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August 04, 2023
X-Ray Vision
Mailbag! - Skrull Powers, Recommendations, Marvel, and more!

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight open the mailbag! In the Airlock (00:48) Jason and Rosie dive deep (deeep) into your questions, including what kind of super skrull powers they’d have, what classic movies have changed their perspective on storytelling this year, animated adaptations of comics, and more. Then in Nerd Out (59:10) a listener question about companion podcasts.


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Jason Concepcion Hello, my name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concepcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast, where we dive deep into your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture.


Rosie Knight In this episode, in the Airlock, it’s a big mailbag baby. We can answer all your questions and in Nerd Out, guess what? It’s another question that we’re going to answer.


Jason Concepcion Let’s get into our bag and. We’re stepping out of the airlock and into the mailbag to answer your questions. Swati asks, What are you reading and loving? Always love hearing your recommendations for books, comics and graphic novels. Rosie, what are you what  are you reading?


Rosie Knight I have been reading many great things. I recently wrote an entry for Polygon’s Best Comics of the Year so far.


Jason Concepcion Oh.


Rosie Knight And it was for a self-published comic by a graphic novelist and cartoonist who I love called Olivia Stevens. And she’s most well known. She did a really cute younger readers book called Artie and the Moon Wolf. But, she has published on Gum Road and it on yeah basically online you can find it and it’s she’s published a book that is called Darlin and Her Other Names and it’s like a black and white adult horror Western romance werewolf comic. And it is just like the coolest, most atmospheric, beautiful like is eight pages long, but you will read it really quickly and then immediately read it again. And that that really blew me away. I thought that was really great. I’m also reading a really scary novel called.


Jason Concepcion Good.


Rosie Knight A God in the Yeah, which I love. I love a scary book, called  A God in the Shed by J-F. Debeau, and it is like really scary. It’s kind of like a cosmic horror meets True Detective about like a small town that’s next to a forest where there’s been all these serial killings by young girl. All kind of starts to realize that it’s not necessarily what it looks like. And there’s might be like this kind of elder God-esque monster in their midst. And that’s really I’ve really been enjoying that. I love a good I love a good cosmic horror story, especially if it’s like really scary and kind of grim. And this is that good small town noir horror. So those two have been.


Jason Concepcion Love that stuff.


Rosie Knight So big on my list.


Jason Concepcion Did you have any scary woods near you, growing up?


Rosie Knight Where I lived very much in the city. But there was a forest that you could go to called Epping Forest. I have to say, I always found it quite magical. You had to go quite, if what felt like quite far. But I could. I did often think about like getting lost in the woods, being quite a scary experience. What about you? Did you have a scary wood near you?


Jason Concepcion I also lived a very urban and suburban on the edges of urban existence, but I had a couple of sort of nature areas that were quasi magical, or at least places where in the in the Steven Spielberg sense of things like kids could be kids.


Rosie Knight Yeah, Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Crazy kid shit. One was so there was a, there was a like a three acre, four acre abandoned lot next to.


Rosie Knight Creepy.


Jason Concepcion Right next to the middle school called all the kids for as long as anybody could remember, called the cornfields. It was like crashed cars in there. It was like some kids over the course of like two months built like a BMX track, like with shovels and stuff. And it was totally like wooded over. It’s where we would go and, like, watch fights.


Rosie Knight Yeah, yeah.


Jason Concepcion After school. Just like you just go.


Rosie Knight Through the cornfields.


Jason Concepcion Go to the corn fields and watch someone get their head caved in. And but it was, it was also full of rabbits, which was really cool.


Rosie Knight Oh.


Jason Concepcion I thought it was awesome.


Rosie Knight Very magical realism. Just like an unexpected bunny.


Jason Concepcion When we were like, turning, you know, hitting our teens, but not so. We weren’t like, Oh, this is not cool yet. But we were kind.


Rosie Knight Yeah, yeah.


Jason Concepcion Had more agency in our childhoods. We would go there, especially at night. And when it was raining and like, quote unquote, exploring the cornfields with like flashlights, like I said, yeah.


Rosie Knight Yeah, we used to do that. But it was just like a normal park.It was called Chrissell Park, which was right in the middle of the the neighborhood where I lived like 30 minutes. And it was like near opposite my school. But we would go there at night and it would be like, terrifying. Our parents would always be like, Don’t go and hang out there at night. And we’d be like, Yeah, of course we’re just going to hang out our friend’s house and tell one friend just hanging somewhere and one friend going so fast. And then you end up all just meeting in the park and like nothing nefarious ever happened. But the, the threat of it was definitely always there in the in the dark woods.


Jason Concepcion And then I grew up across the street from a sump. Do you know what a sump is?


Rosie Knight I do not know what a sump is.


Jason Concepcion A sump. First of all, the word sump was a word that I just thought was a universal word. I didn’t realize that it’s maybe a made up word or certainly maybe.


Rosie Knight Regionally specific.


Jason Concepcion Maybe a regional word. A sump is a large basin in which collects like rainwater. And so but like, huge, like the size of, like two football fields.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion You have these all around Long Island, I guess, to, you know, collect water that I guess then gets I one would hope filtered somehow because the drinking water supply I lived right across the street from this and we would sneak into it pretty regularly when we were kids and like build little forts and catch frogs and like set very, very controlled fires and stuff. But one summer there was like a dead possum embedded like at the end there was a big, big like rain collection tunnel that you could go into like a pretty far ways. I don’t think I ever went in more than like 50 yards, but like you, you could go in it and there was this, like, dead possum there and it was like the. Somehow that became like the most interesting thing to, like, observe for months was just this possum decomposing.


Rosie Knight Yeah, very Stephen King is like your child and you on the edge of like life and death and understanding, like mortality. And it’s all taking place in like a naturey space. That, the book, I got in the shed actually has that, is kind of the opening space is very much in that like Stand by Me space before it kind of switches into this really dark thing.


Jason Concepcion Okay, So, gosh, what am I? I’ve been rewatching Deadwood, so after Secret Invasion, I was like, I need great dialog.


Rosie Knight I need you like, I need some of the best TV writing to ever have been written.


Jason Concepcion That’s ever happened. So I, I burned through all three seasons of Deadwood plus the movie. Like.


Rosie Knight So good.


