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May 12, 2023
X-Ray Vision
Mailbag - MCU, Star Wars, Succession & More!

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight pore through the mailbag! In Previously On (1:56) Jason and Rosie answer listener questions about the MCU. In the Airlock (27:00), they answer even more questions, including Star Wars, what to do with your comics once you read them, Succession, genre fiction and non-IP properties, and more. Then in Nerd Out (1:24:46) a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 theory.


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The Galactus Trilogy” written by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, penciled by Kirby, inked by Joe Sinnott, letters by Art Simek and Sam Rosen.


This Man, This Monster!” by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby


Clean Hands by Patrick Hoffman


Blood Quantum directed by Jeff Barnaby

Trust by Hernan Diaz






Jason Concecpcion Warning. This podcast contains spoilers for the MCU, including some spoilers regarding the Galaxy Volume three, but they’re light in the Nerd Out section and in the MCU section of the mailbag. Hello. My name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concecpcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast, where we dive deep into your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture.


Rosie Knight In this episode, it’s going to be all Mailbag. Mailbag, mailbag, Mailbag. You mailed us our questions. We are going to answer those questions in the Mailbag segments. Which will take up almost the entire podcast, apart from our Nerd Out, which is going to be Evan pitching us a theory from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume three.


Jason Concecpcion Oh, I love it. I love to hear it. Coming up, Mailbag. Folks, let’s jump into the mailbag without any further delay. First. Let’s start here. Jordan asks if the MCU were to reset. No copyright issues, no corporate issues, no corporate trademarks, no weird ownership of IP stuff going on. What are the five comics slash heroes that we would start with to build the first phase? How would we do it?


Rosie Knight Whew. Well question.


Jason Concecpcion It’s an incredible question. Do you want to start?


Rosie Knight It’s such an exciting question, I do have to say. I will put that classic disclaimer as someone who loves this stuff and is so excited that we get to talk about every week. Logically, I would change nothing because the MCU does not exist.


Jason Concecpcion Right.


Rosie Knight If you don’t star in that exact space Now, if we’re not talking about that, it would just be X-Men at that. I think that that is how I would start any. If I had Jon Favreau with no issues, no Fox licensing deals, no almost bankrupt Marvel that had to be saved by toy biz and Avi Arad. I think it would be a giant size X-Men style launch. I think that would be your big pull. You have Storm, you have Cyclops, you know, you have Charles, you have Jean. You can bring in Nightcrawler. I think that that especially at the time, like in the 2008. It would have changed the trajectory of how we do this stuff, but obviously it was not the way that it went. If I was going to try and replicate the MCU, but with out Iron Man, I would probably do something like that. But with weirder characters like New Mutants or X-Force or, you know, have like a chamber movie. You know, I love James Bond.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Definitely. For me, it would it always goes back to those mutants. And I think it would be a very interesting alt universe if Marvel Studios had been able to launch both Blade with the X-Men.


Jason Concecpcion I agree with what you said in that. Logically. Reasonably. The rollout for phase one was so perfect, you can’t. It’d be silly to change anything, logically. And so I would just pitch a haircut. I also, of course, like I love the mutants as well. And so I would I might start with the Wolverine story. I mean, this is sounding now perilously close to X-Men Origins, but I would start like in the sixties, right? I would start like in the sixties or seventies, like Vietnam era Wolverine. Yeah. Or, you know, somewhere like a Wolverine brainwashed. It’d basically be the Weapon X story that would get us into the super soldiers story. And then you could just launch Captain America from there.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion As a, as a project that was related to and part of the Weapon X project, which is just really a much, much more underground version of the Super Soldier story. So I would like tie those things together and then. From there, phase one would proceed like on a binary track, in a binary parallel. So you go from Captain America right to Iron Man. This is even though I’m kind of reversing stuff, right? So you go from Captain America to Iron Man, and then you’d go from Wolverine to like giant size X-Men. So you knew like Avengers and X-Men.


Rosie Knight At the same.


Jason Concecpcion Happening at the same time, but like in different little pockets where the X-Men are doing stuff much more underground because they don’t want anybody to know they exist. Whereas The Avengers are emerging at the same time, you know, they have the big they would still have the big battle of New York and all these other things that would announce their existence to the world, and it would be that existence that would basically shake up the mutant line of my proposed MCU where you’d have all these other mutants saying, Well, why are we hiding if these people can be out? Like, why? Why can’t we just? And so that they would do that and that would bring them into conflict with The Avengers and then they ultimately get together to fight off Thanos or whatever. Big Bad.


Rosie Knight Yeah. I was going to say in that version, is your Avengers movie or is your later on like a Civil war before you get to end game? Is that your Avengers versus X-Men movie in that world?


Jason Concecpcion No, I would do it later because I think the way if I was going to do it this way right then. All the mutants are together. Original like Magneto, everybody. No brother. Heard of evil mutants? There are maybe more extremist mutants and there are more peacenik mutants, you know. But everybody agrees that it’s for the best, that they keep quiet. And when the human superheroes emerge, you have the more extremist voices being like, Well, why are we we just come out like, this is insane that we’re hiding. And then that would cause the split, that would create, you know, mystique and the brotherhood of Evil mutants or Magneto going off and deciding that he’s going to become a domestic terrorist or whatever, you know, And it because they’re reacting to the emergence of the human superheroes who everybody fucking loves. And they’re saying, well, why can’t why can’t we have a life as well? And then you’d have those things converge. I think you’d have I think you probably do Avengers versus X-Men like Phase two and Phase three would be your big okay, we need to all team together to beat whatever the fucking thing is.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I love that. I mean, you make a really great point too, because the reality is, even then in the mid zeros to late zeros, Wolverine is still one of the most famous characters in the world, not only thanks to the comics in the animated series, but thanks to Hugh Jackman. So really that would be a very good place to start. And I would love to see that. I mean, hilariously, Marvel, don’t steal this. The WGA is on strike. Your idea is definitely something that I think we could actually see come to life even now. You know, the idea of like the reality of human heroes being in the world for like 20 years has caused that conflict within like underground mutant sects, like the Morlocks, even if they didn’t want to go full. You know, if the youngsters school kind of grew immediately. So, yeah, I love that.


Jason Concecpcion And you know how like there is the, you know, Team X before Wolverine pre X-Men when he was on a team with Sabretooth and others. Right. You could do that with Bucky and just have like all the brainwashed like superheroes in the seventies and eighties. They’re doing secret government shit. You could kind of retcon it so that Bucky is part of that. You could introduce. I mean, you can even make Steve a part of that if you really wanted too.


Rosie Knight Yeah. More of a nomad style, like he’s not capped he’s.


Jason Concecpcion I mean what if you did it this way? What if 616 ,If we’re calling this MCU exists, right? We relaunch. But it’s a parallel universe, and it’s the one, you know, it’s like. The one Steve escaped into. So there’s Steve running around.


Rosie Knight That’s really cool.


Jason Concecpcion There’s like a mean Steve. Yeah, I. Marvel call us after the strike is over.


Rosie Knight Call us when the strikes over. We’ll pitch you some ideas. We got some plans. Matt asks, How do you think all these Marvel shows will be combined into a singular movie? I will add, parentheses or project, when they’re stylized so differently? Well, She-Hulk dropped the fourth wall when she’s in a team up film, even though that’s so unique to her. Ms. Marvel was a very different vibe in Falcon Winter Soldier stylistically. So how do we think those things are going to kind of come together?


Jason Concecpcion Oh, well, that’s a great question. I think honestly, very organically, these are issues that pop up in the comics as well as the comics have been dealing with for decades. This this entire time. You know, She-Hulk is breaking the fourth wall in the eighties. And when she shows up on Avengers teams or Fantastic Four teams, it’s the same personality, the same character, but you fit the character inside the frame of what the particular title is. So depending, you know, if it’s a She-Hulk in an Avengers movie, then you would fit it to the sensibility of of an Avengers movie, depending on what the director’s taken as take on it as well. I actually think it’s not that it’s honestly not that big a deal.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I agree. I think if you look back to the comics and remember what we all love so much about the comics and I will say what really kept people engrossed in the MCU was when it branched out of the kind of almost inspired originality of the, you know, the first phase. And instead, you know, why is Winter Soldier one of people’s favorite movies because it felt like it was bringing a new tone to the MCU, it was this spy espionage style genre. So I think that. It will be a delicate balance. But I would love I think you could have She-Hulk, especially the version that they did in the show, which I thought was so great. I could see a pretty serious daredevil show, for example, where she turns up.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight And they still managed to build that in. In an Avengers movie, she also gives you a great narrative tool. She could be your in character, she could be your narrator, almost. And you could have a really fun time making the audience complicit and more involved in the story than they’ve been before. Even when stuff’s getting wild and I think they do it.


Jason Concecpcion I would almost guarantee they do a fourth wall joke in whatever Avengers movie emerges.


Rosie Knight Oh, definitely.


Jason Concecpcion She-Hulk, you’ll have a moment where she’s talking to the fourth wall, but maybe not to camera and Spider-Man or somebody is like, Who the fuck are you talking to?


