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March 09, 2023
Dare We Say
Murdaugh, Victoria's Secret, Chris Rock, and more with Austin Crute

In This Episode

¡Hola! Alycia jet-set to Puerto Rico, so Josie and Yasmine asked bestie Austin Crute to address some of the week’s hottest topics: Republicans being transphobic AF at CPAC, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Week coming back, the Oscars approaching this weekend (ft. an incredible Jamie Lee Curtis impression), and more.

Show Notes
Human Rights Campaign: Extremists at CPAC Laid Bare Hatred at Root of Vile Legislation Targeting Trans People
Low Country (HBO Murdaugh Docuseries)
ACE Naturals
Chamiah Dewey Fashion
Do The Milan Catwalks Prove That There’s Still A Fetishisation Of Thin In The Fashion Industry? (Grazia)




[AD BREAK] [music break] 

Yasmine Hamady: Hello. 

Josie Totah: Welcome. And you may notice something different. And I’ll tell you what, it’s not my buccal fat. 

Yasmine Hamady: It is not the buccal fat removal–

Josie Totah: Cause– 

Yasmine Hamady: –of Jose Totah. It is [pause] someone else.

Josie Totah: It is sir Austin Crute will be joining our table. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yes he will. 

Austin Crute: Yes. Yes I am.

Josie Totah: With um with some of his pizzazz to fill in for our sweet best friend Alycia, while she is filming in Puerto Rico. 

Yasmine Hamady: She left. 

Austin Crute: Puerto Rico. 

Yasmine Hamady: She took a one way ticket there, and we’ll see her soon. 

Josie Totah: We never know when we’ll see her again. 

Yasmine Hamady: We don’t know. 

Josie Totah: Um. But in the meantime, Austin, how the hell are you doing? 

Yasmine Hamady: Welcome to Dare We Say baby. 

Austin Crute: Thank you. [Yasmine squeals] Thank you for having me. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: I am so excited to get into all of it. Honestly, I want to tell you. 

Yasmine Hamady: Tell me. 

Austin Crute: I am so nervous because I’m just like, I don’t think that I’ve ever been able to, like, have a platform to, like, be myself and just say whatever. So hopefully y’all don’t hate me after this, but I don’t care. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: Well. First of all, no one is going to hate you. If anything, I feel like we’re going to have to, like, get you security to protect yourself because people are– 

Yasmine Hamady: Cause everyone’s– 

Josie Totah: –going to be so obsessed with you. 

Yasmine Hamady: –going to want to be attached to you. 

Austin Crute: Oh my gosh.

Josie Totah: And they’re going to like be–

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: –hunting you down and trying to touch you. 

Austin Crute: We’ll see about that. 

Josie Totah: But– 

Yasmine Hamady: Touch you. 

Josie Totah: I mean, I think, you know, we couldn’t think of a better person to join us. 

Yasmine Hamady: Genuinely. 

Austin Crute: Thank you.

Josie Totah: For this time, so we’re so happy that you’re here. Let’s talk about the fact that we were very late today. 

Yasmine Hamady: We were very late today. So uh Josie texts me at 9 a.m. and she goes, are you going to be able to pick me up today? And I was like, well, of course I’ll pick you up right at 9:30. She’s like, Perfect. 9:30 comes around. I said, I’m leaving in a minute. And she said, no, your location’s still at your home. And I go, No, I’m not. But I took 5 minutes to reply and I started driving and she already left with Omar. Um. And Omar’s like the older brother figure of everyone. And then we met on um what was it, Santa monica Boulevard, was it? 

Josie Totah: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: And I park, not park, run a red light. 

Josie Totah: Run a red light. 

Yasmine Hamady: And she’s right behind me. And all of a sudden in my rearview mirror, I just see her get out of the car in the middle of traffic. 

Josie Totah: Run. 

Yasmine Hamady: Run, open my door. And she’s like, Hey. And then I see Omar in the back being like, check her phone. And then she checks her phone and she forgot her keys. So while everyone–

Josie Totah: I had my keys. Oh, so I left Omar’s car with the keys to it. 

Yasmine Hamady: Oh, shit. And then everyone was going because the light turned green and then she ran back, got it. And then ran back again. And it was just– 

Austin Crute: Oh wow. 

Yasmine Hamady: It was crazy. 

Josie Totah: It was honestly, it was really fun. 

Austin Crute: Yeah okay. 

Josie Totah: And I was wondering, like, imagine if you just saw that on the street. Like, I wonder what they’re thinking. They’d probably think I’m– 

Yasmine Hamady: Would you do it again? 

Josie Totah: –like a little spy or something. Like a little hit and run. 

Austin Crute: The bystanders. The NPCs.

Yasmine Hamady: The bystander. I love bystanders. They just watch you. 

Josie Totah: I’ve always wanted–

Austin Crute: Right. 

Josie Totah: –to be on that show, What would you do? [gasp]

Yasmine Hamady: With what’s his name. 

Austin Crute: Oh, my God. 

Yasmine Hamady: John–

Josie Totah: Quinones. 

Yasmine Hamady: John Quinones. 

Austin Crute: John Quinones. 

Yasmine Hamady: What would you do? Okay, so if you guys were a bystander and you saw someone do that, what would you do? 

Austin Crute: Record it. 

Josie Totah: Yeah, I’d be like hehe. That’s so funny. 

Austin Crute: I’d be like oh wow. I wonder what’s going on in their life, they’re the main characters.

Yasmine Hamady: Okay. 

Josie Totah: I feel like there’s so much going on in the world right now, and I would be remist [SIC] if not to touch on, you know, some of the darker things happening and the amount of like anti-trans. 

Yasmine Hamady: Mm hmm. 

Josie Totah: Trans hate in this world right now is honestly insane. Did you guys watch the clips from the Republican– 

Yasmine Hamady: Yup. 

Josie Totah: –Cuntvention. It’s not even a cuntvention. [laughter]. 

Yasmine Hamady: It’s not. [banter]

Josie Totah: They don’t give cunt. So it’s a convention. Did you guys– 

Yasmine Hamady: It’s a con-vention because they’re all– 

Austin Crute: It was a convention. 

Yasmine Hamady: –fucking cons. Yeah, I did. And it was it made me nauseous because people actually believe what they’re saying. 

Austin Crute: Mm hmm. 

Yasmine Hamady: And it’s so it’s so dangerous and it’s so scary and the rhetoric that they’re spewing is doing so much damage and so much harm. 

Austin Crute: Mm hmm. 

