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June 18, 2020
Pod Save America

In This Episode

Color of Change Chair Heather McGhee joins as a guest host to talk about Trump’s speech on police reform, the Senate Republican bill, where Joe Biden and the Democrats stand, and how we can ensure that this moment becomes a durable political movement to fight systemic racism. Then Reverend William Barber talks to Dan about the Poor People’s Campaign and this weekend’s Moral March on Washington.

Show notes

Police Reform State of Play

  • Vox: Trump’s executive order on police reform, explained
  • Politico: Trump signs executive order incentivizing police reforms
  • AP: Trump signs order on police reform, doesn’t mention racism
  • CNN: Trump offers full-throated defense of police in executive action signing
  • NPR: Read President Trump’s Executive Order On Policing
  • Mediaite: WATCH: CNN’s Van Jones Praises Trump’s Policing Executive Order as ‘A Step in the Right Direction’
  • The Hill: Van Jones: Trump executive order on police reform ‘a step in the right direction’
  • USA Today: Trump signs order addressing police misconduct, but some experts say it’s not enough
  • Louisville Courier-Journal: Trump’s police reform order excludes no-knock warrants
  • White House: Remarks by President Trump at Signing of an Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities
  • NBC News: Trump says Obama didn’t reform policing — but he did. Then the president ditched it.
  •  The Guardian: Trump’s ‘woeful’ police reform order leaves systemic racism intact, critics say
  • Politico: Trump signs executive order incentivizing police reforms
  • HuffPo: ‘So True!’ Trump Mocked For Retweeting Himself, Then Agreeing With Himself
  • CNN: READ: Senate GOP’s police reform bill
  • Politico: GOP reform bill to require disclosure on use of force, encourage chokehold bans
  • NYT: Republicans Signal Narrow Policing Overhaul as Trump Signs Limited Order
  • CNN: Key Senate Republican pushes back on GOP leaders: ‘Bad decision’ to wait a month on police reform
  • Politico: House and Senate set for clash on police reform
  • CNN: GOP and Democrats clash over police reform in Congress as pressure for action mounts
  • WaPo: Liberal groups slam Biden’s response to police protest movement, warning he risks losing support from black voters
  • The Hill: Liberal groups press Biden to adopt progressive policies on police reform
  • PDF of the letter to Biden 
  • ABC News: Joe Biden once pushed for more police. Now, he confronts the challenge of police reform
  • WaPo: Joe Biden let police groups write his crime bill. Now, his agenda has changed.
  • NPR: Joe Biden Has Come A Long Way On Criminal Justice Reform. Progressives Want More
  • USA Today: Biden: We must urgently root out systemic racism, from policing to housing to opportunity
  • NYT: Biden Walks a Cautious Line as He Opposes Defunding the Police
  • Politico: Biden rejects calls to defund police
  • NYT: There Is a Playbook for Police Reform

What does a Democratic Party that takes on structural racism look like?

  • Heather McGhee’s Ted Talk : Racism has a cost for everyone
  • Demos: The Race-Class Narrative Project
  • CNN: The partisan chasm over ‘systemic racism’ is on full display
  • K. Sabeel Rahman blog post 
  • SixNineteen list of demands – organized by Movement for Black Lives
  • Essence – #SIXNINETEEN: Movement For Black Lives Calls For Juneteenth Actions
  • Rolling Stone : The Power of Black Lives Matter – How the movement that’s changing America was built and where it goes next 
  • Biden’s Lift Every Voice Plan for Black America
  • Axios: Biden campaign unveils “Lift Every Voice” plan for African Americans
  • Newsweek: Joe Biden, the Moderate, Plans the Most Radical Economic Overhaul Since FDR
  • NYT: Why Joe Biden Should Look to His Left – Progressive ideas don’t just turn out the vote. They win votes.
  • WaPo: New generation of activists, deeply skeptical of Democratic Party, resists calls to channel energy into the 2020 campaign
  • NYT: Black Environmentalists Talk About Climate and Anti-Racism
  • Newsweek: Joe Biden Wants to See Studies About Feasibility of Slavery Reparations
  • The Hill: California lawmakers advance reparations bill
  • CNN: University of California votes to restore affirmative action nearly 24 years after it was outlawed
  • LA Times: Plan to restore affirmative action in California clears hurdle after emotional debate
  • The Atlantic: It Didn’t Have to Be Like This
  • Mother Jones: Biden Was MIA for Black Lives Matter During the Primary. They’re Hoping That’ll Change Now.
  • Guardian: ‘Who are we?’ Joe Biden seizes the moment as nation’s attitude shifts on race
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates’ interview with Ezra Klein