Jason Concepcion News recently. And then just because I couldn’t get enough, I went I’ve been I have a subscription to two, which is an archive of newspapers from all around the world that goes back to like the the early 18th century. Wow. Find like broadsheets from like 1760 in there. And so I just like started reading newspapers from, you know, the late 19th century that mentioned like characters from Deadwood and and I found some really, really cool ones, like it’s The Philadelphia Times, April 7th, 1895. And it has a very, very long and well-written feature about called The Deadwood Coach. And it’s all about like the history of this Stagecoach, which was now coming to an end over in Deadwood that was used to take gold, which was being mined on it illegally, mined on indigenous land at the time, and taken out to, you know, places in the country called the actual nation of the of America, where it could then be, you know, transferred to a bank or whatever. And this thing ran for 15 years or whatever, you know, under threat of various road agents and its raiders and what have you. Very interesting article. So I did that. And let’s see, what am I reading? I am reading. I’m still reading the Revolutionary in History of the Revolutions of 1848 by Christopher Clark. Very good. Super, super interesting. And it kind of it kind of steals the hope from you, Rosey, because it’s like how all the shit that we’re concerned about right now.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Are this exact same issues minus like climate change that people were concerned about in 1830, 1835, 1848 in the various German principalities, and it’s all throughout Europe. And it’s that part of it makes you go, Fuck, I guess we’re fox like we’re just trapped in this electric loop and we’re never going to be able to get out of it. But it’s very interesting and it’s and it’s it’s illuminate it’s been illuminating to see like the early evolution of of some of the political terminology used so readily today. Like what did liberalism mean in 1838.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion What did conservatism mean. And then I’ve been reading this Elmore Leonard novel, Freaky Deaky just for me.


Rosie Knight Oh, yeah, yeah.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, yeah. Where about a a bomb plot run by kind of these aging hippies? It’s set in, like, the eighties, so it’s like him. He’s were now in their thirties and maybe they messed around with some of the kind of like, old leftist weatherman style politics of the sixties. And now they’re turning that into how can we get money by building a bomb or pretending to build a bomb or threatening someone. But it’s, you know, if you like Elmore Leonard. And you should. It’s just. It’s wonderful, right?


Rosie Knight Yeah. You know, you actually inspired me. Was there’s a book that I read a while back, but I always recommend it to people we haven’t spoken about it on here, and it’s very relevant right now with the strike and everything. There’s a really great book written by Kim Kelley, who’s a brilliant music journalist and labor journalist called Fight Like Hell. And it’s like an Untold History of American Labor organization. And it’s just so good and it gives you so much insight into, again, how a lot. Of the stuff that we’re fighting for has always been fought for, but it has an inspiring bank because it’s like, look at what it’s achieved. Like if we organize, look what can be achieved. So I’ve been really thinking about that a lot, and I think a lot of people who are on strike at the moment who are supporting the strikes in the entertainment industry would do really well to read it because it’s great. And it kind of reminds you that what we’re fighting for is what everyone’s fighting for, just that like different levels. And people have actually achieved incredible stuff through organizing via labor.


Jason Concepcion I should add. Quick Strike Update The AMPTP has reached out to the WGA and said, Let’s talk this Friday. So both.


Rosie Knight After 90 Days.


Jason Concepcion We’ll be listening to this. The negotiations theoretically will have restarted in the in the now near 100 day strike. The WGA against the AMPTP.


Rosie Knight Will be very interesting to see what happens there. And now on a completely different page, Tyrannosaurus Greg asks if you were going to be given the Super Skrull treatment and could get powers and abilities from only four characters, like a classic super Skrull KI’rt, who would you pick? They can be from any fandom, not just comics, but only one, only one from each. Jason, this is a huge question. What would you what would you do?


Jason Concepcion Okay. I would do one. I would. Kitty Pryde, facing powers.


Rosie Knight Sick.


Jason Concepcion Walk through walls. That kind of stuff just is very efficient. A lot easier. You know, of course you could. There are numerous illicit activities one could achieve with this. But I’m not.


Rosie Knight Lots of bank robberies.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, I’m not going to do any of that. Then I would take. Oh, gosh, let’s keep it X-Men. I think Jean Gray’s telekinesis. I’m in the process of moving. And the thing that’s terrible about moving is like, actually doing it. Yes. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just been like, I wish I could just, like, imagine all my stuff in the other place and just make that immediately happen. And then I would do okay. Hot take. Doug Liman, Director. Doug Liman I think has pound for pound. Maybe the greatest IMDB in terms of quality.


Rosie Knight Okay.


Jason Concepcion Maybe. Maybe in recent movie history. I don’t. Let’s just talk about his movies. I don’t actually think he’s made a bad movie. And with regards to that, I would then take the Powers from his 28 film Jumper.


Rosie Knight Oh, that is a good one, especially mixed with the Kitty Pryde powers.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. So Jumper is about. It’s kind of like Highlander meets X-Men, where Hayden Christensen discovers that he has this power to just spontaneously teleport to anywhere in the world. And I forget actually, the limit. I think he’s got to see a picture of it or.


Rosie Knight You’ve got to have seen it at some point. But it can be a picture, it can be a postcard or something like that. And then he learns that there’s like a secret community of people who have like.


Jason Concepcion This is the Highlander. That’s the Highlander aspect of it where there’s actually like these people and there’s two different sects, like the Paladins and then the other ones who are trying to stop them. And, and then this, like war of jumpers has been going on for like centuries anyway. I’ve always been like, Fuck, that’s a cool, that’s a cool power to just be like, I’m going to go to Syria, I’m going to Paris. I’ll be I’ll be back in 5 minutes.


Rosie Knight I’m going to go to Paris, get some delicious soft cheese.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, I will return with some soft cheese, some wine and some salted meats. Okay, so it.


Rosie Knight Sounds wonderful.


Jason Concepcion And then you know what? I’m going to go back. I’m going to go back to the X-Men once again, and I’m going to go Doug Ramsey. Oh, who can understand any language?


Rosie Knight Yeah, that’s a really sick power.


Jason Concepcion And I just feel like, isn’t that like a cool, like utilitarian power that you could have when you would just like, whether it’s coding languages, sign language, a living island that is like speaking in very, very low frequency murmurs or any like human based language, you would understand it. I just feel like that’s one of the coolest powers ever underutilized, I would add. Yes, I agree. For me, in the in the history of.


