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DeRay sits down for a deep conversation with U.S. Senator (NY) Kirsten Gillibrand at the Senate studio to talk about leading in a time of Trump, sexual assault in the military and on the Hill, the 2018 elections, the new tax bill, being a working mom in the Senate and much more. Clint, Sam and Brittany talk about the tax bill, the census, and seeing Coco.


Show notes:

NPR: Grassley: Ending Estate Tax Recognizes Investors Over Spenders

Huffington Post: Experts Are Really, Really Worried About The State Of The 2020 Census

Politco: Leading Trump Census pick causes alarm

CDC: 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey

NBC: Sen. Collins outlines deal-making behind tax vote

The Atlantic: Beyond the Word Gap

Gillibrand: Military Justice Improvement Act

Bloomberg: Bipartisan Senate Bill Takes Aim at Opioid Prescriptions




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