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October 20, 2023
Keep It
Keep It Real: "Sai Da Silva & the State of RHONY"

In This Episode

Ira and Kendra James have a post mortem on the RHONY reboot and answer Bravo listener questions. Sai de Silva joins to discuss fan reactions to the show and what she’s really like off camera.




Ira Madison III And we are back for an all new. Keep it real. Once again, I’m joined by Kendra James because we have got so much to talk about this.


Kendra James Hello, I’m so excited. We’re we’re in a transitional season of Housewives.


Ira Madison III We are. Okay. First of all, I feel like this is one, a Bravo renaissance, because the shows are good again, for the most part. You know, O.C. was good again. We have, you know, Ronnie and, you know, we’ll talk about that in a second. But we have Salt Lake City is amazing this season. I’m obsessed with it.


Kendra James I love what we spoke about in our last conversation, which is that the shows like they were so dark and now it’s just like light and easy to watch. And that’s really part of the joy of it.


Ira Madison III Yeah, they’ve been light. They’ve been fun. I feel like the trailer for Potomac looks fun as well. I know that happened that season, right? Right off camera. Right off camera. And it seems like it was at almost the wrap party for the season. So I feel like they’ll tease it, but it also involved friends up. So I don’t even think it’s going to be a major part of the season. They’ll talk about the reunion, probably.


Kendra James No, we can’t. Started on.


Ira Madison III Camera. They might get out of that. Beverly Hills looks interesting. I’m cautious. I feel like Beverly Hills is the franchise that scams us the most with trailers.


Kendra James Mm hmm. I would agree, because I it it’s all going to change for me this season. On how much the Morgan and stuff we’re actually going to get on camera because it’s it’s that And then I am also looking forward to finally the sort of what seems vital information the Garcelle button crystal work which is what I’ve been waiting for for like two seasons now.


Ira Madison III Right. I’m just hoping Krystal brings something this season, you know?


Kendra James Yeah. Yeah.


Ira Madison III She’s just sort of there. And Kyle seems to hate her.


Kendra James So she’s got money because she’s got money and a marriage that isn’t falling apart.


Ira Madison III Right. So I think that that’s also the team. And what else is coming back? We got.


Kendra James Married to Madison, which I.


Ira Madison III Think the best show on Bravo. The best show on Bravo. Looks great.


Kendra James And Miami as well.


Ira Madison III Oh, yes. And Miami. I mean, also, while it was the best show he got and now it’s coming to Bravo, I’m glad that it still looks lush, that they still see the have to say production company like. I hope it also still has the same editing style. Like I like how they did flashbacks and how they, you know, had things pop up on the screen, graphics and stuff. So I hope that we still get that vibe and the show feels a little different than the other shows on Bravo, you know? Yeah, And I know.


Kendra James That, like, it’s a little bit of an unpopular opinion. We talked a little bit about it with Heather Dubrow last time, but I’m genuinely happy to have some shows with some real well.


Ira Madison III That got me.


Kendra James Yeah, because that is part of the appeal. Miami, like the first time we saw I believe it’s Alex Alexi’s apartment where yes, he wins in the I think it’s the Porsche building where that car elevator goes up to her apartment. That’s what I want.


Ira Madison III That’s mine. That’s what we want to see. Monica from Salt Lake City. That’s what we want to see. I want to see wealth.


Kendra James Well here’s the thing with Monica. Here’s the thing with Monica. What I will say is at least she’s not faking humble. Because that’s.


Ira Madison III True. That’s fair. Yes.


Kendra James When she got into the car with that messy bun and like four children screaming at her and she’s trying to eat a piece of bacon and drive with her other hand, that felt real.


Ira Madison III And listen, I do always appreciate a struggling housewife on the show because I will say that it adds.


Kendra James Gina is worth something.


Ira Madison III Right, Gina? You know, Robin, on Potomac, it always adds a little bit of like depth to the show. You know, like everyone’s rich and then you have the person who’s, like, trying to keep up with the Joneses, you know?


Kendra James Exactly. And that’s relatable in a way. I mean, who hasn’t thought a Louis Vuitton bag on a whim?


Ira Madison III Okay. So this week I interviewed sides of Survivor, and the show has we’re gearing up for the reunion on Sunday. The finale has happened now that we have seen the show. And I feel like there have been three acts of the new rhony there was. It started out where there was still all this Lizzie stuff and everyone’s getting to know each other. There was the second act where people were really enjoying the show. It was entertaining. It felt like a breath of fresh air. And then the third act really had just been bogged down by Sai and Erin and Jessel shit and yeah and I just like I. Barely. It took me forever to even watch the last three episodes. I haven’t even done rankings. I was doing rankings weekly on my newsletter and then I just stopped doing it because I was like, I don’t even want to watch it on Sunday night. And I, like I took me forever to even watch it on Peacock because I was just tired of seeing Sai, who I interviewed to get a bit of. But it’s, it’s, it’s she’s just speed. So and the internet is I have not seen the fandom of housewives collectively agree on something like this in forever.


Kendra James I, so my thing with, Sai has so many problems. The thing that I have focused on the most in the last three episodes is her fixation. And this to me, it’s to me that she does not have money or a fixation on the miles bit. I don’t know if you have miles. Do your miles?


Ira Madison III I do. You know, I do. Yes. Baby,  I have Delta and I was Delta Diamond for the past two years. And then obviously with the strike and my bills being affected, I like I’ve lost my status. I’m like, teetering around like, gold or like something now. And I’m like, if I even want to. There’s been years, like previous years where I wanted to, you know, get over to Diamond, right? I feel like in 2021 I went to Miami for for Basel and then I went again for New Years just because that those amount of miles bumped me over to what I needed. You know? And if you are a person who uses miles, like you will go on a trip to get those miles because it is worth it having it next year. When you’re working, you need to be in a lounge or you need like free upgrades. You know, I love my miles. Diamond gets me from I can book the main cabin on Delta and then it will automatically push me up to comfort Plus, which is great because then I can use one of the regional upgrades that I have to go to Delta one. And that is what I did when I flew to Columbia.


Kendra James This is the kind of conversation that you have and this is like, why? I was like, Have you never been in a conversation like this? I mean, I understand, but your eyes might start to glaze over hearing someone talk about it. But to go to jump from that to essentially accusing a man of going to another country for sex tourism.