Rosie Knight I mean, imagine like the the Wonder Woman arc where she’s like a a diplomat, Don Ramsey would be like the ultimate diplomat or the ultimate spy. You could have an incredible Doug Ramsay story. Somebody pay me and Jason will write it. But I’m like, we we just pay. Well, Doug Ramsay was going to be on my list because ever since I was a kid, there were two things I always wanted. If I imagine, like, a genie was going to give me something. One of them. One of them would be like, one of my wishes would obviously be to wish for more wishes. The last day that’s out and then the two other wishes I would have that wouldn’t break the genie’s rules was to learn to not be able to speak every language and understand every language and write every language. And then just to be able to be really good at skateboarding, I realize you could just teach yourself out to skateboard. I’m still not really good, but I can skateboard, learning every language not as easy, so I will take that power back as well. And there may be Doug Ramsey. Perhaps we’re just going to be globetrotting. Enjoy. Also, you you’ve got a good point because now you now you’re a jumper and you can speak every language. Yeah, you can. As a puppy, you must be living life. Yeah, I’m going to take. The Green Lantern power of like having, you know, what does that mean? Like in the super Skrull sense, like, would I need to wear the ring all the time? Would I just have the willpower? But I love the willpower. I think it is also underutilized. Even though Green Lantern is one of DC’s biggest characters, I feel like everyone always just imagines like a gun or a giant fist. I could be imagining so much cool stuff. I just go around, imagine people, a house, imagine myself, a mansion, imagine a spaceship, go to space, imagine all my things being moved to my house and that make a moving van and make like little moving Green Lantern willpower. Things to move, things I hate moving so you really inspired me with that one. So yeah, Green Lantern Powers. Doug Ramsey Powers. I’m still playing all of Diablo four, so I’m just taking those necromancy powers. Who do I.


Jason Concepcion Which one? Wait. Hold on. So the necromancer powers are very there are a lot of them which specific necro power would you take?


Rosie Knight I’m taking. I want the power where if I kill people as I do on a regular basis, I can just raise them up and make the whole evil skeleton monsters. Like if I’m a super Skrull, that seems like it would be a useful power for me. So even though I wouldn’t use it in my day to day life, that would be my one offensive power. Poor dog Ramsay doesn’t have very many offensive powers. Why was often seen as one of the weakest new mutants and my last power? I was also going to. I was also thinking Jean Gray, because obviously we’re like extreme X-Men Stans. But you know what? It’s like. It’s so. Annoying to be a telepath. If you look at the X-Men canon like people are always you, it.


Jason Concepcion It is annoying.


Rosie Knight Always hearing people’s voices. You’re hearing too much stressful stuff.


Jason Concepcion So which is why I specifically only wanted the telekinesis. I just want to like stuff. You just want to. I don’t want to read minds.


Rosie Knight I don’t want to read minds. Your telekinesis is a good power. You could also get it from Carrie or Matilda. You got so many telekinetic options.


Jason Concepcion I don’t quite. I don’t want to get it from Carrie just because I feel like those are a little cursed powers.


Rosie Knight Cursed powers. Yeah. Matilda. She had a powerful telekinesis, but I would probably go for Storm’s powers just because that really cool like I want to. And also, you could do a lot of good of you can, like, go around making it rain, making you could solve climate change. Why isn’t she doing that? Let’s think bigger guys.


Jason Concepcion Well she lives she’s like, thinking about colonizing the galaxies. You’re not even thinking Yeah.


Rosie Knight And she’s like, No, she’s like, I’m done with Earth.


Jason Concepcion My my lake house on Mars. She’s like, I’m over it. Just quickly, let me go through Doug Liman’s IMDB Getting in. I’ve never seen, I don’t know, 1996 Swingers. Good movie. Yeah, 1999 Go. Really good mSarah Pollyovie.


Rosie Knight Outrageous movie.


Jason Concepcion Outrageously good movie. And I think for my money, one of the most accurate on drug scenes I’ve ever watched in any movie. 2002, The Bourne Identity. Already that’s an incredible run. Swingers, Go, The Bourne Identity. 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I mean, just hot. 2008 Jumper, underrated. I understand why it didn’t do that well. Hayden Christensen maybe not the, not the box office draw people thought he was.


Rosie Knight Definitely got like a cult, definitely got like a cult following now, though.


Jason Concepcion But I enjoyed it quite a bit. Fair Game, you know, not not my favorite okay there’s a miss. 2014 Edge of Tomorrow.


Rosie Knight Wow.


Jason Concepcion Stone cold classic movie.


Rosie Knight Somehow still underrated even by how much people like it somehow is still on the right. Why is it so good. Also.


Jason Concepcion And then.


Rosie Knight Oh yeah.


Jason Concepcion That run from from 96 to 2014 is just epic.


Rosie Knight That is what I’m my and that’s one of my favorite things actually, is like I remember this was always an old in the old days when Twitter was like a pure place where people would just be like, what are like, what’s this cool thing that you can quote, treat with a fact or something? One of them was always like, Which director has the best like three movie run where it’s just like, boom, boom, boom. And there is truly some great ones that. Doug Liman One is pretty great.


Jason Concepcion It’s, it’s very good Swingers Go The Bourne Identity is also that’s like I run very, very eclectic. X-ray Vision will be back.


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Jason Concepcion And we’re back. Next, Jacob asks, Do you think it was a good idea for the MCU to leave so many Stingers unresolved in Phase four, unlike in phases one, two, or three, where they created forward momentum? It feels like none of these Phase four Stingers have led to anything yet. Interesting. You know what? I think. Well, Rosie, what do you think?


Rosie Knight Yeah, so I think it’s about so I think it’s a mixture of two things. I think that the original phases of the MCU were very definitively planned, so it was easier for the Stingers to be like, Oh, Coulson’s there with Monier. That means we’re going to meet Thor. You know, it was like it was it was very simple. I feel like now we’re in. Both the blessing and the curse of being in the weeds of the comic book world where they’re doing something that’s a bit more like comic book, which is they’re just kind of letting the people who make the movies do a cool thing that they like. The idea of that the opens the door to something. So you’re talking about like a stinger with Star Fox and the troll characters most people have never heard of, but that promises like cosmic stuff. It promises. Adam Warlock You’re talking about that. Really cool. And now I’m going to talk about the Eternals, about the other Eternals stinger, but like the stinger where you have, you know, Black Knight and the, and the ebony blade and you have the voice of Blade and it’s kind of like, is it going to be like an am I three like supernatural team-up story? Yeah, And I do think that. It has weakened for impact. The Hercules reveal at the end of the day. I do understand that. I do think it has weakened the impact for people, not even just casually as even for me, like there was stingers there that made me really excited. And it does feel kind of jarring to not immediately see where they’re going or see them come to fruition. But I think it is it’s I do think they’ve been sowing cool seeds. Think about like the Shang Chee ten rings, you know, it’s a beacon. Where did that lead to? Yeah, so I understand where Jacob’s coming from, but I do feel like with the right person or people in the future, those things will be easy to tie together to feel like they’re leading somewhere.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. I feel like, you know, the issue is that the the tail has to go where the dog goes. And the dog right now doesn’t quite know where it’s going.


