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“Mother Dearest” (with Jane Marie)

Mother Dearest

It’s the mother of all episodes! Erin Ryan and the ever-electable Alyssa Mastromonaco discuss this week’s news– from new maternal mortality legislation to what’s happening in Georgia. Then, Tien Tran, Grace Parra and special guest Jane Marie join in-studio to discuss moms– what they’ve gone through to bring us into the world and what they’ve taught us. And finally, a very special Hysteria moms edition of the hills we’ll die on.

Support maternal and women’s reproductive health:

Black Mama’s Matter Alliance

Physicians for Reproductive Health

Also, Alyssa is participating in a Spelling Bee Fundraiser to Benefit HeadCount.org, support here:

Notes on Mothers: *bold please

My Mother, My Daughter by Sam Irby

The Mother of all Questions by Rebecca Solnit

Why Are all the Cartoon Mothers Dead?

Giving Birth Ruined My Vagina, So I Got a New One

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