Ira Madison III Which is also racist.


Kendra James Yes, also racist and disgusting on so many different levels, I’m I’m lucky enough to be married to a man who watches all of these shows with me. And he looked at me during that scene and he was like, I want you to know that if someone was talking about you and I like this on a show, I would punch them in the face. And I was like, yeah, you would be. To have someone accusing my spouse of that is vile. And you’ve only been on the show for one season.


Ira Madison III Right? You also don’t know them well enough to make that joke, you know? Yeah. You know, like Giselle would make that joke jokingly about Juan Dixon, you know, she’s friends with Robin and has known her for years. She’d make this joke about Chris, too, because she hates Candice.


Kendra James Right.


Ira Madison III And also what’s interesting is, you know, when I interviewed Jessel too, and was getting to know her and like getting we’ve gotten to know Pavit. It’s so interesting, too, because I feel like these two are maybe that we know more about Pavit and Jessel more than we know about anyone else on the show. And Brynn, we know quite a bit about her relationships and something about her, how she grew up. I’ll give her that. But I would just say that like we know so much about Pavit and Jessel as we would learn about any other new housewife joining a show and so it makes perfect sense that he would do this. I keep forgetting his food, you know, he’s all like a food committee in New York. It’s like they love going. But they’re also I pointed this out to her. It was like they are the people who, whatever they visit a restaurant on the show, I write down the name of it so I can go and visit it here.


Kendra James And that’s key. That’s key. They are culture. What is Sai bringing us?


Ira Madison III Nothing.


Kendra James Really nothing. And then like also her husband was glad her husband did apologize to Ubah. But to say that in the first place, again, it was like this sort of jumping in and it’s assumed familiarity, but I just didn’t  like coming from them.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So I asked Sai to explain herself a bit in the interview, but I also just want to ask too, like, do you think that. Do you think that, you know, she can morph into a fun villain or do you think that she is going to course correct after the reunion? And because I honestly feel she will be brought back. I have I have I’ve talked to Angie about it when I went. So I went to watch what happens live directly, by the way. I went to see Ziwe and Mary because I have the indirect line. I don’t have Andy’s number, but I have someone’s number who has his number. I’m friends with his godson. But I was at Watch What Happens Live for Mary and Ziwe, which was insane and so much fun. But I asked. I was like, Girl, what’s going on with Sai and this reunion? And he’s like, He likes her. I think he likes all of them, you know? Yeah.


Kendra James So my, my feeling there is I actually have more faith in Erin becoming a very reliable and like down the middle villain because I don’t think Erin has enough self awareness.


Ira Madison III Kyle behavior, too. You know she is the person who is like well let’s get it started with a fight, you know.


Kendra James Yes. And I don’t think that she has the self-awareness that is necessary to make a course correction, because I think she probably is seeing herself as she is in the right style. On the other hand, is a person who was already limiting comments on their Instagram page. And so I have the feeling that she’s taking a lot of this negative response to her and that we are going to see other, quote unquote, softer side of hers when we see. Thank you. I don’t know how long that mask is going to be able to stay up, but now.


Ira Madison III Because a lot of people do that and then all of a sudden it blows up, you know, So it’s really fun. And I think I love, listen, there’s nothing I love more than shifting dynamics on a Housewives or Bravo show. I think that it’s reminding me a lot of I mean, married to medicine, right? Remember when Mariah created the show and she brought on Quad and then Quad became the star and then by second season, they had already had that fight between seasons. And Mariah was like, Fuck you to Quad, like you you stole my role on the show. And I think that is this is it’s reminding me of classic Rony in that you know there’s that fight where river Ramona at Bravo card arguing with Vicky about like which one is better So like, Vicky’s like we were first, Ramona’s like we were on magazines, we were everywhere, you know, like RHONY is culture. And that reminds me too, of someone tried to. Someone was making this joke about the new Gossip Girl reboot, and I was like, and like, their clothes and stuff. They’re like, The clothes look better on the reboot. I’m like, Okay, but whatever The clothes that they were wearing in 2007 were 2007. And also Gossip Girl was culture. Gossip Girl is on the cover of Rolling Stone. It was everywhere. Like people were constantly talking about Gossip Girl, the way they talk about Mad Men.


Kendra James Yeah, those of us with 4C hair are trying to like, stick a headband in there.


Ira Madison III And that is just to say that Jessel is getting Rolling Stone spreads. Okay, so we’ve got to go into things, right? We’re going to go into season two with Jessel’s at top. And I certainly don’t think Jenna is coming back, at least not in a full time capacity.


Kendra James No. And I’m a little sad about that because I do like her weirdness.


Ira Madison III I enjoy her. But yeah, she just doesn’t want to play ball, you know?


Kendra James Yeah. So I what I did really like was the dynamic. We talked a little bit about this in the office. That photo shoot that Jessel opened up Jenna’s apartment was such a new dynamic for housewives because Jessel was having the photo shoot, she’s doing the direction. Jenna comes in for a moment and gives notes. This is what she does professionally. And then Ubah also comes in and does the same thing. And it was great to see both of them in their elements. Ubas as a professional model. And Jenna, as someone who ran a large fashion company. And then it was also amazing to see Jessel not be a bitch about it because on any other franchise we would have had a confessional being like, I don’t know why she’s trying to take over. Like, what is she doing? This is my show.


Ira Madison III Here, she’s like, Please take over.


Kendra James Yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah, she’s a student. Jessel is soak up so much. And she wants and  she’s taking it all in. So, yeah, she’s playing the game very well. And I think I cannot wait for them to add season two, hopefully have maybe like one or two new girls and just see, like, how everyone responds to Jessel being on top. They’re going to be coming after her.


Kendra James You know, I think she’s ready. I think she can do it.


Ira Madison III She’s ready. She’s ready. Yeah. So coming up, I have an interview with the name that’s been on everyone’s lips, Sai De Silva, from Real Housewives of New York. And after that, Kendra and I are going to do a brief AMA of your Bravo questions once again. So my guest today is a high, high type of chic. You know her as the mind behind Scout The City and as one of the new members of The Real Housewives of New York’s reboot. She is a trendsetting influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. And if you saw her pictures from Fashion Week, then you see why. She is a fashionista as she also co-hosts the podcast, Harder Than We Thought. We’re happy to have Sai De Sliva with us today.