Rosie Knight Exactly.


Jason Concepcion No, I mean, that’s really that’s really the kind of issue is, you know, there were several there’s a lot of structural things happening as you transition to phase four. So many of the legacy stars are moving on. Don’t want to do it anymore. You have to build up new stars to carry the to carry the series forward, the universe forward. And you have to do that transition without quite knowing what’s going to pop, what’s going to resonate into the overall story. We don’t have the story plus covered all that other stuff. So it has been difficult. And I think the knock on effect has been that they don’t really have a place where where they’re sure they’re going. You know, Thanos from moment one was going to be the Big Bad. They were going to get there somehow.


Rosie Knight And that was much of six heroes at the beginning. You know, there’s like a.


Jason Concepcion Very few.


Rosie Knight Few people and you link them together. Now you’re in a world where there’s like hundreds.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. And, and we’re only in phase five, although is, you know, we are two movies into phase five. And it feels as if we’ve been treading water. And I think the the stingers are kind of a symptom of that.


Rosie Knight I agree with you.


Jason Concepcion Overall, the overall issue is that we don’t quite have a place. We’re going it. We don’t know. Obviously, the Kang stuff is up in the air now, too. What is the overarching story? Who is the team that’s going to fight the bad guy? We like all of this is still up in the air and and it’s no surprise then, that the Stingers would feel kind of disjointed. Lewis To that. Yeah.


Rosie Knight And yeah, I will be as an armchair person who watches this stuff and all those. I also do think that some of that comes down to like the amount of TV shows because that has kind of spread the storytelling. Yeah. Kind of of the MCU even wider. And when some stuff so like for example when Adam Warlock was announced to be in Guardians of Galaxy three, I was like, Oh, well, that’s obviously where you’ll see Star, Fox and Pip again. You know, those are characters that are all really deeply connected, but those things aren’t coming together as smoothly. And I think that a lot of the storytelling at the moment is quite scattered, which I think is normal for something that exploded in size and popularity. And now we need that streamlining event. I will say something. I do think me and Jason have been right about that. I do think most of the Stingers and storylines that feel on. Grounded and kind of adrift have been leading to is this like battle worlds version of the MCU we had some people in Discord recently talking about it again like where rather than it being multiple different universes that are combined together, which could be quite a hard fix. It’s probably going to be these different secret societies and different factions within the MCU that are going to have to kind of fight together in the lead up to secret wars and as proxy grows. So I think it will come together. But at the moment, yeah, they they don’t know where it’s going. And it is not as streamlined and simple as it was with that original, you know, ten year plan for the MCU.


Jason Concepcion Do you have a favorite face for a stinger?


Rosie Knight I think my favorite face for a stinger, surprising nobody. I really. I do. I love the the Black Night Blades stinger. I think Kit Harrington is great Black Knight casting. I think they did.


Jason Concepcion I did. I was not. I did not see that one coming. So I love that one.


Rosie Knight I’m saying I love the Ebony Blade where it’s kind of like pulsing and it felt much more horrory than the rest of the Eternals. I love the hint of Blade and this kind of idea that blades going around like helping people who are connected to the supernatural or warning them like kind of putting together a team that to me was the one where at the end I was most excited. Also, it was phase five, but I did lose it about the victor timely thing only because that is a ridiculous character that I own all appearances of because he’s in like six things. So it always kind of exciting when they throw something out there that’s really deep cut. But then I think a problem with this era of the MCU is like doing that and then not necessarily delivering on that promise. So we’ll see what happens. What about you?


Jason Concepcion The Ebony Blade is my technical favorite, but  my emotional favorite, and this surprised me. Is, is is Eddie Brock in.


Rosie Knight Oh, my gosh.


Jason Concepcion No Way Home.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Getting transported back to his universe, but leaving a little dollop of Yes. Symbiote like on a napkin. That one. I like that one. That’s really good.


Rosie Knight Also, I will actually say in a great context, that’s a great answer, because in the context of Jacob’s question, arguably the hugest impact that has not been followed up on a week. That was years ago now, guys. We literally could have a Venom or a Symbiote or a version of it in the MCU now, and that’s how long that’s been stewing. So I agree. I thought that one was really fun. Also really hilarious to have that big reveal that he’s going to end up in the MCU and then he’s just not in the fight. He has nothing to do with that. And at the end, he’s just like chillin in a bar and it’s like, You’re back, You’re back, baby.


Jason Concepcion So good, so funny.


Rosie Knight Josh asks. I will say. Josh asks, but also argues very well for this point. So I’m curious whether either of you believes that Rhaenys would have been a better option to send to Storms End instead of Luke. My initial thoughts on why Rhaenys would have been a better option. I would let the Blacks know that they have an offer out at Storms End already so a stronger emissary than Luke to challenge the Green’s offer. Her mother was a bratty and so stronger blood connection than Luke allegedly has. Rhaenys has more experience navigating the realm and interacting with high lords. No question.


Jason Concepcion No question about that.


Rosie Knight Maelys is an older and larger dragon compared to Arrax. So it seems to be a better use of Rhaenys to go to Storms End and then patrol the narrow sea rather than going directly to the narrow sea. And it seems like they missed an opportunity to play a stronger hand at Storms End and keep Luke in the fold.


Jason Concepcion I think I mean. Josh, you nailed it.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion I think the issue.


Rosie Knight You broke it down.


