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August 18, 2022
Pod Save America
"Let them eat crudité."

In This Episode

The Inflation Reduction Act is law, Liz Cheney is defeated, Donald Trump is still under investigation, and Dr. Oz is still looking for crudité. Then, filmmaker Alex Holder stops by the studio to talk about his documentary on Trump’s final days in office that was subpoenaed by the January 6th Committee.


Show Notes 

News Roundup 

  • NYT: Justice Dept. Objects to Releasing Affidavit Used to Search Trump’s Home
  • CNN: Mike Pence says he’d consider testifying before January 6 committee if invited
  • WaPo: Opinion  Damning new Pence leaks reveal a big truth about Trump — and the GOP
  • NYT: Giuliani Appears Before Atlanta Grand Jury Investigating Trump
  • WaPo: Trump-allied lawyers pursued voting machine data in multiple states, records reveal
  • CNN: Former CFO of Trump Organization expected to plead guilty but will not cooperate in probe of family business
  • WaPo: Trump is rushing to hire seasoned lawyers — but he keeps hearing ‘No’
  • CNN: How Liz Cheney lost Wyoming’s lone seat in the House
  • NYT: Lawyer Who Defeated Cheney Spent Career Fighting Environmental Rules
  • AP: Cheney ponders 2024 bid after losing Wyoming GOP primary
  • Vox: Liz Cheney’s unfinished business
  • POLITICO: How Team Trump systematically snuffed out Liz Cheney’s reign in Congress
  • NYT News Analysis: What Liz Cheney’s Lopsided Loss Says About the State of the G.O.P.
  • WaPo: Liz Cheney for president? Why it could actually matter. 
  • ABC: Calculate how much Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act may save you 
  • White House: Remarks by President Biden At Signing of H.R. 5376, The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 
  • NYT: Biden Signs Expansive Health, Climate and Tax Law 
  • CNN: Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act into law
  • Slate: The Climate President
  • Vox: 4 underrated parts of the Inflation Reduction Act 
  • Inflation Reduction Act: 4 ways it will kick in right away 
  • President Obama tweet 

Alex Holder 

  • NYT: Documentary Filmmaker Emerges as Potentially Key Jan. 6 Witness
  • NYMag: ‘There Was No Way to Have a Rational Conversation With Him’ Filmmaker Alex Holder on his interviews with Trump after January 6.
  • CBS: Transcript: Alex Holder on “Face the Nation”

Crudité Video

  • Daily Beast: Even Newsmax Is Giving Dr. Oz Grief for His Fancy Crudité Video
  • WaPo: Dr. Oz’s crudites are a lesson in how not to serve them. Here are better options. Victoria Helen Stone tweet 
  • WaPo: Good news for crudité lovers in Pennsylvania: Salsa prices are steady 


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