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October 12, 2022
Keep It
“Miss Congenialitea” w. Taylor Hale

In This Episode

Ira and Louis’s guest host this week is the legendary winner of Big Brother 24, Taylor Hale! We discuss her time in the Big Brother house, plus our favorite reality shows, films we can’t get enough of, and more.
Plus, Charlie Puth’s new album, Madonna’s coming out, Days of Our Lives airing daytime’s first threesome, and who we’re never talking about on Keep It again.

Ira Madison III And we are back with an all new episode of Keep It. I’m Ira Madison, the third.


Louis Virtel I’m Louis Virtel. And before we introduce our tremendous and esteemed guest, I just want to say that on Thursday, within 24 hours, three things occurred. Cate Blanchett’s new movie, Tar, came out. Charlie Puth released a new album and the season of The Mole came out. The long awaited revival of The Mole, and I think October 6th has to be official Keep It day now from here on out in the future. That’s like all of our chakras all together.


Ira Madison III Was that an about October surprise?


Louis Virtel Yeah, that’s right. Not that we’re Libras or whatever, October 6th is but yeah, yeah.


Ira Madison III Tar is fantastic. By the way. I saw it last night.


Louis Virtel We’ll need to have a whole conversation about that in the feature.


Ira Madison III Yeah, we will. We will. But like Cate Blanchett, like call me a Tar baby. Okay. So.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. Let me get the Brair Rabbit on speed dial, baby.


Ira Madison III Charlie Puth’s album is very good.


Louis Virtel I disagree, but.


Ira Madison III You do? Okay


Louis Virtel I appreciate. That he tried it. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Oh, we’ll get into that in a future episode too. And The Mole was very good, but we’ll talk about that this week because our guest, not just our guest, but our guest host this week is the esteemed, iconic, gorgeous winner of Big Brother, Taylor Hale.


Taylor Hale That’s fucking right! Hi. I mean I didn’t hear a lie. So like, you know, who am I to deny the things? The truth. Hi guys!


Louis Virtel You were such an amazing Big Brother contestant. And also, I just want to say, like your arc on the show from like seemingly doomed contestant on Big Brother to somebody who was accelerating to victory eventually is so mind boggling. And I just I just thank you for being on the show because I have never been so thrilled for a contestant in God years and years.


Taylor Hale It’s been I mean, you guys saw it was an absolute whirlwind. I went through hell in that house and then, yeah, you’re right, it was just us full steam speed to the end. And even in the end, I’m sure I give you guys a little bit of a curveball with part one and two of the h.O.H. Comps I was really in and now and up and down the whole time. But to walk out as the winningest winner ever of the show was pretty damn good. Laughing all the way to the bank now.


Ira Madison III Yes! America’s favorite player. Okay


Taylor Hale That’s right.


Ira Madison III I want you to know that constantly online was the conversation. Can someone win Big Brother and America’s favorite player? And we all kept being right. No, you can’t. No one’s just ever been popular enough to have it happen.


Taylor Hale Right. You know, and even then, you know, I the only season that I really watched in real time was last year with the out and I remember just wanting to have me to went before she shot itself in the foot. I wanted Tiffany to win so badly and I thought like she could win AFP and the whole show. It could happen. But, you know, that was my destiny, not hers.


Louis Virtel I mean, well, obviously get into this in our reality TV discussion, but I like you as a contestant. I felt it was so unusual for the show and that literally, not once during a confessional did I ever feel like you were screaming at us or.


Taylor Hale You heard our survey until like.


Louis Virtel Really like exclaim all of your observations and paranoias to us. When you were auditioning for the show, did you feel like I just imagine you were surrounded by, you know, auditioners who were, you know, loud and animated and doing their best? Get the producers to look at me thing. And you to me just casually sort of draw attention. Did you I mean, like, how did you stand out basically during the auditions?


Taylor Hale I think I’m so dry that that’s enough to stand out in its own right. I even when I thought I was really giving a lot in the air, I watched the episodes. I’m like, Taylor, where is the inflection? Like, what is going on? You’re very give me more. But it’s it’s my face. It’s my voice. I can’t I could control it, but I feel I’m on the act. But, you know, it just I am who I am. That’s why I went to the house and I as myself and I just I’m not a lot of drama. That’s not my style. Could you imagine me? Oh, my God. I have to win this year to secure my say. Know I’m like like these are. Put me on the block. I get of course I want this veto. Chop, chop. I got to go prep mentally. Oh my God


Louis Virtel No, I hope that’s a precedent for the future because truly I need eventually like a hearing aid after I’m done with a season of Big Brother.


Ira Madison III People shout so much. And like even when you were loud during your speech, you know, before you won, I think that’s just because, you know, like it’s live TV. You’re like, you want everyone to hear you outside because it’s not just piped in the Julie’s ear, but like people are constantly shouting on that show. And I rewatched like a bunch of the winners speeches to it. It’s like they’re shouting even more at. It’s like you’re saying it so quickly. It’s like you’re running out of time and it’s like it was just nice to not have my decibels blown.


Louis Virtel Right, yeah. I hope this sets a precedent. Yes.


Taylor Hale I hope so too. Anything to protect your ears.


Ira Madison III Be quiet.


Louis Virtel Yeah, that’s the real. Keep it right there. Keep it to yourself.


Ira Madison III Well, we have so much to ask you about, Big Brother, but also we’re going to talk about the show in general and our favorite reality TV set like with you, because you know you’re here with us all episode. We’re also going to get into some questions about you too, in general as Taylor the icon. And then we’re going to talk about some of our favorite like culture said, you know, like our movies or TV’s like the things that you were you can’t stop watching. We Lewis and I last week were talking about something that jumped this conversation off when we were talking about movies we’ve seen like way too many times, whether or not they’re even our favorite movie or whether or not like they’re perfect as a film. We were talking about, you know, you were like, you include so many times. And I was like, I’ve seen it so many times and I have critiques of it now. So we want to know what you’ve seen so many times, what you love, what we all share.


Taylor Hale I’ll give it to you.


Ira Madison III And we will be right back. Oh, please do we?


Louis Virtel Oh my god. The ride begins.


Ira Madison III We will be right back with more Keep It.


Ira Madison III How could we have Taylor on and not talk about some reality TV? So let’s chat a bit about her time on Big Brother, our favorite reality TV moments and the new version of The Mole, which Louis and I are currently obsessed with. So Taylor. First things first, the big brother house. My first question is. What was it like listening to Renaissance for the first time in that house?


Louis Virtel Yes. Oh, my God what a moment!


Ira Madison III Like, there was there was some, like, rumor or something online that, like, it’s it’s in an iPod shuffle or something, so it’s not in the same order. Is that true? And like, what songs were you like reacting to the most the first time? Because we’re just listening to we’re just watching you like with headphones on and we’re seeing you mouthed along with there is a going bit. Yes. I mean, like.


Taylor Hale What song was it.


Taylor Hale In her ears?


Louis Virtel I reiterate quickly that the clip we’re talking about is when Taylor was head of household. One week you get to choose the music you listen to on headphones and in Big Brother, and she got to listen to the new Beyonce album, which is pretty unprecedented that you would get a new album, you know, during your time in the house. So.


Taylor Hale Well, first I the single Break My Soul was released literally the week before we got into the house and the date was released. So I was like, I know it’s coming out. It’s public in some capacity. I know there’s a loophole where if I’m h.O.H. You got to give it to me. But the first, like, I’m pulling out the album right now. Okay. So the first song that played was Summer Renaissance, but there’s a button on the shuffle where you can actually make an iPod shuffle. So an album is in order. So I thought I put that like I thought I put the album on that note. So the first song I heard was Summer Renaissance. I thought that was the first song of the album. And then it went to I’m That Girl and played everything in order. So I was like, okay, I was thinking, everything in order. It’s all perfect. No, someone probably just listened to that song less and then it kicked off in order from there. But I mean, you hear the sample, Donna Summer sample. I was just like like I felt like my soul is levitating when I hear that song. Like, it literally rises. I don’t know music that well, like music terms. I just like the cadence rises and levitates. And I was like, I have been lifted. Queen beyonce, like you have levitated me. Thank you. And i think like winning h.o.h. At that point. For those who aren’t familiar with the show head of household, you get power, you nominate people to evict. And when i won head of household that week, it was very crucial because it secured my spot in the finale in the final three. And it was like literally the weight of the game, which was hell just lifted off of me. And I had this decision to make on who my allies were, who I thought I could beat and take to the end like I am that girl I got a lot of really like this is made for me, but we’re getting some songs that really resonated with me. It was key that these missions were pissing me off.


Taylor Hale I know how hard I knew why.


Taylor Hale That was the theme song. Okay, I was in the tub, I was in the bed. I was snatch the headphones off of somebody else and I was like, Give me that song.


Taylor Hale We listen to those.


Ira Madison III Of a truly one more thing about the head of household room. One of my pet peeves as a viewer is how everyone decides that the head of household room is a communal room when someone waves, right?


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III And it’s like, I won this. Get out.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Taylor Hale It’s just I. That’s why I was so not in the room the first week. I was like, No, that’s their space. But you need to make that a communal room when you are playing the game, like do the best in there. And people, if they’re too weak to set boundaries, that’s on them. But you need to get out there and be friends, use that shower, sleep in the bed like we get very uncomfortably close, whether you’re actually allies or not, the house and you have to take the game. But yeah, I thought it was weird. I’m an only child. I don’t share it, but here I am like, get in my bed and use my shower. Use my shower. Oh, black girl shower with.


Taylor Hale Well.


Louis Virtel We bring them up all the time. I keep it. But one of my best friends is Andy. Who won. Yeah, brother. 15, I think. Believe that’s correct. And the first time I met him was the day after he won Big Brother. And we were sitting literally at his hotel in L.A. and in the middle of our conversation, I don’t know what we were talking about, but he suddenly jolted like he still he was like, Oh my God. For a minute I thought I still had a microphone on me. And I was wondering, what are the aftershocks like after you leave the house? Like you still feel like pangs of having been there.