Jason Concepcion I think the issue is this is now 2020 hindsight. I understood while it look it obviously looks terrible in hindsight considering what happened but I understand what Rhaenyra was thinking in that here is a less like if you send. Richness and and and malice that is aggressive. Yeah. And, you know, maybe a fight would start. And now the war’s here, right? And at this point in time, Aura is thinking. Avoid the war. Avoid the war. How can we avoid the war? And so sending, you know, sending Luke, I think was. It was smart in the sense of, you know, he wouldn’t be out and out attacked so young. His dragon is not a threat. And really, that’s the way it almost did play out, if not for the fact that the other side just flat out lost control of their drag. Like they just lost control. The Dragons have a mind of their own. It did. It almost worked. And I think you’re right. You’re obviously right. But at that point in time, you know, Nero was thinking, how can we avoid war? Maybe, you know, by sending. By sending my son. I’m kind of one signaling. I’m looking for peace. And also look how important this is to send me my own blood to carry this message. The issue to me was that they just didn’t prepare Luke enough like he should have had. Like hard orders. If you see another dragon, you turn around, you come back. Mm hmm. Then we’ll send a raven. We’ll deal with it that way. Yeah, too. It may come. It may come to the point where there’s, like, a marriage deal being thrown around. Here is what you are allowed to bargain. You know, like, here’s. Here’s. Here are the terms that maybe we could. We could kind of like soft handshake on.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm.


Jason Concepcion Rather than just, like, being like, Oh, I don’t know. I can’t really do that. And I guess I got to go back and ask my mom and, like, just head it over there with, like, a set of positions already that he could deal with. And then again, number one thing is like, have you seen other dragons turn around, fly back? Yeah, just turn and fly back like we lost We lost the race to get there first. And if you lose the race to get there first, turn around, come back.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right. I also think it was like an emotional decision rather than a strategic one. Like it was coming from the heart. And this idea of that, there was still a way to end this war and mend this rift. And Luke was a representation of that. But I think you’re right also, it was like playing for DHS, but without thinking about any of the absolute wild card parts of that, like the Dragons, like teenage boys, like all the kind of horrible things that ended up going wrong. But yeah, on a strategic level and a hindsight level, I’m sure that Renner probably thinks every single day that she should have sent Rhaenys.


Jason Concepcion Yes, absolutely. Next, Camila asks if you had to choose only one of each. What’s the most interesting book or comic you read TV show or movie you watched last year? Oh, wow. Rosie, what do you got?


Rosie Knight Oh, man. Oh, yeah. You know what? I’m going to pick. So I watched. This was just a movie that I just really loved and I thought was so good. And it’s all an old movie. A really, really great old movie called Purple Noon. And it just really impacted, like everything else. I was thinking about this year that I’ve watched since Alain Delon in his first major film. He’s really, really great.


Jason Concepcion Oh, wow.


Rosie Knight It’s directed by René Clément and it’s basically like, it’s an adaptation of The Talented Mr. Ripley, but it’s like a French sixties noir movie and it’s so good. And the way that they adapt it and make it into a movie about the process of how and why he is so good at stealing people’s identities really impacted a lot of the way I was thinking about film and TV as I watched it this year, like Secret Invasion. We were talking about how, like, you never really understand the Spycraft or the Skrulls or why they do the things they do, and that’s part of the reason why it kind of didn’t really work where something like Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning, so much of it is about the spycraft, about the gadgets, about the plans, and that really works. And I was thinking back to Purple Noon a lot. Also just like an achingly cool movie where people are kind of lounging around in the hot Mediterranean sun. It’s incredibly homoerotic, just like the the American version. Also very interesting kind of theme throughout this year of things that I’ve watched has been like realizing that a lot of things that are adapting a source material are really adapting versions that have come before. So like I had this realization with Batman movies. Basically, every Batman movie is really just kind of adapting Batman 1989. They’re never really adapting the comics, and a lot of them share the same beats. Something like the Batman, which I loved, and then rewatching The Dark Knight, the Batman actually has a lot of the same emotional and narrative beats as The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight has a lot of the same emotional narrative beats as 1989. So like kind of realizing a lot of times that when films are made, they’re sort of remaking the other film versions rather than the the source material itself. And that is very much the case with Purple Noon and the American Talented Mr. Ripley, which is really great and enjoyable. But that movie, so much of it is actually harking back to this really gorgeous, funny, weird French film. And the coolest thing about it is like the movie kind of opens as like a broad, ribald comedy before it takes this kind of darker turn. And I feel like that’s something that a lot of American movies can’t really do. Like The Talented Mr. Ripley is just this really straight down the line, like scary crime thriller with like this kind of undertones of homoeroticism, which is really great. But Purple Noon is like really expansive at times. It’s like a vacation movie. At times it’s a romance. At times it’s a thriller at times edges on the horror and it’s but it’s kind of funny throughout. So that’s definitely interesting and kind of impactful on the way I was looking at all the things that would be mined for the Lost for the last year. What about you?


Jason Concepcion I’m going to pick gosh for a movie. I’m going to pick an old movie to some you know, Oppenheimer, of course, is in theaters. You might have seen Oppenheimer star, Cillian Murphy inside the Criterion Closet late talking about the movie Lehane, which he had his kids recently.


Rosie Knight Wow. What a movie.


Jason Concepcion And I own that. I own the Blu ray. I remember seeing it at a some at the Indy Theater in the late nineties when I worked at the when I worked at movie theaters. We had like a a deal with all the movie theaters in town where you could get a discount to go to like the art movie theater and see various movies. And I saw like Rumble Run there, I saw Lehane there, I saw a lot of stuff there, and I remember that. So Lehane by Matthew Cassavetes, who’s also an actor, you might have seen him in in Munich as the bomb maker, nerdy guy, and that kind of like spy group. He directed a movie. Culhane came out in 1995, and it honestly feels like it could have come out yesterday.


Rosie Knight Yeah, it’s unbelievable.


Jason Concepcion All the issues that it deals with France is dealing with still to this day, the same exact issues, the same exact complaints. And it just feels like a incredibly visceral, vital movie. It opens with this wonderful play on, you know, the the Travis Bickle taxi driver you talking to me scene that has this wonderful I don’t to spoil it but like one of the great like in-camera tricks where the guy’s looking in the mirror.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion And then and you know and I don’t, I don’t want to spoil it because it’s just an amazing shot. You know, James Cameron is also stole that for the Terminator. Like, it’s just like one of these wonderful, like, in-camera tricks. And it’s all in black and white. And it’s I would describe it as like. Oh, it’s just a.


Rosie Knight It’s an unbelievable movie.


Jason Concepcion It feels at peace with the nineties in that it has that kind of. You know, lost aimless youth, quick cut, kind of energetic style, but it’s just fucking great. And again, it feels it really feels like it could have come out yesterday.