Rosie Knight Yeah, Yeah. They’ll do a fleabag. Let’s be real.


Jason Concecpcion Flea bag.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I definitely think as well, Like, one of the things. The eye could see is. The amount of times that those tones are used like. So I think that in quite a serious Avengers like Secret War style movie. She probably won’t be cracking wise the whole time and she won’t look at you when an alien does something wild. But if there’s a shawarma esque kind of in-joke that they know the audience is going to look to you, you could get a gem of a style look to camera. I think it’s all about those kind of stylistic choices. But yeah, I think it’s. Going to happen because really that interconnectivity is what has always made people really care about the MCU. So I think that even though the vibes are different, I mean, if we look at Ms. Marvel, especially in the comics, one of the things that was so great when she was first introduced, she was obsessed with these really rugged heroes like Wolverine. So that kind of fun of seeing that joyous, joyful fan energy from Kamala, who’s also incredibly powerful but back up against, you know, meeting someone like, I would love to see her meet Bucky or something, but, you know, even someone like Falcon, who is now, you know, Captain America, Sam Wilson. I think that that’s actually going to bring a lot of joy and kind of enjoyment to the MCU. Those juxtapositions are going to be an additive rather than a challenge, I reckon.


Jason Concecpcion I think that’s right. Jack asks after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Volume three, have either of your opinions about the AMC model shifted? Are you looking for more self-contained stories, whether it be standalone stuff like a movie trilogy or special? Or does the interconnectivity still create the world we know? I’m curious how you feel as the scope of the MCU gets wider. Yeah, I think it gets more obviously gets more unwieldy as it gets wider. I also think. Yeah, I think a lot of the feel of kind of less focus to the post end game phases is simply a lack of a focusing villain. You know, like you had Thanos pretty much from jump driving things forward post, you know, like certainly post Avengers, everybody understood that was where we were going whereas. You know, there’s significant confusion about it, especially post issues with Jonathan Majors, what the kind of focal villain is going to be. In terms of for me, like the. I think it’s just. Well, it’s interesting, you know, because we say, as we’ve been saying, so much of this stuff parallels stuff that happens in the comics. Guardians has always benefited and cosmic Marvel in general has always benefited from the remove from that activity to the to the main storylines of the of Marvel Comics. Like, you can just do more. And I think I would argue that, like, you know, some of the weakest cosmic Marvel is the stuff that intersects with like, earthbound heroes, like when they’re just out there on their own, Annihilation, War of Kings, that kind of stuff. And they can just blow up into galaxies, you know. Then that’s the best stuff. And I think part of. Part of what made guardians. So good, or at least so easy to position is a real like contained story is that it’s in space. It’s removed from the rest of the stuff that’s going on. You’re not worrying about like, Hey, where are the Avengers? What happened to them? What’s going on with the Blip? You know, my bakery got evicted live, but now somebody else moves. You don’t have to do all that kind of stuff. You can just do the story that said. I don’t I think the interconnectivity is is is necessary. Now, maybe you can maybe you can not tie it as tightly to things that are going on. Maybe that’s a way to go, is not like be beholden to all these tie ins and callbacks while still acknowledging that it’s part of a shared universe. But I think the interconnectivity is vital. What are your thoughts?


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think you’re right, basically. And I think you summed up something. I think it’s really interesting. I think part of the reason why this Guardians movie is hitting so well, you know, a cinemascore even if the box office wasn’t crazy. We’ll see what that hold was. I think Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3 feels very akin to the early MCU in that fact that it feels quite separate. But there are nods to things that have existed in Easter egg form, not in big exposition dump. So this is how this all works. But here’s a little thing you’ve seen before. Oh yeah, he is a character, you know, that’s very appealing. That’s what made people love these movies. I personally am always excited for things that can exist in that world, but also standalone. I think that, you know, the werewolf by Night Halloween special was just so brilliant and I’m really excited to see them do stuff like that. I also think it’s one of the few strengths that you can objectively say that the DCU has, which is the way that they’ve let directors just make weird movies. That’s how we got Batman, that’s how we got Aquaman, that’s how we got, you know, Cathy Yan’s incredible Harlequin and Birds of Prey movie. I think that there’s a lot of fun and freedom that can be had from going with big swing, weird ideas, especially when this franchise has like three movies at this point and millions of TV shows and blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s always going to get unwieldy. But I think the interconnectivity always has to be there and I think in a sense of getting people really excited. That’s probably going to have to come a little bit more to the forefront than it has been, even if it kind of as comic book fans, we’re more used to the weird explosion of stories that you get before you draw it back in for that slim down, you know, Multiversal battle.


Jason Concecpcion And I think like as a general principle, the stakes need to be in the movie. Like, the thing that makes Guardians three so good is. You’re worried who’s going to die. You are absolutely distraught over the horrible things that have happened to this beloved character, Rocket. But the stakes are in the movie. You want the High Evolutionary to pay you like you just want it with some of the phase four and phase five, which I love because I’m a sucker for it. But one of the things you could say is the stakes come from outside the movie.


Rosie Knight Yes.


Jason Concecpcion It’s stakes that carry over from another project or it’s building from something else, and it’s not native to the story itself, self-contained in the story, and it dilutes the power.


Rosie Knight That’s a definite challenge that I think that the interconnectivity element brings because people have to be extremely invested like Infinity War and game style invested to want to know all those different things to feel like it’s an event. My friend William did a great interview with James Gunn at Esquire and used basically incredibly smart cultural critic that you are. You summed up how James gets people to care about these things. He said it’s always about like. It’s not about the end of the world. It’s about like saving the dog. You know, that was his experience. And in this movie, it’s about Rocket, it’s about that journey. And you do these little things that make people invested in the journey that you are on in that movie. That is, I think, think about Tony Stark. Think about Iron Man. It’s about that movie. And then the tease of what else could come is so exciting. But I will say, even as someone who, as you know, love, I love a lot of Phase four stuff and phase five, I’m very chill with it. I love to see these movies. I love to know that they’re based on these comics I love. But I do think it could easily be argued that the tease has become the primary part of a lot of those stories rather than that stake that keeps you in in the center of the story before wondering what comes next.


Jason Concecpcion And. About the stakes. I also think that. More characters should die. Not many.


Rosie Knight I will say I agree.


Jason Concecpcion Maybe not die.


Rosie Knight This is a Marvel problem.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah, maybe not die. Because of course, like, you know, one of the spoiler spoilers for the Guardians three Spoiler. One of the surprises of Guardians three, he died.


Rosie Knight That was actually a very good subversion. We now know.


Jason Concecpcion This is of course like, you know, R.I.P. to Flor and Lylla and Teef.


Rosie Knight No established characters before this movie that we were expecting to die.


Jason Concecpcion It fucking hard. That said, for characters you didn’t play like those those deaths hit. But there was. It’s almost like a death in the sense that people left the team. People were like. This part of my.


Rosie Knight There was an ending.


Jason Concecpcion Life is over. And you and you, you have to leave this wonderful group of friends behind, essentially, because people are leave people have left. That feels like part of life. And I feel like, you know, whether it’s you know, you pick any story that that we’ve had in these phases, I think that. If it’s not death, there needs to be like. Irrevocable rupturing of relationships that happen because of these stories, I guess you could say in Shang Chi it kind of happens, right? Even though, like it’s only secretly that like Shang’s sister becomes like the head of of organized crime.


Rosie Knight I want to see that happen. By the way, that was like one of my favorite post-credits scenes.


Jason Concecpcion But I really enjoyed it as well. But like to the more and this is because I’ve rewatched the movie and I’ve been thinking about it, but like, imagine how much to me I feel like, wouldn’t that hit Carter emotionally if he knew that she was dead?


Rosie Knight Yes, exactly. I totally agree with you. And I think you are really summing up one of the bigger issues that post Endgame MCU has had. And obviously, as we say, many like this is all coming with love ways. And now in the first day watching.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight So it’s like we are not out like this is not so much of saying that this is a failing. But I do think it’s something that’s very interesting. Post and game. We all thought that was going to be the end of that generation of heroes but that decisive. Irrevocable thing never really happened.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight And those heroes have kind of stuck around in these different ways, whether due to COVID, like Black Widow coming out late or Hawkeye being in the Kate Bishop show because they wanted to do that incredible, you know, comic book version that we’d gotten from Matt Fraction and David Ayer. But it’s very interesting that that that guillotine of stakes and a true ending it never really came down. Yeah and I think that has kind of left. This feeling more of a transitional phase than people expected.


Jason Concecpcion Because you leave the stories at the end of them with the characters more or less in the place. You met them at the beginning of the story. You know, Wakanda Forever, as an example, a movie I actually quite enjoyed.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion I think there’s a world in which you how many people died in the attack on Macondo? Like you would have militant voices really voicing their displeasure with the way the country is run. And so what if you left that story with that feeling of. Yeah. You know, whatever else has happened here, you know, we lost T’Challa, of course, but we also lost a lot of citizens of this nation, and nothing will ever be the same. Like I want to leave each movie with and nothing will be the same.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion I mean, like, and I think that feeling has maybe not been as strong as those feelings in phases. One, two, three, where you left each movie going, Oh, fuck. Like Tony and Steve really hate each other now. Oh, fuck, yeah.


