Gets Outplayed by a Gas Pump in New Campaign Ad
  • NHJournal: Trump Holds Big Lead in NH, DeSantis Drops to Tie With Christie
  • Des Moines Register: Trump to visit Iowa State Fair with Florida Republicans who endorsed him over Ron DeSantis
  • POLITICO: Trump Should Skip the Debate
  • The Hill: Christie on Trump’s weight comments: ‘Show up to the debate and say it to my face’
  • Puck: Larry Ellison’s Eight-Figure Anti-Trump Dowry