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March 28, 2024
Mifepristone: Pro Life’s Pill to Die On

In This Episode

SCOTUS hears arguments for the abortion pill (mifepristone) case; TikTok is spreading misinformation about birth control; and more in news. Then, Dana Schwartz joins to discuss: are we assholes for speculating about Kate Middleton before she revealed her cancer diagnosis? Finally, Sani-Petty (lab results emails are STRESSFUL, and a Zoomer gave Erin a box of mayonnaise).


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Show Notes
Dana Schwartz and her podcast, Noble Blood

Lauren Oyler: No Judgement: Essay
Our episode on the Comstock Act: “Speaker Chaos and Zombie Laws” w. Chani Nicholas and Amy Sohn


Supreme Court hears oral arguments on major abortion pill case (CNN Live Updates) (CNN takeaways)
The Supreme Court Got It Wrong: Abortion Is Not Settled Law (NYT op ed from strict hosts)
Erin Hawley: The Woman Arguing Against the Abortion Pill (NYT)
Supreme Court seems skeptical anti-abortion doctors can challenge abortion drug mifepristone (The 19th)
Use of Abortion Pills Has Risen Significantly Post Roe, Research Shows (NYT)
Texas Maternal Mortality Task Force Hasn’t Counted Abortion Death Cases for 10 Years (Austin Chronicle)
Democrats Change Strategy on Comstock Act as Republicans Weigh Abortion Ban (NOTUS)
Women are getting off birth control amid misinformation explosion (WaPo)
The Real Story Behind Women Getting Off Hormonal Birth Control And Misinformation by Dr. Sarah Hill (Evie) — the doctor here was featured by Jordan Peterson
Evie Magazine’s Founder Responds to the Washington Post: Stop Gaslighting Women Suffering From Hormonal Birth Control (Evie)
The Women Misrepresented By The Washington Post Respond (Evie)
Advocates, healthcare workers voice concerns over NY pharmacies dispensing birth control (CBS Albany)
Florida Social Media Ban For Minors Under 14 (WSJ)


After weeks of speculation about Kate’s whereabouts, on 3/22, @KensingtonRoyal posted “A message from Catherine, The Princess of Wales” where Kate explained that she has cancer.
Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis is part of a frightening global trend (Vox 3/22)
I Hope You All Feel Terrible Now (The Atlantic 3/22)
‘The View’ hosts regret ‘Bigfoot’ Kate Middleton conspiracies after cancer reveal: ‘Feel awful over it’ (NYPost 3/25)
Kate Middleton Fake Video Allegations Go Viral (Newsweek 3/25)
Kate Middleton’s Uncle Gary Goldsmith Apologizes—But Not For Insulting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Vanity Fair 3/25)
Harry and Meghan Learned of Kate Middleton’s Cancer Diagnosis on TV, Reports Say (Time 3/25)