Taylor Hale Oh, do I? So there’s obviously people will say like, oh, look, I feel like I still have my mike on me. I have felt a little bit more like my phone has taken the place of that. So I don’t get the pain of like, Oh, wake up and go change my battery. I don’t have that in me anymore. And I really didn’t leaving the house. But the weird thing is that when I have conversation, this is just how I approach the game. That’s why people think I’m a saint. I beg to differ. But when I was having conversations in the house, I was very aware that the cameras were on. So instead of having a one on one conversation, you know, I would engage. My approach is more I need this person to keep talking and spewing their bullshit because I know everybody else is watching and I know I’m not a crazy bitch. So you keep talking and I will just give reaction. But not lead the conversation and I’ve noticed that carry over into my real life like I’m talking to people as if they’re so cameras and everybody else can see what’s going on. So it’s almost like an office moment. I’m almost like, you all see the set. But then I realize, oh, oh no, you have to actually engage valid the different thing. And I think that’s the big one for me. There’s no other like really odd things. I sometimes feel like I hear the the sound calls that happened. It’s like, please go to the diary room. Please go to the storage room. I missed that a little of that because that was just fun to mess with. But outside of that, I think it’s really the way that I converse with people.


Louis Virtel Well, I would say this has got to be partly why you were such a compelling player, because you know that the camera eats first. You’re like serving that conversation to everybody watching.


Taylor Hale Exactly. It’s like you zoom on in to what this dummy is saying and I will look at you afterwards and be like, yeah, I got that.


Taylor Hale All right.


Taylor Hale You know what’s in my head because I know what’s in your head. And they just said what they really said out loud. Okay, we’re good.


Ira Madison III The reason why I think that America has been obsessed with Big Brother for so long, the reason why we have, you know, it’s like it’s. It’s insane because we love games as Americans, obviously, like we love playing games with friends and it’s like it’s wild to watch people play this big game, you know, you’re all stuck in a house and you’re all competing to win a cash prize. But it’s what about the game? Watching it at home, particularly with the cookout season, which was like an iconic season as well to then being in the house. What did you not get from watching it on TV that you were like, Oh, I wasn’t prepared for this.


Taylor Hale The fact that you are literally living your own life like you people say, I’m going to go in as this type of competitor. I’m going to have this strategy. You’re legitimately just a human being being surveilled. So whatever strategy your game plays or personas you want to take on, it’s going to fade very quickly because that’s 90 days that you have to keep that up. It’s just not going to happen. 90 days with dwindling people who see more your bullshit as you go along. You don’t realize that yes, there is a game, but you’re still a human being playing the game, so you’re not prepared for actually getting in there and living your second by second life, conversing with other people, communicating with other people and having it interpreted as game. We’re is not going to be as prepared as you can’t be because we all wake up, we all take a shower, we all go to the bathroom. These are mundane things that ties into the game, but it’s just you have to navigate it differently. It’s very it’s a mind fuck because it’s like, oh, wait, I’m I’m still a person, but all of America is watching me. But all I’m doing is like filing my emails and people are wondering what’s in my head. You just don’t realize how much that messes with your brain when you’re inside the house.


Taylor Hale Oh.


Louis Virtel Oh, that’s a really it’s an interesting insight by being yourself. You’re acting in a way.


Taylor Hale Exactly like I was my SAG avatar. Like, this is I think.


Taylor Hale It’s.


Taylor Hale Very bizarre.


Louis Virtel I feel that’s coming.


Taylor Hale *laugs*.


Ira Madison III It’s wow that you don’t get SAG being on Big Brother.


Taylor Hale Well on any reality show, you know there’s no union for reality TV personalities and maybe that’ll change.


Ira Madison III Yeah. But even that of the feeling like you’re acting, I feel like people forget that you who are superfans, that the feeds for the show are on all the time. So it’s not just you’re living your life and you’re like, CBS is going to pick interesting moments and put them on camera for people to watch. No, there are people at home like like me laying on my couch, like I’m eating dinner. Watching you either having a conversation by the pool.


Taylor Hale Laying on the couch, eating dinner.


Ira Madison III On the couch, eating dinner, eating, eating your lay’s chips. Or like truly, sometimes you just tune in and people like having convos and they’re just sort of like sitting around looking at each other, just sort of nodding like you would with your friends if you were hanging out. But like, this is you being broadcast to millions of people literally doing nothing. And that, I think, is still surreal to me, tuning in and watching people like that, because it’s it’s so voyeuristic, you know, it’s so real window.


Taylor Hale And I signed up for it enthusiastically, whatever I like. That’s exactly it. I’m I’m sitting around, I’m eating chips. I go to the pool in heels and lay in the hammock and I say absolutely nothing. I look at the camera, I’d say with the camera, say of sickos, you know, freaks and geeks staring at me all day, what do you want? And people are watching and engaging with it is it’s a very, very bizarre reality because, you know, imagine if you had cameras set up in every corner of your room, if the windows in your house were not real windows, their people, man cameras behind those windows that are moving to watch you. And you just completely forget to some extent that there are people surveilling you, not just the ones behind the cameras in the house, but the people who tap a few buttons in their own homes and bring me into the house. Frankly, I said that you guys came into my home and I just said, okay, enjoy your go down.


Louis Virtel Now you talk about the crazy feeling of being being surveilled, but I think something that’s weird about Big Brother is once you leave the house, I’m sure your impressions of certain people you stayed with dramatically change. Like you’re you’re you have this new glimpse of, you know, the people you didn’t really get to know or what their real plan was when you were around them in the house. Is there anybody specifically where, after watching the show now, you think about them in a totally different way than when you were around them in the house?


Taylor Hale Well, I had a pretty unique experience. So.


Taylor Hale Yeah.


Taylor Hale You know, I think it’s it’s kind of funny because people want to say, oh, it was just game. It was just game. But the way that people reacted and spoke about me and treated me was very personal. So I don’t think I really have the liberty of seeing people in a different light. All I have is the concept of forgiveness, the concept that people coming to me to apologize. I can’t look at people differently. I can only accept things as they are. So, you know, I can I can respect gameplay. I can respect. When the after party came back into the house and Monty immediately going to the after party and flipping on big all the people in that alliance, I can respect that. That doesn’t hurt me. What hurts me is the microaggressions that trans of microaggressions, the sexism, the race, slut shaming, all of those things that happen from day zero going into the house. So the only opportunity I have to look at people differently is in how they present themselves. And it’s funny because the house I’ve been in now, I was in the have a master bedroom and people would still come out to the room and knock on the door like, Hey, can I have a one on one? Like I won the game. Like we can call the h.O.H. And call it the fridge again. So yeah. And you would keep the case and there are people who were doing the work in the house before they walked out the door to make amends. And I respect that a lot more than people who now know that I want to make the player and the whole game and they’re trying to make money. So seeing people differently is it’s a different experience for me than other people. Other seasons.


Louis Virtel They really treated you like it was impossible for you to win America’s favorite player at the beginning of that game. I mean I mean, the idea that you won that, I mean, that has to be the ultimate slap in the face to like seven people who.


Taylor Hale Were.


Taylor Hale Absolutely dumbfounded. And I love it.


Ira Madison III That’s honestly one of my favorite concepts of reality TV, to be honest. It is the perception that you have and then the perception that the players are and the the perception that America has. And obviously there’s edited and it goes into shows like Survivor that Louis that I love and other kinds of reality shows but Big Brother what people are watching the feeds like constantly eat sees it you will have people be like wow I wonder if people hate this person or they’ll be like, America definitely hates this person the same way we do. And it’s one that people are so rarely like get even a kernel of it. One reason I love Big Brother Canada is that the players seem to be a little bit more self aware of like who Canada will like, it won’t like, but also when they do live shows they pipe in and let people.


Taylor Hale Boo.


Ira Madison III Or cheer people, especially when they’re winning competitions. So like I remember one of my favorite moments of Big Brother Canada five, and it was a character. Neta came that half.


Taylor Hale The cast were.


Ira Madison III Returning people, half was new people at Neta was a fan favorite but was very she actually was very egotistical this season and going up against another fan favorite ICA and when I got to convince Cindy to put that on the block during a double eviction, you could hear the audience cheering when that was put up. So Neta knew that the audience wasn’t on her side, but then also that flipped the script for other players in the game, turning against ICA because they knew that Canada liked her and they were like, Well, now we’ve got to get this bitch out the house.


Taylor Hale And.


Taylor Hale Immediately you. It’s interesting. One of my best friends was in the audience, oh, bless his heart, for Kyle’s eviction. And.


Taylor Hale You know, did they tell they’re to be quiet?


Taylor Hale They said no booing. They said, look at them. You made up. You must clap. And I get it. But it would be really interesting because, you know, before the show even start to think of the audience getting pumped up and everything. So when we hear the clapping, we get really excited. We would stand by the door like, Oh.


Taylor Hale There’s people out there sharing.


Taylor Hale We don’t think it’s your brother. They’re cheering. So it was really fun, but it would be really interesting to hear like, Oh, who’s getting booed? Who’s getting cheered? Um, the most exciting one was Michael going out the door and hearing just the wild cheers to desert.


Taylor Hale I love that guy. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I love the Michael edits. It’s so like, it’s funny because, like, I’ve been. I was rooting for you at the beginning, but I’m Issa Rae. I’m always rooting for everybody. But but.


Taylor Hale Then like.


Ira Madison III But I was also like I was also so excited for Michael to win the game too, because he was giving you a different gay player than you’d seen on Big Brother before. And he was a competition beast. And I was like, The unfortunate part is just like on Survivor, too. It’s like the competition. Bees always go out in that moment when they don’t win because then someone is like.


Taylor Hale You got to do with that winning. Yeah, what happened? What happened? And he got the final three like we wanted to. He was like, and Britney. So yeah, we all know that. So I had to make sure I plant the seeds to get one of my favorite people in the house out. Sorry.