Sai De Silva Hello. I’m so excited to be here. What a warm welcome, by the way. I was like, Wow.


Ira Madison III We like to be nice to people. When we start out, you know.


Sai De Silva When we start out. Okay, Got it. Noted. When we start out. Okay. That was a warm up, everyone. Got it. I got it.


Ira Madison III All right, Sai, let’s get into it. I’m sure you have seen reactions from the new RHONY, you know, and everyone now has had several episodes to get to know everyone on the show. How do you feel that people have been responding to you on the show and what is your response been to the response?


Sai De Silva Well, I’m not a responder. I’m kind of like a clap back. I do clap back every now and then. It just depends on what like what mood I’m in that day. But I like to clap back in a way that’s kind of humorous, like, Girl, you’re cranky today. I hope everything works out for you today. Like, I don’t try and get all rude and mean. For me, though, I think what people don’t really understand is that I am very much so a New Yorker. I was raised here the way I am. It’s just very honest and sometimes honesty does not sit well with others. I think maybe if I was a little bit more. I guess, smiling when I said the honesty when I called you out, maybe it would come off a little bit better. But I think because I’m just so direct, sometimes it rubs people the wrong way. But at the end of the day, I have no ill intent. I’m not a malicious person. I just want people to be honest. That’s it. I just want people to own it. Just own it. Okay. Like own your shit, guys.


Ira Madison III True. I would say that if anything, I would say that maybe you complain the most in an episode is what I see online. But for you, that’s just you’re commenting on what the other people are doing.


Sai De Silva Right? And that’s another thing. It’s so interesting. In my everyday life I can’t stand a complainer. So let’s go watch myself. So watch my self in a way that I’m constantly complaining. I actually was blown away because, yes, I’m hungry. I am the hungry girl. I’m always hungry. That is correct. I stand by it. That edit is very true. I am very hungry at all times. Like I work out. I don’t eat meat, you know, I eat every 3 hours. And when you’re filming, it is a very long day. So I don’t think people see the moving parts of what’s going on behind the scenes. There’s only how many power bars and dried mangoes can I eat, you know, before It’s like homegirl needs sit down and have a sandwich because when you’re hungry, you’re hangry. Like I can’t function when I’m hangry.


Ira Madison III So that’s an interesting point. Let’s can you walk us through, you know, so an event you’re recording one or you’re doing like a day of taping, right? You know, you you get to say Erin’s event with with no damn food. What is your day like leading up to then? Because, you know, some people might say, we’ll eat right before you come or like, you know, like Ubah is like order a pizza there or something. But like, what is the actual specifics and moving parts of your day taping something like that? And when do you get to eat.


Sai De Silva Yeah, at that it it just it varies and it really depends because again, at the end of the day, I also have another job that I’m working on too. Not that it’s I’m not blaming anything. Let’s take it back to Erin’s house when she served the caviar and everything like that. Yeah, but Erin, like. Yeah, let’s start there. What Erin did, I thought was lovely. It was great. She gave us a little bit of a snack. However, our day started at 8:00 in the morning. We’re getting miked. We’re waiting for everyone to come. Everyone met me at my house. One girl was extremely late, maybe an hour and a half late at this time. Yes. I ate like I got my snacks in the car. I’m snacking. That was on TV. We saw me snacking like. And then there was a point where we’re like, should we stop? Should we get sandwiches? However, because we were behind on time, production was like, We can’t stop right now. We have to continuously go. So therefore we’ve missed lunch. It takes us 4 hours to get there with traffic. So now we have the morning hours, the 4 hours that it was in the car. By the time you get to someone’s house, you’re like, I kind of want more than Pringles.


Ira Madison III You’re snacking, you get there and then but you’re mic’d up. Like, you can’t stop for sandwiches at Provisions, you know?


Sai De Silva Right. It’s just it the timing is is when you’re working, you’re working when you’re doing things, you’re doing things. And the timing, you know, people don’t see the stuff that’s not on camera. People don’t see how long it took to mic up, to travel, to, to, to wait on your other cast mates. So I feel like Erin did get caught in the fire with me complaining about the food. And she really was a really great host. She couldn’t help all the other things that when that happened, it just so happens when I got there, I was like, Look, I need more than Pringles. A girl needs more than Pringles. I’m just really hungry. And as you see, Ubah went to Provisions. Like she.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Sai De Silva She was like, Look, I’ll take it upon myself. I’ll go. And I’m just like, great, pick me up a salad or something. But unfortunately it closed.


Ira Madison III It was closed.


Sai De Silva The drama continues. I got to give you some type of drama. Okay. Like if I’m going to be the hungry girl. Let me be the hungry girl. Here’s your drama. Okay.


Ira Madison III So is Erin’s food like, good, or is it just not good or bad? Or is it just nonexistent because there’s there’s that event. But then, you know, there’s also the event with her vow renewal, too.


Sai De Silva I, look again, Erin’s amazing. I think she’s great. Everything she’s got is amazing. It’s just when again, it was an anniversary party. I understand she’s not going to have a buffet there, but it’s just. It was prime time dinner time for some people. The event was from 7 to 11. I had just came from my daughter’s event. I was running around. I have to get mic’d up. It’s the same thing and it’s just unfortunate that it happens at her events. So it makes it seem like you’re never have any food because I am the one. I’m the one who is complaining, right? Like I own it. Fine. I get it. I own it. I’m always complaining at her events, but I just I’m I don’t eat meat. So there’s a lot of things that I cannot eat. And it’s not her fault. It’s. I’m just a hungry chick, you know.


Ira Madison III Mhm. So let’s move on to another complaint. And this one is Jenna Lyons. When you came into the show, were you, I guess, surprised by the amount of sort of promotion that Jenna was doing of products and that’s why you brought it up, or was there a sense also that you were thinking, Damn, I wish I at like had some things to promote, if that’s all the girls are going to be doing on this show.


