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August 13, 2020
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Joe Biden selects Kamala Harris to be his Vice President, and Hysteria’s Alyssa Mastromonaco joins Jon and Dan to break down the choice, the rollout, and the reaction of Donald Trump. Then Black Voters Matter Fund co-founder LaTosha Brown talks to Jon about the historic nature of Kamala Harris’s selection, and how the Democratic ticket can organize and energize voters this fall.


Show notes


It’s Kamala

  • NYT: Kamala Harris Is Biden’s Choice for Vice President
  • WaPo: Sen. Kamala D. Harris named as Joe Biden’s running mate
  • CNBC: Kamala Harris is who she is because of her mother’s retort to any complaint: ‘What are you going to do about it?’ 
  • The Atlantic: Kamala Harris’s Nomination Is a Turning Point for Democrats 
  • NYT: Kamala Harris, a Political Fighter Shaped by Life in Two Worlds 
  • NY Mag: What Kamala Harris Brings to the Ticket 
  • NYT: In Kamala Harris, a Choice at Once Safe and Energizing 
  • WaPo: In picking Harris, Biden makes history and plays it safe
  • NY Mag: Kamala Harris Is the Sensible VP Choice for a Sensible Nominee 
  • NYT: The Kamala Harris Pick: Geographic Balance Takes Back Seat to Gender, Race 
  • FiveThirtyEight: Kamala Harris Is Biden’s VP Pick — Here’s What It Means For The Election And Beyond
  • Morning Consult: How Kamala Harris’ VP Candidacy Could Affect the November Contest
  • CNN: A virtual running mate search: How a personal connection led Joe Biden to pick Kamala Harris 
  • Politico: How Kamala Harris outflanked her skeptics to become Biden’s VP pick 
  • WaPo: Inside Biden’s unusual VP pick process: Tough questions, 11 finalists and many lawyers
  • NYT: Biden’s big day: $10.8 million pours into ActBlue in four hours after V.P. announcement. 
  • Axios: Biden campaign raises $26 million in 24 hours after announcing Harris as running mate
  • HuffPo: Biden Has ‘Best Grassroots Fundraising’ Day Ever After Harris Pick, Campaign Says
  • The Guardian: How Kamala Harris’s friendship with Beau Biden united her with Joe 
  • Daily Beast: Kamala Harris Was in Biden Circle of Trust. Then Came Debate Night. 
  • CNN: Kamala Harris and Mike Pence scheduled to face off at October debate 
  • Salon: Trump team worries Kamala Harris will “chew” up Pence and “spit him out” in VP debate: report 
  • The Nation: Kamala Harris Will Shred Mike Pence in the Vice Presidential Debate 
  • MSNBC: Steve Schmidt: Mike Pence and Kamala Harris are ‘not in the same league’ 
  • MSNBC: Sen. Coons: Pence will have ‘more than he can handle on the debate stage’ with Kamala Harris
  • The Atlantic: The Big Reason Lefties Aren’t Upset About Kamala Harris 
  • Vox: Most candidates run to the center in the general election. Biden is moving left. 
  • The Hill: Centrists, progressives rally around Harris pick for VP 
  • The Guardian: Why Black progressive women feel torn about Kamala Harris
  • Daily Beast: Biden Needs a VP. Kamala Suddenly Sounds More Like Bernie. 
  • WaPo: How sexism is going to make Kamala Harris’s life harder 
  • NBC News: As Biden mulls his choice, women’s groups brace for sexist, racist attacks on VP 
  • CBS News: Women say they will fight sexism, ‘ugly’ attacks on Kamala Harris 
  • Mother Jones: Biden’s Vice Presidential Search Is Surfacing Sexist Tropes About Ambitious Women. Kamala Harris Could Be the Victim.
  • Buzzfeed News: “There Are So Many Examples”: Kamala Harris Opened Up About How She Was Covered As A Black Candidate 
  • Boston Globe: She wasn’t VP pick, but Elizabeth Warren could be a key player in a Biden administration 
  • LA Times: Joe Biden can only pick one running mate. Here’s where other contenders could end up in his administration 
  • KRQE: Gov. Lujan Grisham shows interest in possible cabinet seat under Biden 
  • NYT: Your Democratic ‘Dream Team’ 
  • LA Times: With Kamala Harris as Biden’s VP pick, Newsom has a chance to appoint history-making senator 
  • NYT: If Harris becomes V.P., who would succeed her as senator?
  • SF Chronicle: Here’s who Gavin Newsom could name to replace Kamala Harris in the Senate 


