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April 06, 2020
Pod Save America
“More Warren, less Kushner.”

In This Episode

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner let the states fend for themselves, Republicans in Wisconsin fight Democratic efforts to make voting safer, and Bernie Sanders’s advisors encourage him to end his candidacy. Then Elizabeth Warren talks to Jon F. about her plans to fix our public health and economic crises, and how she’s thinking about the November election.

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Show notes


  • NYT: Official Counts Understate the US Coronavirus Death Toll
  • Politico: ‘There will be death’: Trump warns of ‘toughest week’ ahead
  • PBS: Trump says ‘toughest’ weeks ahead as coronavirus spreads
  • NYT: See Which States and Cities Have Told Residents to Stay at Home
  • ABC News: Competition among state, local governments creates bidding war for medical equipment
  • Marketplace: How did we end up in a ventilator bidding war?
  • Politico: Desperate lawmakers hunt for medical supplies as Trump takes hands-off approach
  • AP: U.S. ‘wasted’ months before preparing for virus pandemic
  • Politico: Despite expanded DPA, confusion reigns over coronavirus industrial response
  • Vox: America’s emergency medical stockpile is almost empty. Nobody knows what happens next.
  • Pro Publica: How Tea Party Budget Battles Left the National Emergency Medical Stockpile Unprepared for Coronavirus
  • USA Today: Trump hasn’t ordered any ventilators from GM, despite saying he was using wartime powers to force production
  • WaPo: Protective gear in national stockpile is nearly depleted, DHS officials say
  • NYT: Wartime Production Law Has Been Used Routinely, but Not With Coronavirus 
  • NYT: We Need More From Washington
  • Boston Globe: In state’s intense chase for protective equipment, coronavirus isn’t the only rival — the feds are, too
  • Politico: Strategic National Stockpile description altered online after Kushner’s remarks 
  • Politifact: Fact-checking Jared Kushner’s comments on the national stockpile
  • CNN: Kushner: The federal stockpile is ours, not the states’
  • CNN: Why these 8 Republican governors are holding out on statewide stay-at-home orders
  • NYT: Holdout States Resist Calls for Stay-at-Home Orders: ‘What Are You Waiting For?’
  • WaPo: ‘I just don’t understand why we’re not doing that’: Fauci calls for nationwide stay-at-home order, despite Trump’s resistance
  • ABC News: Trump resists a nationwide stay-at-home order. Fauci says ‘I don’t understand why’ some states not acting
  • USA Today: ‘This will blow over’: In states without stay-at-home orders, Americans celebrate freedom as death toll climbs
  • The Guardian: The US churches and pastors ignoring ‘stay-at-home’ orders
  • Bloomberg: Florida Follows Others in Allowing Church Amid Stay-Home Order
  • WaPo: New face mask guidance comes after battle between White House and CDC
  • CNN: CDC recommends Americans wear face masks voluntarily in public but some officials say they felt ‘pressured’ to draft new guidelines
  • The Guardian: ‘I’m not going to do it’: Trump rejects his own administration’s advice on masks
  • NBC News: CDC recommends people wear cloth masks in public – but Trump says he won’t
  • Vox: The CDC now recommends everyone use cloth masks in public
  • WaPo: Confirmed coronavirus cases top 300,000 in U.S. as Fauci stresses social distancing is ‘our most important tool’
  • WaPo: Social distancing works. The earlier the better, California and Washington data show.
  • CNN: Social distancing appears to be slowing the spread of coronavirus in some areas but crisis won’t end soon, officials say
  • LA Times: Social distancing may have helped California slow the virus and avoid New York’s fate
  • CNN: Fauci: We see “glimmers” that social distancing is working 
  • NYT: Restrictions Are Slowing Coronavirus Infections, New Data Suggest
  • The Hill: South Korea adding two weeks to social distancing efforts
  • WaPo: What we need to know before we can end social distancing
  • NYT: When Will Social Distancing Let Up?
  • The Atlantic: The Four Possible Timelines for Life Returning to Normal 
  • Axios: Trump sees “sooner rather than later” return of pro sports
  • Mercury News: Coronavirus: Trump predicts fans in NFL stands by fall. Not in California, Newsom says
  • NYT: Democrats Postpone Convention, and a Test of Wills With Republicans Looms
  • Politico: Democrats postpone presidential convention until Aug. 17 
  • Mediaite: Jake Tapper Directs Message to Trump on Shortages of Tests and Medical Supplies: ‘What’s the Plan?’ 
  • Politico: Social distancing guidelines will likely be in place beyond April, surgeon general says
  • Buzzfeed News: Social Distancing Might Stop. And Start. And Stop. And Start. Until We Have A Vaccine.
  • Vox: Social distancing can’t last forever. Here’s what should come next.
  • Politico: A Game Plan to End Social Distancing