Sai De Silva No, I don’t. I don’t think that way. I’m a Girl Scout, so I. I always love to promote my friends at the end of the day. And hanging out the other day, I’m also booked and busy. So I’m like, by no shame. By all means, I love for us all to come up. If we could come up together. I think it’s great for me, and I’m glad that you brought this up for me. I felt like because I didn’t know Jenna very well when I first started, I never received a gift from a person Every single time I saw them. And it, it it almost made me feel like she was just trying to, like, buy a friendship almost. Not that she needs to, but it was it was in a way like, Hey, I’m okay. Don’t worry, we’re fine. Here’s a peace offering. And then after that, I realized they kept being promotional gifts. So it made me feel like, okay, it’s this brand awareness and you want everyone to see what you’ve been doing, you know, for a while, like it’s on display. So that’s from someone who works in this industry. That’s how I felt at the moment. But getting to know Jenna knows three and a half months I realized, no, she really is genuinely just a gift giver. And a New Yorker in me is like, Well, why are you doing it, girl? What’s the well, like, what’s the motivation? I don’t trust you. Are you trying to buy my life? I tried to buy my affection. What’s your deal? And you know what? I just overthink the shit, like overthought the shit like it is. And I apologize. She really is a very nice person, but I didn’t understand it. And New Yorkers are always like, What’s your deal? Why are you being so nice?


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Sai De Silva She just says genuinely just a very nice person. So it was just a misunderstanding.


Ira Madison III That’s interesting to hear too, because listen, I’m a generous friend and I love giving gifts, but I’m also more of a I always bring something to someone’s house. That’s my gift. You know, I don’t I don’t give a gift every time I see a friend.


Sai De Silva It’s weird, right? That’s why I was like, oh, every single time. It just felt. It felt genuine, that’s all. But she really is just someone who loves to give gifts and she she likes take care of people around her. So it’s nice.


Ira Madison III And.


Sai De Silva I’m being open.


Ira Madison III Well, so let’s talk about your job as an influencer and also, you know, correlating that to the show, were there moments where you were thinking about products that you might want to integrate into the show, or were you sort of cognizant of, I want to just bring myself to the show and not sort of use it to sell specific items, because I feel like we’ve seen and maybe there’s stuff that we just haven’t seen on camera. We’ve seen, you know, that your job is an influencer, but I don’t think we’ve seen many scenes of, you know, you selling a product or you presenting like a product that you put on your Instagram, you know?


Sai De Silva Yeah, another great question. I think when people found out that there was going to be a creator influencer on the show, they automatically assume that I was going to get on there and start selling you stuff with a swipe up link like, Right, Yes.


Ira Madison III This was the complaint from the show, what they thought the whole cast was going to be influencers.


Sai De Silva And it’s I actually happen to be the one person, not one, but one of the people who did not promote a thing like this is my job and I do take it very seriously. I do it full time. I’ve worked very hard for this seat at the table of where I am, and I never want to be like, Here, here are these products that I’m trying to sell you. I’m not that type of creator. I am, of course. Yes, by all means. I definitely team up with brands. But that stuff that I do digitally, that my persona and who I am on the show, even though it is very much so me, it’s completely separate it from my actual job. So it’s just two different things and I want people to see what I do for a living and take it seriously. I didn’t want to come on RHONY and just be like, Here’s all these things here. Buy them by them. That just that that never crossed my mind, to be honest.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm. I feel like that’s sort of a weird catch 22 that you would be caught in with your specific job. Because I feel like for most housewives, you know, if you own a wine business or, you know, if you run a restaurant or, you know, if you’re in construction, like Erin, it’s very easy to show your job and you show a 24/7 sort of, here’s my life and here’s my job. But for your job, being an influencer, if you’re showing your job, you’re also, I guess, selling a product and not just showing your job.


Sai De Silva That’s true. But I also create content and I think that they capture that quite often. I did create content a lot. I mean, I didn’t it even showed when I did it with my photographer. Like, I do have a team that is driven behind this. I’m not doing it all alone and it’s not creating content. It’s not just sitting around taking a selfie. And I think that’s what people think it is. There’s just so much that goes into it and. It’s not all about me just being a product pusher. You know, there’s a reason why I have such great clients and why they continuously work for me. I mean, work with me over and over again. But I just. I want people to see that it really is a legitimate, a legitimate business, you know, And to it gets a bad rap and it shouldn’t.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I mean, I guess. Walk me through. Your job as an influencer and how you know you feel like you are sort of differentiate it to, as you know, a woman who is not, you know, in her early twenties promoting, you know, I’m running around New York and I’m just taking selfies like this is an actual business that you’ve made. So, you know, like, how do you feel like you as an influencer is separate it from what people generally just think an influencer is.


Sai De Silva Yeah, I mean, well let’s let’s for starters, I have a team. Everyone gets paid on payroll. I cut checks every two weeks. Everyone is eligible for health insurance. If you need health insurance, by all means, I’ll either pay for the whole thing or if you get a high salary on my team, then you have to pay for some of it. I also will match your 401k like I’m very much so a business and as I grow, whoever is with me will also grow to. I mean, I’ve had the same members on my team for quite some time. I actually need to hire some new ones since we are growing. So that’s definitely something that sets me apart from younger influencers. And then at the same time people don’t see that we’re very much so. And I like to say this when I explain my job like an advertising agency, when I team up with a brand, let’s just say, for example, I’m teaming up with Whole Foods, hypothetically, okay, I’m teaming up with Whole Foods. Whole Foods will come to me and say, Listen, these are the things that I want you to do. I have deliverables. Deliverables will outline everything that they need from me. So that can be reals. Instagram stories, YouTube videos, those are deliverables, right? And then what they want to promote. So Whole Foods says, I want to promote three, six, five. Can you give me a concept? I have to come up with the concept. I have to present them with a concept. I do a mood board where I’m going to shoot, where is the location, when is it due, when is the proof date? Everything that you see that is an ad needs to get approved. I cannot just go ahead and be like, Wow, that was great. Let me go ahead and post it. They have to approve every last thing. So I’m working very closely to the brand hand in hand until we execute everything. And then once it’s executed, once everything has been posted, I need to follow it up with all of my analytics because they need to see and rely for their investment. Right. So what was the return on their investment? What were the analytics? How many people saw it? How many people, what was the brand awareness like? What was the point of it? Some people want sales, some people want brand awareness. What exactly did the brand get or benefit from working with me? And that’s kind of a little bit of what we do.


Ira Madison III How would you say that you even got into this as a career, and what would you say that maybe people who want to follow this career path are getting wrong in their attempt to become an influencer or even start, you know, influencing online?