Yasmine Hamady: It’s violence. 

Austin Crute: It’s violence. 

Josie Totah: This awful person named Michael Knowles, which honestly sounds like it could be a really good, like, jewelry brand, like Knowles [laugh] like Michael. 

Yasmine Hamady: Michael Knowles, like Kendra Scott, like Michael Knowles, you know. 

Josie Totah: I could see it in a Westfield. 

Austin Crute: Okay. Right. 

Josie Totah: If he ever wanted like a [?]. 

Yasmine Hamady: Like at a Nordstroms. 

Josie Totah: Exactly. He uh said he called. He was calling for and I quote, “the irratification– 

Yasmine Hamady: Eradication. 

Josie Totah: Eradication. What does it mean to ratify? To like–

Yasmine Hamady: Ratify is to–

Austin Crute: To ratify is like–

Yasmine Hamady: –like make it a bill. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: Right. 

Austin Crute: Ratify something in the law. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. Ratify. 

Josie Totah: Kendra Scott and Michael Knowles. 

Yasmine Hamady: Please. [laughing]

Josie Totah: Called for the eradication of transgender people. Bitch. Where do you want everyone to go? I’m like–

Austin Crute: Right exactly. 

Josie Totah: Which like I’m not opposed to like, is there an island that we have?

Yasmine Hamady: [?] get the fuck away from all of this– 

Josie Totah: Secured? Like where? I mean is where– 

Austin Crute: Just nonsense.

Josie Totah: Is it– 

Austin Crute: And buffoonery.

Josie Totah: You know, eradicating us from work? Like, are we getting, like– 

Yasmine Hamady: What’s the eradication? Like you guys just–  

Josie Totah: Are we getting like unemployment? And, like–

Yasmine Hamady: Yes. [laughing]

Josie Totah: –we don’t have to leave our house? Like, we just get to, like, sleep at home? Like, we could. We could talk about that, but no. 

Austin Crute: Right. 

Josie Totah: Um. Michael Knowles. So also Tennessee just signed a drag bill. 

Yasmine Hamady: Mm hmm. 

Josie Totah: That banned drag queen performances. 

Yasmine Hamady: In public places. And you would have to go, you would have to make it like a you would have to document the place of work as like a like a sex work place– 

Josie Totah: Which is like– 

Austin Crute: What? 

Yasmine Hamady: When that’s not what it is. 

Josie Totah: –fucking disgusting.

Yasmine Hamady: And it’s, it like– 

Austin Crute: What? 

Yasmine Hamady: –it criminalizes just existing as a trans person in any performance, educational industry or in public. So consider pride gone. Consider like any public outing– 

Josie Totah: Well also being in school. 

Austin Crute: Yeah like it’s– 

Josie Totah: As a trans person. 

Austin Crute: It’s just it’s dumb because first of all, like literally educationally, like you’re erasing, you’re literally trying to erase a whole group of people. 

Josie Totah: Right. 

Austin Crute: But then also, why is this the priority? Like why, there are so many issues that actually threaten the well-being of children? Why is this? Whereas drag queens have nothing to do with children. 

Josie Totah: Right. And also, Mississippi did the same thing as far as banning gender affirming care for minors in the state. Like, I don’t understand why people think that this is harming children. And that’s why I love Jon Stewart’s– 

Yasmine Hamady: I was just gonna say–

Josie Totah: –interview. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yup. 

Josie Totah: Because he spoke about how literally like the leading cause of death in children is shootings, is literally like gun violence. It’s not gender affirming health care, which literally makes people want to be alive. And it’s like for what? Why are you obsessed. In Mississippi like you’re banning health care. You think that’s going to harm your state, bitch did you see [?] what was his name? 

Yasmine Hamady: Timothy Chalamet. 

Josie Totah: No not Timothy Chalamet.

Austin Crute: The–

Josie Totah: The old guy. I’m like, you know [banging on a hard surface] how many of those men are in Mississippi? That is what you should be afraid of. The men, the straight cis men of Mississippi, not the health care. 

Yasmine Hamady: And Jon Stewart said it so perfectly when he was talking to Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm. And he basically was saying, why, why are you so pressed about drag performers? And the senator said, well, because as a government leader, it’s our duty to protect children. He said, I’m sorry, what was that? 

Austin Crute: Oooh. 

Yasmine Hamady: Your duty to protect children? What is the number one cause of death in children? And it’s not car crashes and it’s not cancer. 

Austin Crute: Mm hmm. 

Yasmine Hamady: It’s firearms. He said, I’m going to presume you’re going to say firearms. And he’s like, that is not a presumption. That is a fact. 

Austin Crute: That’s a fact. 

Yasmine Hamady: And I think that type of journalism is something that we’re missing so often today. And I’m so grateful for Jon Stewart because he he was sticking to the truth and the facts and was also being so persistent about it and not letting these monsters get away with saying harmful shit. 

Austin Crute: Mm hmm. And he also said the uh the senator also said that there was um the government’s prerogative or whatever to protect– 

Josie Totah: Duty to protect yeah. 

Austin Crute: –children. Yeah, the government’s duty to protect children. 

Yasmine Hamady: How funny. 

Austin Crute: And then after Jon Stewart said, oh what was that? He said, It’s the government’s duty in certain circumstances. Ah ah ah you just said– 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah, yep, yep, yep, yep. 

Austin Crute: You just took it from the big to the small. Is it or is it not? Why? Why Certain circumstances? 

Yasmine Hamady: Sir, what do you mean circumst–Yeah. 

Austin Crute: Right. 

Yasmine Hamady: What?

Austin Crute: Okay. So in certain circumstances–

Josie Totah: You can’t pick and choose. 

Austin Crute: And this is a certain circumstance? 

Josie Totah: Most of like the Republicans like entire party is supposed to be about small government. And why are you literally trying to enforce and infringe upon people’s rights when you’re being so contradictory? I mean, here are a few things that have just happened over the past few months. Uh Sebastian Gorka [banter] ranted about–

Yasmine Hamady: Repeat that last name. 

Josie Totah: Gorka. 

Yasmine Hamady: Okay. 

Josie Totah: Ranted about uh mutating boys and girls, talking about gender affirming health care. Former Vice President Pence, he accused an Iowa school nurse of handing out gender transition plans to children, which is like, no one’s fucking doing that. 

Austin Crute: What? Yeah, what? 