Rosie Knight Well, literally, I mean, the riots that were happening recent, most recently in France, they were about the death of a young black man at the hands of the police.


Jason Concepcion Same exact thing that the fucking movie is about.


Rosie Knight The same thing. And and also Vincent Cassel is in it, like probably his breakout role, like such an unreal movie. This is one of my most. This is one of my most rewatched movies, like when I was kind of like.


Jason Concepcion You can’t get enough of it.


Rosie Knight When I was like an angry teen and I was living with like a bunch of friends and stuff. Like this was the movie that we felt like it kind of even in like that would have been in the early 2000s, 20 years after the movie. Then ten years after the movie came out, that felt like it still captured the way we felt about things and that kind of anger and that like that bubbling like fury of like living in a really unfair system. And.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Like you said, it’s it’s I’m not surprised that he bought out because it feels so relevant now, just as it could be, like just as it was then. So another one of those things where you’re like, this is so great, but like, nothing’s changed.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, nothing’s changed. We have not moved nothing. We’ve not moved forward even an inch. Everything feels exactly the same. And then for books, I would say Tomorrow,  and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin is sneaks up on you.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm.


Jason Concepcion I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s kind of through the lens of of different styles of video game narratives. And there’s one about two thirds through the book where. Everything comes together, the plot, the characters, the story, that particular little conceit of this like video game lens. And it just hit so hard. Wonderful. Wonderful. Very surprising. And good book. Yeah. And then I’ve talked about it. I think I’ve talked about it previously, but probably the most like eye opening, like nonfiction book that I read this year is Chris Miller’s Chip War, The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology. Just about how. You know, I’m going to sound like fucking Cramer on on CNBC, but like, but how microchips are basically oil. That’s yeah. The 21st century oil really really interesting and it puts a lot of the things that are kind of back happening in the news in in in context. Yeah it does.


Rosie Knight Yeah. One of the for me the book would probably be so there’s this author, cottage clown, who wrote this book called The House in the Cerulean Sea, and it’s basically it’s one of my all time favorite books now. And that book was like a revelation when I was reading it. Kind of like Tomorrow, and  Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. It’s like, you know what’s going to happen. But the way that you get there and the outcome is very different. It’s essentially like, what if you crossed Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Doug Adams with that, with the X-Men. Yeah. So it’s like it’s about a guy who works in a kind of dystopian future where kids who have powers are put into orphanages and it’s kind of this Douglas Adams, ESQ Like, very. So it’s kind of surreal. But in your own world, very bureaucratic, very boring life. And his job is to investigate the orphanages and check whether they’re taking care of the kids. But he’s more of like a box taker than anything else. And he gets sent to an orphanage run by a man who’s very like, controversial and seen as very outside of the system. And the orphanage is in like a small seaside town. And all all the kids there are like unbelievably kind of dangerously powerful. And it’s this beautiful, like coming of age story, but coming of age in like your fifties. And it’s a romance and it’s queer. And the characterization of like the kids and the powers are so unbelievable. It’s such a wonderful book. And then I’ve read his other books that he’s really since I just equally in that zone of like supernatural, cozy, queer, but just never really read anything else like it. Like it’s it’s so good. And every time I recommend it to someone, they’ll just text me the whole time they’re reading it, going like, What the fuck? Like, this is so good. So that would definitely be my book. And then my comic one, which I’ve told by a lot on the pod by doing it kind of changed a game and I’ve been happy to see it is Jamila Rowzer and Robin Smith wrote made a book called Wash Day Diaries, which is like a slice of life book about black friends in Brooklyn and the haircare regimes and kind of their life through the lens of that and their friendships and their romance. And I feel like it was rightfully very acclaimed. It’s beautiful. It’s so sweet. But also I feel like it kind of opened the doors now to having more slice of life comics, having more romance comics, having more comics that are more in the vein of what manga has been doing for a long time, what indie comics have been doing, but putting into that publishing market. So if you have still haven’t read it, just get a copy because it’s like really lovely.


Speaker 3 X-ray Vision will be back.


Speaker 1 <AD>


Jason Concepcion And we’re back.


Rosie Knight Danielle asks what comics arc, universe or characters would be best served by an animated adaptation?


Jason Concepcion Well, this is kind of a cheat, but I feel like almost all of them, like anyone you can think.


Rosie Knight No, I agree.


Jason Concepcion I feel like the if if you do, I feel like the target is a lot bigger with animated and if you nail it, it’s going to be wonderful. And you can do so many things that. You know, imported directly from whatever your source material is and can be essentially like they are in the source material without having to do sets or CG or any kind of big, you know, explosive stunts or whatever. And I think most of the honestly, most of them would probably be better served. And the harder version is the live action version.


Rosie Knight No, I think.


Jason Concepcion In a sense, the harder to do well.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think you’re totally right. I think there’s a reason why animated adaptations are so beloved, and it’s because they can adapt something so singularly, but also so expansively because it’s much simpler. I won’t say easier because the amount of work that goes into these things is immense. But you can use your imagination can be a lot bigger when you’re doing an animation. I think about that’s why people love like Batman, the Animated series, that’s why they love X-Men 92. That’s I was just thinking about Spawn. If you’ve never watched the HBO Spawn series, it’s unbelievable. It’s like one of the few Western R-rated animated shows. It’s really scary. Sums up everything that the comics did well, and I loved the much maligned Spawn movie because it’s totally fun. But if you put those two next to each other, you can see the difference in what you’re able to achieve in animation and what you’re able to achieve in the space of like. A live action movie, especially in the nineties when you like, don’t have necessarily the effects or the budget to do what you want to do. If I was going to pick like, you know, I just want to see more X-Men stuff and I know that we’re getting X-Men 97, but in my head I just that’s where I immediately go is like, I want to see an X-Men animated movie that gets a cinema release. I want to see, like, them adapting really incredible. You know, there was a Star Wars comic called Droids, and that was tied to like a cartoon and everything. But like, I would love to see like a Pixar droids movie, Like.


Jason Concepcion Oh, that would be cool.


