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January 11, 2022
Pod Save America
“Joe and the Giant Speech.”

In This Episode

Joe Biden takes on Republican voter suppression in Georgia, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler talks about Ron Johnson’s re-election announcement and saving democracy in the Badger State, and Ted Cruz grovels to Tucker Carlson for referring to violent insurrectionists as terrorists.


Show Notes



  • Punchbowl: A week of reckoning for Democrats 
  • WaPo: Biden breaks his silence: Inside his decision to forcefully denounce Trump
  • Playbook: Biden faces his moment on the filibuster
  • WaPo: White House allies split over inflation plan as Biden trains attacks on corporate greed 
  • WaPo: Bipartisanship is out for Biden. It’s about time.
  • WaPo: Biden will make a critical speech on voting rights. He must keep in mind two audiences. 
  • WSJ: Biden Has Met the Enemy, and He Is Us
  • NYT: Steve Bannon Is Onto Something
  • NYT: Biden Comes Out Swinging Against Republicans as His Agenda Stalls 
  • Politico: ‘We are going right to the belly of the beast’: Biden takes on Georgia 
  • FiveThirtyEight: Why Democrats Keep Bringing Up Voting Rights
  • CNN: Michelle Obama’s urgent message about this year’s midterm elections
  • Politico: Michelle Obama and coalition vow to register more than a million new voters 
  • CNN: Biden touts low unemployment rate after US adds fewer jobs in December than expected 
  • NBC: Economy gained just 199,000 jobs in December, far below expectations 
  • WaPo: Whatever your assessment of jobs numbers in Biden’s first year, take it with a grain of salt 



  • NYT: Ron Johnson, G.O.P. Senator From Wisconsin, Will Seek Re-election.
  • WSJ: Why I’m Seeking a Third Senate Term 
  • AP: Wisconsin GOP leader: ‘Zero chance’ of taking over elections
  • WPR: GOP bill would add more voting restrictions on those with felony convictions in Wisconsin
  • CNN: ‘It’s the same story’: Wisconsin Republicans’ secretive review of 2020 election takes lessons from Arizona’s conspiracy-laden process
  • TPM: Wisconsin GOP’s Election Investigator Calls On Republican Who Criticized Him To Resign
  • Madison: ‘Zero chance’ of Legislature taking over elections, Wisconsin GOP leader says
  • Newsweek: GOP-Aligned Group Finds No Evidence of Wisconsin Voter Fraud After 10-Month Investigation
  • PBS: ‘This is a charade’: GOP senator, voting experts urge Wisconsin Republicans to halt election attacks
  • WPR: Dane County judge rejects attorney general’s attempt to block GOP election investigation subpoena 
  • US News and World Report: Wisconsin GOP Senate Leader Opposes ‘Blowing Up’ Elections
  • WaPo: Ron Johnson somehow isn’t clear on why post-illness immunity is worse than no-illness immunity


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