Josie Totah: Like and people are finding research on their own, no one’s trying to shove transition down anybody’s fucking mouth. Uh. And then Candace Owens encouraged the GOP to speak out on transgenderism, like, as if it’s– 

Yasmine Hamady: Huh? 

Josie Totah: –a disease. Uh. Marjorie Taylor Greene, she planned to introduce anti gender affirming care bill. She baselessly suggested Democrats wanted to get rid of gender. 

Yasmine Hamady: Well, genders a construct so– 

Josie Totah: Yeah no one ever– 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: Right what is, what even is that?

Josie Totah: –no one ever said that babe. She wrongly, of course, blamed the Internet and social media for making kids confused about their gender. Falsely claimed puberty blockers cause permanent damage and spread fearmongering rhetoric about gender affirming care such as that which is like. 

Yasmine Hamady: Well they– 

Josie Totah: Horrifying. 

Yasmine Hamady: She also believes Qanon actually exists. So–

Josie Totah: And that like 9/11 wasn’t real. 

Yasmine Hamady: And like the Sandy Hook shooting was a farce. 

Josie Totah: And that the Holocaust was caused by aliens. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. Like this woman, she talks out of her ass constantly, like, I’m not kidding you. And I know this is very depressing, but like, if she dropped from the face of the world, the world would be a better place. And people like her should. They should be eradicated– 

Austin Crute: They should be eradicated. 

Yasmine Hamady: -from this world. And I’m sorry. I stand by that. And it’s hard to have, like, cohesive conversations with people like that. But then you see Jon Stewart’s interview. 

Austin Crute: Right. 

Yasmine Hamady: And then I’m like, this could be a dialog, not a dialog. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: But I think like a, a lecture. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. It makes me wonder, like, what if the gender construct is dismantled? What are you afraid of? Like, what power are you going to lose if gender is actually dismantled and people aren’t– 

Yasmine Hamady: You lose the power. That’s the thing. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: The patriarchy loses the power and God forbid they do. 

Josie Totah: But also I’m just like, nobody’s trying to do that. People are literally just trying to get medicine. So they don’t you know want to not live on this earth. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: Right unalive themselves. 

Josie Totah: And so that should be your main concern. And honestly, for me, it’s like I would rather be sipping a fucking margarita in Palos Verdes versus right now. 

Yasmine Hamady: Please. 

Josie Totah: With a taquito in one hand and a cigarette in the other. But here I am at a brown table having to speak about these things of of my identity and it’s fucking annoying and it’s fucking exhausting, but I have to do it because who else is going to do it if we don’t do it. 

Austin Crute: Right. 

Josie Totah: You know? 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: Right. 

Josie Totah: But what I really want to see is the you know cis straight people actually speaking about this kind of stuff because it’s like, you know, until we have everybody speaking about it, until we have people voting– 

Yasmine Hamady: Yup. 

Josie Totah: –with their heart and with, you know, compassion– 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: –and honesty, we’re not going to see a difference. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: We’re all we’re going to do is just talk about it and complain. And I want to be not doing that. So, I mean, I’d love to see people be a little bit more vocal. You know, obviously we’re all queer here, but the ones that aren’t queer, I feel like it really has the most weight. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: And all the men in my DMs, like, [laugh]– 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah please. 

Josie Totah: I will, I will literally– 

Yasmine Hamady: To all the guys–

Josie Totah: I will. 

Yasmine Hamady: –in my DMS. 

Austin Crute: Let’s talk about it, let’s talk about it. 

Yasmine Hamady: It’s the way you said, all the men.

Josie Totah: Like, how are you going to be in my DMS but not be in my protest. 

Austin Crute: Right. 

Yasmine Hamady: Whoa! 

Austin Crute: Oooh. 

Josie Totah: Like that makes no sense. 

Yasmine Hamady: Wait say that again. Look at the camera and say that again.

Josie Totah: I’m nervous, but all that I’m going to say is that yeah, you know, show up and, and just do something, do something about it because. I want to sit down. I’m sitting down. But like you know what I mean?

Yasmine Hamady: No, no, like it’s time– 

Austin Crute: No yes.

Yasmine Hamady: –for you to like live– 

Josie Totah: [indistinct] 

Yasmine Hamady: –your life without the fear of living. 

Austin Crute: Mm hmm.

Josie Totah: We all have, you know whatever. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: But anyway, so that’s that. On to something more exciting. Yasmine.

Yasmine Hamady: The Murdaugh murders. 

Josie Totah: I’ve been so into this. 

Yasmine Hamady: I–

Austin Crute: Yeah this is– 

Yasmine Hamady: –have watched every docu series on this, the Netflix one, the HBO Max one. 

Josie Totah: We were just watching this the other day, and you were– 

Yasmine Hamady: We’re– 

Josie Totah: –taking out Alycia’s braids.

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah, exactly. 

Austin Crute: Oh my god. 

Yasmine Hamady: So we were at Alycia’s house, Alycia’s house, taking out her braids and we were just all, you know, cuddling and watching something really light hearted, as in the HBO Max series of the Murdaugh murders. And so I just want to tell you a little bit about this, because this is something so hot right now. And I think not saying murder is hot, but I feel like that– 

Austin Crute: But–

Josie Totah: [?] so in right now. 

Yasmine Hamady: There’s something so, that it’s a trend. Alex Murdaugh. Ale– the twist and case engulfing the scion of a prominent legal dynasty in lowcountry South Carolina. And so his father was a massive prosecutor in the area. His father was a massive prosecutor in the area and so on and so forth. So Alex had a wife. Maggie and then two sons, Buster and Paul. 

Austin Crute: Buster and Paul. 

Yasmine Hamady: And so yeah, already. And they look like the Aryan race. Like this is like– 

Austin Crute: The aryan race. [laugh]

Yasmine Hamady: This is like every white supremacist dream family, quite frankly. This is and they are all very weird people. And the murders start so early on. So it starts off with the murder of Stephen. And Stephen was a young queer boy in lowcountry, and he was um just living life. He was ready. He wanted to become a doctor. 

Austin Crute: Aw. 

Yasmine Hamady: He had so many dreams and aspirations. He was loved by his whole family. He had a community. He had friends. He was. He was a light in this world, and they found him um in the middle of the road saying it was a hit and run. There was no car lacerations on him. It was a baseball bat to the head multiple times. 

Austin Crute: [gasp] Oh my god. 

Yasmine Hamady: And it was a hate crime because it was allegedly presumed that Buster and him were having a romantic interest in each other in school because um Stephen would tutor him after school because– 

Austin Crute: Oh my God. 