Louis Virtel Also, I thought the way he. Played the game like you could tell he he came into that house with the intention to play exactly that way and it was really working out for him. He was like a really smart player. So for it to turn on its head is also just why we love Big Brother also. So I hope he knows he gave us the full Big Brother experience. So, you know, obviously you won Big Brother. So you are in fact a perfect match for this show. But before you ever auditioned for this, did you ever think you would be on other reality shows? Did you ever think, Oh, well, I’m definitely a survivor person or I’m definitely I don’t know what other what other shows are out?


Taylor Hale Do you see my face? You see my face. You see all of your face?


Taylor Hale She says to Survivor.


Taylor Hale That’s a reason why I didn’t got the dire past. My God.


Taylor Hale I’m a.


Taylor Hale VIP. Okay, so I was actually recruited to go on to The Bachelor. And so two seasons in a row, they were heavily recruiting me. There’s another podcast called Game of Roses and they were actually trying to coach me to get into the show. Yeah. So they were trying to like build an archetype for me and tell me how to handle different situations for The Bachelor. And then I was reached out to about The Amazing Race, actually, and I said, Why don’t.


Louis Virtel You me be on in the future? So let’s just put that out there right now. Yes.


Taylor Hale Yeah.


Taylor Hale I’m talking about about Tara. We call it The Amazing Race. And I was like, well, one never seen it to I don’t want to ruin any friendships right now. But I did watch the cookout last season of Big Brother and then I just went full speed ahead like I am on Big Brother now. That’s all it was. So I ghosted everybody from The Bachelor. And, you know, my my coach at the time was even saying, like, you could be the next bachelorette. I was like, That looks like Charlotte. And hell, no, thank you. And then I went to Trauma and all the Big Brother house, but I won, so it’s worth it.


Louis Virtel Was it ever were you ever, like, compelled? Like, yeah, the bachelor could work out for me. Like, was there anything attractive about it? Because it seems like people were like, We’ve simply got to get you on that show.


Taylor Hale Oh, no. There really were people that were like, This has to happen. You could be the next bachelorette. We see it for you. And I was like, I mean, I like the idea of reality TV, but there’s just I can’t fake the thought. And the whole concept of The Bachelor or Bachelorette is you don’t acknowledge that it is a game like you don’t acknowledge that there are crucial things you have to do to get to the big brother is all game that’s so open out there. And there’s no question about being here for the right reasons. You can be there for the wrong reasons. That could be an amazing strategy. Whereas if someone the wrong way and the Bachelor franchise as mentioned Instagram in any capacity, get her out of here. She is also an influencer and they’re not here for love. You got to go right now. It’s just it’s a byproduct of being on reality TV now. And that’s what was kind of cool about Big Brother. We talk very openly about our lives immensely changing and not only the money changing things, but just being on the show and the things that we want to do and gain and help each other. So, you know, that was probably one of the cooler things. I just felt a lot freer and less constrained. It was a longer game, but you could speak more openly.


Ira Madison III MM I actually want to piggyback on a question that Louis asked too, you know, about being surprised about people in the game. Was there actually anyone who watched because like you went through hell and we know you went through on the show, was there anyone who, you know, like baby, baby, was it like outwardly like evil to you or something? But like, was there anything that you watched that that you were, like, actually, like, shocked that, like, oh, this person was actually like a pleasant person. I just didn’t realize it in the house.


Taylor Hale And, you know, I will say what surprised me, because Nicole and I really hit it off from the moment that she got in the backyard on the move at night. And I was like, this is going to be someone. We’re going to take over the whole game together. And I was very pleasantly surprised when she was first presented with Taylor Has Got to go to bat. And she was one of the first, first few people to really push back like, I don’t think so. That’s not really lining up for me because that’s the person that I and the relationship that I assume that we had. So it felt good to see that because I mean, you all saw it felt like a very drastic and sudden shift to Taylor as evil. She is fascinating people. She’s a beauty queen. She’s all the microaggressions in the world. She’s got to go. Obviously, I was disappointed in her by the shift in Nicole. But, you know, she and I did the work in the House to remedy that relationship. And we’re in a really good place now. And a mirror, even a mirror was a little she’s good at the game and didn’t say some tough things about me. But, you know, she and I should have worked together. We could have worked together. And I think that if I just didn’t end up so far on the opposite side of her, then it would have been a really amazing thing to have hurt my client. So the two girls, those two girls, I was pleasantly surprised that they were not as vindictive from the very beginning. I thought they were.


Taylor Hale Mm hmm.


Louis Virtel Who are the reality TV veterans that loom largest in your mind? The people who you think like, Oh, this makes me want to be a part of this genre. Ah, and I talk about this all the time. I mean, like, for me, the show Project Runway was so important because it was one of the first shows where there wasn’t just one, the gay guy there would be, you know, and like and also, like, not just the one like Latin guy or, you know, black guy, you know, like they they needed actual interesting voices and people with stories in order to make that show good. And so all these people who would normally be just one person on a reality show like, you know, the real world once upon a time actually got to go out and be interesting. Who are the people that you kind of care about in reality TV?


Taylor Hale I mean, like, I would be lying if I didn’t say that America’s Next Top model changed my life.


Louis Virtel That’s great. Yes.


Taylor Hale I mean, I like that is reality TV for me. And, you know, there are other things I think you all know. I have a pageant background. I was going to say, I think growing up also watching pageants, sometimes I feel like pageants were the original reality TV. And there’s an argument for a variety shows. But like the pageant girl, the pageant itself, that was appointment television, it was live television. You’re watching someone compete to be an overnight sensation. So I did not grow up as a pageant girl or a pageant fan, but when I caught it, that was so exciting to me. Something else I think is reality TV is the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. And yes, issues, clothes, all those things. But seeing these models on display, seeing these models in their element, that felt like a fantasy, but it felt like reality TV to me. So the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, America’s Next Top model, all the different women that were on America’s Next Top model and seeing kind of the archetypes of what reality TV is through. And got the black bitch you had the soft girl, you had the funky girl, the quirky girl. All these different types of women navigating a really toxic environment, not just because of this modeling and fashion and reality TV, but because of being a model. What is it like to navigate? That area was like to compete directly with all the women who want what you want and to be judged in five other people by people who are highly respected. Seeing those stakes was really interesting to me and that was kind of freeing to me, even though the confines of that show.


Taylor Hale Were.


Taylor Hale Little rickety as a.


Taylor Hale Shout.


Taylor Hale Out. But growing up and watching that, that was my, my everything.


Ira Madison III I love that you brought up the top model because I feel like there’s still.


Taylor Hale More.


Ira Madison III To unearth about top model, like actually as a competition. So I feel like right now, you know, people Gen Z like who was it around like are rediscovering the show like online. And a lot of the conversation is Tyra was crazy and like she said, a lot of like, you know, like awful stuff that would fly now. But I’m like, not enough is being paid to, you know, the actual competition element of America’s top model. And like that was a really well crafted reality show that blended the concept of a model, you know, with competition. I mean, like I went, what? I’m still going like on like either like, like it’s a date or like you’re meeting new friends or like going somewhere in the city. Like, I still like, use the phrase go sees.


Taylor Hale Yes. You and I are the same. I literally like if I meet up with someone, I’m like, Oh, I have to go. See you now. What are you talking about? Don’t worry about it. You’re not my industry. You wouldn’t understand.


Ira Madison III And the fact that the show, because it had actual luminaries like Andre Leon Talley, you know, like A.J., you know what? Because you had real people working in the street. They were giving that, like, you know, sort of like Simon Cowell thing of like being a bitch or like being brutally honest. But it was also this is the shit you hear. Like, if you can’t survive this in the show ratcheted up, you’re definitely not going to survive as a model, you know.


Taylor Hale At all. And the thing is, I credit that show so much with my comfort with trans and non-binary people. I mean, seeing this day was such a catalyst to be like Miss Jessica’s days. And I don’t care if I’m the fabulous nerd pool person who’s going to be around no matter who you are. I think, like reality TV has been the thing that has exposed me into opening up my mind. So that’s why I get really frustrated when people talk about reality TV as if it’s trashy or men that I have dated. Talk about reality TV as if it’s something that’s not interesting or boring or frivolous. Sports are reality TV. Let’s be honest. It’s TV for men, traditionally, whatever you want to say. So why not give credit to these things that are actually opening and expanding our minds? That’s just what reality TV is. I’m inviting these people into my home. I’m entering their home to understand who these people are, and it gives me a better understanding of who the rest of the world is. That’s all it is. So now when people start to write off reality TV, that’s why I would like to give back and be like, Shut up.


Taylor Hale Shut up. And you don’t get it.


Louis Virtel No. I mean, like, that’s ultimately kind of how I feel about the Kardashians, which is how many TV shows are about a family of women. I mean, it’s like there’s a reason there aren’t, you know, you know, taken on seriously, whatever. So just to have people, whatever the richest people alive like that just doesn’t exist elsewhere. So it always feels like the shame begins with I don’t want to see three women talking to each other to me.


Taylor Hale No, it does. And I will go up and down about the Kardashians every day like they have their problematic moments. But I think there is real value in seeing women, very strong, powerful women operating and showing that unapologetically to the world. There’s a back half of that conversation. You know.


Ira Madison III Louis, maybe you should be watching. WWE is Total Divas. Okay.


Taylor Hale Wow, it’s not the rest of us. Shocking.


Louis Virtel Shockingly, this is the first time this has come up.


Taylor Hale So you can.


Louis Virtel Submit that request in writing. Yeah.


Ira Madison III We used to do ads for Total Divas.


Louis Virtel As I.


Taylor Hale Recall.


Taylor Hale Longtime listener first dollars.


Ira Madison III But I read that is also reality TV. You know, like bed watch that. I grew up watching that. You know, it’s it’s soap opera. It’s everything. It’s it’s all the fun that you love in reality TV. Before we wrap up a brutality TV segment, have have you heard of or see The Mole before, Taylor and have you seen that able to watch it? You did. You watched it?


