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July 19, 2021
Pod Save America
“Is Facebook killing people?” (with Sen. Brian Schatz)

In This Episode

The White House calls out Facebook for spreading misinformation about vaccines, Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz talks about climate change, immigration, voting rights and his tweeting habit; and later, the guys answer a few listener questions.


Show Notes


  • NYT: Facebook Tells Biden: ‘Facebook Is Not the Reason’ Vaccination Goal Was Missed 
  • Facebook: Moving Past the Finger Pointing 
  • NYT: Facebook says it plans to remove posts with false vaccine claims. 
  • NYT: Far-Right Extremists Move From ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop the Vaccine 
  • NYT: Is Biden Declaring ‘Independence From the Virus’ Too Soon? 
  • WaPo: Post-ABC poll: Biden earns high marks for handling the pandemic, but many Republicans resist vaccination
  • Media Matters: Fox has undermined vaccination efforts in nearly 60% of all vaccination segments in a 2-week period 
  • AP: Biden grappling with ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated 
  • NYT: How Republican Vaccine Opposition Got to This Point 
  • NYT: Black and Hispanic Communities Grapple With Vaccine Misinformation
  • MotherJones: The Pandemic Is Roaring Back Where Vaccination Rates are Low 
  • WaPo: Vaccine hesitancy morphs into hostility, as opposition to shots hardens 
  • Vanity Fair: Hysterical Tennessee Republicans Fire Vaccine Chief for Encouraging Vaccines
  • SHRM: Can Employers Mandate a Vaccine Authorized for Emergency Use? 
  • Yahoo!: DeSantis sells anti-Fauci t-shirts as Florida Covid death toll hits 38,000



  • MotherJones: Democrats Promised “No Climate, No Deal.” But They Haven’t Decided What That Means.
  • WaPo: Senate Democrats announce plans for $3.5 trillion budget package to expand Medicare, advance Biden priorities
  • NBC: Democrats plow ahead with party-line spending bill for Biden’s economic priorities
  • TheNation: It’s Time to Repeal Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Say Progressives
  • Insider: Harrowing video shows the Gulf of Mexico on fire after an oil pipeline rupture. Democrats point to that video as evidence of a need to fund the Green New Deal. 
  • WaPo: As Democrats spar over advancing Biden’s climate agenda, they move to cut methane 
  • Politico: Dems stuck in dual traffic jams on their ‘2-track’ infrastructure strategy 
  • MauiNow: Schatz Urges Infrastructure Deployment in Native Communities 
  • Politico: Progressives draw red line on keeping climate provisions in infrastructure bill
  • MotherJones: Telehealth Should Be Here to Stay
  • WaPo: The Health 202: Lawmakers are deciding the future of telehealth 
  • KITV: Sen. Brian Schatz reintroduces bill that would allow prisoners to ask for early release
  • TheVerge: Senate bill would make it easier to cancel a subscription online after a free trial 


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