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January 13, 2020
Pod Save America
“It's wide open!”

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The Trump Administration is caught lying about Iran, the public sours on the President’s handling of the crisis, and the Des Moines Register poll shows a very close race in Iowa between Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Joe Biden. Then Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement talks to Jon L. about climate change and the group’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

Show notes


  • CNN: Esper won’t confirm intelligence about President’s claim that Soleimani was targeting 4 US embassies
  • CBS News: Esper won’t confirm intelligence about President’s claim that Soleimani was targeting 4 US embassies
  • Vox: The Trump administration is still struggling to get its story straight on why it killed Soleimani
  • NBC: Trump’s evolving account of Soleimani’s ‘imminent threat’
  • WaPo: Trump now claims four embassies were under threat from Iran, raising fresh questions about intelligence reports
  • Politico Pompeo insists Soleimani threat was ‘imminent’ despite blowback
  • NPR: ‘Imminent’ Threat — Trump Justification Of Attack On Iranian General — Is Undefined
  • CNBC: Mike Pompeo: ‘We don’t know precisely’ when or where Soleimani planned to attack
  • Vox: The administration’s deceptions about the Soleimani strike are a big deal
  • BBC: Soleimani attack: What does international law say?
  • Vox: Pompeo’s shifting reasons for killing Soleimani puts the strike on shaky legal ground
  • WaPo: The key word in U.S. justifications for the killing of Iranian general: ‘Imminent’
  • The Atlantic: The Soleimani Strike Defied the U.S. Constitution
  • Associated Press: Legal basis for US killing of Iran general depends on threat
  • Politico: Pelosi says Trump was not upfront with Congress on Iran
  • CNN: Mike Lee signs on to Bernie Sanders’ bill to prevent funding for military intervention in Iran
  • CBS News: House approves war powers resolution to restrict Trump on Iran
  • WaPo: Bernie Sanders offers measure to limit Trump’s actions on Iran
  • Politico: House votes to rein in Trump on Iran
  • WaPo: What is the War Powers Act and what can Congress do to enforce it with Trump on Iran?
  • WaPo: Trump angered by House ally’s push to limit his authority on Iran
  • WaPo: Matt Gaetz, the ‘Trumpiest Congressman,’ cites principles for bucking president on war powers. Kevin McCarthy is ‘very shocked.’
  • CNN: These Republicans voted yes on the War Powers resolution
  • Daily Beast: Matt Gaetz Sucks Up to Trump After Voting With Democrats
  • Quartz: A timeline of the Ukraine plane crash and Iran’s conflicting statements
  • WSJ: Iran Faces Growing Criticism at Home, Abroad Over Downing of Ukrainian Plane
  • NBC News: Protests erupt in Iran over plane’s downing that killed 176
  • NYT: Ukraine Plane Shot Down Because of Human Error, Iran Says: Live Updates
  • Politico: Trudeau vows justice, compensation after Iran admits role in downed plane
  • Reuters: Iran’s Guards knew missile to blame on day Ukraine plane crashed
  • WaPo: Iran admits to downing airliner amid calls for justice, transparency
  • NYT: Evidence That Plane Was Shot Down in Iran May Upset U.S.-Canada Relations 
  • ABC News: Majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of Iran, feel less safe after strike: POLL
  • FiveThirtyEight: Americans Don’t Know What To Think About Trump’s Iran Strategy 
  • USA Today: Exclusive: Americans say Soleimani’s killing made US less safe, Trump ‘reckless’ on Iran 
  • YouGov: A majority of Americans are concerned about war with Iran
  • Reuters: Americans increasingly critical of Trump’s record on Iran, most expect war: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  • Huffington Post: Here’s What Americans Think About Trump’s Iran Policy


  • Des Moines Register – Bernie Sanders leads the Iowa Poll for the first time, just weeks before the Iowa caucuses
  • Vox: Sanders tops latest Iowa poll, but the 2020 Democratic primary is still a 4-way race
  • Vox: Less than one-third of Iowa and New Hampshire voters have settled on a candidate
  • NYT: Bernie Sanders Leads Tight Race in New Iowa Poll
  • Politico: Sanders jumps to small lead in major Iowa poll
  • WaPo: Bernie Sanders leads tightly clustered candidates in new Iowa poll
  • WaPo:  Many Iowa Democrats are paralyzed by fear of choosing the wrong candidate to take on Trump
  • NYT: Iowa Is at the Center of the Political Storm
  • Axios: The deeply divided Democrats
  • Vox: Sanders tops latest Iowa poll, but the 2020 Democratic primary is still a 4-way race
  • NBC News – ‘No earthly idea’: Who will win the Iowa caucuses? 5 keys to victory.
  • CBS – How do the Iowa caucuses work? A primer for the 2020 election
  • NYT: Sanders and Biden Look for Dominance in Early States
  • NYT: How a High Schooler Scooped Everyone on the Iowa Poll 
  • FiveThirtyEight – Biden Is The Front-Runner, But There’s No Clear Favorite – By Nate Silver 
  • WaPo: Biden holds wide lead among black voters in Democratic presidential race, Post-Ipso’s poll finds 
  • WaPo: Two polls frame the Democratic race and the power of African American voters
  • WaPo: Biden leads among black voters for a reason
  • WaPo: Buttigieg’s black-voter problem, by the numbers
  • Fox News – Surging Steyer makes the debate stage, as new polls show sudden strength
  • WaPo: Tom Steyer is surging in South Carolina and Nevada. Does it matter?
  • The State – While Bernie Sanders has always stood up for African Americans, Joe Biden has repeatedly let us down 
  • NPR:  Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Co-Chair On Black Voters
  • The Atlantic: Bernie Sanders Has Something New to Talk About 
  • Politico: Sanders campaign assails Biden over Iraq war vote
  • Politico: Bernie campaign slams Warren as candidate of the elite
  • NYT: Elizabeth Warren Says Bernie Sanders Sent Volunteers ‘Out to Trash Me’ 
  • WaPo: The Trailer: Mile Bloomberg’s Transactional Campaign Pitch
  • Politico: Obama campaign guru: Trump would love to run against Bernie
  • Politico: Sanders picks up coveted union endorsement in New Hampshire
  • Politico: Endangered Democrats sound the alarm on Bernie and Warren
  • WSJ: Six Democrats Qualify for Final Debate Before Iowa Votes – Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, Steyer and Warren will aim to break out from pack as best to challenge Trump
  • FiveThirtyEight – Who’s In — Steyer! — And Who’s Out Of The January Debate – By Geoffrey Skelley 
  • Bloomberg: Steyer Says Experience Qualifies Him for Debate
  • Politico: Steyer: It’s messaging, not money, that puts me on debate stage
  • The Hill: Buttigieg picks up Iowa congressman’s endorsement ahead of caucuses
  • Axios: Bloomberg will pay staff to support whoever becomes Democratic nominee
  • WaPo: Marianne Williamson drops out of Democratic presidential race
  • NYT: Elizabeth Warren Opens a New Front in Disability Policy 



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