Taylor Hale I watched it an hour ago, a point I watched the first episode and a little bit in the second episode of the law. It’s giving like the challenge needs. There was, I think on E or Bravo there’s like a spy show recently on there you guys are. I’m talking about.


Ira Madison III Imposters.


Taylor Hale No, no, no, no, no. It was a reality show, first of all. Okay. Special knowledge imposter season one. Incredible. But no, that was it.


Ira Madison III Gave what it needed to give. Okay.


Taylor Hale Gave it everything.


Ira Madison III Bravo did to break back scripted TV.


Taylor Hale Please. And thank you. But no, there was another reality show on one of your Bravo. And it’s literally people pretending to be spies and operating and that aspect and like the judges where people who work for CSI or whatever. So it’s a little bit of that mixed with the challenge. It’s interesting. I’ve never been a person that’s been all in for the challenge of TV. That’s just not been my style of competition. Reality show. I am on E! Bravo, Bachelor, that type of girl.


Ira Madison III So you got to know where they ask you to be. On The Challenge USA, you’re like, I don’t want to. I don’t want to be sliding through mud.


Taylor Hale I mean.


Taylor Hale My mil, I just.


Taylor Hale Know it’s.


Taylor Hale So expensive to get them and I don’t.


Taylor Hale Know.


Taylor Hale You know, I’ve heard the Big Brother people dominate the challenge though, because we know how to use the social game to our advantage.


Ira Madison III Everybody dominates, they dominate. The regular challenge. Challenge USA was a spinoff that was started on Paramount Plus, and it really involved a lot of CBS personalities.


Taylor Hale I only CBS personalities.


Ira Madison III Very disappointed in the challenge USA, by the way, because the Big Brother people won flopped because Alyssa and Derek were sort. About the cookout. And so they turned on a whole Big Brother alliance and was like, Tiffany was out and then Savior Kylin. Like they got all of them out and then they got cut too, because the survivor people all stuck together.


Taylor Hale Yeah. Know because survivor.


Ira Madison III Players know that you got to get rid of grudges to win a game. So they got what they deserved. Also, it was the first challenge where like the two winners won because everyone else in the final quit because it was too hard. It was just a poorly produced finale. Yeah.


Louis Virtel We heard of that happening.


Ira Madison III That’s really Sarah from Sarah from Survivor. Won by default. And you know what we think about her, Sarah? The cop.


Taylor Hale Rule was let me keep my.


Taylor Hale Mouth shut because all I do.


Taylor Hale People now.


Taylor Hale All I it’s all CBS people in my world. Yeah. Nice.


Ira Madison III But I will say.


Taylor Hale I’m going, I’m going to an escape room with the ex tonight. So I’m. I have some words.


Ira Madison III Oh, okay. Good. I listened to yours is also on The Amazing Race right now.


Taylor Hale Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So shout out to him.


Louis Virtel By the way, that should be a reality show. You navigating an escape room that I.


Taylor Hale Sort of.


Taylor Hale Live stream it just for you.


Taylor Hale Well.


Louis Virtel I want to say about the mole quickly. So it’s a show that I run. I am particularly excited to come back. But it’s a weird show because if you’re not familiar with it at home, Anderson Cooper used to host it years ago, but it’s one one player is posing as a contestant among a group of contestants. And he ends up and it turns out that they’re a mole in the group. They’re working to keep money from the pot, keep money, keep the players from winning challenges. And the weird thing is, as a regular player in the game, one of your only lines of defense is to act like the mole so that other people think you’re the mole. And the way people are eliminated is they take a quiz about the moles identity every week, and whoever gets the least questions correct is kicked off the show. So it’s an advantage if you get people to suspect you and you’re a regular contestant because then they’re likely to leave the game. But because of that, everybody has a reason to sabotage challenges. So that’s never really a clue to you. So what you’re really searching for is who has advanced knowledge of the games and of the challenges, because that’s the actual difference between the mole and the other contestants. And that’s harder to look for. You know, it’s harder to find. You’re basically discovering who’s the worst actor in the group or who’s acting in the group.


Ira Madison III You know, and I would also say that, like, the one thing that like tends to help people and I’ve been rewatching some of the old seasons and what really seems to help them this season is you can’t go all in on who you think the mole is because.


Louis Virtel You have two dimensions.


Ira Madison III Wrong. You got to be like, I’m answering for several people and there’s I love that this one has just like the old game has a QR code that you can do at the end of each episode and do the quiz yourself and oh, that’s fine. I knew who I thought I knew who the mole was. I did not.


Taylor Hale Oh, I’ll tell you if you watch. So does it tell you?


Ira Madison III It tells you if you get questions, right? Yeah, it’s okay. Yeah, it tells you what you suck at basically. Like, um, I was thinking it was like I was thinking, like, maybe Jacob in the beginning. Yeah. Because like, but then like once the other blond woman started, like, really suspected some of my own. That was definitely that. Yeah. And, like, part of me is like, it’d be wild. The joy was the mole because her losing $25,000, for their part, was truly wild behavior.


Louis Virtel I mean, I’ve never seen like, somebody tank.


Taylor Hale A group of people like that before.


Ira Madison III So I’m like, if you’re the mole could grab that girl. But also, if you’re not the mole, why are you playing this game?


Taylor Hale Right?


Louis Virtel Yeah, there’s also there’s something about the editing of this show, too, where if there are contestants who are on to who the mole is, they’re not going to let you know. So you’re doing a lot of like guessing who real people really are suspecting because they’re not going to tell that directly to camera if they’re exactly on to who the person is.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm. But that’s.


Taylor Hale Something that’s.


Taylor Hale Very big.


Taylor Hale Brother. That’s very big brother. There are a lot of people who are I mean, just when you’re interacting with the producers, Joseph, if you’re with me, man, who’s like that all the time, like he would not show his cards to the producers all the time because he doesn’t want there to be a misdirect or some sort of thing, which they actually don’t do in the Big Brother House. But it’s interesting, like you want to keep your cards very close to the chest when you’re on a show like that.


Ira Madison III I’m not trying to.


Taylor Hale Get the money.


Ira Madison III Off off camera or kick Joseph his ear.


Taylor Hale Or.


Taylor Hale Nothing. Just being Joseph is asleep in the other room.


Louis Virtel And I loved you shaming him for not having TSA PreCheck. By the way, guys, you can go to an Office Depot and solve that this afternoon easily.


Taylor Hale But now he wants to sleep. He doesn’t have precheck, he doesn’t have global entry. He doesn’t have clear it’s giving. It’s given by one side.


Taylor Hale Oh, thank.


Taylor Hale You. I was getting poverty. I’m sorry. I took care of it. I got it. Okay, me. Let me tell you, please.


Taylor Hale Sorry. Oh.


Louis Virtel Well, 800 K. Yeah. Is a significant bump from 750. I’m glad I’m glad we rounded that up.


Ira Madison III But I will also say that it’s America. In terms of TSA PreCheck, though, there was a period where it was impossible to get an appointment. I feel like pre-pandemic it was impossible to get a PIN appointment and it was a lot of you had to be like flying back from an international trip and then do a meeting. And so like, that’s why I don’t have mind yet, but I do have clear which by the way, sometimes works out better because the pre-check line has been long at like JFK or LAX. And when you go, there is.


Taylor Hale Truly.


Ira Madison III Never anybody in the clear line.


Taylor Hale Oh yeah.


Ira Madison III I like I’m a late person. When I get to the airport, I get to clear and I am to my gate in less than 5 minutes.


Taylor Hale And so seriously, going through security is a breeze. It’s like the most I’ve ever done it with clearance, 7 minutes. And even then I’m like, What’s going on here? Come on, give me their.


Ira Madison III Yeah, you know what? You’re always slow going, but unclear because somehow there are still first time fliers every time you go to the airport. Because I do not understand how I am in the line, ready to like put my stuff on the conveyor belt. And there are still people who are like, do I take my shoes off? So I took my dog off. Oh, sorry. My thong. Do I do that? Mike, have you never flown before?


Louis Virtel Clearly what we call kettles, manpower, cattle.


Taylor Hale Yes, I know. Oh.


Ira Madison III All right. Well, we are back. We have plenty more to air, and we’re going to get into our favorite cultural moments. Alex Villanueva, a longshot maverick candidate, runs for LA County sheriff as a progressive reformer at a time when Trump was cracking down on undocumented immigrants and winds surprising everyone. After taking office in 2018, he turns into the Trump of Los Angeles, a vindictive leader who mocks reform, resists oversight and launches criminal investigations of his enemies. I’m shocked that a public official in Southern California turns out to be secretly evil. Hi, L.A. City Council.


Louis Virtel From L.A. Studios. Imperfect Paradise. The Sheriff is a five episode podcast that explores how Alex Villanueva went from a former sheriff’s lieutenant with almost no leadership experience to the head of the largest law enforcement agency west of the Mississippi. Host Frank Stoltze has covered policing and politics in L.A. County for more than 30 years, including the Rodney King riots. And he’s never seen a sheriff, Alex Villanueva, in perfect paradise. The sheriff includes an extensive interview with Sheriff Alex Villanueva himself. Ooh, daisy imperfect paradise. The sheriff is a production of l.a. Is studios and the high quality journalism of kpcc plus L.A. newsrooms. Los Angeles is largest public radio station.


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Ira Madison III For those of you playing, keep it bingo at home. You know, there are some movies we can’t go a single episode without referencing or TV shows. So it’s really time to dove into our favorite movies and shows and things that we’ve just seen way too many times. Side note. I have to shout out. I got this insane message from a listener who told me that I mentioned Buffy too many times and I need to stop doing it because it’s not good. And I want to say fuck. Yea.


Taylor Hale That’s right.


Ira Madison III To this listener. That’s right. So I was drunk and mentioned that they were drunk in the message, texting me like an x. I was like, Leave the Drake behavior out of my dreams and also refer to the show as Buddy, not Buffy.


Louis Virtel I mean by that was grim now.


Taylor Hale But also.