Rosie Knight Like, Steve literally beat up Tony because his best friend killed his parents. Yeah, and he just, like, beat the shit out of him on concrete. Fool. That still blows my mind when I think about that sequence. Like, I totally agree with you. I will say I did feel like, I felt like Eternals often.


Jason Concecpcion Here we go.


Rosie Knight I’m sorry. Just saying that. I’m just saying those are fucking celestial things will never be the same. But like, but again. I understand that as much as I enjoyed that movie, it didn’t leave general audiences with the scope and scale of what that change was. And that in itself means that it wasn’t as effective. Even if I loved it and felt like things are changing, that, to me stands as a great example of letting somebody do something in a completely separate space that can be connected but doesn’t have to be connected. But I totally agree with you. I think that that is something. That any studio would struggle with when you offer movies in, you know, with multiple TV shows, etc.. So yeah, I think it’s going to be very interesting to see. But I think basically the interconnectivity will always be there. I would love to see more kind of standalone ish stories. And I’d love to see them learn some stakes lessons from James Gunn, because I think you’re right. He knows how to tell those intimate stories, even on this hugely cosmic scale. But who knows? I mean, this is a why this is going to be a wild time for the MCU for the next couple of years. I mean, the Fantastic Four meant to be coming into the MCU next year, which just feels like it would change everything.


Jason Concecpcion I mean, this really crazy stuff. I mean, I look forward to a world in which the MCU and DC are going movie for movie and forcing each other to raise their level. That’s what it is in the comic space, and I’m hoping we get there in the movie space. Up next, more mailbag.


Rosie Knight And. We’re back in the X-ray Vision crypt with more mailbag questions. And now we’re moving on to the galaxy far, far away.


Jason Concecpcion I love the galaxy far, far away.


Rosie Knight I love that galaxy. I’d go there even if it’s far, far away. Okay, so Hayden asks. Rank. This is a really good question. This is a tough one.


Jason Concecpcion I’ve been thinking about this and I’m getting it ready.


Rosie Knight Rank your top five Star Wars projects since the Disney acquisition, film, series, games, comics, shorts, etc.. It can be any of those. What’s your fave?


Jason Concecpcion Okay, I’m going to go. The Disney acquisition was 2012, correct? Rebels.


Rosie Knight Whew.


Jason Concecpcion Rogue One. Andor.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion Uh. Star Wars on Marvel Comics. Jason Aaron And then like Karen Gillan, the Darth Vader run.


Rosie Knight Oh man, that run is so fucking good.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah, the whole thing. Soule, Gillen, Pak. Now it goes. It’s interesting because Gillen’s happens. Chronologically after school, despite their.


Rosie Knight Time jumps.


Jason Concecpcion Right. But that is. It just fleshes out the characters so well. And it is some of the best times I’ve had with Star Wars. So those are my answers. What are yours?


Rosie Knight Whew. That’s that’s really good. I am going to say I am a sequel trilogy stan.


Jason Concecpcion Okay.


Rosie Knight I’m putting Force Awakens at.Five. I love Force Awakens. Like.


Jason Concecpcion I had a great time.


Rosie Knight It was delightful. It was one of my best cinema experiences I saw at midnight in the cinema where I used to run to the cocktail bar and it was just like the wildest screening, like the exact kind of screening you want where everyone, when, when they pull off the sheet and it’s the Falcon lie, everybody screams. I love that. So I’ll start with that. Four, you know, that Darth Vader comic is really there for me. So I’m going to I’m going to jump on that one that was on my list, especially because it was one of the few comics where when I was reading it just every week that I got the issue, I wanted to talk to someone about what was going on.


Rosie Knight It’s great.


Rosie Knight And obviously, like Doctor Aphra like getting to meet these incredible new characters, like the evil R2-D2 and C-3PO, who I loved. I’m going to go Andor, three, because I think you’re right. I think it’s like a masterpiece. And then for me, this is kind of a cheat. Apologies, but I’m going to go for. Okay. I think the Republic line is.


Jason Concecpcion Okay.


Rosie Knight High point.


Jason Concecpcion Hell yeah.


Rosie Knight So then, especially the new stuff. I have a wonderful friend, Ren, and they really encourage me to get back into it with this kind of like second phase and that those books are just. Absolutely. They blow me away every time. If you’re a fan of Charles Soule, he was a big part of establishing all of this. There’s great comic books. There’s incredible middle grade comics. I know we have a lot of people who have kids who love this kind of stuff. But the the core books, like at the moment I’m reading Tt’s Part of Deciet and then the newest one is Cataclysm, and they are just like out there, sci fi storytelling that happens to be in the Star Wars world. So I just cannot I cannot hype it enough. And then coming in, controversial is always number one for me, Last Jedi. Banger. Unbelievable. It’s there. I would never take it back. I find that movies amazing. Come on. It’s so good.


Jason Concecpcion I love The Last Jedi. I love it.


Rosie Knight It’s so good. Honestly, you know, I hate to hate to give props to Evil Corporation, but, like it has not been the dire situation that I think many fans worried about since Disney took over Lucasfilm. You know, in that merger, I feel like there’s actually been. It’s hard to pick five things because there’s actually been an incredible amount of brilliant creative engagement in those spaces. We didn’t even talk about like visions or, you know, all these other different fun things.


Jason Concecpcion Or the books. There’s a lot of stuff we didn’t we didn’t talk about. I mean, we can talk about the video games, but I also believe that, on balance, the Disney acquisition has been this era has been good.


Rosie Knight Creatively.


Jason Concecpcion Great for Star Wars. It’s been a great year for Star Wars, period.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion Russell asks, of all the characters in Star Wars, who would you be most and least concerned about if they happened upon the one ring on the side of the road? F or me, Chopper getting his hands on the ring.


Rosie Knight I’m saying. He picked the best answer.


Jason Concecpcion Very quickly. What do you think? Now, let me ask you this, because I’ve been thinking about it. Can a droid wield the ring?


Rosie Knight I, can a droid wield the ring? I don’t know. Could Chopper find a way to wield the ring? Yes. I think he made the galaxy’s most powerful mass murderer. I suppose. I suppose it wonders, is it just about sentients? Because in that case, I would say most of the droids have enough sentients that they could be impacted. But is it also about having a soul or something?


Jason Concecpcion Also about is it also about like metal on flesh? You know what I mean? Or like because do you have to have an organic body to do this? I don’t think Sauron. Like honesty would be a mind blower for Sauron. If you ever brought a droid to him, he’d be like, Holy shit.


Rosie Knight And then he’d be making. Well, I think the biggest worry is that in this hypothetical scenario, he would essentially create a one ring that was Chopper, you know, a shiny gold Chopper that any time it goes near, people wields the power of the ring because they can forge this incredible metal. So surely they would be horribly inspired.


Jason Concecpcion I just think it took it was such a it took so much effort to make the ring and it’s so fucking small. I don’t know that he could make a Chopper level droid out of like that was one ring material. I think it would just take.


Rosie Knight Too long.


Jason Concecpcion Too big of a project for him. So other than Chopper, do you have a least worried about?


Rosie Knight Least worried about. To me, it would just be like any ewok. I think they’re relatively chill. Wicked, let us say.


Jason Concecpcion They’re eating folks down there. They’re boiling them.


Rosie Knight I will say, if we’re told members, powerful people in the galaxy. Yeah. Look at the root Return of the Jedi when the ewoks. They are powerful. They can defeat things. But I would say generally, I don’t feel like they’re particularly, like greedy or jealous. I don’t know if they have that within them. I think they just kind of want to chill in the forest. So I’d probably be least concerned about an ewok. Most concerned I mean, really just any of them. There’s so many. I wouldn’t give it to a Jedi. I wouldn’t give it to a Sith. I wouldn’t, I feel like the one ring is essentially going to amplify any kind of dark side tendencies that you have. So it’s a it’s a it’s a lose lose game, actually.


Jason Concecpcion I I’m just like, imagining a ewok putting the ring on and then, you know, like Galadriel, this explosion of light. And and a really, like, powerful and dreadful voice going, you know oh, good job. I got it.


Rosie Knight And then the musical sequence.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah, that just hits with these really pounding drums. I go the other way. I actually think that if Palpatine had the ring.


Rosie Knight Whoa.


Jason Concecpcion It would be really I would it would be fascinating because I think it would be. I think it would be. I think they would. I think it would be Sauron versus Palpatine because of the I think Palpatine is not going to be able to let go of the Sith philosophy of the rule of two. Right. He’s going to the way he’s going to perceive it is here is this ring of power. It is linked inextricably to this immensely powerful being. I need to sever it from him.


Rosie Knight I like it. So you’re like, you would use Palpatine’s Sith philosophies to destroy Sauron.


Jason Concecpcion Well, I don’t know who would win, but I just know they would come into I think it would bring them into conflict. Same with Darth.


Rosie Knight I think. You’re like, who?