Sai De Silva A first thing that you would probably be getting wrong is comparing yourself, Let’s stop that, everyone. Let’s stop comparing ourselves. Because I think when you find your unique and authentic voice, you can go so much further. There’s only one you, so why be someone else? It just does not work. And I’ve learned that the hard way. I’ve you know, when I started it was ten years ago when everyone had a blog. You know, people are reading blogs Back then. We were taking all of our own photos and doing these like amazing blog posts and coding them. And, you know, we had like the B-roll on the side of Blogger role, on the side of all your favorite friends. You know, it’s like almost like MySpace, like, right. I think. But it was it was you know, it was an outlet and it was fun. And it was something that I did every single day because I enjoyed it. It was a passion. If you’re going to do this job, you need to be passionate about it. You need to realize like, Hey, there could be one entire year, maybe even two years that you’ll make $0.00. So you need to be willing to show up for yourself and show up for the fact that you love to do it. Because the minute that you get on here and you’re like, No, I’m going to make $1,000,000. If I start posting every day, it’s not going to work. It’s going to it’s going to fail. You need to be passionate about this. You know, this job is very much so. 24 seven air. It’s it’s very much so your life and there are infused you go on vacation guess what? All your followers are going on vacation too. Yeah, we’re going on vacation. Obviously, you don’t have to post every last thing because it’s curated. It’s curated to what you want your audience to see at the end of the day, but you need to very much so treat it as if it’s a job. So if you have your hours baby clock in, shoot your content ahead of time, put it inside your phone so you can you can post it later if you want to look raggedy in bed right now, but you want everybody see you looking flawless from earlier this morning. Shoot it earlier this morning. Post it when you look raggedy at night, you know.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Sai De Silva It’s a business.


Ira Madison III You know. What would you say to the responses that this season of New York And you know, you’re all getting to know each other, the responses that it feels like there’s a bit of trauma, but. Every week with someone sort of telling a new sad story about their life and almost seeming like they’re trying to one up one another. And that was definitely your complaint in this previous episode with Jessel.


Sai De Silva I think people need to give us a break for a second. We are first time out. I understand that this is season 14, but this is season one for us. No one knows us. We are trauma filled. We are broken. We are human beings. And we’re all just want people to get to know us. So it’s either one. Yes, I’m screaming at Jessica for not telling her story because she’s not, you know, or screaming at Jenna for not opening up. But at the same time, it’s like we don’t know anything. We know nothing. We’re all getting to know one another. We’re getting to know one another. The audience is getting to know us. So, yes, we’re opening up and we have traumatic stories. It’s just all part of getting to know us. I mean, if it was a season two or season three and we’re still with the same violence, then yes, maybe check us like, you know, let us know you’re tired of the sad drama. But I think season one, it’s just give us a break. Just get to know us a little bit more.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm. Were you surprised when you arrived at the reunion and you found out the seating arrangement?


Sai De Silva Nah, it’s six seats. I got one of them. It’s like, you know, I’m grateful to be there. I’m happy to be there. I wasn’t. I wasn’t surprised that I. You know what? I. I do watch the franchise, but I was never someone who went overboard about the seats. Like, you know what I mean? I’ve always looked at it in a way that it was just like, it’s you. You still are on the show. Like, isn’t that an honor enough?


Ira Madison III Yeah. Do you feel like the the lady is sort of turning things up a bit at the reunion, wanting to sort of propel the show into a second season.


Sai De Silva I think I think the reunion was a very it’s not going to be something where we’re ripping each other’s heads off at all. I think it was a place for us to just really talk and get things out and open and everyone kind of share exactly what they were feeling. I think it did what it was supposed to do. It was a really it was. It was I’ll be honest, it was tough for me because I’m not a very vulnerable person. So it was kind of almost hard to talk through my feelings. You know, at the end of the day, I love my friends, but I’m not going to be overly like fuzzy and warm and, you know, and all those things. And I felt like in that moment, all of a sudden, I turned into that fuzzy, warm girl.


Ira Madison III It’s interesting. You’ve talked about this on the show, too, about not being such a vulnerable person, but it also felt like you were a person who was constantly asking the other women to share. So was that you sort of trying to counteract the fact that you don’t usually feel like being vulnerable in such situations like that?


Sai De Silva No, that was just me being nosy. Like, I love to know everybody else’s business. No, I want to know your business all day.


Ira Madison III Like, what’s good?


Sai De Silva Don’t worry about me. And that’s about me. What about you? Tell me about you.


Ira Madison III If you could pick a former Real Housewife of New York to join you all next season, who would it be?


Sai De Silva I don’t know. That’s a really tough that’s a really tough. Well, I feel like we’re really solid group right now, to be honest. I think that we are all so different, but in a good way, Like we’re very dynamic together. I think that there is one particular personality that will that someone will relate to. Like there’s six of us, someone’s going to relate to someone in this group, you know? And I and I think that together, though, we’re really good, we’re really great and solid together. So I at this moment, at this very moment, I would have to say no. And I think we’re whole okay.


Ira Madison III We’re excluding past people from Roti. Then, you know, you’re a New Yorker yourself. Then What people have really loved about this season, too, is that you’re getting out of the Upper East Side. You’re seeing different parts of the city. As a New Yorker yourself, is there a part of New York that you still would love to see represented on the show? Like not necessarily a person that you know, but just someone from like you, someone from this neighborhood or someone with this New York vibe would really be interesting to see on Real Housewives of New York.


Sai De Silva Oh, my God. What about the Boogie Down.


Ira Madison III Bronx or Somebody Boogie down?


Sai De Silva You guys think I’m crazy? They I, I’m like, Wait a minute. Everybody thinks I’m so brash and and direct. Let’s get somebody from the boogie down and see what happens. I don’t know if somebody might shake it up, but I think I don’t know. I think the Bronx will be really, really fun. Let’s see. I think for the most part, we are representing most of most of New York. I think we’re pretty we’re pretty good. We’re pretty Well right round it.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Sai De Silva That’s funny. Thats a good questions


Ira Madison III I mean, there might be a bit more than taking off Erin sunglasses. You know, if you ask someone from the front.


Sai De Silva I’m telling you I don’t know. We’ve got to have some serious drama. Oh, that’s hysterical. So funny.


Ira Madison III Was there anyone on the cast? You would say that you were surprised that you came away with. A good sort of friendship with that. Like, maybe like when you initially were filming, you were like, I don’t have like a read on them. And then once you wrapped and now even post reunion, you’re like, actually this person like I really sort of vibe with.


