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June 24, 2021
Pod Save America
“Infrastructure 1, Democracy 0.” (with Sen. Amy Klobuchar!)

In This Episode

Joe Biden announces a bipartisan infrastructure deal, Senator Amy Klobuchar talks to Dan Pfeiffer about what’s next for voting rights, Democrats grapple with the issue of crime, and this week’s most important question: could the next Speaker of the House be Donald Trump?


Show Notes



  • Intelligencer: Democrats’ Voting Rights Push Stalled. It Was Still Worth It.
  • NYT: A Bill Destined to Fail May Now Spawn More Plausible Options 
  • WaPo Opinion: The GOP shows Manchin and Sinema that saving democracy is a partisan issue
  • AP: GOP filibuster blocks Democrat’s big voting rights bill
  • The Daily: Lessons from the Demise of a Voting Rights Bill 
  • NYT: Democrats Vow to Redouble Voting Push: ‘Today Is the Starter Pistol’ 
  • The Atlantic: The Democrats’ Dead End on Voting Rights
  • Brennan Center for Justice: Voting Laws Roundup: May 2021
  • Brennan Center for Justice: Congress Must Pass the ‘For the People Act’ 
  • The Hill: Harris meets with Stacey Abrams, voting rights advocates 
  • CNN: Why Biden didn’t do more to avert voting rights defeat
  • Slate: The Right Way to Get the most Urgent Voting Rights Passed
  • Axios: Democrats’ losing hand on voting rights
  • Roll Call: Biden puts voting rights in Harris’ portfolio ahead of Senate debate 
  • NYT: Democratic Group Will Pour $20 Million Into Voting Rights Efforts
  • The Hill: Murkowski to vote ‘no’ on voting rights bills 
  • WaPo Opinion: Kyrsten Sinema: We have more to lose than gain by ending the filibuster 
  • NBC: John Lewis voting rights bill faces steep uphill climb in Senate




  • FOX: Kayleigh McEnany op-ed: Biden and America’s crime spike – don’t be fooled by president’s revisionist history
  • MediaMatters: Fox host Rachel Campos-Duffy: America is on “the path” to antifa-run towns 
  • The Atlantic: Why America’s Great Crime Decline Is Over
  • The Dispatch: Are Rising Crime Rates a Blip or a Longer-Term Concern? 
  • CNN: Biden set to announce his gun crime prevention and public safety strategy as White House looks to tackle crime surge 
  • The Crime Report: DOJ Launches ‘Strike Forces’ to Target Gun Trafficking
  • CNN: Concerns rising inside White House over surge in violent crime
  • NBC: Biden tackles crime, again — but this time he’s in charge 
  • WaPo op-ed: Biden is about to propose a crime plan. How about a real debate about this?
  • Slate: Why NYC Might Elect a Former Cop as Mayor
  • The New Yorker: Policing Politics Takes Over the New York City Mayoral Race 
  • Intelligencer: Democrat Wins Big in New Mexico Special Congressional Election 
  • NYT: Why a New Mexico House Race Is a Crucial Test of the G.O.P. Focus on Crime
  • Slate: Why New York’s Chaotic, Depressing Election Matters for America
  • NYPD: Overall Crime in New York City Reaches Record Low in 2020 
  • WaPo: Biden launches an effort to head off violent crime — and political peril for his party 
  • The New Republic: Can the Politics of Police Reform Survive the Crime Rates of Our Pandemic Year? 
  • Yahoo: Will rising crime rates sink the push for police reform?
  • NYT: Why People Misperceive Crime Trends (Chicago Is Not the Murder Capital) 



  • Axios: McCarthy asked about Trump becoming House Speaker 
  • Mediaite: Matt Schlapp Tells Newsmax Republicans Could ‘Crown’ Trump as Speaker If They Win Back Majority in the House
  • Guardian: Trump has ‘zero desire’ to be speaker of House, spokesman says 
  • CNN: Donald Trump for … speaker of the House?
  • MSNBC: GOP chatter about possibly electing Trump as House Speaker grows 
  • Congressional Research Service: Electing the Speaker of the House of
  • Representatives: Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Intelligencer: Could Trump Become Speaker of the House? 
  • The Atlantic: Who Is Trump Reaching? 
  • CNN op-ed: Trump World’s latest crazy idea could be good for Democrats
  • The Hill: DeSantis tops Trump in 2024 presidential straw poll
  • Yahoo!: Meadows says DeSantis won’t run against Trump in 2024
  • Daily Beast: Trump Wanted His Justice Department to Stop ‘SNL’ From Teasing Him
  • CNN: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner distance themselves from the former President and his constant complaints 


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