Jason Concecpcion I think if they. Yeah, I think if he. I think if Palpatine discovered the ring, it would bring him in like, irrevocably entered into conflict with, with Sauron. And I think if Darth found the ring, it would also kind of be the same thing, because I think Palpatine would perceive this as like, someone’s trying to steal my acolyte. Like this other person is trying to steal my acolyte. And I think that too would bring Palpatine and Sauron into conflict. So I think weirdly. It. It would. I kind of would want to see what would happen.


Rosie Knight You’re like. You’re like, Which one would I watch on a pay per view fact, we have the galaxy.


Jason Concecpcion Like, I want to see what happens if Palpatine finds the ring. Because I’ll tell you, he’s not going to. He will not. He would not simply accept that he has this immensely powerful weapon that. Is. Linked to this immensely powerful being that is also affecting his mind and his thoughts and is trying to seduce him like he would not want. He would not want that. He’d want the weapon without any entanglements. And Sauron, meanwhile, would be like. No. Like you. I’m going to make you, you know, my greatest fucking nasal ghoul, you know, like that stuff. That’s the thing about Sauron, is he’s so laser focused on, you know, why is there the eye of Sauron? I love that metaphor because he can only look at one thing at one time, like he’s only ever thinking about one thing. So if he’s ever if he comes into conflict with Palpatine, it’s just going to be that, like you would argue that Middle Earth would probably benefit from Sauron’s laser focus being something other than conquering middle Earth.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion And who would I be? And then, like. Like I would be actually really worried about an ewok getting it. I would.


Rosie Knight You were trying to give it to Palpatine. But you know what? I don’t. I don’t disagree. Ewoks, they’re chaotic. But I love them.


Jason Concecpcion I don’t I think like a. Anyone from a more like from a less worldly culture. I. I don’t know. I think he walks. Can be power mad, too. I’m very worried about. I would worry about it personally. I would worry about it. I worry about almost anybody.


Rosie Knight I would worry about anyone, too. I just I’m trying to think if there’s anyone who I feel like vaguely neutral, I feel like Chewbacca is like one of the chillist people.


Jason Concecpcion That would be fun. Although what would he do?


Rosie Knight I would be interested. That’s why I’m.


Jason Concecpcion Here’s one interesting thing. Like, what would they do with it?


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion WHat would CHewy do with it?


Rosie Knight Maybe he’d just chill and wouldn’t do anything. I think that’s kind of your dream scenrio.


Jason Concecpcion He’d win at space chess.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Oh, my God. That’s it. That’s all he wants. That’s all he wants to do.


Jason Concecpcion He’s, like, constantly winning space chest.


Rosie Knight He’s just. He’s like betting the most, like, minimal credit. And everyone’s like, Oh, he’s doing really well.


Jason Concecpcion And soon as he starts to lose, he puts the ring on.


Rosie Knight Little hollow naz gouls. Like, Yeah, yeah. Corey asks, I feel like this is the kind of question we all dream about. If you could see slash read, I like this definition there because some of them obviously you can’t really be touching them up. But if you could see or read an original copy of any comic book ever, what would it be?


Jason Concecpcion I can’t pick just one. I’d want to. I obviously have seen the digital and trade versions, the reprint versions of, you know, of all the classic comics I’m interested in. But I would love to hold like I would. I mean, I’d love to hold a giant sized X-Men, number one.


Rosie Knight And how crazy is that?


Jason Concecpcion And read it.


Rosie Knight That that’s one of them now, right? Because that’s definitely up there for me. But doesn’t feel like it’s one.


Jason Concecpcion Five figures easy for a high graded, giant size X-Men number one.


Rosie Knight Definitly.


Jason Concecpcion 30 grand, plus.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I, I’ve been lucky enough. I went to the DC archives, so I have seen some very old comics. But I would I would love to. If we’re talking about Hypothetical Dream World, I mean, obviously I want to flip through like an Action Comics number one, just so you can say.


Jason Concecpcion That would be cool.


Rosie Knight That you did it right? Right. It would be Detective Comics 27. Like those the big.


Jason Concecpcion So cool.


Rosie Knight The big. The big boys.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Do you own any of your, like, favorite key issue, kind of picks.


Jason Concecpcion I’ve talked about this before. I have. I have my first comic that I ever bought with my own money. X-Men 212. It’s part of the mutant massacre.


Rosie Knight Oh yeah.


Jason Concecpcion Wolverine versus Sabretooth, round one. It says on the on the cover, I have the follow up issue 213, which is the actual, you know, the 212 like teases the fight with Sabertooth and Wolverine, but it doesn’t really happen. And then 213 they go fucking all out all. And it’s so cool. I have I have X-Men 141.


Rosie Knight Oh yeah.


Jason Concecpcion The future past. That’s a fucking classic.


Rosie Knight That’s the good stuff. I love that. I have the Yeah I’ve. I’ve got that. I’ve got one of my other favorites. You know Jean Gray on the cover with, with like Cyclops, you know, those uncanny issues are like the best. They’re one of my favorites that I own, which is not even really that expensive. But I always wanted is the the Cyclops storm fight issue, where they’re on the cover.


Jason Concecpcion That’s a fucking great one.


Rosie Knight I love that one. For me, the the biggest white whale that I ever got was love. I have Love and Rockets, number one, the magazine size, Fantagraphics one I got like years ago for like no money and brighter, but before that the Hernandez Bros they released like a zine version.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight That was like a self-published comic and I managed I’d always wanted one and I managed to buy one off Gilbert at San Diego I think because he’d found him and his wife Carol had found like a box of them in their garage.


Jason Concecpcion That’s so like, cool.


Rosie Knight And so that is like the one that, that one made it pretty much any other comic. I would like to have it. But that was the that was the one where I was like, If I want a piece of comics history, it’s that. But I mean, I would like invite X-ray Vision to any of those archives. We would love to see and enjoy any old comic, because it’s just magic.


Jason Concecpcion I would also love to hold, even though I’ve read it and it’s not that great. The early Avengers run, the early Marvel’s run, you know, any whether it’s X-Men or Avengers, stuff is a little lumpy and it’s weird. That said, what is it, Avengers four or five. Captain America lives again.


Rosie Knight Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Jason Concecpcion After he thawed him out and he joined The Avengers and it’s so it’s Captain America, Iron Man with the horned helmet.


Rosie Knight Oh, yeah. Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion A Hank Pym as a Giant Man and the WASP and also submariners in the issue. That was a fun one.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion I would love to leaf through that.


Rosie Knight I would love to see. I think you’re right. There’s something so magical. Yeah, obviously Amazing Fantasy 15. Like, who doesn’t want that? I would love that. The Galactus trilogy. You know, the old Fantastic Four stuff from 66, which was like issues 48 to 50. Very good place to start with any Fantastic Four stuff. But those issues, I love them so much. Like if I was going to, if I got rich and I wanted to. By something that Kirby had worked on, and that was my like, white whale. And I would actually bother to buy like a good graded issue that I would immediately break out of the CBC box because I do not agree with grading on a moral level. But I, I would those are the ones that I’d like drop the big money on there. So fucking good.


Jason Concecpcion Next? Cameron asks. This is a I think, an important and interesting.


Rosie Knight I love this question.


Jason Concecpcion What do you do with your comics after reading them? Some I want to reread in the future, but I can’t keep them all. Any suggestions? Yeah, I. I do this very irregularly. But I will call down like I’ll be like, okay, here’s the runs that I really love. Here’s the ones that I’m less. That I care less about, and I’ll just give them away. Yeah. Do I have friends that have kids, too? Do I give them to my nephew? I could donate them to the library. Yeah. There’s a million things. Give them to your comic shop and they’ll just resell them. Like there’s a million things you could do with them. But. But it basically, for me comes down to. I just give them away.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think that is honestly one of the greatest joys as a comic book fan. Look, you can so in your comics, your back issues, even if you have ones that are worth like five or $0.10, probably most shops will do you a good deal if you take them a box because you’re giving them stock that they can sell back issue stock. But yeah, I, I read a lot of comics. I keep a lot of comics. I am no longer a completionist. Like, if I love a contemporary run of comics, I am far less likely to buy every single issue unless, like the author is really beautiful and I really want them in that format. I buy a lot of old comics. We’re developing comics, old reprints of manga, stuff like that. That’s what brings me a lot of joy and that ends up with lots of culling. For example, I bought a really huge collection of Power Pack from my local comic shop because I, it’s just a weird thing. I was like team created by a woman and and they’re kids comics. But those will be ones where I’m probably going to take them to the library.


Jason Concecpcion Power Pack got into some, they got into some intimately legitimate trouble. Wild fights.


Rosie Knight The characters that are in these issues, like it’s like issue like 3 to 25 or something. There are some wild characters. There’s a bunch of great teams like Louis Simonsson, who I love, who created them with Jim Brickman. There’s a bunch of great Weezy issues. But that’s something where I’ll probably select like five of the 20 that I bought to keep after I’ve read them all a few times. And then, yeah. Libraries are great. Charity shops, like thrift stores because they sell really well and then they they kind of can make some good money for the, you know, the whatever cause they’re supporting. But yeah, giving them away is great. I don’t know how these are in other places where it’s not always this hot, but L.A. area has a lot of little free libraries where people just put libraries outside the house or restaurant or whatever, and you can put comics in there. So I do that quite a lot. Yeah, I think given them away is just like a really great joy. And if you needed a little bit of extra cash you can sell in your comics in a kind of job lot to your local comic book store and you’ll be helping them and they’ll usually give you a great deal.