Rosie Knight Right. You can imagine it immediately. Like, I would love to see an odd man kind of adaptation of something like Super Pets or, you know, The Pet Avengers. Like, I think there’s so many spaces and I’m hoping with, you know, Mario being a billion, the first billion dollar movie of the year, I’m sure Turtles is going to do super well. I would love to see studios investing, obviously spider-verse like, I want to see studios investing more into that space because I do think it should be we should be getting the same amount of live action and animation adaptations of these things, especially in comics where illustration and animation are so intertwined.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, Phil asks. Love the pod. I’m a relatively new comic book reader. I’m looking for recommendations for omnibus reads, a format I enjoy because they can be so thoughtfully constructed. My favorite so far is Grant Morrison’s Batman Volume two. Can’t go wrong. I loved how it jammed between Grayson and Damian story in Bruce Wayne’s incredible journey through time. Do you have any recommendations for a well constructed omnibus story, Rosie?


Rosie Knight Oh, I mean, this is like such one of the best things about being a comics reader right now when comics are so popular, when they’re inspiring the best movies on Earth is we are getting so many good, collected editions. I have two that I always go to that I think are really easy. I obviously Grant Morrison’s Batman iconic, so my two would be if you like that. Get a new X-Men collection. Morrison and Frank Quietly’s New X-Men. Such good, weird stuff. And it will grip you from the opening double page spread, which is just absolutely bonkers. It feels almost like an introduction to the X-Men, so I think you can read it and never really need to know a lot about the X-Men, though it will color your experience of the X-Men going forward. For me, it’s the best, most interesting version of Cyclops, but it’s totally different than any other version. So I think the Morrison Quitely and many, many other artists. X-Men. Ron is a really, really great read. That is just such a joy. Also, they now have a very affordable, very enjoyable young Avengers collection. MCELVEEN Gillen and Matt Wilson. Young Avengers. And I think that is like one of the most readable, singular stories that you can really feel like. You’ve just read a graphic novel. You’ve read an omnibus where the whole thing fits together and you get such a satisfying read. So those are my, my two. The if I’m in the comic shop and I hear people saying, like, I don’t really know what I should read, I always pull those two out if they’re around and kind of go, Here you are, this one’s good.


Jason Concepcion I will add on to that. I will say the uncanny X-Men omnibus Volume one, which is basically the giant size X-Men era, the Chris Claremont era.


Rosie Knight The good stuff.


Jason Concepcion I mean, you go right directly to the to the vein with that one. Like, it’s just fucking great. It’s great from beginning to end. You don’t get all the way through the Phenix saga with that one, but it will certainly whet your appetite and it’s just like mind blowing storytelling. David Esquire Square was with us last week talking about it. I would say for something, you know, one that I. I don’t know if it’s underrated, but to me. Annihilation and annihilation Conquest. There’s an omnibus for each event are two of like the best crossover events that Marvel’s done. Like the last 20 years. Huge stakes, entire galaxies getting destroyed like war throughout the galaxy. Just really really fun formation of the of the modern guardians of the Galaxy team happens there and is just a swashbuckling space adventure par excellence. And then you know what The Invincible Omnibus.


Rosie Knight Oh my gosh, it’s huge.


Jason Concepcion Kirkman’s Invincible Omnibus is fucking great now.


Rosie Knight It’s like massive. It’s a ton.


Jason Concepcion It’s massive and really good. Now be warned if. You are new to invincible and you’re really into the show. The story that’s in the show is basically done by like one fifth through the ice.


Rosie Knight You will spoil yourself.


Jason Concepcion You will spoil yourself for the future if you pick it up. But it’s fantastic. It’s fantastic.


Rosie Knight So the last two, I’ll say one is 100% like go to your comic shop, buy it, because it’s one of the best collections they just reprinted. And I will also say the Hawkeye, the Matt Fraction, David Aja run. So that’s it’s a beautiful looking trade. You’re going to be really happy with that when you read it. They did a new version of it recently. It’s great, I will say, as an out there one, just because it is one of the greatest collected omnibus formats of all time. Try Akira. Look, it’s totally out there. Your your news, your comics. I get it. It’s like a really intense thing But those, those phonebook style Akira omnibus is are so enjoyable to read. Yeah there you are. Jason’s got you can get them they are like they were a staple of our childhood They’re so beautiful. The R is unbelievable that black and white you can buy the hardcover ones dark or sterile. You can walk into any comic shop and probably bookshop and just pick up the first one. It’s worth a try. It’s really dense, it’s really crazy. But the art is beautiful and it was it really feels like it was just made to be read in these formats. So there’s a few that you can pick up. Let us know what you think about them. So Sergio asks, and I think it’s a great question because I think a lot of people are kind of thinking along these lines. For the past two years, I’ve been writing a TV show in my free time, and even though the chances of it ever seeing the light of day are slim to none, I never stop doing it because something I truly enjoy. Now, I’ve checked the guidelines on the WGA website and I think I’m in the clear since I’m not part of the guild or currently trying to pitch to any studios which he mentions, he wouldn’t even know where to start. But I wanted to know if it would be frowned upon if in the future people pitched stuff that they wrote on their own spare time during the strike. He says he just wants to be sure, and he thought we were the best people to ask. So what do you think?


Jason Concepcion I would say. Well, how I guess the question would be like, how are you pitching your submitting or are you like sending in a script? I would just wait until the action is over just to be safe. Now, animated is a different union that isn’t necessarily covered by WGA guidelines, but I would say just to be safe, just wait.


Rosie Knight Just wait. Because then you’re in solidarity. Also, I think Sergio has a fear here that like because he wrote it during the strike.


Jason Concepcion Right.


Rosie Knight Would that mean it was. Ineligible or some way scabbing. But no, that’s like your No, no, no personal project that you’re writing, right? We all have comic books or pilots that we work on in our own spare time. This is about not giving the studios who have struck content in place of the stuff that is being held from them. So as long as you’re not pitching or anything until the action is over, if you’re writing something your TV show, you finished writing it during the strike. If you wait until the action is over and pitch it, it doesn’t matter when you wrote it.


Jason Concepcion I would also say yes, that’s right. I would also say for other you know, listen, I’m a very new TV writer as well. Like, I hesitate to give advice, but I would say, you know. One of the things that I found most useful is one, think about your your script. First as a way to show people like, I understand character, I understand story. And secondarily, and only like a a very, very lagging second of being like, this is a thing I can sell.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm.