Louis Virtel By the way, they didn’t come for me, for the Madonna thing. Madonna is coming up and keep it today, so get ready.


Taylor Hale Oh, okay. Excited.


Ira Madison III And also, I think I know what that tape is going to be, too. And by the way, they also mentioned they watch the first season of Buffy and it was awful. And if you’ve actually listened to me talk about Buffy over the five years we’ve done this show you everyone knows that the first season starts. So sorry, it’s 12 episodes go to season two. Anyway.


Taylor Hale Movies tell you are also.


Taylor Hale Oh my god five years five years of me being a keep it stand while it’s. I missed that. I’m here by the way, man.


Ira Madison III I’m sorry. Every every time every time I experience I went to being where I was at the beginning, I’m always like, how are you doing this?


Taylor Hale Right.


Louis Virtel How are you.


Taylor Hale Doing?


Taylor Hale You’re doing this? How are you doing? I like that is I.


Taylor Hale Think it was.


Taylor Hale Give me all of it. You guys are my friends in my heads. I’m an only child, but I’m just.


Taylor Hale Doing great, guys.


Louis Virtel Okay, Taylor, what have you seen? Too many goddamn times.


Taylor Hale Oh, mean girls. Are you kidding me?


Louis Virtel And I’ve also seen that so many times. Yeah, yeah, I.


Taylor Hale Because so many times I used to bootleg watch it. It know, like, dinky places. You could watch a movie and, like, download or whatever and get a bug. I didn’t care. I was in middle school and every night because I thought that this is how high school would be. And I thought that was my training ground for high school. I would go to one of those websites and I just left up in a tab for a while and I would watch that movie every night before going to bed. So I would understand, clicks out, understand people. I bought the book. The movie was inspired by. I was like, I am going to be a social psychologist. I would dominate high school and middle school.


Ira Madison III And you’ve been prepping for Big Brother since middle school.


Taylor Hale Basically feels like I’ve been forced to, basically.


Louis Virtel Who is your favorite character in Mean Girls? Because there’s actually this is actually a good litmus test. I’m curious.


Taylor Hale Oh, Kevin Nikpour, you’re kidding me. Also, right?


Taylor Hale I give a great answer.


Taylor Hale Kevin Abor is my favorite character, but also because I have a very deep kinship with the black girl and the very first scene in the movie. We have a new student from Africa. I’m from Michigan.


Taylor Hale And I said, That’s.


Taylor Hale Me is she’s me here. It’s giving Detroiter something white ally, I’ve seen you play Lewis.


Ira Madison III Who’s your fave?


Louis Virtel I think my favorite. Well, at the time definitely was Amy Poehler as Regina George’s mom, because, well, of course, that was also one of the last time she really was silly as fuck because that character was daffy. And also just like the one hap the the the thing that’s most realistic about that performance is she’s filming the talent show in the audience and can’t help but dance along. That’s like there’s like an urge to be a star is coming out of that character in a serious way. It’s very funny.


Taylor Hale It’s very clear with her hard nipples.


Louis Virtel Yes, that’s right.


Taylor Hale Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III I think I still love Gretchen so much. Gretchen. Just like I love. Like I like. I like Lacey Chabert. You know? I mean, I can from party of five, but like in here, she really does a great performance. Like, you can see it building throughout the entire movie, like the anger. And when she finally blows up with that Caesar monologue, I was like, This is your best work this year. And we haven’t seen anything like it sets from her.


Taylor Hale We haven’t I think we don’t talk about Lacey severe enough because I mean, what an icon, truly amazing actress and everything she’s done. But also.


Taylor Hale You’re right, insecure.


Ira Madison III Come on.


Taylor Hale Girl.


Taylor Hale I think her performance over the course of that movie is beautiful. I think Mean Girls is what showed me acting. And look, I was a theater kid, blah, blah, blah, little girl nerd. But Mean Girls is what showed me that there’s value in telling women stories is value and me talking women’s anger, understanding women’s anger. And there’s value in acting stupid, like seeing God, you know? I know her. Gretchen. Regina was the last of them.


Louis Virtel Karen. Karen.


Taylor Hale Karen. Thank you. Seeing someone play karen and seeing how difficult it is to be stupid, to act stupid for time. A movie like that is what made me value comedy. That’s what made me value acting. It’s easy to play the hard role, the difficult role that you have to change yourself for doing stupid and being good at it and bring comedy to that. That was just that was life changing for me.


Ira Madison III Women’s stories matter. They just matter.


Taylor Hale As I said, women’s lib review.


Louis Virtel I love that that’s picking up. I mean, how many times, as she said, some version of that, by the way. It’s like Reese Witherspoon’s job. She’s like the music of going from town to town, telling us that women’s stories matter.


Ira Madison III It was it was great that she said that on the same day it was announced that Hello, Sunshine, her company is making an adaptation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where Goldilocks will be a powerful female protagonist.


Louis Virtel It’s not really a story of personal triumph. God, I don’t know.


Ira Madison III She’s really up in people’s shit, okay? She’s.


Louis Virtel She barged into a house. Yeah. This is.


Taylor Hale A theme. All they want.


Taylor Hale Is white privilege. Like divine. You open up the book and Goldilocks it white privilege. Goldilocks. So you get these bears. Bears, get out of here. Three different types of porridge.


Ira Madison III That’s actually.


Louis Virtel All. You’re doing just fine.


Taylor Hale I’m really thrilled. Americans everywhere. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Let’s start banning Goldilocks in schools. And then. And then we’ll say the white woman problem in America.


Taylor Hale Yeah, I am pro book banning. I don’t know if you guys news about me.


Louis Virtel Oh, glad to hear it. A movie I weirdly have seen too many times. And I think it’s a credit to the movie because it’s actually very short is Aladdin. I don’t know that it was a VHS we had. It just came out all the time. But it was an interesting movie for me to see a lot as a little kid because it’s the most pop cultural Disney movie. I think, you know, when you have the genie in that movie who is doing things like dropping Johnny Carson and or Ed Sullivan impressions, you know, you really like everything he does like has some old TV or movie reference or something. So that really became kind of foundational for me. And also I just can’t explain it. I like every character in that movie. Like everybody’s kind of could be their own movie. And I think eventually they spun off and they were we had the original and all that.


Taylor Hale But I love to. Parker return to his bed any time he was listening. Please. Yeah, and thank you.


Ira Madison III Taylor. Taylor, unfortunately.


Taylor Hale Am I wrong?


Ira Madison III I think Jafar is gone.


Taylor Hale No wonder he serves you good. I should’ve known. The rules are too.


Taylor Hale Good to.


Taylor Hale Always tell.


Louis Virtel But even like. Like the Sultan is like such a great Disney bitch, you know? You know, like, dumb, but conscientious. I don’t know. It’s like the characters all had, like, arresting sarcasm, too, like Jasmine. Funnier than she needed to be, etc., you know?


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s, that’s so really, when you think about the Disney movies that were on VHS, I feel like we’ve all seen them so many fucking times, especially you and I, our age, Lewis, because, like, my mom would get those. And then when your mom is busy and has to work or doesn’t want to be bothered by you, it’s put this Disney VHS in and you’re like, you’re totally enraptured for 2 hours. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Also, there’s something about those movies specifically where the packaging like the the white thick. Yeah, let me catch.


Taylor Hale That.


Taylor Hale You can, right?


Louis Virtel Yes. You couldn’t just own one. They looked great together on a shelf, you know what I mean? So if you had a and then you were getting The Hunchback of Notre Dame, then you’re getting Hercules, etc..


Taylor Hale The books of my lifetime. Also, I just. I was checking myself out. I realize I’m $7,000 today.


Taylor Hale You are? Yeah.


Taylor Hale But there’s also. I realized maybe. Maybe this is so far beyond the truth. But remember, those VHS days were numbered. Like, the actual cassettes had numbers on them. And, you know, a lot of those cassettes, because they’re printed over and over high hundreds, whatever. I watched Mary Poppins so many times on that VHS, and I remember the number being 25 on that cassettes. I would walk around on VHS tape to walk around and talk. I have the 25th print.


Taylor Hale Of the VHS of Mary.


Taylor Hale Poppins. This is iconic. It’s mine. And I’m gonna to keep it forever to be worth a lot of money. And, you know, I may or may not have pulled out all the tape on it and had to buy a lot. And that is my movie. That is just that is my movie. That and three, six, five on that box. Are we familiar?


Ira Madison III No, hold on the movie.


Taylor Hale Okay.


Ira Madison III No, wait. No, I had I have not seen three, six, five. Wait, is that like sexy movie?


Taylor Hale Yes, it is sexy. Just take a while. It’s a sex movie.


Taylor Hale I just basically there is no plot.


Taylor Hale It’s in three different languages. It is truly the worst movie you are ever going to watch in your life. What is the best movie you ever watched in their lives? I think we need to be more pro stupid movies that mean absolutely nothing. And that is my job, Rob.


Louis Virtel That is. Advertisement. I will be visiting the 365.


Taylor Hale No.


Louis Virtel Yeah, just not the 3.5. Yes.


Ira Madison III Oh, wow. You know, I love the three, five, five.


Louis Virtel Hold on. I’m actually getting all those movies that are exactly that kind of cast mixed up. Is that Jessica Chastain?


Ira Madison III Yes. Three, five, five is going to win the one that’s like my new salt. Yes. And if we’re talking about movies that I’ve seen too many times, you know, I’m not going to mention salt, because I think we think I’ve like exhausted the fact that I’ve seen salt too many times in the show. I’ve talked about Heathers. I’ve talked about. Honestly, I think I’ve talked about a nightmare on Elm Street so many times on this, too.


Louis Virtel We’ve had our horror moments.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah. If I’m thinking of, like, a movie that it is maybe surprising that I’ve watched so many times. It is something like. Disturbing behavior.


Louis Virtel Interesting. I mean, I love that era of movie where you just end up you. I feel like that’s a movie you would see on TV or something.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Katie Holmes, James Marsden as basically Stepford Wives, but with kids.