Sai De Silva There’s a few people I think that I got into it with. There are some girls that I started out hot and heavy with, and then we ended up getting into it. And then I think after the reunion we were all in a really good place. But I think a person that I really speak to every single day who I have to be like, girl, you know, I get off my phone is probably Ubah. I remember one day I was talking to over and I was trying to go and get a massage. It was supposed to be my day that I was like, Calm, peace, quiet. Mm hmm. When I tell you I had to walk from 60 something straight to 20 something straight because I could not get Ubah off the phones and I couldn’t get on the train. And I should just be in the friend and listen. And I was like, Okay, girl, I’ll just keep walking. I’ll just keep walking. And it’s just, you know, she’s she’s so full of energy and so full of love. As long as you don’t poke her the wrong way, you guys are going to have a very solid relationship.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm. You two are the food girls, too. I would say you’ve been present at that on the show. Like what? What kind of food do you like in general? Like, what would be your best event that you go to and someone puts out a platter and you’re like, Okay, damn, they did it for Sai.


Sai De Silva Somebody’s got some rice and beans. Somebody has arosz condules, and some platanos. Or like if you have some good Caribbean type food, I am there. I’m like, Guys, you got them that low. But it’s funny because Oupa loves rice and beans too. And so we’re always kind of thinking if we should have like a rice and beans cookoff because obviously I make it a little bit different than she does. But I think it would be funny if we had like a rice and beans Cookoff.


Ira Madison III That’d be fun. I’d love to see.


Sai De Silva Yeah, it would be, yeah.


Ira Madison III Okay, so lastly, what are like some of your favorite like spots in New York that I mean, like either just to visit or hang or like food spots that someone definitely has to try if they’re in New York. Because me, myself, I just moved back to New York after 12 years in L.A. for work.


Sai De Silva Oh, my God. Welcome back.


Ira Madison III So much has changed. So I’m like, what? What spots should I definitely be hitting up?


Sai De Silva Oh, my God. There’s. That’s the thing about New York is that it moves so fast and so quickly. So what I would like now is probably not great anymore. But there’s still there’s a lot of amazing restaurants that have opened. Have you been to Rafs yet? RAFS


Ira Madison III I haven’t.


Sai De Silva That’s a really great.


Ira Madison III Someone brought it up, but I haven’t been.


Sai De Silva Yeah, there’s a few. There’s. You know what? I could hold on. I got.


Ira Madison III Okay.


Sai De Silva I got I got a whole list for you. And I just I texted my girlfriend the other day because she asked me where she should go. And I’m like, What about these? Okay, so we have Lula, Katrina, Alba, Cafe Chelsea, Holiday Bar, Fouquet. Where’s the other place that I went to?


Ira Madison III I’m always talking about The Holiday Bar. I’m friends with the owner, Kyle, and also with Heather, who works there, who was on the show. She’s friends with Jenna. I truly ran into Jessel last time I was there.


Sai De Silva Blond hair, right?


Ira Madison III Yes, Jessel was sitting in the next booth while I was there.


Sai De Silva There you go. I guess you are already. You’re already. Hunny, you’re already on the street. You already know. You’re out and about. You’re in them streets.


Ira Madison III WHere do I get some rice and beans? Then where do I go for the rice and beans?


Sai De Silva Unfortunately, I think Puerto Rican food. And also I don’t eat meat, so it’s a little tough. So I just have to fly my aunt in and she cooks for me. Sorry. But next time that she comes over, I will invite you over. I’ll let you know. I’ll let you know.


Ira Madison III I love that import and be like.


Sai De Silva Yeah, I love you. So I got to give her a call. I got to give her call. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Well, thank you so much for being here, Sai.


Sai De Silva Thank you. Thank you for having me. It was fun.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Sai De Silva Do you still think I’m a mean girl or are we cool now?


Ira Madison III You know what I think? I think that you give it. And I’m excited to see what you give at the reunion. And, you know, I think it’ll be nice for everyone to continue to see more of you and everyone else on the show, because I’m really enjoying it.


Sai De Silva Thank you. I think. Yeah, just if everybody just gives us a chance, you know, I get it. It’s our first season and it’s we’re not trying to fill any shoes. You know, we came in kind of like everyone was comparing us and we’re trying to fill some shoes, but those are big shoes to fill. And we’re not trying to fill those shoes. We’re just we’re all new cast and it takes some time to get used to. I get it. It’s polarizing to go from one thing you’ve had for 13 years to all of a sudden all of a sudden something brand new and a lot of people don’t like change as well. Sometimes when change comes around and people freak out, which I have seen. But together I think we are a really great group of women who do support one another. You know, that drama was a little petty, but it was still drama filled, you know? But there’s more to come, so stay tuned for sure.


Ira Madison III Coming up, a Bravo AMA with Kendra. Okay. Now that we’ve got this interview out of the way, let’s talk about some Bravo questions.


Kendra James Out of the way.


Ira Madison III First question, what are our thoughts on Phaedra joining Married to Medicine.


Kendra James I’m excited. I thought I had not watched Married to Medicine until early last year. I’m not going to lie about that. Brilliant. I love how that show manages to balance genuine mess. Season one If you watch that show and you get to the end of season one, you will be greeted with one of the worst fights I’ve ever seen on Bravo. It really elevates it elevates past Monique dragging Candice in a winery. And so it manages to balance scenes like that then with scenes of sort of genuine healing growth and then also community. And it’s meant in a way that no other show has really managed to do. And I think Phaedra actually has the potential to really help both of both sides. I do believe that she she can be involved and sort of back like when they’re doing COVID vaccines in the neighborhood and all that stuff. And then we also know that she’s going to get in the mess.


Ira Madison III She’s messy. She’s messy.


Kendra James I’m so thrilled to see her back on television. I fully understand why she can never go back to Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Ira Madison III Absolutely never. Yeah.


Kendra James Yeah. But I’m also glad they didn’t try to get her to move to Dubai because that just wouldn’t have felt real.


Ira Madison III It would have felt it would have felt fake and felt like I’d be like, whatever she’s doing, revoke her medicine here.


Kendra James Well, she’s dating a doctor, Ira.