Yasmine Hamady: –Buster needed help with school. And um his friends found out and he was so homophobic and he hated himself so much that he– 

Austin Crute: I’m like literally getting emotional. This–

Yasmine Hamady: –he murdered Stephen and left him in the middle of the road. Um. And his whole family covered that up. Okay. Buster is still free and out to this day. Fast forward to 2019. Paul, the youngest brother, he was 17 at the time, I presume, and he was out boating with his friends and he was an angry drunk and he was like the angry white guy at USC that would punch holes in walls and like, say to his girlfriend, like, you fucking whore, you cunt. And then the next day be like, Baby, come here. 

Austin Crute: Right. 

Yasmine Hamady: You know? 

Austin Crute: I love you. 

Yasmine Hamady: And so he was out boating and every, he was too drunk to even walk. And he was– 

Josie Totah: Everyoen begged him not to take the wheel. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. And they asked him, Please don’t drive, please don’t drive. And he kept doing it. He hit his girlfriend that night. You can see all of this in the Netflix special um or HBO series. And he was driving in circles. He was going in circles with the boat. 

Josie Totah: Like doing donuts. 

Yasmine Hamady: Doing donuts in the water– 

Austin Crute: What? 

Yasmine Hamady: –with and at two in the morning on a Sunday night. And then he was going so fast and everyone’s like, Paul, Paul, Paul, stop. And he hit the bridge. Everyone flew out of the boat into the water. Middle of the night, it was freezing. 

Austin Crute: So there were passengers? 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah, there were six of them. 

Josie Totah: It was like a group of friends that were– 

Yasmine Hamady: It was all a group of friends and they were all Snapchat videos of this. 

Josie Totah: Out on a boat, it was like a yacht. 

Austin Crute: Oh my god. 

Yasmine Hamady: It was not a yacht, it was like a small little boat. [banter]

Josie Totah: [indistinct] 

Austin Crute: Like the meme um, of the people on the boat that with the, with the waves. 

Josie Totah: I wish I knew. 

Yasmine Hamady: I don’t know. 

Josie Totah: I wish. 

Austin Crute: And the– 

Yasmine Hamady: I don’t think I’m on your wave. [fake laugh]

Josie Totah: I’m not on– [loud fake laughing]

Yasmine Hamady: Anyways. 

Josie Totah: I’m not on yacht talk. 

Yasmine Hamady: So, not yacht talk. So– 

Austin Crute: Below deck everybody. 

Yasmine Hamady: Then after that um, everyone got out of the water. There were lacerations, people were hurt, there were broken bones. 

Austin Crute: Oh no. 

Yasmine Hamady: Open wounds. But the person who was missing was Mallory. And Mallory was a young girl and she was one of their friends and they couldn’t find her. And immediately everyone was screaming. And there’s voice recordings of them saying, where’s Mallory? Where’s Mallory? But he was just saying, hey, can someone call my grandfather? And the grandfather was the head prosecutor of the town. And so when the cops came, there’s video recordings of him laughing. 

Austin Crute: Ah! 

Yasmine Hamady: And him saying him trying to talk with the, Mallory’s boyfriend. And he kept saying, get the fuck away from me, you’re going to hell. And when he went to the hospital, he was hitting on the nurses. And his–

Austin Crute: [?] hitting on the nurse. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah on the nurse. 

Josie Totah: Showing no remorse. 

Austin Crute: Eew. 

Yasmine Hamady: And no remorse. 

Josie Totah: Now is not the time.

Yasmine Hamady: He was he was laughing. And the grandfather went up to all of the people on the boat and said, I’m your representation. And they were like, no, you’re the fuck you’re not. 

Josie Totah: The grandfather was telling the other people who were on the boat to not say that Paul was the one driving the boat and to instead say to Mallory’s boyfriend, the boyfriend of the girl who died, you were the one driving the boat, right? And he was like, No, I wasn’t. And the grandfather, who was the head solicitor in the area, you know, this family is a prolific family.

Yasmine Hamady: Massive. 

Austin Crute: Like right. 

Josie Totah: In law. They said you were driving, you were driving the boat. Paul was not don’t say anything about it. So no one said anything about– 

Yasmine Hamady: And they said– 

Josie Totah: –Paul driving the boat. 

Yasmine Hamady: –don’t say you don’t know. 

Josie Totah: Yeah. So they just– 

Yasmine Hamady: Say you don’t know. 

Yasmine Hamady: –said they don’t know when the police asked them, who was driving the boat? They said, I don’t know. 

Yasmine Hamady: What’s interesting is a lot of the men there– 

Austin Crute: Ugh. 

Yasmine Hamady: –were like, we don’t know. The women were like, get the this man out of my fucking room. Paul was driving the boat. Paul was driving the boat. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: And so later on, um they found Mallory’s body. Um. She was in the water um and nothing came about it. When Paul went to court, they took his mug shot in the courtroom hallway with his polo shirt, and he just left that day. And he was just living on his own. People were still partying with him. He just lived his life continuously. He went to college after that, lived– 

Austin Crute: He thought he got away with it. 

Yasmine Hamady: –his normal life. And that’s once again, white privilege, patriarchal privilege, privilege in of itself, and then– 

Josie Totah: Except a lawsuit. 

Austin Crute: And there are people that are literally on death row right now for crimes they did not commit. 

Yasmine Hamady: Correct. 

Josie Totah: Literally. 

Austin Crute: And like have to get whole trials done, appeals. And it’s like it’s as easy as the police looking the other way on a crime that didn’t happen in order for people or, you know, people that are in jail for like marijuana, dumb stuff, stuff that’s illegal. 

Josie Totah: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: For, you know, and then somebody actually does this and y’all gone let that man run free terrorizing the streets with his flirtatious, weird ass. That’s exactly why your stank breath ass is out here about to get whole incarcerated because we on your ass now. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: You’re on Netflix, you’re on HBO. We’re on your dumb ass. 

Josie Totah: You’re on two streaming services. You must’ve done something fucked up. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah and so–

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: I mean, they’re the epitome of privilege. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yep. Fast forward to 2021. 2021, Alex Murdaugh called the police in a panic because he found his wife, Maggie, and his son Paul, dead with gunshot wounds on his property. 

Austin Crute: Mmm. 

Yasmine Hamady: Huh. How fucking convenient. 

Josie Totah: In the kennel. 

Yasmine Hamady: In the kennel. And so here’s the thing. 