Taylor Hale Oh, that’s promising.


Ira Madison III Yeah, you know, it is. It’s don’t like.


Taylor Hale Nickelodeon. Yeah.


Taylor Hale You’re the Nickelodeon or Nick Cannon.


Taylor Hale Yeah. Oh, what’s so funny?


Ira Madison III It’s like, don’t worry, darling. Basically, you know, it’s like it’s bad. Kids are at the school, and then they start being replaced by kids who are, like, upstanding. So, you know.


Louis Virtel We’re you guys are huge fans of Airplane.


Taylor Hale No, no. I like.


Ira Madison III Airplane, but not the I liked it and I would see it when it was on TV, but it wasn’t like a constant rewatch for me.


Louis Virtel Because that movie is so like Lush with jokes that you actually had a reason to watch it again and again, like the sheer jokes per minute. Like you, you wanted to be able to retain all those eventually or recite them. I and also that movie is so nobody laughs in that movie. So it’s something that retains being funny for a long time because the characters are playing the zaniness, the zaniness so seriously that you don’t get you know, I feel like you get sick of broad comedies a little bit easier, like The Joker has already had a couple of times for you. But I just want to say quickly, my favorite joke in Airplane, our most underrated joke in Airplane is when there’s a woman freaking out on the plane that she’s going to die and she goes, Yeah, we’re going to die. And I’ve never even gotten married. And then this other woman comes by and she goes, I’m really worried we’re going to die, but at least I have a husband.


Taylor Hale I get the.


Louis Virtel Clumsiest line ever. So I can’t believe Straight Men wrote that movie and wrote that line specifically.


Taylor Hale Are you positive about that? That’s the real question. Do we can we confirm that?


Louis Virtel One of my coworker writers at Kimmel, her dad is one of the writers of the movie. So I ask about it all the time. Really annoyingly.


Taylor Hale Okay.


Taylor Hale I will say I’m going to wrap this up. I’m just gonna say one movie that I will be watching forever do Revenge on Netflix.


Taylor Hale Oh, yeah.


Taylor Hale It is. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I watched it the other day. Like I first of all, Sarah Michelle Gellar popping up in it was so scarce. And I’m happy for her Renaissance ads.


Taylor Hale I see what you did there.


Ira Madison III Yes. And Camila from Riverdale, Cameo Mendez. And it’s a it’s a Gene Robinson film.


Louis Virtel I saw someone great. And Thor. Love and thunder. Yes.


Taylor Hale Farmer. Keep it gas.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So that. That’s a very fun movie that I really do enjoy. You know what I will say going back to your joke, though, about a woman maybe writing that joke, an airplane, you know, it is so funny to me. I was telling a friend we were talking about Carrie Fisher for some reason because I don’t know, we’re we’re fagots that we’re talking about Carrie Fisher. But that.


Louis Virtel Is the and I.


Ira Madison III Was like saying that that they didn’t know about her extensive history of doing like script punch ups. And I was talking about how like modern I was explained to a friend the concept of most comedy films that come out, studios just hire writers to do punch ups on them. Right. And, and so, like, the person is credited with it and will you will just assume that they did those jokes, but like anybody could have done those jokes and it’s usually someone who’s just recently had a successful comedy or is just known in the industry as being funny. Um, and when you look back on was the movies that like Carrie Fisher did that for, it’s like, of course you’d go and see a movie and you’re like, These jokes are so funny. And then like not knowing that, like, oh, those jokes might have been written by Carrie Fisher, you know.


Louis Virtel Right now it’s like, oh, this movie is suddenly extremely acidic. What happened? Oh, Carrie Fisher got a hold of it. Yeah.


Taylor Hale Surprise, surprise, surprise.


Ira Madison III This one scene.


Taylor Hale Yeah. All right, well.


Louis Virtel You suddenly have the sassiest brand of.


Taylor Hale Ever saying, Yeah, yeah.


Ira Madison III Okay. And if we want to speak acidic, I will actually say that probably a movie that’s like a comedy in the airplane, bam, that I’ve seen so many times is Soap Dish.


Louis Virtel Oh, sure. Sally again. Weepy being her hottest.


Taylor Hale Yes, I know, Burt. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yes. Soap dish. Obviously, you know Kathy Moriarty.


Louis Virtel So funny on that movie. Problematic role. Funny? Yes.


Ira Madison III But about the goings on of a soap opera. And it’s just I think think they’ve tried to remake it so many times. And it’s like it’s really a film that almost sort of like Airplane couldn’t really be remade exactly the same way. Now, mostly just because soap operas aren’t as popular and culturally relevant as they were back in the nineties. You know, like back then, like a soap opera was like, if you were on that, you were as famous as George Clooney. You know, people were like chasing you down the street. Everyone knew who Susan Lucci was. You know, dudes are all, you know, like.


Taylor Hale Taylor Hill on the ball, the Beautiful. So.


Ira Madison III Yes. Okay.


Taylor Hale Okay. Brooklyn Bridge.


Ira Madison III Okay.


Taylor Hale I can’t.


Taylor Hale Tell you when, but you will know when.


Taylor Hale To know soon.


Taylor Hale Enough. To all my.


Louis Virtel Memory of Bolton, the beautiful is for a split second. Lark Voorhies from Saved by the Bell was on it and I just remember thinking, good for her. I needed her. I just thought she was the funny heart of Saved by the Bell. And so I wanted her to go on to do great things. And that was one of the times she got to do something anyway. It still looms large to me.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I can’t wait to see you on a soap opera. That’ll be iconic. And also, speaking of soap operas, that’s going to be my Keep It.


Taylor Hale So we’ll get there.


Ira Madison III So anyway, that was a mismatch of movies. What’s what’s one other movie like to wrap up, like, from your youth that you were like, you love this movie so much, as much as me and girls. Like when you took a break from Mean Girls, what else did you watch?


Taylor Hale Well, when I think of youth, I think of like young, young Taylor. And I know we’re supposed to be thinking like scripted movies, things that I actually love to play on VHS a little bit are all if I can do it, fine, okay, whatever. But for me, it was I’m so lame. Janet Jackson live in Hawaii. That was my movie that I played over and over and over. And yes, I watched The Divine Bette as a child. Yes, I do all the choreography for you. Yes, I knew all the choreography. For how long? Get up. If you want to talk about opening a show. Come on, get up. Live in Hawaii. Janet Jackson. That is how you open a concert. That is my movie. It was just constantly on in the background. I know these odd, nontraditional things like reality TV and movies, but it just it was a different experience for me. I lived life a little bit differently through the media that I can see that Janet Jackson, as we all know, I’m like, not that is my girl. I love her down and she can’t right post and I’m still passing out about it but that concert was so freeing and beautiful and exciting and colorful. It was like an acid trip, but I was a child, so I didn’t know what that meant. It was just perfect. Absolute rock.


Taylor Hale Then I.


Louis Virtel Love. Oh, so come on, get out. But people don’t know. Is that track off all for you? And it is a Janet banger like it really should be up there. That’s her classics that we hear all of, you know, in CVS is across the country or whatever. I like that album, an era and genre like she it really just broadcasts like her sunny ness you know, she there’s like a full light during that era, you know? Not that I don’t love, like, hard military Janet, but.


Taylor Hale But she’s like, a nice counterpoint, and it was fun. That’s what I say about Janet. Like, all phases of her existence are just the path of black womanhood, and I got to experience what that could be like. But I understand projects like Janet.


Ira Madison III Now live in Hawaii is truly like an iconic era of Janet, and I love rewatching that all the time, too. Like, there’s nothing better, honestly, than like putting on a concert video at the end of the night and just sort of like vibing to that with Fran because it’s music, it’s also the visuals and it’s, it’s.


Taylor Hale Perfect.


Ira Madison III For all for you is we just got the velvet rope jurisdiction, which thank God because finally I got my favorite Janet song because, you know, Louis, my father has been I Get Lonely, but it was really the video version of it. That’s how Teddy Riley remix that has never been available for streaming or like on an album and now it’s finally available for streaming. And I love that. And now I’m listening to that constantly, but I’m ready for a deluxe edition of All for You because more than just Come on, get up. It’s like there are so many classic songs on that album that aren’t. You know, the ones you hear all the fucking time, like, yeah, just you ain’t right how that is. It’s just like that is trust to try. Like these are just like high octane Janet Jackson songs that you never hear constantly when people were listening to Janet songs. But these are like bangers that are perfect, like at a club or at the job or something. It was like like I was literally listening on for you at the gym yesterday.


Louis Virtel Also, I mean, shout out to Son of a Gun where Janet gave a few bars to up and coming rapper Carly Simon.


Taylor Hale Up and come and learn to be world renowned.


Louis Virtel Yeah wild twice you’re literally rapping about clouds and or coffee it guys I could not have predicted it.


Taylor Hale As I like that also the.


Ira Madison III Phrase ha ha. Whoo hoo.


Taylor Hale Hoo hoo. Got your money to do.


Taylor Hale She was a pioneer of mumble rap. I’ll say it right now claiming.


Taylor Hale All right.


Louis Virtel It’s on the record.


Taylor Hale Now.


Ira Madison III All right. When we are back, it is time for our favorite segment of the episode. It’s Keep It and we can’t wait to hear Taylor’s. Keep it as brought to you by apostrophe. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices that are out there? Yes, I’m constantly overwhelmed by the amount of men that are out there.


Taylor Hale I can’t find one.


Ira Madison III But I’m also talking about other things, like whether or not you’re shopping for cereal or toilet paper. There are so many options and it’s hard to know what’s best for you. And when it comes to finding skin care products that actually work, it’s even more overwhelming because let me tell you, everybody is selling you some skin care products online.


Louis Virtel Also, I myself have tried several varieties from every brand. I’ve looked Gwyneth in the eye and said, Give me everything you have. And sometimes it works out for me. Sometimes it doesn’t. So it’s nice to simplify the search.


Ira Madison III I looked Brad in the eye and I said, Don’t give me what you have.