Ira Madison III Yes. Yeah. Allegedly. Head doctor. I will say that. You know, it’s interesting because Louis and I just talked to Jinkx and BenDeLaCreme on this week’s episode, and we talked about, you know, reality shows and how, you know, like, they don’t really like reality shows because it sort of goes into they like competition shows, but like the other ones where it’s like women fighting with each other and it’s sort of about taking people down, etc.. And it is really interesting that Married to Medicine is one of the shows with a collection of women where it is largely not about the take downs or fights or seeing someone win it’s really is about like healing. It is about these women’s friendships over the years. The the you are constantly like this season that I’m still waiting for, you know, Dr. Jackie to fix her relationship with Simmone.


Kendra James Yeah. Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III And. And get it back to where it used to be. You root for these women. And I would.


Kendra James Say it’s not only about the women and their relationships with each other. I think also, if people if you’re a fan, if you ever watch Married to Medicine and you’re a fan of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and specifically if you’re a fan of the way that New Jersey manages to incorporate the husbands and incorporate the families, then Married to Medicine is actually a show that you might really glom onto quickly in.


Ira Madison III In a good way.


Kendra James In a good way.


Ira Madison III Yeah, because I care about the husbands on this show. In Jersey, I’m like, I’m sick of them.


Kendra James But, you know, get me on Married to Medicine. I’m like, more Dr. Eugene. I have such a crush on Eugene.


Ira Madison III Eugene is so funny.


Kendra James The way he got that IRS letter. So he gets that IRS tax lien better and he unlike any other person on Bravo, he sits down at that kitchen table and he says, Ma’am, we must downsize. My job dropped.


Ira Madison III Toya. Everybody’s like, So much of my mother is just very like she wants to downsize, she wants to help, but she’s also just like ultimately not going to do it. So there’s always that push and pull between, okay, did we see this morning the Nene and Cynthia photo on Instagram? They ran into each other. Yeah, yeah, yeah. How do you feel about that?


Kendra James I mean, unless Nene is coming back to the show, how am I supposed to feel? Ya’ll are all in Atlanta. I’m here in Los Angeles, I can’t see you.


Ira Madison III Let’s see, next question. Which housewife tropes do you think work and which ones don’t work anymore?


Kendra James I mean, I know we’ve discussed it. I’m over the legal stuff right now. I’m, like, really enjoying where we are with that. Um. I. I do. Have you watched last night? Salt Lake City.


Ira Madison III I have not watched it yet, but I am sort of over the trope that’s happening this season. Every season has some sort of gay rumor.


Kendra James Yes.


Ira Madison III Every show, always every show has had one. I’m really over that trope. And it’s just. It’s very exhausting. And this would especially feels faker on Salt Lake City because. Here’s my thing. Angie, your husband’s been a hairdresser for 30 years, and this is something that you’ve heard before. And so I do not buy that this rumor was just talked about on camera. And all of a sudden you’re shocked, and then you’re also like, so ready to sit down and address it and you’re worried about your kids hearing it. If your husband’s been a hairdresser for 30 years, then people make fun about your kids dad being gay. They just do, you know.


Kendra James And both Monica and Heather have said, yeah, know, we have heard this for 20 something years. This is.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Kendra James Not new information. Also, it’s like really interesting that it’s always like the men are the ones being accused of this. And frankly, it’s the women on Bravo who have proven to be more regular part of.


Ira Madison III Right.


Kendra James On the LGBTQ.


Ira Madison III Also, Angie pushed that last year about Heather and Jen Shah.


Kendra James Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Ira Madison III I just it just feels very stale because it feels very much like, okay, well, how do I have a story this year? Well, here’s a thing that people have said about my husband for years that, you know, like we’ve dealt with it before and like, we don’t really care about it because he’s a hairdresser. People are always going to say that. So let’s have this come out and be the T and be my storyline this season. You know, it’s been very.


Kendra James Being Greek was her only other option.


Ira Madison III OPA.


Kendra James But I’m not going to spoil anything for you. But I will say that Angie, this is what I what I was getting to with trope. Angie tries to adopt a housewife trope at the top of the episode that actor Monique Samuels did it on Potomac should never be done again. And I’m upset that Angie thought that she was within sort of that realm of top tier housewife that she thought she was able to do that.


Ira Madison III Okay


Kendra James That’s all I’ll say.


Ira Madison III Okay. Question Is Heather Dubrow in the middle of a catch 22? We want to see her wealth, but it’s getting increasingly gross to watch. Is that fair? I disagree.


Kendra James I disagree.


Ira Madison III I don’t find it gross to watch. I love it.


Kendra James When she said the next house will be better, I said, Thank you, ma’am. Get cameras in there.


Ira Madison III Okay. What? I saw that tacky Roberto Cavalli apartment of hers. .


Kendra James It looked like it had been decorated by Donald Trump in 1995.


Ira Madison III Yes. Okay. Gianni Versace was murdered there. Okay. That is. It looks awful.


Kendra James Can you imagine wanting to live in the middle of century city. God, no.


Ira Madison III No, no. And it’s definitely just it was definitely probably more expensive because of the Cavalli design. All this stuff flowed over from Italy. I might send it back in the mail.


Kendra James But, like, here’s the thing. Like, I love watching Heather. I actually think that, like, where I am, I would see I would be occupying that space of, like, the not so wealthy one. Of course. Really? Well, Heather.


Ira Madison III Yeah, she’s. She’s a good friend. And as long as you’re not big shady towards her, she seems to love to share her wealth. Like you. I would be friends with Heather. I’d be on that private jet, I’d be going on trips.


Kendra James I’d take that same leather jacket in three colors. I just. Yeah. And like, I also, like, quite frankly, like, I understand that everyone thinks her relationship with her interior is a little weird, but I see two people who have really settled into a groove in their marriage and do love each other her and seem to like her. She’s supportive of her children who are actually like trans and bisexual like. And I just he’s like going to person.


Ira Madison III Yeah so I like I’m all fine with Heather Dubrow.


Kendra James Now do I want her to move to Beverly Hills and be on Beverly Hills? Actually not.


Ira Madison III I do not I wouldn’t like that dynamic on the show anyway, you know. Yeah. Yeah. But she could definitely be a friend of she I would love her to pop in like for a couple episodes that I want to see her build some genuine relationships with those women. I think that now Andy is more comfortable with crossover, things like that, but we don’t need to see her living there. I think she obviously fits in. O.C. Yeah, that’s her vibe.