Josie Totah: Where they feed the dogs. [gasp]

Yasmine Hamady: Everyone, he kept saying that he had no idea. People were out to get him and his family after Mallory died and Stephen died. Which is fucking interesting because I’d be on your ass too, if that were my family [?]. 

Austin Crute: Woooo. 

Yasmine Hamady: And so let’s go to after six weeks, September 4th, 2021, Murdaugh is injured in a roadside shooting in Hampton County because he said that he was shot in the head, which he was shot by his friend Jim Griffin. He tells news outlets that Murdaugh’s black Mercedes-Benz SUV had a flat tire and he pulled his vehicle over when a pickup truck passed by, turned around and a person inside opened fire. September 14th, 2021. Authorities allege that Murdaugh arranged for a man to kill him so that his older son, Buster, could collect his $10 million dollar life insurance policy. 

Josie Totah: That was that, that was the shot on the side of the road? 

Yasmine Hamady: That was the shot in the side of the road. Um. September 5th–. 

Austin Crute: This is some gangland stuff. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. And then September 15th, 2021, an attorney for Murdaugh, Richard Harpootlian, tells NBC’s Today Show that his client was depressed and attempting to get off an opioid addiction that continued to consume him in the wake of his wife and son’s death, which he fucking murdered. Believing his insurance policy had a suicide clause. He also said that Murdaugh enlisted a man to kill him during a fake car break down. Murdaugh released a statement after saying that he has resigned from his family’s law firm to enter rehab facility. Made a lot of decisions that he truly regrets. Does that though does that include murder, the murder of your family? 

Austin Crute: He doesn’t regret it. 

Yasmine Hamady: Does that include the cover up of the countless murders? He was found guilty just this week of the murder of his wife. 

Josie Totah: Which is so rare that do we see the justice system do its job. 

Austin Crute: Do it’s job. 

Josie Totah: That this is a man with the utmost privilege in every capacity in race and class and society. And at the end of the day, he had his day in court and he got the justice served. 

Yasmine Hamady: So. Stephen, Mallory, and Gloria. Gloria was their maid and she was found– 

Josie Totah: Yeah the maid was also found dead at the bottom– 

Yasmine Hamady: Found dead. 

Josie Totah: –of a staircase. 

Austin Crute: [?] watching this. 

Yasmine Hamady: All three–

Josie Totah: But they also they had a life insurance policy on her. And so when they killed her, they got the money and then they sued themselves on behalf of the family without the family knowing. 

Yasmine Hamady: And this just goes to show how the justice system is so beyond flawed. And if you have any position of power when you are straight, cis, and white and a male, you really can get away with murder and you can get away with anything. And it feels good to finally have him held accountable for his actions. But also, I’m like Buster’s still living his life. When Stephen was dead. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: Like Buster is still living his life. And he has called, he calls his dad every day in jail. 

Josie Totah: They need to get Buster next. [music beak]. 


Austin Crute: Okay. So first of all, little fashion moment. Victoria’s Secret– 

Yasmine Hamady: Okay.

Austin Crute: –is back. 

Josie Totah: Right. 

Austin Crute: Now, this is after like four years hiatus. Um. We’ve all seen Miss Rihanna Fenty’s– 

Yasmine Hamady: –Yup. 

Austin Crute: co– um take over of– 

Josie Totah: We have. 

Austin Crute: –the lingerie, make up space, lingerie with Savage Fenty and make up with the Fenty line and skin care with Fenty skin. I am a Fenty girl myself. 

Yasmine Hamady: Okay, girl. 

Austin Crute: I got my Fenty on right now, like my Fenty uh moisturizer. 

Josie Totah: You’re glowing. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: Um. And my you know, I’m I do the fat water. Okay. I just picked up the dark spot serum. I got the uh the eye cream now. 

Josie Totah: Oooh. 

Austin Crute: I’m a Fenty like– 

Yasmine Hamady: This is an ad for Fenty skin? 

Josie Totah: You’re Fenty-ed out. 

Austin Crute: So Victoria’s Secret in the past has had backlash for– 

Yasmine Hamady: Yup. 

Austin Crute: Having mostly, like, only white models, only like bone thin models in in in gir– and it’s just feeding into misogynistic uh the male gaze of like, what women are and everything. And it’s only time will tell if they actually taking a stand and introducing actual inclusivity into their campaign. Because right now, I don’t know it is giving performative a little bit. Honestly I secretly wear uh some Victoria’s, it’s part of my smell, as part of my signature. When you hug Austin you’re going to be smelling– 

Yasmine Hamady: Oh. 

Josie Totah: I didn’t know that. Wow, that’s a big reveal. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: That’s the that’s a secret. So–

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: –Austin Crute wears Victoria’s Secret perfume. 

Austin Crute: Lotion. 

Yasmine Hamady: Lotion. 

Josie Totah: Okay. 

Yasmine Hamady: Oh my god. 

Austin Crute: I got it from my godsister. She left it at my house one day and I was like oh my god– 

Yasmine Hamady: And you’re never going back.

Austin Crute: –this smells so good. 

Josie Totah: You’re like I’m going to get into this. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. Victoria’s Secret, I feel like, is definitely in a performative space, but honestly, only time will tell to see if they’re actually inclusive. 

Josie Totah: Because right now– 

Austin Crute: If they’re actually gonna [?]– 

Josie Totah: –we’re seeing like one pic of everybody, like– 

Austin Crute: Right. 

Josie Totah: One person of color, of darker complexion. 

Austin Crute: Mm hmm. 

Josie Totah: One trans person, one here, there. My thing is like if your entire revamp rebrand is centered and based on diversity alone, that’s not a rebrand. You’re just being diverse or like attempting to be diverse like. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: That doesn’t make you any better and any cooler or, you know, you’re just catching up with the times. And honestly, I think it’s I’m so tired of Victoria’s Secret if, you know, if you ever talk to a surgeon, they tell you not to wear Victoria’s Secret because it’s painful and it’s not good for you. 

Austin Crute: Mmm. 

Josie Totah: Um. So I’m over it. I don’t think it’s that cute. I think there are much nicer brands than that. That being said, if there’s campaigns who want us. 

Yasmine Hamady: That’s what I was going to go into. [laughter]

Josie Totah: We can talk. 

Yasmine Hamady: Well that that’s what I was going to say to that because you see Bella Hadid, Paloma Elsesser, you see, you know, so many different types of models and like Taylor Hill models and people who I really look up to in the beauty and fashion industry. And I’m like, well, you guys are a fucking sellout. But God, God damn, if they if Victoria’s Secret asked me to be in a campaign, I would. Awoogah. I would do the same damn thing. 