Louis Virtel Which is a restraining order.


Taylor Hale Yeah.


Ira Madison III [AD]


Ira Madison III And we are back with our favorite segment of the episode. Keep it. Miss Taylor, you go first. You are our guest of honor.


Taylor Hale I got a Keep It, baby. First of all, the fact that I’m here doing it keep it is just this unbelievable fan girling once again. But I’ll step out of that because I’m sure listeners are sick of me. My Keep It is to taking the high road, fuck the high road. Fuck everybody who has told me you inspired me because you told me how to be a bigger person. You had so much grace and poise in the Big Brother house. No. I sat there and I let people tell on themselves the whole time and they were the fools at the end of the game. I didn’t take the high road. I let people show themselves as assholes. That’s all. That is the key to my Big Brother game. Yes, I played a social game. Yes, I had to manipulate people and to understand that I’m just a normal human being. But taking the high road sounds a lot like, Hey, why don’t you sit back and take some disrespect? That’s not how I live my life. Taking the high road sounds like some absolute bullshit. And I’m sorry, but I am not Michelle Obama. I am not Ghandi and I am no saint. I am a woman who wanted to get $750,000. And also, I don’t know if I’m able to walk out the house like a normal human being without being a villain that they all thought I was. So the high road is for people who are better than me. I am a salty, angry little minx and I’m ready to be a petty bitch that I’ve always been so fuck the high road, anybody who wants me to take it, you all can take it for me. I’m ready to live in my petty era.


Louis Virtel Well, let’s just say, by the way, so tune in to Big Brother and to want or enjoy it. The concept of grace is mental illness. So whoever says that you should be put the fuck away.


Taylor Hale Immediately. Put the jacket on, please.


Ira Madison III I mean, listen, first of all, the only high road I want in my life is the 2006 Jojo album, for one.


Louis Virtel That’s right. And she’s 11 years old and crooning.


Taylor Hale Yes. And singing down.


Ira Madison III 11 years old, talking about that good ole and how to touch your girl. I’m like, ma’am, help. This is child abuse.


Louis Virtel You’re still in the Burger King ball pit. Hey, you can’t be talking about this.


Taylor Hale It’s giving concern.


Ira Madison III But that, honestly, is one of my biggest big brother complaints lately, to be honest. You know, I loved your season. I loved the cookout season. But would you would you ever you watch old clips of Big Brother? It was there was no grace. There was no stop, please. The audience is going to react to you like I love someone who was like, do you have a fight with somebody? And you’re like, Bitch, as soon as I win, you’re going home, you know, like this. You want people playing the game and to be active. And a lot of times Big Brother now just has a lot of people sleeping ring the week.


Taylor Hale Right. Wow. Okay.


Louis Virtel I do sleep very well.


Taylor Hale Yes.


Taylor Hale Who else is going to call the bag of. That was our responsibility. No, I do miss that. Older. I like you. But you, big brother. Like I miss the Rachel Riley. I miss the Janell. Just going around saying like, you go to hell, you kiss my ass and you eat the darkest region of my asshole. Like, I miss that era of Big Brother, but it’s just not the game that I was afraid to play. But now I don’t have to care. It’s also just.


Louis Virtel Not a practical it’s not a practical way to play the game like anything that’s real stupid. Yeah.


Taylor Hale If you want the money, you have to be a lot smarter. And maybe that is always make for great TV. Thank God did this season. So, you know AFC game winner we got on the end and now I can just unleash all the things that I was holding on to. And it’s fair and warranted because America saw the truth.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Have use. I was asked by my friend James, have you seen all the fan cams that people beg of you?


Taylor Hale I’m obsessed with people. All the reality songs and also way I feel like I look real busted. A lot of times I feel pretty bad. I am so sexy. I love me. Sam. Hey, no, stop. Oh, no. Keep going, keep going. Keep going, please. I need more. So, yes, I am watching every single fan cam I haven’t saved. I’ll watch the next video, so I’m.


Taylor Hale Pretty sure.


Ira Madison III They’re great. My favorite moment still of the show, aside from Michael running out of the house when he was evicted, was you and Daniel’s interaction what he said? How was that discovering that? What was the first time you saw the clip of him saying you need to stop and you’ve been like with the lady delays.


Taylor Hale It was on Twitter. It was maybe a few days after finale night and I’m on Twitter. And for me, everything is really positive. I can’t say everything the same for everybody else, but all my social media is overwhelmingly positive. So I’m watching the fan cams and this next video starts playing and I realize what it is and I’m like, Oh, what’s it look like? And that’s when I saw You Need To Stop. First of all, I think he’s doing a bit like I really think he’s just like acting with me. I was like, Oh, with L.A.. Oh, really? Create a final two. I am a bitch. Oh, my God. Just with the ladies. Now I understand why that is so iconic and cemented into the season and my my my personality, because that was like, where is my Balenciaga laid back? I’m just.


Taylor Hale Curious. I have.


Taylor Hale To tell.


Ira Madison III You know, Gemma’s dealing with a lot right now with college and everything. So, like, I think it’ll take your time to get you the bag, but I just want to say, like the with the ladies moment was I actually feel like that was the moment where this game of Big Brother stopped being just for Big Brother fans and really catapulted into being like a water cooler moment like culturally, because people started talking about this season of Big Brother who I didn’t even know watch Big Brother and probably didn’t watch Big Brother. But you had other people and like celebrities and other people like online, you know, like who comment on culture and things like talking about the show. And I truly think it was like that coupled with, you know, like, you know, the abuse you were getting in the house, but it culminating with that moment and just how funny it was unexpectedly. I think that’s what really got people talking about this season.


Taylor Hale Well, it makes me happy because, you know, Big Brother is just never something that entered my sphere at all. I only knew about it when there was racism in season 21. Kind of entered my bubble, but very fairly. And then the cookout last season with what they were doing. That’s black. Okay. So those are the only moments where I feel like Big Brother has felt big enough to me and my world, where I was so deeply entrenched in other reality TV. But just to know that I like Dumb Ass was the one to push this into mainstream pop culture. It does. It feels very, very bizarre. I didn’t expect my impact to be that big on the game at all.


Louis Virtel It really is a chaotic online discussion, but it really stays in the pocket of the people who are obsessed with the show generally. So when it breaks out, that really is surprising. And it’s only happened a few times, I think.


Taylor Hale Yeah, you’re welcome.


Ira Madison III Louis, what is your. Keep it this way.


Louis Virtel All right, I’m going to do two many keep. It’s one. The new Charlie Puth album. Guys, what happened? I was waiting for years for this. I don’t know if Taylor’s a fan of Charlie Puth, but I. I’ve. I’ve said for years I loved how he combined the styles of both Hall and Oates and Carly Rae Jepsen. It felt like a sexy douche bag vibe, which I didn’t know I would sign on for initially. Like, nothing about this person demographically is what I’m into. Like, I didn’t know until about 2020 that man sang. I didn’t think that was even legal and I didn’t know that there was an audience for it. But in 2018, when he gave that as the album Voice Notes, I was like, This is fucking sexy. This is an album that you want playing when you’re in the hot tub with four other guys and you’re wondering if it’s going to turn into a different type of hot tub party. You know what I’m saying?


Taylor Hale My favorite. I got some party. Yeah.


Taylor Hale All right.


Louis Virtel But this album, I feel like those influences have waned. It’s lacking any sort of cool image because I know he’s obsessed with, like, old fun dance music. It just feels generic and unfinished and unfinished to me is the keyword with this album because it feels like a bunch of songs that are aiming for cohesion, but none of them has like the monster hook you want. None of them has the monster sex appeal, the dance ability you want. And I know you just had this huge GQ profile on him, which I by the way, I have not read yet. So I’m sure I’ll discover five new, wonderful, horny things about Charlie Puth that you remember. But so there’s that. And then my other keep it is to the fucking internet responding to Madonna, making a tik tok where she flicks her wrist after. Okay, I’ll explain the tik tok. The the concept was there’s a text on the screen that says, if I miss this shot, I’m gay. And she throws these this pair of panties into a wastebasket, misses, and then turns to the camera, makes a little flick of her wrist to indicate she’s gay. Guys, that is very typical Madonna shit. And that does not mean she is a homosexual only. And as, by the way, several sources have now reported, I don’t know. I don’t know if it was like variety, but things at that level are reporting Madonna gay person out in the world making these tiktoks guys of course she’s had her little dalliances over the years. I’ve seen the name Ingrid Cazares thrown around on line all week now, which is actually a head trip. I’m excited to see it, but she’s just somebody who like, like saying the word gay. I thought it was funny. You can’t be shouting down Madonna when she’s being coherently funny. This is a retro on for me.


Ira Madison III First of all, I will say that in the nineties, Madonna’s music videos were airing on the box and she was like, in the box, okay? Like, she has had.


Taylor Hale Such.


Louis Virtel A long.


Taylor Hale Time and she’s a nice girl.


Ira Madison III She’s had confirmed girlfriends. So it’s not new information, her being bi or something or fluid. So I thought that was silly. We’re the Charlie Puth album. Yeah, I like it.


Louis Virtel I bet you don’t. I think you interviewed him for that magazine, and you’re like, I’m going to make myself like it. And I believe me, girl, I know what it’s like to write a profile and you want to be on their side. Trust me. I know.


Ira Madison III Oh, I want you to listen to the song Loser, which I think has a great hook. I agree.


Louis Virtel I like that. That I can get into I can get a little bit.


Ira Madison III I will say in.


Taylor Hale My absence from society for 82 days is showing right now I it so much more but I don’t know.


Taylor Hale Nothing about the outside world.


Ira Madison III But what’s so funny is that.


Louis Virtel You as you are Taylor.


Ira Madison III Yes. That what’s so funny too is that like there are so many random like, I mean, like if you just like looked at our episodes from the period from when you went in to when you left, so much shit happened this summer that now sort of feels inconsequential but were literally the only things that people could talk about all summer. So I’m trying and I’m trying to like even remember any of them, but it’s like they go in one brain and they’re sort of out the other because they’re like, I mean, like you said, like the whole don’t worry, darling press tour, for instance. Right. Olivia Wilde and for and you know.


