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February 02, 2023
Pod Save America
“McCarthy’s Malarkey.”

In This Episode

President Biden and Kevin McCarthy meet on the debt ceiling. George Santos steps down from his House committees. Wisconsin gears up for the most important election of 2023. New polling shows Ron Santis trouncing Donald Trump in the Republican primary, even in a crowded field. Then later, the guys play another round of Take Appreciator.

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Show Notes 

  • WaPo: The historic support for George Santos’s resignation
  • WaPo: Santos stepping down from committees amid fabrications about his life
  • Politico: Omar, now a Dem unifier, faces down her GOP critics
  • ABCNews: Investigations, complaints facing George Santos could bring serious penalties
  • NYT: 2023’s Biggest, Most Unusual Race Centers on Abortion and Democracy
  • Politico: ‘The most important election nobody’s ever heard of’
  • AP: Parade killings judge running for Wisconsin Supreme Court
  • The Bulwark: Exclusive Bulwark Poll: Most Republicans Want to Move on from Trump