Jason Concecpcion X-ray Vision will be back. And we’re back. Michael asks. I’ve been reading Marvel Comics for years, but I’ve never been able to break into the Fantastic Four side of things. It always felt so dense. I never knew where to start. Do you have any suggestions on where to start or how to break into that area of Marvel? Rosie


Rosie Knight So I did just reference a very good place to start, which is easy to collect. There is many collections of it. You can get trades, you can read on Marvel Unlimited, that is the Galactus trilogy, which is the three issues that introduce kind of that cosmic aspect of the Fantastic Four, which was in Fantastic Four the early days. I believe that the issues were I literally just said them, but of course not. I remember, yes, 48 to 50. And you’re not going to find those issues in a back issue bank. There were thousands and thousands of dollars, but there are many collections. I will also say go for a trade of any comic is a great place to start. There are so many good, Fantastic four stories and a lot of times Marvel would do an omnibus. If you like the art, just pick it up. You are never going to. I should not say that many people do this and I have so much respect for them. It is unlikely that you’re ever going to read any comic arcat this point of a character from the first ever issue that came out now 80 years ago to now. That’s not the way that comics, luckily for all of us, have been made. There are many different great stories. Are there really incredible stories that, you know, you can check into? Is there is a Stanley and Jackie Kirby did over 100 issues consecutive on the Fantastic Four. So any of that stuff is good. One of the stories that people really loves, I love the Galactus trilogy, but one of the stories people really love is this man, this monster.


Jason Concecpcion This man, this monster.


Rosie Knight Which is really about, you know, Ben Grimm and The Thing and you have so many icons that Joe Sinna and Arty Semax.


Jason Concecpcion It really set the stage for Ben Grimm is a tragic character, that carried over throughout.


Rosie Knight Really got Marvel grounded.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Stuff that really gets people excited. Another one that I really like is I really like anything Walt Simonsson did.


Jason Concecpcion But yeah, he litterally didn’t do a bad thing in Marvel, particularly.


Rosie Knight Never. Him and him and Weezy are like one of my they’re my all time favorite. Some of my all time favorite comic creators. He did one called into the time stream, which was part after Avengers. He ended up moving to Fantastic four mean because he’d never gotten to put Reed and Sue on the Avengers like he wanted to. And there’s a lot of Kang.


Jason Concecpcion I think the TVA is in that storyline.


Rosie Knight Yeah, yeah, yeah. Big ultimate nullifier Kang the Conqueror, the TVA and it’s just Walt is like, brilliant. He’s a great cartoonist. He’s a great writer. So I think that’s really fun. I’m not the hugest Ultimates fan in general in hindsight, as I find it a little bit dark. But I do know a lot of people love Ultimate Fantastic Four.


Jason Concecpcion It’s good if I’ll say this, it’s good if you want a very definite starting point. That said, it’s like Reed Richards the evil. But there’s no other way to put it. He’s kind of evil. And so that will color your may color your perception of the character.


Rosie Knight Oh, there’s also like a weird Grant Morrison J. Lee, Fantastic four book. One, two, three, four. It’s very Invisible Z, very mattery. So I just think the good thing is with these characters that have been around for like 85 years, you know, like a really long time at this point, there’s going to be something for everyone. But I do think Fantastic Four is one of the. Few Marvel heroes. Well, I really do think you can find something to love in the earliest stuff. Like you were saying before, Jason, like, a lot of that stuff can be kind of clunky or like very racist, more so in DC, but like the early Fantastic Four stuff that that really is interesting. Cool, weird, incredible sci fi shit that because that is what Jack Kirby was best at. So you can really get some very special stories there. And the joy of comics, a lot of them are just two or three issues long. So if you have a Marvel Unlimited account, you can even just search those titles, the Galactus trilogy, stuff like that, and it should recommend you those issues.


Jason Concecpcion I agree with everything you said. I would add, if you’re looking for contemporary entry points, you know Mark Wade’s run and then I would start there because that takes you into Jonathan Hickman’s run. But you could just start with with Mark Wade’s run, which I think is like early 2000s to mid 2000s and is a good entry point with all the kind of weird stuff, weird galactic stuff, family drama that happens within.


Rosie Knight The kid.


Jason Concecpcion Fantastic Four. The kids. And then if you want something that’s kind of like adjacent. But not the Fantastic  Four, FF by Matt Fraction and Mike and the wonderful Mike Allred.


Rosie Knight Oh Mike Allred is so great.


Jason Concecpcion Ziny illustration style has always really, really appealed to me and it’s kind of like an adjacent, you know, it’s the future foundation. So it’s like and it’s fantastic for Jason and is really fun. And like Mike Allred, anything he draws, I’ll just.


Rosie Knight Yeah, anything. I will let you pick it up. Also, I will just finally say adjacent stuff any Silver Surfer comic, but especially like the Ron Lim Silver Surfer stuff from the nineties is really, really great. And Silver Surfer is very fantastic for adjacent, but not necessarily like really into the fast. That’s kind of how I got into Marvel that Marvel’s First Family was really more through that Marvel cosmic era. So I think that’s a great tip. Jason You can find your ways in the aren’t necessarily just the core four.


Jason Concecpcion And the John Byrne run. You know if you want to go back maybe and do something that’s like it, maybe it feels like less. I’ll do this sometimes where I’ll just like I’ll pick an arc from the Silver Age or something like that from the eighties or seventies because there’s just a glass to keep track of, you know? Yeah, there’s just like less continuity back then. And so the John Byrne stuff is a good entry point and there’s a lot of fun changes. You know, like She-Hulk joins the team, there’s a lot of like fun stuff during it. Yeah that is, that is worthwhile.


Rosie Knight Oh, it’s the DCU. It’s time for the DCU. We’re moving. We’re moving universes. I really love that. This is the singular. Camilla asks the singular question about the DCU, and I think right now with the state of the DCU. I think that’s fair and I think that’s good. And she asks the kind of question that we absolutely love to theorize about. Please, no studios steal our ideas again. WGA is on strike. Camilla asks, thinking about James Gunn’s statement regarding a potential Marvel DC crossover and a future where the crowd goes mad. What would be your dream crossover in case this could ever potentially happen? Do you have a pitch? Do you have an in the pocket pitch that you keep their weigh in in case James Gunn and Kevin Feige ever give you the call?


Jason Concecpcion Well, it’s hard right, because there have been several crossovers.


Rosie Knight Yes. In the comics there is an established.


Jason Concecpcion It’s happenning.


Rosie Knight Precedent of this happening.


Jason Concecpcion Its, and the stories are always like not great but.


Rosie Knight They’re fun, cash cow with your biggest team. Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion The movies would be a cash grab, too. I think you would have to just. Like. The heroes are ostensibly teaming up because, like, of course, they’d fight a little bit, but that’s like not that fun because.


Rosie Knight You call it Avengers versus Justice League. But the fight isn’t really between them.


Jason Concecpcion Because nobody can really likewin.  You, it’s just you can’t actually have anybody win. So I think the thing to do is you have the villains team up too.


Rosie Knight I like that.


Jason Concecpcion You know, so it’s like, it’s like Thanos and Darkside.


Rosie Knight Yeah, exactly. Exactly.


Jason Concecpcion Together.


Rosie Knight It’s especially fun if you do it with characters that are like the opposite of each other. The Doom Patrol and the X-Man. And you’re like, Which one was real? I need this So up.


Jason Concecpcion So you get the villain. I think you make it a villain team up.


Rosie Knight And that’s really cool.


Jason Concecpcion That that that is the motivating factor for the heroes teaming up That’s what I would pitch I would make it villain centric. I start with the villains and then work to the heroes because I think.


Rosie Knight It makes a lot of sense.


Jason Concecpcion The heroes. Yeah, that’s that’s how I would do it. And it would be like something like, you know, I guess it would have to be like the destruction of some entire universe. Something it would have to the stakes would have to have to, because it is really in the comics, it is such a cash grab. Yeah, I love it.


Rosie Knight Me too. I mean, come on. Like and you sometimes get brilliant artists like George Perez working on things, you know, So mine this is and this here is why I will likely never work in these industries in any serious way, because if I did actually get asked to pitch on this, I would absolutely go there and be like, Let’s do a Swamp Thing and Marvel’s giant sized Man Thing crossover. Marvel would be like, Nobody wants that. And I would be like. But I want it. I think you could do something really cool with the weird. I think you sum up the biggest problem. You can’t really have Captain America and Superman fight each other. One,it opens up.


Jason Concecpcion They can’t fight. They can’t fight.


Rosie Knight Opens up way too many questions. Superman is a god. The mythology aspects of the DC heroes extensively make them way more overpowered than any of the Marvel heroes. No matter, even if you have an Omega level mutant, it becomes very messy very quickly. And I think that you would really need to have a long term like two year long story arc to cut that kind of chop that all up. So I think the weird stuff is going to be the best stuff. I love your villain call. I think that would be great. I’d love to see like the Joker and Magneto and how those two would interact.


