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August 07, 2023
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Judge May Shush Trump….in America??

In This Episode

Donald Trump threatens witnesses and attacks Jack Smith while his lawyer tests out some novel defense arguments on all five Sunday shows. Mike Pence says he’s open to testifying against Trump. Ron DeSantis finally admits that Joe Biden won the election. Then, Desiree Tims from Innovation Ohio joins to talk about the crucial abortion rights vote happening on Tuesday. And later, Elijah is back for another round of Take Appreciators.


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  • NYT: What to Know About Prosecutors’ Request for Protective Order in Jan. 6 Case
  • Politico: Trump and his new lawyer are not on the same page about judge’s recusal
  • USA Today: Donald Trump calls for judge’s recusal, venue change in his 2020 election case
  • CBS: Mike Pence on possibility of testifying against Trump
  • CBS: Lauro responding on Pence testimony
  • AP: Pence, Trump attorney clash over what Trump told his VP ahead of Jan. 6, 2021
  • WSJ: Trump Indictment Mystery: Where Is Mark Meadows?
  • WaPo: Awkwardness in Trump’s circle: Top aides could be trial witnesses
  • Newsweek: Key Moments From Donald Trump’s South Carolina Speech
  • 11Alive News: Fulton County insiders expect former President Donald Trump to be indicted this week in Georgia



  • NBC News: ‘Of course he lost’: Ron DeSantis rejects Trump’s 2020 election claims
  • NBC: Pro-Trump protesters gather outside Mike Pence town hall 
  • NYPost: Chris Christie gifts Zelensky handwritten lyrics to Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’ as ‘inspiration’
  • Newsweek: Ron DeSantis Met With Swathes of Empty Seats at Iowa Event, Photo Shows 
  • Politico: Ron DeSantis agrees to debate Gavin Newsom on Fox News
  • NBC: ‘What a joke’: Gavin Newsom’s team slams Ron DeSantis’ debate proposal 
  • Politico: Welcome to the courtroom campaign



  • WaPo: Ohio Issue 1 and its potential impact on abortion, explained
  • WaPo: Ahead of abortion vote, Ohioans weigh making it harder to amend constitution
  • AP: Fall abortion battle propels huge early voter turnout for an Ohio special election next week
  • NYT: One of the Most Brazen Republican Schemes Around Abortion Is Happening in Ohio 
  • Dayton Daily News: VOICES: Issue 1 about silencing the voices of everyday Ohioans
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  • The Atlantic: The Next Big Abortion Fight
  • NBC 4: Secretary of State Frank LaRose accused of violating federal law over Ohio Issue 1 
  • AP: An Ohio election that revolves around abortion rights is fueled by national groups and money
  • NBC 4: New poll shows Ohioans evenly split on Issue 1 
  • Politico: Ohio’s special election has become a proxy war over abortion rights
  • Politico: Abortion rights likely headed for showdown in Ohio this fall
  • PBS News: Ohio abortion rights ballot measure receives nearly double the needed signatures