Jason Concepcion Because really, the the best way in is to show folks you can write. Start writing other shows, other people’s projects, get a job writing, and then if when the opportunity arises, try and pitch the Dream project. And then I would say it’s like there’s a third thing. It’s of course, really hard to break in if there’s a TV like wherever the. Portuguese television market, wherever that’s located, where the wherever the center of the industry is like in in your country, I try and go there and meet people. I agree. One of the things in this era, the in the era of the Internet, can you feel like you’re connecting with people because you meet them online and they read your stuff and maybe they, you know, will point to something you wrote and you’re creating this network of people. But like, nothing really beats. Meeting someone in person and showing that you exist in the in the meat space, like you’re a real person in the world. There’s just it’s just a difference. And at some certain kind of alchemy happens from that because you just it it’s hard to really feel like a person exists unless you meet them in person once you meet them in person. A huge part of. Breaking into any kind of creative community is are you? Like, do people perceive you as like, a good hang? Are you a person?


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Talent often is like, again, a secondary priority. It’s like, can I spend? 8 hours a day in a room with this person. I want to kill him.


Rosie Knight What are your vibes like? Do you have bad vibes? Do you have good vibes?


Jason Concepcion Yeah. And. And that can only be transmitted in person. Yeah. So if you can. If you can spend time, wherever. The center of the Portuguese television industry is for like, a week or a couple of weeks. If you can figure out a way to do that, try and do that. You do that and try and meet people.


Rosie Knight I say that is absolutely true also, because those opportunities are afforded to people who are in those spaces a lot of times. And like I never thought I would be a full time writer, let alone a podcast host, let alone just before the strikes began in the few months before I’d been approached because I lived in L.A., because I was known by other people. About pitching for an animated show. So I got to script my own. I got to submit my script to the WGA to have it, you know, kind of have them know that it existed. And obviously then the strikes happened, so I didn’t know what happened with it, but that wouldn’t have been something I could do if I wasn’t in L.A..


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight You know, the fact that you’re here and you have those opportunities being close and in proximity and sort of meeting people and being like, Hey, this is what I’m into, this is what I do, that’s a really good way. So I love that you mention that because I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently.


Jason Concepcion It’s really, really important and I understand that. It’s also like not easy. Listen, I dropped five figures to move towards my my own money and, like, yeah, crashed my savings. But it was the right thing to do because you just need to people need to see your face and catch your vibe and understand what you’re like. Know that you’re around. And then the thing that will happen is, Oh, I know that guy, Sergio. Yeah, I know him. He gave me one of his things. I wonder if he’s any good. He’s like a good hang and stuff will start to come from that. It won’t feel like anything’s happening for a while, but that’s part of. Of putting in the work you’re doing. The the the important part, the writing. To get it out there, you’ve got to get yourself out there. So try and do that if you can.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Up next, Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight In today’s Nerd Out where you tell us what you love and why, or a theory you’re excited to share, or a quick question we can answer. Cory has another comic book question very appropriate for today. Hey, Jason and Rosie. You’ve all really inspired me to start reading comics and graphic novels. I just read V for Vendetta and I loved it. I also really enjoy companion style pods that discuss the media I’m consuming. Do you have any recommendations or tips for finding people talking about classic comic book runs?


Jason Concepcion Wow. Rosie, do you know of any?


Rosie Knight So I would say, you know, Jay and Miles, explain the X-Men. If you’ve been reading any X-Men, that’s a real classic one that people love most. I have a lot of X. Cerebro Casts. That’s another space where you’re going to hear people. One of the ones that I love not well. It will be all Marvel, but was recently announced. It’s coming to an end. Me and Jason have actually both been guests on it, but Marvel’s pull list is really great because it’s incredibly eclectic. Each episode is somebody different talking about a different Marvel run. So if you’re reading something and you go on list, you can just search the episodes and see if somebody’s spoken about it. So I think that’s a really good space, even though you’ll only get an episode about each one. Those podcasts are out there and there’s a lot of fun stuff. Jason, how about you?


Jason Concepcion I Cerebro Cast as well. I listen to quite regularly. It’s less, it’s more current and there’s more reference. You know, there’s like a lot of references through the very particular voice of that podcast about storylines and arcs from the past. But it’s mostly about like what is what is currently happening. They’ll have guests on talking about like their favorite character. You know what, like. Fatman and beyond, believe it or not, has had some chemistry. Pot has had some good moments. Jay and Myles, Explain the X-Men. Yes.


Rosie Knight Yeah, definitely one of the leaders.


Jason Concepcion In terms of what you’re asking for, I think is the most on the nose version of the thing that you’re asking for. And then like if you want to a the pull list is great as a way to kind of get into Marvel centric now. Mm hmm. Just like classic runs. Yeah. People’s. You’re your favorite person’s favorite.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm.


Jason Concepcion The only thing is it’s. It is obviously quite blinkered because it’s just going to be Marvel.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Thanks, Corey. If you have theories, passions, or quick questions you want to share, hit us up at Instructions are in the show notes.


Jason Concepcion That’s it for us, Rosie. Any plugs?


Rosie Knight Keep supporting the strikes. It’s been really cool to see everyone coming together and doing it is very hot out there, so see if there’s any way you can support people on the picket lines. For me personally, I have a book that I contributed to that’s coming out called Screen Travelers Guide. It’s a super cool, like place where you can find all the information about where your favorite movies were filmed, and that’s really cool. The production design on the book is beautiful that’s coming out from DK, which is somewhere I always wanted to write, so I’m stoked about that and you can preorder that now.


Jason Concepcion Catch the next episode. Wednesday, August 9th, 420 Mutant Mayhem. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back.


Rosie Knight They’re back, baby. And you can watch full episodes of the podcast on YouTube. Also, check out Twitter @XRVPod and our Discord to hang out with lots of cool fans.


Jason Concepcion Five star ratings. Five star reviews. We need them. We got to have them. You got to give them to us. Here’s one from TinkerBell3: My go to for so, so much. You’re both amazing and I love all your coverage of my top faves. The Batman commentary is perfection. I can’t wait for Your Lord of the Rings podcast, and I love the new things you introduced me to you. Thank you, TinkerBell3.


Rosie Knight Thank you so much.


Jason Concepcion X-ray vision is a Crooked Media production. The show is produced by Chris Lord and Saul Rubin and executive produced by me, Jason Concepcion. Our editing and sound design is by Vasilis Fotopoulos. Video production by Delon Villanueva and Rachel Gaewski. Social Media by Ewa Okulate and Caroline Dunphy. Thank you to Brian Vazquez for our theme music. See you next time.