Jason Concecpcion That would be fucking crazy.


Rosie Knight Right? Like.


Jason Concecpcion That would be cool.


Rosie Knight I think that’s the kind of stuff. So I think for me it would be like I would love to see. DC’s a cult characters like Swamp Thing and John Constantine teaming up with like the Marvel cosmic characters. Because the reality is Marvel doesn’t have a deep tradition of occult storytelling in. Like, who are you going to do? Dr. Drew, It might nobody even knows. So that is the part for me. Like So, yeah, I would be going for the witch. I want to see Swamp Thing and Man Thing team up. I also still blows my mind that Marvel did like a big contemporary man thing in an official way, but before DC did it. So cheeky. I love the DC Swamp Thing show. Everybody knows that. But yeah, that would be mine. I’d go for the weird stuff because I think you’re right to really make it hit. You have to go deep. You have to bring together characters that complement each other, that have these kind of attacks. Darkside and Thanos, that’s so much fun, these kind of Jim Starlin. Yeah it’s so it would just there’s so much fun to be had with it. And I think that while we know that when we do get it, it will be Justice League. That is The Avengers. I’d love a world where that wasn’t the first one.


Jason Concecpcion Now. I said that no one can really, when they do kind of win. But like, you know, when Namor fought Aquaman. I think Aquaman was like there were winners. And it’s like, but but it was also it felt very.


Rosie Knight No stakes.


Jason Concecpcion Like, you win one then I win one.


Rosie Knight Exactly.


Jason Concecpcion You win one, then I win one, then you win. And there was really no kind of there’s no juice to it. So you want them to fight like a really good collection of villains and honestly, like, as you said. The DC and Marvel villains teaming up. That’s the thing that we don’t really that’s kind of never been done. You know.


Rosie Knight It would be so fun.


Jason Concecpcion It’d be really cool.


Rosie Knight Especially if you did it as if you had it more of like a phase of the movie so you could really team up. We had characters together who worked really well together and kind of really get to explore what makes them tick and how somebody like Lex Luthor who fights against Superman differs from, you know, someone in the Marvel Universe like Kingpin and how he goes instead of, Oh, I would love to see those interactions. I mean, it’s the dream sandbox. And I do think that’s probably a large part of why DC was interested in James coming on, because he already has that established connection with Marvel. If these movies keep moving further away from the billion dollar mark, we could be seeing a Marvel DC crossover, sooner rather than later.


Jason Concecpcion I mean, it would be a cash bonanza.


Rosie Knight It would be the first $3 billion movie if they did it right. Let’s be real. Like that shit would be in cinemas longer than Avatar. Oh My God, James Cameron’s JLA versus The Avengers. Whew. What a time. A asks. I can sometimes be burnt out from surfing the waves of the big IP content ocean. Oh, can’t we all. Would love to hear what we think are some of the best standalone original stories, genre films and shows that may have gotten lost in all this plethora in the last few years. And need a little bit more appreciation.


Jason Concecpcion I mentioned this book before on a previous pod, but I loved Christopher Buehlman’s, The Blacktongue Thief.


Rosie Knight Oh man. Our Discord went crazy for it. So good. After you recommended it. So good.


Jason Concecpcion So good. And you know the world building is fantastic. It’s just the right level of worldbuilding where he informs and enriches the story. And the story itself is heartbreaking and adventurous and swashbuckling and really great. And it concerns a. Thief who is working off a debt to the Thieves Guild. The Thieves Guild is a one of the very, very powerful kind of organizations in this world, along with the Magician’s Guild. And in fact, might be more powerful than many kings and rulers in this world suspect. And so this thief is because of the debt that he has to work off, is given a mission that takes all kinds of twists and turns. And this all takes place against the backdrop of several devastating wars. Against against these, like hawk like beings that have essentially devastated various kingdoms in the world. And it’s just really, really good. It’s really, really fun. Really, really well-written. I started reading his other story, Between Two Fires, which is more of like a medieval kind of crime story, but that’s the one that immediately jumps to mind. Oh, and if you’re if we’re talking about, like, TV shows and stuff, The Peripheral, which was on Amazon Prime is was super under talked about and I really enjoyed it. For All Mankind is a great, great show on Apple TV plus that is like you know explores a world in which the the Soviets get to the moon before the U.S. and all the twists and turns that takes. You know, like the essential, like the logline is basically like how to Starfleet start right? That’s what the show is about and it’s really great. Those would be the ones that that immediately come to mind. What about what about you?


Rosie Knight That is so one of my favorite movies from the last few years is this really incredible Canadian zombie movie called Blood Quantum by Indigenous director called Jeff Barnaby, who sadly passed away this year super bummed out because he’s a really great guy and just incredible filmmaker. But it is set on a reservation and the essential short pitch is like, What if? This native community was immune and everybody outside was not. And it is brutal. It’s bloody. It’s incredible practical facts. It’s super thoughtful. I think it’s like one of the best horror movies of the last ten years. It’s so brilliant. I believe it’s probably on Shudder. I think that was where I saw. I think it’s from 2019. Just such a joy. Jeff had another really great movie to watch. You can see called Rhymes for Young Girls. Those were the two movies he got to make. And Blood Quantum, I just think is so great. And I think it will go down in history as like a really, really brilliant film. Oh, yeah, it’s so bad ass and it’s really cool and it’s short and it’s snappy and it’s a great gory horror movie if that’s what you love. But it has a lot of interesting shit to say too. Like all the best horror I loved. If we don’t watch TV, I love Poker Face obviously very much in the tradition of Columbo and those kind of, you know, The Fugitive, those kind of story of the week shows. But I thought it was really exciting and interesting. They bring great guests costs. Every episode is super fun. Natasha Lyonne is great in the main role, just a really fun watch. It didn’t necessarily. Hit in the same. I’m a in case you didn’t know. I really love a certain kind of storytelling that kind of has a radical imagination outside of the place. And even something like Colombo, which was so deeply inspired by, has its own strange moral compass about the wealthy and who Colombo goes after. And it’s very interesting to kind of pick into. I didn’t feel like Poker Face necessarily had that, but it did have a ton of really badass cost. An incredible set of murder mysteries. Rian Johnson and Natasha were behind it, and obviously Ryan’s like killing it with Glass Onion, which I loved, and all those kind of murder mystery things that he has done before, like Brick. So it’s just really fun. Just some of the best made TV, I think has come out in the last year. So both of those very high on my list. Totally different vibes, but just really enjoyable.


Jason Concecpcion A couple more genre things. You know, I read a lot. So Patrick Hoffman is one of my favorite crime authors to emerge in recent years. His third novel, Clean Hands is out, and it is. If you liked Michael Clayton, you will like this novel that kind of delves into. Counterintelligence. But from a private angle, like corporate private intelligence, the lengths that corporate powers and the wealthy will go to protect their business dealings. What happens to spies when they are no longer working for the government? Who do they sell their? Who do they sell their skills to? And it’s all kind of tied up in this very, very sleek, very, very brutal crime suspense narrative that is really fun. I love. I love his style of writing. It’s fantastic. Not necessarily a genre book, but definitely part of the theme of like, wealth and the way that. The perspective of powerful men. Kind of. Dominates The public Conversation is a book called Trust by Hernan Diaz. It’s. It’s three books in one kind of. It begins with a book that is a book within a book. It’s this purported to be this biography of a rich industrialist, capitalist guy. Right. Then comes the second part of the book. So that’s like the first hundred pages. The second part of the book is the. Autobiography of the actual capitalist industrialist. He says This book that this other person put out about me. I hate that fucking book. I want you to set the record straight. And so, like the second part is this industrialist, like setting the record straight. And then the third part of it is from the perspective of the writer, the industrialist hired to ghostwrite his story. Is all the truth of it. All the things that got hidden away, the relationship that this capital has had with his wife, that is definitely not what was presented to the to the to the public. And it it just kind of like unveils itself very, very steadily and with gathering power and is a book that I’ve like not really been able to get out of out of my head since reading it. Really, really, really. And I.


Rosie Knight Just won the Pulitzer Prize.


Jason Concecpcion Did it just win the Pulitzer? And it just so it listen, if your sister had if you’re a Pulitzer Completionist, then then then you will like this book. This was recommended to me by Gretta Johnson, who I co-host the House of the Dragon podcast with. And it’s really, really just fucking great. Knocked me out. It’s just a book that really, really, really knocked me out. Age risks. You’re playing each other in a three verse three basketball game. The winner gets a Greek island with their brother in law. What succession characters are you picking as your other two teammates? We know they’ll play dirty or Marvel characters if you think that’d be more interest entertaining. Now let’s go with Succession.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion  Do you want to do a draft? Do you want to start first with you? Draft a player, then I’ll pick players.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I. My first player. He’s tall. He’s dangerous.


Jason Concecpcion  I knew it.


Rosie Knight It’s Matsson


Jason Concecpcion Oh, interesting. I don’t know.


Rosie Knight You know, I’m switching out. I’m taking Matsson.