The Rollout 


Reaction from the Right/Trump

  • CNN: Trump reverts to stereotypes as campaign fumbles to respond to Harris pick 
  • Business Insider: Trump called Kamala Harris ‘the kind of opponent everyone dreams of’– right after a report that she is actually the candidate his campaign least wants to face 
  • NBC- Meet the Press: Republicans had months to prepare for a Harris pick but their message is muddled
  • Newsweek: Top Republicans Attack Kamala Harris’ Prosecutor Record, Electibility, and Liberal Policy Stances 
  • The Guardian: Donald Trump and his campaign launch scattergun attacks on Kamala Harris 
  • Politico: Team Trump assails ‘Phony Kamala’ while privately acknowledging her appeal 
  • WaPo- Analysis: What Trump has said about Kamala Harris
  • Business Insider: Records show that Trump donated to Kamala Harris’ campaigns twice while he was a private citizen
  • NBC: [VIDEO CLIP] Trump reacts to Harris VP selection
  • Trump Campaign Release #2: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Would Destroy America 
  • Trump War Room: “reminders” during Kamala’s speech
  • Axios: What Trumpworld really thinks about Biden picking Kamala Harris
  • WaPo: Trump backers’ dizzying response to Kamala Harris’s selection 
  • Mother Jones: Trump’s Campaign Can’t Figure Out How to Attack Kamala Harris 
  • Independent: Trump News Live: Trump releases attack ad labeling Biden ‘racist’ 
  • CNN: Fox News threw everything but the kitchen sink at Kamala Harris 
  • CNN: Sarah Palin offers advice and congratulations to Kamala Harris
  • WSJ: Why Kamala Harris May Be a Tough Target for Republicans 
  • WaPo-Opinion: Phony? Radical? Republicans have no idea how they want to attack Kamala Harris. 
  • WaPo-Opinion: Why Kamala Harris has conservatives so angry 
  • The Hill: GOP lawmaker: ‘Pretty cool’ Harris has a shot at being the ‘most powerful person in the world
  • WaPo- Opinion: America is about to see what smart Republicans saw in Kamala Harris years ago 
  • The Hill: Pence jabs at Harris after she’s picked as VP nominee                                        
  • NYMag: The Flaw in Trump’s Plan to Paint Biden As Kamala Harris’s Puppet 
  • The Hill: Chris Wallace: Kamala Harris ‘not far to the left despite what Republicans are gonna try to say’
  • FiveThirtyEight: Election Forecast 
  • Business Insider: POLL: Biden supporters love Kamala as his running mate, but only a quarter of undecided voters are impressed 
  • Newsweek: Polls Showed Kamala Harris Struggled to Reach Black Voters. But That Is Changing 
  • FiveThirtyEight: Kamala Harris is Biden’s VP Pick– Here’s What it Means for the Election and Beyond 
  • YouGov: What Americans think about Joe BIden’s running mate, Kamala Harris 
  • FairVote: Democratic Vice Presidential Poll, August 2020
  • NYT-Opinion: Kamala Harris Was Not a ‘Progressive Prosecutor’ 


What’s next for Kamala

  • NYT: Kamala Harris on the Issues: Race, Policing, Health Care and Education 
  • WaPo: Harris wants U.S. to give Americans $2,000 a month during pandemic, a contrast with Biden’s measured approach 
  • WaPo: Harris and Biden once were at odds on criminal justice issues. Finding common ground helped lead him to pick her as his running mate.
  • WaPo: What Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will need to reconcile