Austin Crute: Mm hmm. Right. 

Yasmine Hamady: Like I would be a part of that, too. So call me a sellout because, you know, yes, it took four years to rebrand. I think the rebrand is bullshit because you have Fenty, you have Parade. You have Aerie. You have so many different other lingerie and underwear brands that like Victoria’s Secret is, that’s so last year. 

Austin Crute: And they you honestly it’s like a lot of these the kids nowadays, they don’t even understand. Like that show was so big. We still have memes and like reaction videos of people watching their wife go down the runway and stuff. 

Josie Totah: When The Weeknd performed and Bella Hadid– 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah, that was– 

Austin Crute: Yeah! 

Yasmine Hamady: –that’s engrained in my head. 

Austin Crute: Um. The angels, they dropped the entire angels thing. They dropped all the angels. But I’m like, literally, that’s how you know that you’re not really on game. Because–

Yasmine Hamady: Oooh. 

Austin Crute: If you you could have just included other people to be angels rather than dropping angels all together. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Josie Totah: And I think–

Austin Crute: And getting rid of that? 

Josie Totah: I think it was the CEO of Victoria’s Secret or something that was like, we don’t hire fat people or trans people like– 

Austin Crute: Oooh. 

Josie Totah: He literally said like– 

Austin Crute: Well she’s gone March 31st. 

Josie Totah: –awful shit and like, I don’t even know. So I think it’s it’s too soon to forgive. There are other stores to buy from and that’s that. 

Austin Crute: And Fenty’s just better. 

Josie Totah: Fenty is better. 

Austin Crute: Fenty’s just better like all around.

Josie Totah: So buy from Fenty.

Austin Crute: Um. Honorable mention um, Chamiah Dewey fashion I think that’s how you say it. Um. They have they did the first ever UK line of clothes and fashion for little people. 

Josie Totah: Ooo cool. 

Austin Crute: People under– 

Yasmine Hamady: Oooh! 

Austin Crute: –four feet uh and 11 inches so– 

Josie Totah: Oh wow. 

Austin Crute: It’s like it was in London fashion week and I think that that’s so cool because that is an example of a fashion line that has purpose, that has intention, that is– 

Yasmine Hamady: It’s pushing boundaries. 

Austin Crute: –inclusive. Pushing boundaries like we’ve never seen that. I’ve never seen someone in a wheelchair going down the runway. I’ve never seen it before. 

Josie Totah: Right. 

Austin Crute: So. 

Yasmine Hamady: And that’s incredible. And that’s just– 

Austin Crute: That’s really great. 

Josie Totah: That’s amazing. 

Yasmine Hamady: That is really refreshing to hear, honestly. Austin, because I was reading how in Milan Fashion Week this year they had 77% less curve and diverse models than any other fashion week in all of the years. 

Austin Crute: What is happening in 2023? 

Yasmine Hamady: And I was really Milan like, honey, you’re so last year. It’s London, Paris now queen like– 

Austin Crute: Right. 

Yasmine Hamady: –Milan can go fuck themselves quite frankly but then you have– 

Austin Crute: Milan doesn’t even got good pasta.

Yasmine Hamady: –you have London. You have so many different types of models in Paris. Incredible Paris. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: Milan. [pause] Um. [laughter] And next um. 

Austin Crute: With the Oscars coming up, um I feel it’s only right to discuss this Chris Rock Netflix special, selective outrage. Um. Chris Rock is, this special is very controversial because he hit a lot of points. He was talking about cancel culture, talking about the state of comedy right now. And of course, he got into it about his altercation with Will Smith on the Academy stage. 

Josie Totah: A year ago. 

Austin Crute: Now, I’m a say my two cents. I’ve been reading the Shade room. I’ve been reading Hollywood Unlocked. I’ve been reading Baller Alert, Neighborhood Talk. Everything that you know, the cult– where the culture resonates. And a lot of people in the comments aren’t feeling Chris, right now. They aren’t feeling like some of the things that he said. 

Josie Totah: Why? 

Austin Crute: Um. Well, okay. So for example, one of the things that he said was he was watching. He was he watched Emancipation just to see Will Smith get whipped. Now for me. Y’all can get mad at me. I laughed at that. I thought that was funny. I thought it was funny. What? Chris Rock descended from slavery. I’m descended from slavery. Everybody descended from slavery in the room. I thought that that was funny. Y’all got to understand now listen. 

Josie Totah: Not in this room. 

Austin Crute: I’m a I’m a defend Chris Rock. I’m a defend Chris Rock just a little bit. Chris was slapped very hard. That boy was seeing stars while he was seeing stars. 

Yasmine Hamady: Oh my god. 

Austin Crute: Okay. He was seeing stars on the Oscars stage. Humiliated in front of the– 

Josie Totah: Millions. 

Austin Crute: –entire world. Like everybody saw that. And he handled it so classy. I couldn’t have handled it like that. I feel he handled it very classy. He did not like after the fact, attack Will and make it this whole thing, he kind of just let the industry around him be like, oh, that was just so uncalled for. Oh, my gosh. Have y’all ever seen this? 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Austin Crute: Oh, this ghetto activity that is on our Academy stage. Honestly, even the Black celebrities coming out, I’m not going to call out no names, but y’all know who y’all are. Honestly, I feel like it was a little bit come on, now. Like y’all are. I will one day hopefully be in the academy, you know. 

Josie Totah: Yes you will. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yep. 

Austin Crute: Talks and this and that and the third. We not about to act like a couple of years before that, Chris Rock was the host of the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite um hashtag that Jada Pinkett Smith brought about to the Oscars. She’s the one who even started the #OscarsSoWhite thing because Will Smith did not get um nominated for like something that was that year, the Leonardo DiCaprio winning, winnig one finally that year. Um so–

Yasmine Hamady: The Revenant year. 

Austin Crute: The remnant year. Yes. So it. The Revenant, The Revenant. So it was just it’s just interesting to me that people are more so concerned about how kind of like the victim of the situation is handling it. This is this was his time. He waited until he had a special, maybe the rest of people are over it, but he’s not. Obviously, he has some things to say and I’m going to let him cook and I’m going to let him do what he needs to do. And I thought it was funny. And, you know. 

Yasmine Hamady: That’s a hot take. 

Austin Crute: That’s just that.

Josie Totah: That is a hot take. Listen, I love Will Smith. I love him so much. 