Jason Concecpcion That’s a smart pick. He is. What is he? Six three in real life? Six four?


Rosie Knight Got a nice collection of baseball. Basketball trainers.


Jason Concecpcion Alexander Skarsgaard height, six foot four. Absolute like so real NBA height. That’s a great pick. I saw him with the first pick in the Succession draft. I am going to pick Greg, the egg.


Rosie Knight Oh.


Jason Concecpcion Who is played by Nicholas Braun, who is, I believe, like six seven.


Rosie Knight Yes. He’s very, very, very tall.


Jason Concecpcion So we got the tall guys off off the board. Now, I will say, I, Skarsgaard, though he’s given up like three inches. If he’s going to play in the these guys going to be guarding each other. Skarsgaard is obviously much beefier.


Rosie Knight He’s beefy. He’s very beefy.


Jason Concecpcion A much stronger individual than the kind of willowy Nicholas Braun, who just kind of gets thrown around like a stalk of wheat.


Rosie Knight No, Nicolas Braun is a good pick, though, because while Gregg is a good pick, I should say, because Greg’s just going to do whatever you tell him.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah. It’s like, great, Go set that pick. Oh, okay. Okay. I don’t really I don’t really want to set the pick, but. But. Okay. And you should be like Greg, fucking go set the pick. And you just. You would have to do it. I mean, that’s true of almost any of these characters. They’re all like, with the exception of. I guess the Roys in general, like all the non Roys, are very obsequious. Even to Tommy.


Rosie Knight Even Matsson to a point because Shiv has been kind of puppet mastering him.


Jason Concecpcion Yes.


Rosie Knight Throughout. So I think you’re right. The boys are the only ones kind of stubborn enough.


Jason Concecpcion Okay. Lukas Matsson and Nicholas Braun are off the board. Your next pick.


Rosie Knight Oh, man. My next pair would be my next pig would be Roman Roy. He is incredibly sneaky. He knows how to wrap pork. And, you know, every so often I shop a show. You know, there’s a thousand show comes into the game every so often and changes out. Maybe it’s going to be Roman Roy.


Jason Concecpcion Also involved like in the sports space. Already a sports team owner. So he understands the culture.


Rosie Knight H understands the game. You know, he knows what it’s like to be a working man. Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion Understands professional sports and the culture they’re in. Okay, For my next pick, I’m going to go brother for brother, I’m going to go. I’m going to go, Ken, because Ken has the shoes.


Rosie Knight Okay. Ken does have the shoes. Matsson is trying to have the shoes. But Ken has the shoes.


Jason Concecpcion Ken has all manner of like of bespoke like sneaker drops. This guy has so many sneakers. I remember that I was in season one where he, like, goes to meet the women who created the app and then he throws his sneakers, like, out the window.


Rosie Knight Oh my God, the sneakers. Oh, I hate Kendall so much.


Jason Concecpcion And now I’m going to Ken because. I feel like I need a guy who is not afraid to shoot and will take the shot.


Rosie Knight He will take the shots.


Jason Concecpcion He will miss a lot.


Rosie Knight It would also shoot. He will shoot and it would also psych me out because I hate him. So it would work on that level. It would work. I would not be a I would not be at top the basketball form as I usually am, if Kendall is on the field.


Jason Concecpcion I also think if you mic Ken and Roman and just have them like their trash talk as they’re going back and forth, that would be so good.


Rosie Knight That would be ten out of ten, like biggest hit on broadcast TV. If you just played that. I mean, you could kind of.


Jason Concecpcion Your second pick in the Succession NBA draft.


Rosie Knight Oh, man, this is so tough. You know, he would be pretty useless. But I’m going back to picking based solely on height. I’m going for Tom. He’d kind of do whatever we wanted. He’s on the bench. Like, could he come in and do something at the end? Probably not. But he would just. Tom is a survivor. He sticks it out no matter what. He is a striver, as Shiv so insultingly called him. I don’t see that as an insult in this case. I’d. I’d go for Tom. Tom, Matsson, and Roman is horrible. I would love to see it.


Jason Concecpcion For my third pick. I am picking the lady, Caroline Collingwood.


Rosie Knight Of course.


Jason Concecpcion The mother, the mother of Kendall, Roman and Shiv. Because I need someone fucking mean in there.


Rosie Knight We need someone who’s going to tell their daughter,  You should not be a mother.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah, I need someone just fucking vicious and mean to do my dirty work. Ken’s not going to want to get his hands dirty. You know, Greg is soft. Let’s just be real about this. Matsson will be absolutely killing this guy on the inside. He’s, you know, Greg’s got more of a of a, you know, a silky kind of, like, smooth game. I need somebody who’s just going to be throwing daggers, and so I’m going to go with the lady, Caroline Collingwood. She’s also independently like she doesn’t need. None of them need the money, but she doesn’t need any of this in general.


Rosie Knight How often do you think she would foul out? I think she’d foul it’d be.


Jason Concecpcion You know, I don’t know that we would really have to have significant leverage over her to get her to play. I think we’d have to probably hold out her like her stakes in the family, trust that we’re given over to her as kind of like an addendum to the original divorce settlement at the end of I think it was season three by by Logan. But I just think she’s an X-Factor and I think that she will really fuck with Roman. I think it would fuck with Roman’s head. I like to have. Not only, and furthermore. I think if you could somehow, like, get her to cook food for the other team, for your team, I think that would even be.


Rosie Knight Wow. I love it.


Jason Concecpcion That’s more just because as we as we saw with the game absolutely lethally caustic England scenes from what is it, season two or three where you first meet her She’s like cooking the crazy like quail eggs and but like bad, it’s just the craziest stuff. So that’s my pick. Lady Caroline Collingwood, your next pick.


Rosie Knight My pick is going to be Karl. Because nobody wants that island more than Karl. So he’s going do he want he’s going to do whatever he can to get the island with the brother in law. Like he doesn’t know I’m keeping the island, but I’m going to tell him he’s got a chance and he’s going to do anything it takes. He will be coming out. People are going to be going crazy. They won’t believe it. It’s going to be like Lonnie Walker in the fourth quarter, like people are going to be like, whoa, Karl, he really wants to be remembered. This is the call game. This is the game why Karl got the island.


Jason Concecpcion Okay, So. So he’s picked three. So it’s us. It’s basically us and like three others. And one of those would be a bench player. Should we pick a coach?


Rosie Knight Oh, my God. Please pick a coach.


Jason Concecpcion Okay, I will pick a coach. My coach. I am going to pick Gil Eavis.


Rosie Knight Whoa.


Jason Concecpcion Politician. Gil Eavis, Succession version of Bernie Sanders, Gil Eavis. Because I think you need somebody in government with that gravitas to be able to, like, reach. You know, you you need the regulatory threat to get Ken to play the right way and do the right things. Same thing with Greg, who, you know, who could forget how shaken Greg was when testifying for the Senate select Committee when he was just like, if it must be said, then it is. I think he also says no woman, no cries here.


Rosie Knight Ah, Greg.


Jason Concecpcion And so I think that that’s the person that would have that kind of authority to really command. My my team other than Lady Lady Caroline Collingwood, who’s English and wouldn’t give a shit, but I think the rest of them would listen. Who would you be your coach?


Rosie Knight Mine would be Gerri.


Jason Concecpcion That’s a great.


Rosie Knight I mean, one, because she’s one of the few competent people in the entire show too, because Roman is on my team. So if I want anything to get done, Gerri will be there. And three, because Gerri is about to come into an immense amount of eye wateringly, large, financial security. So she’s going to have the time to commit herself to the team.


Jason Concecpcion I like it. I think that’s great.


Rosie Knight Jess asks, With Tis the Kingdom coming out on May 12th, the day that you may be listening to this podcast. What is your favorite installment of the Zelda series? Or just favorite Nintendo game of all time?


Jason Concecpcion Oh wow. It is Breath of the Wild.


Rosie Knight Same.


Jason Concecpcion And also Majora’s Mask. Those two but Breath of the Wild by far because of the sense of adventure and exploration and how just the feeling I first had. Like logging into the world and seeing how big it was and how little direction you’re given. It’s just walk in a direction and. Very few games have given me that feeling of satisfaction just from walking around, just from exploring. Elden Ring. I did that recently, but Breath of the Wild for the adventure, the storytelling, the sheer amount of content in the game you like, it’s just the way it looks. The characters that you meet, the music and everything about it to me is fucking perfect. And that kind of cel shading esque arc style.


Rosie Knight So beautiful. It looks like you’re watching an animated movie.


Jason Concecpcion It’s so beautiful to me. I just think it is. I think it’s amazing. It’s probably my favorite Nintendo game of all time along with, you know, I mean, this is somewhat cheating with the Mario Kart series and also the Metroid series and also the Castlevania series.


Rosie Knight But Nintendo, so many good games. I mean, Blow your mind. There’s so many.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah. What about you?