Louis Virtel Florence Harry Styles.


Ira Madison III And Harry Styles, like all of this drama, it was just like constantly people like it was behind the scenes drama going on with this movie. And then the movie came out and it’s some people thought it was Bond. I thought it was a mess. But that’s like Come and gone now.


Louis Virtel Yeah, it’s waiting in the pump.


Ira Madison III It’s just for, like, three months.


Taylor Hale Literally the entire time I was gone. Look, all I know, the queen died a real zoom, zoom call, and I’m trying to get a Super Bowl commercial.


Taylor Hale So I think.


Taylor Hale My favorite my favorite big brother joke is apparently the queen died the same week that Michael got evicted. So someone’s I’d say two. We lost two queens this way.


Louis Virtel Long may they ran and how you know.


Taylor Hale Michael isn’t. Oh, he’s going to happen.


Louis Virtel Yes, we adore him. Yes, Michael, come on, keep out your invited.


Ira Madison III All right, my. Keep it this week. And I actually have actually up to as well, um, my first break. Keep it a serious one. Um, we’ve already said plenty of times that we’re done talking about Connie on this show, so I just want people to know that, like, we’re not going to be doing it anymore. Adds But I also want people to know that I really sort of like, hated the rhetoric. And it wasn’t just from Sarah Silverman, it was from other people. The rhetoric this week that like when he said his anti-Semitic shit and then went on Tucker Carlson, which anyway.


Louis Virtel Already disqualifying.


Ira Madison III Ari’s. Right, right. You went on Tucker Carlson, baby. I mean, come on.


Taylor Hale I just forgetting about that name.


Taylor Hale Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Ira Madison III Right. Um, saying the anti-Semitic stuff that he said, it’s. It’s awful and I’m glad that people are speaking up about it because they should speak up about it. And I said last week in my speech, but, you know, the real problem is like stop inviting them into the fashion rooms, you know, like producing his albums, like stop working with him. That’s how you got to take away the oxygen. But there was like rhetoric from people like Sarah and other people that, like, we people weren’t speaking up enough about the anti-Semitism. And I’m like. You should be following more black people online because we have been talking about him constantly from the racism, the misogyny, the, you know, supporting white lives matter, white supremacy, supporting Trump. It’s just like at this point we’re exhausted because I feel like black people have talked in a void about how dangerous this man is for years and no one’s listened. So if people aren’t talking, it’s because they’re exhausted, but people are talking about it. You just got to go find it, not me. Here’s what’s the name is muted. I’m not hearing about it no more. It’s so wild that like we started this show in 2018 after, you know, like his involvement with Trump stop. And it’s just like it has dominated five years of this show, right?


Louis Virtel Stagnated in this level of horror. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t want to do it anymore.


Louis Virtel So we’re done. Keep it and also beneficial. Keep it. Let’s enshrine it.


Taylor Hale Yeah.


Taylor Hale Yes, forever.


Ira Madison III The second keep it goes to certain viewers of the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, which aired this week, the first ever threesome on a soap opera.


Taylor Hale That’s right.


Taylor Hale Giving us the content we want.


Ira Madison III So the characters, Janelle and Allie, are two women in a relationship. And then they just had a threesome with this guy. Alex Kiriakou is on the show. And let me tell you, first of all, it was tastefully done and there was saxophone music playing. You know, it was like it wasn’t it wasn’t giving Cinemax.


Louis Virtel But it was giving oxygen, soft core oxygen now.


Taylor Hale Yeah.


Ira Madison III And it because the one thing about the show is like it’s transferred to Peacock, but it filmed so far in advance. And the peacock’s which happened recently that this was going to air on NBC before the switch happened anyway. So it wasn’t like the show switched to Peacock and then all of a sudden got racy porn. It is wild to be a fan of soap operas in this day and age and to have seen murder. Blackmail. Multiple rapes, demonic possession. It’s like people’s closets going into hell. Zombies. Anything. And. To find a threesome. Too much. It’s insane to me to see tweets from people being like, Is this a thing that normal people do?


Louis Virtel Stuff like.


Taylor Hale That.


Taylor Hale I say, Baby girl, I know you’re actually doing the same thing. You’re trying.


Taylor Hale To say, no.


Taylor Hale Reflection on the TV, please.


Ira Madison III Oh, very, very bad. All right. I first I feel like I first learned about threesomes from Jerry Springer.


Louis Virtel Right. Right.


Taylor Hale Also me also.


Louis Virtel It’s just it’s barely controversial. It’s the sex you’re familiar with happening. But there’s one more person that was crazy. Not that much of an upheaval.


Ira Madison III And it makes me feel like it’s mostly just, like bigoted because it’s two women kissing each other within the threesome who were right in a relationship. And it’s not just out of control by having sex with two like random floozies, you know? And so honestly, get over it. It’s wild to me that just like soap operas have always been seen as sexually provocative, you know, like in the seventies and eighties, it’s like it was like the love in the afternoon was the thing on Time magazine where it was like, there’s so much sex happening on soap operas. And it’s like, what are we watching? Think about the kids, you know? And now that’s actually reflecting your dad. Now that it’s actually reflecting like the present, it’s sexually provocative again. So, you know, the certain set of older viewers who are watching the show.


Louis Virtel But speaking of enshrining, by the way, I’m excited that Mary Beth is the name it shows. I don’t know. There’s something about it that really hit the nail on the head for me. Catholicism is getting the suburbs of Chicago.


Taylor Hale Yeah.


Ira Madison III Mary Beth and her sister Lori, who she’s mad at because Lori Laurie’s probably had a threesome. And Mary Beth heard about it and she said, Don’t bring that up in my Christian home.


Taylor Hale That’s right.


Taylor Hale Exactly. And let’s call her Laurie Jane. But she just goes by low.


Louis Virtel You know. Oh, it’s Christian Girl. Autumn in this podcast.


Taylor Hale Looks a.


Taylor Hale Fire. Okay. But back on that girl’s name.


Ira Madison III Also, one last thing about Days of our Lives. I hope it gets its money back. Being on Peacock gets a bigger budget because one thing I miss about older soaps is that they would play current pop songs instead of like this royalty free music because there is a clip that was circulating of Marlena and John from Days of Our Lives when they were like about to have their affair and they see each other in a pub. And Anita Baker’s caught up in the Rapture plays and like they’re just like horny for each other in this pub, imagining fucking each other. And like Anita Baker retweeted it and talking about, like, love those sounds through the hourglass, you know, because like, obviously when that aired, that was a big moment. And like, a lot of people discovered her song through that. And like, it’s just so interesting, like seeing the moments, seeing a moment like that from the nineties that like was like a huge moment culturally for the show and for Anita Baker to think about that. Now.


Louis Virtel Also, that is a naughty song.


Ira Madison III It is caught up in the rapture with.


Taylor Hale You.


Taylor Hale Get to go and go into and you.


Taylor Hale Go.


Louis Virtel TAYLOR My God. I mean, to say that you’ve been a joy is such an understatement. And we knew you would be. And I mean, again, thanks for the season of TV you gave us and also just the seasons of TV you’re going to give us. You’re a fucking star, so.


Taylor Hale Oh, thank you. It’s been an absolute joy, dream delight. I mean, imagine leaving some place that you’ve been secluded for 80 some days and then listening to your friends in your head and they’re actually saying your name. So the last episode of New Guidelines, for me, it was just it was surreal to be here. This is really everything. So thank you, guys.


Ira Madison III Thank you for being you and like truly making this season bearable. I mean, we read in amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Like truly when you watch a Big Brother season, you’re always worried, okay, all the work we were going to be out was going to be a lot of racism. You’re going to be stressed watching it. And honestly, it was it was like a thriller each week because I was constantly worried that you were going to go. And like I was like, as we are not watching this week and then when I finally and you day I’m like well let me watch these episodes back so. Yeah. Thank you for being here. Thank you to. I’m also so happy I a lot of those who’ve been like in my DMS constantly being in our mentions being. When is Taylor coming on the show? What is Taylor? You got it.


Taylor Hale You got it. And she’s never leaving. She’s now the permanent third host.


Taylor Hale Oh, sorry.


Louis Virtel That’s all I’ll say. That’s what I.


Taylor Hale Guess it doesn’t get lost in the kitchen right now. I think I’m going to go. I have to go. But I love my life now. It’s great. Things are great.


Ira Madison III We’re so happy for you. And congratulations again on winning America’s favorite player and the entire game. And thank you so much to Taylor for joining us.


Taylor Hale Thanks for having me. You guys are the best.


Ira Madison III Wow, that was great. Thank you, sir.


Taylor Hale I got another dream. Thank you, guys. This was like I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to keep up with you guys, but.


Louis Virtel I would say it’s crazy that you don’t have a podcast. You’re just like, so, so attuned to it, like pop and constantly love it.


Taylor Hale It’s cool. I think eventually I might get something going and call it listening to me. Allah t see. We’ll see what happens.


Louis Virtel And she knows how to brand my god.


Taylor Hale Oh well, I mean.


Ira Madison III Listen, you’re already. You’re already fabulous. We just need to get you armed. So you’re not.


Taylor Hale Kidding.


Taylor Hale You just leave me at the bottom of what is it? The the ship goes underwater. No, I actually I stopped the movie at that point because it’s too dramatic. I don’t like warfare. You guys are is not for me.


Ira Madison III We need a biscuit video for you to be in it now. You and you.


Taylor Hale And so I’ll do that.


Ira Madison III And Regina.


Taylor Hale All three Oh, my God. Stop. I would pass out, scream. Yeah. And orgasm. All the things.


Ira Madison III Yeah. We’ll see you next week for more. Keep It, which will also be our 250th episode of Keep It.


Louis Virtel Stay Exhausted.


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Louis Virtel And Louis Virtel.


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