Austin Crute: I love him too. 

Josie Totah: I always loved him. I love him– 

Austin Crute: And his children. 

Josie Totah: –a lot. 

Yasmine Hamady: Mm hmm. 

Josie Totah: And I also love– 

Austin Crute: And Jada. 

Josie Totah: –Chris Rock. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: I remember seeing Chris Rock perform when I was ten years old and it changed my life. But I also am not Black and I’m also not a man. 

Austin Crute: But I think I mean, there could be a industry level of like seeing it in terms of like, okay, if anyone was on an award show stage and got physically assaulted or attacked in that manner for any reason, like I understand that he was going after Will Smith’s wife and everything, shout out to, you know, defending your partner, because I don’t think that it was, huh. Wow. I’m you know, I’m not defending Will Smith’s actions, but he did what he did and it was entertainment. You’re acting like we would have actually watched the Oscars if that didn’t happen. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah, fair. 

Austin Crute: Stop acting like that didn’t give you ratings. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: Nobody was watching the Oscars that year, nobody’s going to watch the Oscars like. 

Josie Totah: It did. 

Austin Crute: [?] 

Josie Totah: And honestly, I feel like I mean, obviously. Things take time to heal. And these are two icons. And I feel like there’ll be a time where everything will be–

Austin Crute: Right. 

Josie Totah: –back to normal. 

Austin Crute: It’ll be back to normal. 

Yasmine Hamady: It’ll be fine. 

Josie Totah: But people need to heal. 

Austin Crute: Yeah people need to heal. 

Josie Totah: And I’m excited to see what Chris does and I hope Will invites me over. 

Austin Crute: Yeah same. 

Yasmine Hamady: So I think segueing into that, I want to get your– 

Josie Totah: Together. 

Austin Crute: Yeah together that’d be great. 

Yasmine Hamady: I want to get your opinions on Oscar predictions because I know it’s a hot fucking year and there’s some good films out there and I want to get everyone’s predictions. And so when we get this out, when this comes out on Thursday, I just want everyone to really think about what films are going to be nominated for, start fights with your friends about it. Don’t slap your friends about it. But so we have Everything Everywhere All At Once. 

Josie Totah: Yeah, if they do the right thing. I think Everything, Everywhere All At Once will win best picture. 

Austin Crute: I think it will too. 

Yasmine Hamady: And then– 

Austin Crute: I saw it, I loved it. 

Yasmine Hamady: I Oh, it’s I think it’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen. And then obviously there’s Tar. Now Tar gets me feeling a type of way. And when I see Cate Blanchett conducting music, conducting music– 

Josie Totah: Was it really good? 

Yasmine Hamady: I’ve not seen it, but I [laughing] I’ve seen. No, but what I’ve seen are like little clips from it, and it’s just like as someone who’s queer, Cate Blanchett is the blueprint. Period, just like stop sentence right then and there. So–

Josie Totah: I also love Triangle of Sadness. I thought it– 

Yasmine Hamady: Did you really? 

Josie Totah: Oh, yeah. Did you see it?

Yasmine Hamady: I started it and I couldn’t get into it. 

Josie Totah: Oh, I thought it was incredible. I think h– 

Austin Crute: I walked into my roommates watching it and saw them in the jungle. But other than that, I don’t know what’s going on. 

Josie Totah: I think it’s so funny. And I think the woman who, like, ends up at the end um torturing them is so iconic and talented. And I think Harris Dickinson is so talented. And I love Harris Dickinson. Um. I’m a big fan of that. But I definitely think Everything Everywhere is a frontrunner. I think Avatar has a really good chance. 

Yasmine Hamady: Huh? 

Josie Totah: I do. 

Yasmine Hamady: Why? 

Austin Crute: Avatar: The Way of Water? 

Josie Totah: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: I think it does too. 

Yasmine Hamady: What? 

Austin Crute: I think it does. 

Yasmine Hamady: Okay, so for best actor– 

Austin Crute: [?] Avatar. 

Yasmine Hamady: We have Brendan Fraser for the Whale. Austin Butler in Elvis. 

Josie Totah: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: Colin Farrell in the Banshees. Bill Nighy in Living and Paul Mescal in Aftersun. Paul Mescal–

Josie Totah: So this is really a competition between Austin Butler and um Brendan Fraser. And I really feel like we were leaning towards Austin Butler until Brendan Fraser took home the SAG Award. 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: Which I think said a lot about the Oscars, because usually the SAG kind of informs that and I think the SAG uh ensemble went to Everything Everywhere All At Once. If I’m not–

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. Yes it did. 

Josie Totah: Did it? Can you guys check that? 

Yasmine Hamady: It did. 

Josie Totah: Which in history um it has been shown that the cast that wins ensemble is usually the one that’s going to win best picture. 

Yasmine Hamady: Oh. 

Josie Totah: So that’s that. Um. I think that Brendan Fraser has had like an extremely long career and hasn’t gotten, you know, the chances that that he’s needed to really showcase himself until the Whale, he’s really incredible in it. But I think Austin’s performance alone, even in this like single, you know, major career uh role I think still earns him the Oscar. I think he was so fabulous in it and I wouldn’t be mad at either of them winning. But if I had to guess, I [pause]– 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah, well, who would you choose? 

Josie Totah: Well I think I want Austin Butler to win because he was on the Disney Channel, and– 

Yasmine Hamady: Aw. 

Josie Totah: I feel like he’s young. 

Austin Crute: Okay. 

Josie Totah: You know, we’ve seen his journey. Um. I think Austin Butler will win. 

Yasmine Hamady: Okay. 

Yasmine Hamady: If I’m going to be honest with you, I feel like this is one of the first years and as someone who’s, like, derived from the stage, like myself. Character actors and character uh the portrayal of these specific types of characters are something that we haven’t seen in so long, and it’s so beautiful, like with Brendan Fraser in the Whale. I mean, I think we need to remind ourselves he was blacklisted for a while because he came out and spoke about, you know, his sexual assaults within someone in the industry and people wouldn’t work with him for years. And he’s, he was in, you know, the what was it the he was in what–

Austin Crute: The Mummy. 

Yasmine Hamady: The Mummy. He was in what’s the swinging uh– 

Austin Crute: George of the jungle. 

Yasmine Hamady: George of the jungle. He was in so many– 

Josie Totah: You’re good at that. 

Austin Crute: Look. 

Yasmine Hamady: Look and he was in so many things. And I think his performance– 

Josie Totah: It’s incredible. 

