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March 29, 2021
Pod Save America
“March Badness.”

In This Episode

The White House press corps whiffs its first presidential news conference, Republicans shape the media narrative about the border, and Georgia passes voter suppression legislation that Joe Biden called “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” Then Tommy presents Jon and Jon with the Evil Eight in Pod Save America’s first-ever March Badness tournament.


Show notes


Biden Meets the Press

  • White House: Remarks by President Biden in Press Conference 
  • WaPo: Fact-checking President Biden’s first news conference 
  • WaPo Analysis: Biden’s news conference did not make big news but was revealing for other reasons 
  • CNN: Key takeaways from Biden’s first White House news conference 
  • Vox: 3 losers and 2 winners from Biden’s first press conference 
  • WaPo Analysis: 4 takeaways from Biden’s first news conference 
  • NBC News: Border challenge takes center stage at Biden’s first White House news conference 
  • ABC News: Biden holds 1st formal news conference, faces questions on agenda, migrant surge 
  • NY Mag: Key Moments From President Biden’s First News Conference 
  • Politico: Biden says North Korea is top foreign policy issue facing U.S. 
  • Politico: Biden says he ‘can’t picture’ U.S. troops in Afghanistan next year 
  • AP: For media, Biden news conference notable for what’s missing 
  • Politico: Biden meets the press and the pandemic disappears 
  • WaPo: Not a single reporter at Biden’s first presidential news conference asked about the pandemic 
  • Buzzfeed News: Reporters Did Not Ask Biden About The Pandemic But Apparently We’re Already Talking About 2024
  • HuffPo: Biden Didn’t Get A Single Question About The COVID-19 Pandemic At First Press Conference
  • WaPo Opinion: Opinion: Biden didn’t get any questions on covid-19. That’s a compliment. 
  • FiveThirtyEight: How Americans View Biden’s Response To The Coronavirus Crisis
  • Ipsos: Three-quarters approve of Biden’s coronavirus vaccine response
  • Gallup: Record-High Worry in U.S. About Hunger, Race Relations
  • Civiqs: Coronavirus: Outbreak concern
  • Civiqs: Coronavirus: Government response
  • Pew Research: Attention to COVID-19 news drops, but Democrats still substantially more interested than Republicans
  • Pew Research: Despite wide partisan gaps in views of many aspects of the pandemic, some common ground exists 
  • Insider: White House press secretary Jen Psaki and Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy spar over claim that Biden’s snubbing the network
  • Deadline: Fox News Cries “Hogwash” Over White House Insistence Peter Doocy Wasn’t Snubbed At Biden Press Conference
  • Vox: Fox News’s coverage of Biden’s press conference was hilariously petty 
  • The Hill: Fox’s Peter Doocy snubbed at first Biden press conference


Border Politics

  • Slate: How a Stephen Miller Fox News Appearance Launched the “Border Crisis”
  • Politico: N.Y. congressman: Border crisis due to decades of bad U.S. behavior 
  • The Atlantic: The Real Border Crisis
  • PBS: Republicans seize on Biden’s border challenges to reframe the immigration debate
  • WaPo Opinion: Why Kamala Harris’s new immigration assignment could be a big deal 
  • ABC News: Migrant surge at border poses political threat to Biden
  • Reuters: Republicans’ hostility grows toward illegal immigrants as party attacks Biden on border
  • ABC News: Biden receives high marks on COVID-19, lags on immigration, guns: POLL 
  • WaPo: The migrant ‘surge’ at the U.S. southern border is actually a predictable pattern. 
  • NBC News: Biden press conference grilling on border crisis misses something: What we owe immigrants 
  • NYT: The Democrats’ Immigration Problem
  • Axios: Trump says he’ll likely visit southern border in “next couple of weeks”



  • NYT: Georgia G.O.P. Fires Opening Shot in Fight to Limit Voting
  • The Guardian: Stacey Abrams on Republican voter suppression: ‘They are doing what the insurrectionists sought’
  • FiveThirtEight: Why Georgia’s New Voting Law Is Such A Big Deal 
  • The White House: Statement by President Biden on the Attack on the Right to Vote in Georgia
  • Politico: Biden urges Congress to pass election reform in wake of Georgia voting restrictions
  • Common Cause: For the People Act
  • Mother Jones: Georgia’s New Voter Suppression Law Is Hit With Its First Lawsuit
  • NYT: Georgia G.O.P. Fires Opening Shot in Fight to Limit Voting
  • CBS: Biden says Justice Department is “taking a look” at Georgia elections law
  • Boston Globe: Union president says MLB players ready to discuss moving All-Star Game from Georgia in wake of voter-restriction laws
  • Newsweek: Georgia Voting Law Prompts Talks of Moving All-Star Game, Pulling Masters From Augusta 
  • LA Times Op-Ed: Why MLB should consider moving the 2021 All-Star game from Atlanta
  • NY Post: Activists push Coca-Cola to take stand against Georgia election law 


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