Kendra James And I would say that if Original New York cast was still on the air, I would actually love to see her pop in and interact with, Oh, we ran a Sonja, a Ramona. I think that would be fun, but I wouldn’t need for there permanently.


Ira Madison III Yes. Who do you think would fit in from the old Ronnie with the new cast? Well, for season two, if they were to integrate the old and the new.


Kendra James So I’m on record. I actually think that Tinsley should have been cast.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Kendra James Clearly. Tinsley like, I think actually, it was just that she’s getting married and about to a widower in South Carolina or something. So she seems to be doing fine. And I’m actually genuinely.


Ira Madison III Be safe, girl.


Kendra James Very happy for her.


Ira Madison III Be safe, girl, be safe, girl. Don’t have no double jeopardy happenning.


Kendra James I’m happy for her.


Ira Madison III I know. But Tinsley’s exactly the kind of person who would marry a wife murderer.


Kendra James No, but I. Yeah, I think Tinsley would have fit in well there. I think, like, if we needed to go back, I’m excited to see what Christian Hickman is about to bring Legacy, because I wonder if he would have slipped in there really well and been more of like, not maybe age appropriate, because I think she’s a little older than some of these ladies, but like at most, a young girl and.


Ira Madison III She’d be she’s like, younger than Jenna.


Kendra James Yeah. Yeah. And I think Brynn and Sonja. Oh, my God.


Ira Madison III Yeah, that would be fun. That would be fun. You know, I think Brynn and Sonja would be fun. I honestly think soda as a, um, I think Sonja as a old guard, maybe recurring character on the new Brownies, sort of like Patricia on Southern Charm would be fun. Yeah. Yeah. I’m like, Oh, we’re going here to hang out with. So, yeah, I think that would be fine. Or I honestly, if you did an episode where they all went to stay at Blue Star Manor.


Kendra James Refrigerator would obliterate those women.


Ira Madison III She killed them.


Kendra James Yeah. No, I loved Miss Pat on Southern Charm. I don’t know if you’re watching this season, but I.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I love this. I love this. The cha cha. I’m really enjoying. Oh, you know what I hate the most? I hate that. I like Craig again.


Kendra James Yeah. Yeah. Well it’s Paige? You like Paige?


Ira Madison III Yes, I like page a bit more now because, I mean, I used to be I think it actually was interviewing Paige because I was firmly hard team Lindsay. But then I also met a lot of people who know Lindsay, and I was like, I could get that she’s sort of a monster behind the scenes, but I like Page, but I like Craig. I what I appreciate about Craig outside of charm, this season is one. He is doing that messy work of getting in people’s business and pushing things. He is really pushing Austen and Taylor thing to Shep and like he was getting that ball rolling. And I love I love the new guys on the show too. Like they’re fun.


Kendra James We’ve seen enough of them for you.


Ira Madison III To like them. Well, I mean, who’s okay? What’s that? One voice days.


Kendra James Ago. Well, there you go. And then there’s Rod. I think there’s two parts.


Ira Madison III There’s. What’s the. Who’s the one who.


Kendra James Oh, JT.


Ira Madison III Like? Yeah. Monitor? Yes. Okay. Yeah. I mean, so. Yeah. Okay, so there’s. Okay, We haven’t seen that much of a. But J.T. started immediately with the mess by bringing out. Well, you know, I was talking to Taylor, and she was like, Well, I’m leaving Austen. And he honestly, I think, is kind of cute and like a straight Southern guy sort of way. And I felt like I just reveal something about us.


Kendra James I mean, whatever. I’m still attracted to Shep. So, like, I.


Ira Madison III I see he, I feel like he got gross for a while, but I think that he looks good this season. Mm hmm. I think he looks great this season. And I don’t hate Shep anymore. I just I still we are a long way from the era where Relation-Shep was a thing that we needed on TV, but.


Kendra James And a book apparently that we needed on the shelves.


Ira Madison III Yeah. It’s a weird era.


Kendra James I will say I don’t need to see Charles again. If we needed to get rid of Venita and LeVa, I hate to say that, but we could make it go.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I mean, they’re not really giving me anything, you know? Also, I guess, lastly, speaking of Relation-Shep, I have a question that we have is canceled Bravo shows. Which one would you like to see back on TV?


Kendra James I think Kandi & the Gang got a second season because.


Ira Madison III Maybe.


Kendra James That might be the one where, oh, now we got a surprise renewal in August. Mhm.


Ira Madison III Okay. Okay.


Ira Madison III Bullets and Biscuits.


Kendra James A man up on that show. All I’ll say is that a man lives in a loft apartment with like 13 foot high ceilings, and instead of mounting his television to a wall, he hung sort of an Acme cartoon style chain from his ceiling and hung the television from that. And it just sort of spun around in the air. And I saw that I screamed and I said, I’m here for as long as I need to be.


Ira Madison III I actually am so shocked that we do not have a new version of NYC Prep on TV.


Kendra James Well, that’s because, I mean, we don’t have enough time for me to get into that. Let me tell you, the schools are not going to allow that to happen.


Ira Madison III It’s just honestly, when you think of shows that were in sort of the white guys at are still sort of out there, even though there was so little content of it. Do you know how many people still say guess of the guests do not bring guests? Yeah. Iconic, right?


Kendra James Right. Well, like I know Sonja’s daughter went to my high school and we didn’t see pictures of her there until her graduation ceremony. But these schools are not having it.


Ira Madison III That’s fair. Maybe a different version of NYC Prep where it’s.


Kendra James NYU something, like.


Ira Madison III That. I think maybe. Maybe rich college like Rich is like a version of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills was rich college students in New York. And after they’ve left the prep schools, you know.


Kendra James Yes. Yeah, Yeah, you certainly go back. But no, no, no. Nightingale Bamford does not want us in there.


Ira Madison III Also, I think, you know, maybe Gallery Girls.


Kendra James Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can see that. That’s a nice sort of like that’s actually a nice bridge between Real Girlfriends of Paris and like, a New York show on that same level.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm. Well, thank you again for being here, Kendra. It was fun, as always.


Kendra James Thank you for having me.


Ira Madison III Yeah. The ony person I love talk about Bravo with. And that has been Keep It Real. So we will see you next week. Keep It is a Crooked Media production. Our senior producer is Kendra James. Our producer is Chris Lord and our associate producer is Malcolm Whitfield. Our executive producers are Ira Madison, the third, and Louis Virtel.


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