Yasmine Hamady: –is out of this world. 

Austin Crute: It uh I can’t wait to see it. 

Yasmine Hamady: And he and he needs his flowers. He needs his flowers. 

Austin Crute: He needs his flowers. 

Yasmine Hamady: And I do think Austin can should. I think both can exist at the same time where you can recognize and not win the performance. So I guess we’ll see. And then–

Josie Totah: So if someone said that I would vote for Brendan, so maybe Brendan is going to be winning. 

Austin Crute: Yeah, I kind of want him to win too because like– 

Yasmine Hamady: I do want him to win I’m sorry. 

Austin Crute: –he’s had a longer like, Austin is going to have another chance to, like, do it, but it’s like– 

Josie Totah: That’s true. 

Austin Crute: You know, a little bit older, he’s a little bit more seasoned and this will be a good time for him to get the recognition for his whole career. 

Yasmine Hamady: I agree. It’s kind of like Leonardo with The Revenant, like– 

Austin Crute: Yes. 

Yasmine Hamady: For so many things. 

Austin Crute: It feels like The Revenant wasn’t the movie to get like not saying, I first of all– 

Yasmine Hamady: I think [?]–

Austin Crute: I haven’t seen The Revenant. 

Yasmine Hamady: I think The Wolf of Wall Street should have got him that Oscar. 

Austin Crute: Right. It’s like there are so many other movies that you could have picked to give Leo the Oscar. And really that was just the Oscar being given because it’s like, come on, give him a Oscar. [laugh] Like–

Yasmine Hamady: Um. And then I want to pause at the best actress. 

Austin Crute: Mm hmm. 

Josie Totah: Best actress is 100% going to be Michelle Yeoh. I mean it’s– 

Yasmine Hamady: If it’s not her, I will never– 

Josie Totah: She has it.

Yasmine Hamady: –watch the Oscars again. 

Josie Totah: She has it in the bag. And I think everybody knows that. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: For supporting actress. I think the top four are Hong Chau, Stephanie, Jamie Lee Curtis and Angela Bassett. I think the top three are Stephanie, Jamie Lee Curtis and Angela Bassett. And I think ultimately it’s going to come down to Jamie Lee Curtis and Angela Bassett, two roles that were performed incredibly. But this award is so much more than this role. I think it says a lot more about their career at large. And both Angela Bassett and Jamie Lee Curtis, I feel like have been at it for so long. And the Academy tends to award based on people’s journeys as opposed– 

Austin Crute: Journeys. 

Josie Totah: –to the specific role itself, as we saw with– 

Yasmine Hamady: Oooh. 

Josie Totah: –Leo DiCaprio. It’s just– 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Josie Totah: –something that they do. I think this one is going to go to Angela Bassett or Jamie Lee. I think if I– 

Austin Crute: Same. 

Josie Totah: –had to pick, I would I would want Angela. I think she has had a more a steeper climb than Jamie Lee Curtis, as far as roles. Um. I think they’ve been a lot more emotionally challenging than some of the ones Jamie Lee has done. I think they both deserve it, but I think Angela is going to win. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: I agree. And I think Jamie Lee Curtis would even agree with us with that. 

Austin Crute: No. Yeah. I feel like– 

Josie Totah: It’s really good. 

Austin Crute: –even literally the role that Angela plays in her respective story in her movie is greater than the role that Jamie Lee Curtis plays in Everything Everywhere All At Once. And I saw Everything Everywhere All At Once. And honestly, Stephanie, is Stephanie Hsu the daughter? 

Yasmine Hamady: Yeah. 

Austin Crute: Period. 

Yasmine Hamady: Have you seen her audition tape for that? 

Austin Crute: Yes. On Twitter. 

Yasmine Hamady: That is one of the best, on Twitter! It was one of the best performances I have seen in audition. 

Austin Crute: You know, honestly, if it goes to either uh Stephanie or Angela, I’ll be happy. But the Oscars would be smart to just give it to Angela because the Ariana DeBose memes would have y’all trending. Just saying. 

Josie Totah: A hundred percent. And I just also can’t stand to see Jamie Lee Curtis on that stage doing, [doing an impersonation] Michelle Yeoh. Michelle Yeoh. Like the way that she it’s like I’ve never seen a woman say so many positive things in such an angry voice. 

Yasmine Hamady: No, I love that. 

Josie Totah: She’s literally like– 

Yasmine Hamady: I love their friendship. 

Josie Totah: I love you. 

Austin Crute: Yes. It’s cute. 

Yasmine Hamady: I love their friendship. 

Josie Totah: When they asked her about Angela Bassett’s performance, she was like, everybody needs to shut the fuck up. Because Angela Bassett. And Michelle Yeoh. 

Yasmine Hamady: Please. 

Josie Totah: Michelle Yeoh. Michelle Yeoh. I love you. Michelle Yeoh. Like we get it. 

Yasmine Hamady: I don’t care they’ll be no– 

Josie Totah: How many times do you need to say Michelle Yeoh? 

Yasmine Hamady: There will be no slander of Jamie Lee– 

Austin Crute: She’s cute. 

Yasmine Hamady: –Curtis in this home. 

Josie Totah: But do you know what I mean? 

Yasmine Hamady: And I’ll say that, I do know what you say. Michelle Yeoh. Um. And so with that. 

Josie Totah: It’s also the way she says it, like Michelle Yeoh. [elongating syllables]

Austin Crute: Not Michelle Yeoh. 

Yasmine Hamady: So with that. 

Josie Totah: You know what I mean, it’s so weird. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: I think the Oscars, Fashion Week, the awful, fucking horrific anti-trans bills, the Murdaugh trials. I think we’re set for today’s episode, what do you, what do you all think? 

Austin Crute: Um. I think as well. 

Yasmine Hamady: Mmm. 

Austin Crute: I think as well we all [?].

Josie Totah: I’m excited to see how everything turns out and live, laugh, fucking–

Yasmine Hamady: –Love. 

Josie Totah: –cunt. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: And fuck Marjorie Taylor Blue. Thank you all. 

Austin Crute: Yeah. 

Yasmine Hamady: We’ll see you next week. [music break]

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Yasmine Hamady: And me, Yasmine Hamady.

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Josie Totah: Lastly, thank you to Jordan Silver, Gabriela Leverette, Jesse McLean, Caroline Heywood, Shaina Hortsmann, Deisi Cruz, Danielle Jensen and Ewa Okulate for marketing the show and making us look so damn good.