  • WaPo: Trump, GOP challenge efforts to make voting easier amid coronavirus pandemic
  • Vanity Fair – Republicans Now Just Admitting They Want Fewer Americans To Vote
  • WaPo: Wisconsin legislature comes under fire for ‘unconscionable’ decision to hold primary amid coronavirus pandemic
  • Politico: Wisconsin mayors implore top health official to ‘step up’ and shut down primary 
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – In matter of seconds, Republicans stall Gov. Tony Evers’ move to postpone Tuesday election
  • LA Times – Wisconsin GOP will ask U.S. Supreme Court to block extended absentee voting
  • Politico: Trump campaign declares war on Dems over voting rules for November
  • NY Mag – Get Ready for Guerrilla Warfare on Voting Rules
  • WaPo: Wisconsin’s decision to hold its primary marks a worst-case scenario for elections amid a pandemic
  • Medium – Your Most Paranoid Pandemic Election Questions, Answered
  • Vice: Republicans Are Forcing Wisconsin to Hold an Election in a Coronavirus Pandemic – Why?
  • Vox: Wisconsin Republicans rebuff governor’s 11th-hour bid to delay Tuesday’s election
  • WaPo: The Trailer: The fear and politics around expanding voting by mail
  • Politico: The new coronavirus funding battle over the November election
  • Vox: Texas’s election law could disenfranchise millions during a pandemic
  • The Atlantic – How to Fix Our Voting Rules Before November 
  • WSJ: Democrats Push for Voting by Mail Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
  • CNN: Coronavirus pandemic intensifies Democrats’ vote-by-mail push and ignites longstanding fight over voting rights 
  • GQ – It’s Time for Democrats to Go Big—Really Big
  • NYT: Democrats Postpone Convention, and a Test of Wills With Republicans Looms
  • NYT: With Campaigns in Remote Mode, Pandemic Upends Battle for Congress
  • NYT: What It’s Like to Run for Congress Without Health Insurance During a Pandemic
  • WaPo: Some top Sanders advisers urge him to consider withdrawing
  • Politico: Sanders’ ’narrow path’ to victory gets even narrower
  • NBC News – Sanders risks his movement’s clout by staying in the race against Biden too long
  • CNN: You have a lot to be proud of, Sen. Sanders. Now it’s time to go
  • Politico: Biden tells Sanders he’s pushing ahead with VP, Cabinet picks
  • NYT: Biden Has Talked to Sanders About Process for Picking a Running Mate
  • Politico: It’s the coronavirus, stupid
  • McClatchy: How Bernie Sanders could help fix Joe Biden’s Latino voter problem
  • WaPo: Biden seeks to revive fundraising momentum as coronavirus
  • WaPo: Biden says it was ‘close to criminal’ for Navy to oust captain who warned of coronavirus outbreak on aircraft carrie
  • Wapo: How this crisis could help us get to health-care reform
  • NYT: Progressives Built an Organizing Juggernaut for 2020. Then the Virus Hit.
  • NYT: Politics Through the Looking Glass: Virus Scrambles the Left-Right Lines
  • WaPo: The Trailer: The pandemic and the protesters