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February 01, 2021
Pod Save America
“Katie Porter’s stock tips.”

In This Episode

Republicans make Joe Biden an offer he can refuse, the race to vaccinate America is on, and the new face of the GOP is a QAnon school shooting truther who believes that wildfires are caused by Jewish laser beams. Then Congresswoman Katie Porter talks to Jon Lovett about getting people access to mental health care during the pandemic and why the GameStop drama should lead to tougher Wall Street regulation.


Show notes


Rescue Plan Negotiations 

  • WaPo: Ten Senate Republicans propose compromise covid relief package, posing challenge for Biden
  • Politico: 10 Senate Republicans seek meeting with Biden on Covid relief 
  • Politico: ‘Betrayed’: Republicans urge Biden to change course on stimulus 
  • NYT: Waste no time in passing a relief bill, Biden’s economic aides say.
  • The Guardian: Biden more likely to bypass Republicans on Covid stimulus aid after lowball offer
  • NYT Analysis: Ghosts of 2009 Drive Democrats’ Push for Robust Crisis Response 
  • WaPo: Biden urges swift passage of his coronavirus relief plan, highlighting ‘the cost of inaction’ 
  • Roll Call: Sweeping budget blueprint for pandemic aid readied for floor action 
  • HuffPo: Democrats Poised To Ditch Republicans To Pass Big COVID-19 Relief Bill 
  • WaPo: Democrats turn to quick action on Biden covid relief bill after power-sharing deal in Senate
  • WSAZ: Vice President Kamala Harris speaks exclusively with WSAZ about challenges facing our region
  • ABC15: Vice President Kamala Harris talks ‘Rescue Plan,’ COVID next steps in exclusive interview with ABC15
  • Politico: ‘We need to work together’: Manchin blasts Harris’ TV hit on Covid relief 
  • WSAZ: Sen. Joe Manchin reacts to WSAZ interview with Vice Pres. Kamala Harris 


Vaccination Rollout 

  • NYT: Daily Covid Toll in U.S. Remains Enormous, but Cases Are Falling
  • Politico: ‘It’s a mess’: Biden’s first 10 days dominated by vaccine mysteries
  • WaPo: 10 days of struggle: Inside Biden’s early coronavirus vaccine effort 
  • WaPo: Coronavirus mutations add urgency to vaccination effort as experts warn of long battle ahead
  • NYT: A ‘Race’ to Vaccinate, After South Africa Variant Is Detected in South Carolina 
  • The Atlantic: What’s the Use of a Pretty Good Vaccine?
  • NBC News: U.S. is in a ‘race against time’ with new coronavirus variants, scientists warn
  • The Atlantic: The Pandemic Is Finally Softening. Will That Last? 
  • The Verge: Tweaking COVID-19 vaccines will keep them effective against new variants 
  • StatNews: Trump officials actively lobbied to deny states money for vaccine rollout last fall
  • Vox: When can everyone in the US get a Covid-19 vaccine? We still don’t know. 
  • NYT: Pentagon May Send Troops to Assist With Vaccines, Enlarging Federal Role 
  • The Atlantic: Why You Can’t Just Get Vaccinated at Your Doctor’s Office
  • New Yorker: Biden’s Pandemic Plan Might Just Work
  • Vox: Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine challenge, explained in 600 words
  • WSJ: Covid-19 Vaccine Leaders Waited Months to Approve Distribution Plans 
  • WaPo: Experts warn of vaccine stumbles ‘out of the gate’ because Trump officials refused to consult with Biden team 
  • LA Times: Chaotic COVID-19 vaccine rollout leads to more deaths, experts say 
  • CNN: Can the arrival of new coronavirus variants scare Americans into better pandemic behavior? 
  • New Yorker: Biden’s Pandemic Plan Might Just Work
  • The Hill: Biden COVID-19 adviser: It will be ‘months’ before all who want vaccine get it
  • NBC News: Biden ups vaccine goal to 1.5 million shots a day, says vaccine to be widely available by spring
  • CNN Analysis: Why Biden’s vaccine goals are likely too modest and good politics 


Marjorie Taylor Green’s Party 

  • NYT: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Controversies Are Piling Up. Republicans Are Quiet. 
  • Media Matters: Marjorie Taylor Greene penned conspiracy theory that a laser beam from space started deadly 2018 California wildfire 
  • NBC News: GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene faces a backlash over incendiary social media posts
  • CNN: Marjorie Taylor Greene indicated support for executing prominent Democrats in 2018 and 2019 before running for Congress
  • CNN: Kevin McCarthy to meet with Marjorie Taylor Greene next week
  • Politico: GOP under pressure to take action against Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • The Hill: Republican Jewish Coalition ‘offended and appalled’ by Taylor Greene comments
  • HuffPo: Jimmy Gomez Needs 70 Republicans To Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene 
  • The Hill: Psaki won’t comment on Greene, saying it would ‘elevate conspiracy theories’
  • WaPo: A reporter tried to ask Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene about her false claims. The journalist was threatened with arrest. 
  • NBC News: Rep. Cori Bush moving office away from Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘for my team’s safety’ 
  • NBC News: Some Democrats in Congress are worried their colleagues might kill them 
  • CNN: GOP senator calls on Republican leaders to ‘stand up’ against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s comments 
  • CNN: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene boasts of ‘great’ conversation with Trump amid calls for her ouster 
  • WaPo: How Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, promoter of QAnon’s baseless theories, rose with support from key Republicans
  • NYT: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Controversies Are Piling Up. Republicans Are Quiet. 
  • Axios: Scoop: GOP ignored its early fears about Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • NYT: McCarthy Seeks Thaw With Trump as G.O.P. Rallies Behind Former President 
  • The Guardian: ‘Mind-bogglingly irresponsible’: meet the Republican donors helping QAnon reach Congress