Rosie Knight Yes. So I would say I’m the same. Definitely. Like when I was a kid, I kind of struggled. Zelda and Pokemon both were quite hard for my brain to understand in that old school visuals and that and the layout of the game. But the Majora’s Mask 3DS remake was there for me for a very long time as the best Zelda game and also one of my favorite games. But Breath the Wild is definitely my favorite. I love the freewheeling nature of it. I love the way that you feel that you’re living in the world. I love cooking. I always talk about this being a breath of the wild. Like finishing it is nearly impossible for me because I just spend all my time cooking and riding my horse like I love that shit. I love how you can just fight things and shoot things and do all kinds of fun. Monster Hunting. I absolutely love Breath of the Wild. I think it’s the best Zelda game. I can’t wait to play the new one, but I just don’t see a world where it tops it. My other favorite Nintendo games. Definitely. I love Mario Kart. I play Mario Kart probably more than any other video game. Animal. Animal Crossing as well.


Jason Concecpcion For me, Animal Crossing, also a perfect game.


Rosie Knight Yeah, it’s so good. Both New Leaf and New Horizons I adored most influential game on Nintendo for me was probably Donkey Kong Country. I had a second.


Jason Concecpcion Oh wow.


Rosie Knight Super Nintendo when I was a kid and I played Donkey Kong Country like so much. I can play that game probably blindfolded all the way through, the same way that with Crash Bandicoot from the PlayStation, the origina CrashBandicoot.


Jason Concecpcion You know. If we’re talking like the most addicted I’ve ever felt about a game on Nintendo, then it’s probably a Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64.


Jason Concecpcion Oh my gosh. That game is so, so sick.


Rosie Knight I did not have a console. During the time that I just didn’t have access to video games at that particular time. And. I’ve told this story before, but I legitimately had. A friend that I did not care for personally. Who like, who I had a relationship with simply because he had Nintendo 64 and Goldeneye and I wanted to play Goldeneye. That was like, I didn’t like this guy, but I pretended like Goldeneye, liked him because I needed to play Goldeneye. And so that’s the furthest I’ve ever. Like, I just even to this day, like the, the, the music, when you put it up, it has a Pavlovian effect. Like the goosebumps go up on my on my arm, like running around the facility level in the vents like shooting the guy in the stall, like all of this stuff playing a short round in multiple and split screen multiplayer, getting in arguments with friends because like you’re looking at my screen. Like all of that stuff is like was just so, so, so fun. And I think it’s not one of my favorite games, but when it was current, probably the most as, as into a game as I’ve ever been, Goldeneye. I was so into it probably because I just couldn’t play it whenever I wanted to. Yeah.


Rosie Knight And if you if you have a switch online account, they actually recently did the N64 edition so you can play Goldeneye. And also they have this NES and the NES and I play Donkey Kong country on there a lot.


Jason Concecpcion So thank you so much for your questions. We sorry we couldn’t get to them all, but we’ll try to answer them in some other format, maybe on the Discord or somewhere else. Up next, Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight Mini spoiler warning, spoiler spoiler, but like a mini sized one, like a Gulliver’s Travels sized one. This Nerd Out contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3. In today’s Nerd Out where you tell us what you love and why or theory that you’re excited to share. Evan does the latter. Sharing a theory on Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3.


Jason Concecpcion Evan writes: Hey, Rosie and Jason. I was thinking about the Stinger at the end of Guardians three and how it states that Star-Lord will return, but does not necessarily mean that it is Peter. Do you guys think it’s possible or likely the studio can introduce a new Guardians team with another character taking up the mantle of Star-Lord? Of course, it makes me think of one of my favorite Guardians rosters when Kate Pryde was leading the team as Star-Lord. Yes. Besides the Captain Missouri or something. We’d love to know what you guys think. All the best, Evan. I think that that’s likely, actually.


Rosie Knight I felt like that, too. Like the further away I got from this thing, the more I felt like this idea of the legendary Star-Lord would return, makes it feel like it’s more of a mantle. Because you could say Pete would return. If you’re going to say that, I would. You know where X-Men Fancy Kate Pride fans. She’s had a lot of great story arcs in recent years. I would love to see that. I believe they have already peaked with T’Challa Star-Lord, who sadly, you know, we won’t be able to get in live action. But I think the idea of a different Star-Lord could be really, really cool.


Jason Concecpcion I think that would be. I think that would be super cool. And, you know. As you mentioned, there have been a lot of Terran characters to go into space and run with the Guardians. Certainly in recent years, Tony Stark had a notable run up there, Cape Pride. I do. I think it’s going to be someone else that’s going to be I think it will be someone else that takes up the mantle of story. I think that that’s probably right.


Rosie Knight Do you have a favorite like pick that you would pick out that?


Jason Concecpcion Of characters who were in the MCU now?


Rosie Knight Not like based on the comics or like just if you were going to pick your character, who would you want to see take on that mantle?


Jason Concecpcion Who are doing it now. What about? I think Bucky would be good. Be good?


Rosie Knight That would be so interesting.


Jason Concecpcion You’d have some fun with the arm they’ve both been through. They’ve had. They have similar histories, right? Yeah. And I think they could bond over that. That said, is it time for a human? Maybe. This is also. Does it mean that if you are Star-Lord, you’re leading the team? I think it is Rocket’s team.


Rosie Knight I think it’s Rocket’s team. I think Star-Lord may be more of a rogue space hero. Kind of on their own mission, who checks in with the guardians rather than, you know. And also we didn’t see Peter’s helmet in in the new movie so somebody could find that. In on Nowhere, you know, in his desk drawer, where I believe James Gunn said it was placed. So I think, yeah, I think we could really see some cool stuff being done there.


Jason Concecpcion My second, my backup pick would be The Symbiote. I think The Symbiote also has been into Space.


Rosie Knight Love that.


Jason Concecpcion Guardians of Galaxy and I think is in-world. And it would be fun to watch the symbiote like explore their cosmic history. Where did where do I come from? You know, what am I doing here? That would be a fun adventure.


Rosie Knight Ten out of ten would watch.


Jason Concecpcion Your picks?


Rosie Knight My picks currently. So this is kind of this kind of a cheat because they’re not in the MCU, but I feel like they’re so close to being into it. I would love to see like a Barry Bell Star-Lord, you know, like a cool alien cosmic Star-Lord. I think that. Realistically, it feels like we’d be seeing a character that we already. Are very established within that space. A Valkyrie, Star-Lord could be cool. I would like to see that, you know, she’s kind of tired of the bureaucratic nature of it all. So she takes that Star-Lord must Nebula. Actually, I think if I was doing odds on that. So I think I could see a world where Nebula takes on that mantle and really gets a hero arc. That would be very cool to see, especially with her rad new arm. Yeah, I would love. Oh, this, this question, Evan, has made me very happy. I would love to dream of a world where is no longer Peter Quill and he stays at home of his granddad and does the lawn mowing or whatever else, and we get to see other characters take on that mantle. I think that would be so cool.


Jason Concecpcion Thanks, Evan. If you have series or passions you want to share, hit us up at x ray at Xcm instructions in the show notes. Well, that’s it for us, Rosie. Any plugs?


Rosie Knight You can find me @RosieMarx at Letterboxd and Instagram. My Instagram stories are all about the WGA strike. You support those writers? None of the stuff we talk about exists without them. Jason is in the WGA, so support him. You can support them through the entertainment community fund. You can support them by showing up to pick it. You can send food, donuts, pizza, all kinds of cool stuff like that. And yeah, here twice a week.


Jason Concecpcion I’m also going to plug the WGA strike because of the strike there where you’re on writers. Members of the WGA like myself, aren’t promoting any of the projects that they have. So if you’re wondering why I’m not promoting any of the projects that I have coming up, it’s because of this. And it’s an important everybody right now who is on strike is sacrificing something. We’re not the people that were associated with Primo on the show we wrote on Shea Serrano, the creator. It’s based on his life. We’re not promoting it. Not going to the premiere. We would love to be able to say, hey, watch this thing at a date that I’m not going to mention, but we’re not doing that because it’s important that everybody knows that we’re all in this. There are writers who are who just got their first gigs and now we went on strike and they’re and they are hurting all the way up the chain. Everybody is giving up something. And so just support the writers who are really getting support, who are getting a tough deal, getting squeezed in this economy, as many of us are, even as CEO pay skyrockets. You know, you can David Zaslav made 280 some odd million dollars in his first moves. Creative moves were to shelve a bunch of projects and fire a bunch of people, and for that he was richly rewarded. And I and, you know, many of the other CEOs are the same. All the writers are asking for is 2% of the profits as raised or not asking for some massive amount of money, just 2%, which comes out to less than, you know, the CEO pay for eight of the major studios. So that’s it. Support the writers. Catch the next episode of X-ray Vision on Wednesday, May 17th for more Market Moves and Yellowjackets.


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Jason Concecpcion Five star ratings. Five star rating. Five.We got to have him. You got to give him to us. Here’s one from Bear Grizzly. I’ll take my answer off the air. I love, love, love, both of you. A listen at work with my headphones. And I’m always laughing out loud out of nowhere. People think I’m crazy, but I’m trying to get everyone to listen so they can all join the vision. Thank you so much for this wonderful pod. Thank you, Bear Grizzly


Rosie Knight Thank you, for his wonderful review.


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