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July 27, 2023
Pod Save America
Indictment Excitement (with Chris Christie!)

In This Episode

Mehdi Hasan joins Jon as a guest host. Republicans respond to Trump’s multiple indictments by threatening to impeach Joe Biden based on right-wing conspiracies and no actual evidence. Ron DeSantis fires one-third of his campaign staff including a speechwriter that shared Nazi propaganda online. Joe Biden gets good economic news that could affect his political prospects. And later, the Republican primary comes to Pod Save America as Jon Lovett and Chris Christie sit down to discuss his campaign for president and criticisms against Trump.


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  • NYT: McCarthy, Pressured by the Right, Escalates Talk of Impeaching Biden
  • CNN: Inside McCarthy’s sudden warming to a Biden impeachment inquiry 
  • MSNBC: The top 10 things to know about Kevin McCarthy’s impeachment plan
  • Daily Beast: GOP Rep. Ken Buck Says McCarthy’s ‘Shiny Object’ Impeachment Talk Is Irresponsible
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  • WaPo: Fox News host summarizes the GOP’s shaky impeachment push against Biden
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  • Politico: House GOP notches early win in bid to unite party on spending — but pitfalls remain
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  • HuffPo: ‘Clown Carousel’: White House Roasts GOP For ‘Bizarre’ Attacks, Impeachment Threats 
  • WaPo: Judge pumps the breaks on Hunter Biden’s guilty plea 
  • NYT: Republicans in Congress Seek to Block Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal 



  • NBC: Ron DeSantis fires staffer who retweeted video with Nazi imagery
  • SEMAFOR: Ron DeSantis fires staffer who shared video with fascist imagery
  • NY Mag: Ron DeSantis’s Nazi Outreach Is a Strategy, Not an Accident
  • AXIOS: DeSantis team fires aide who secretly made video with Nazi symbol
  • SEMAFOR: Ron DeSantis drops a prominent ‘wartime conservative’ from the campaign
  • NBC: Ron DeSantis fires more staffers in a campaign shake-up
  • ORLANDO SENTINE: DeSantis campaign mired in controversies over slavery, anti-gay video, alleged Nazi symbol
  • NY POST: Ron DeSantis’ Hamptons fundraiser flops 
  • Politico: DeSantis suggests he could pick RFK Jr. to lead the FDA or CDC
  • FINANCIAL TIMES: Billionaire donors cool on Ron DeSantis over rightwing policies
  • POLITICO: Top donors, souring on DeSantis, start looking at Tim Scott
  • Politico: North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum qualifies for first GOP primary debate
  • NYT: Iowa’s Governor Will Interview G.O.P. Field, Minus One: Trump
  • NYT: Giuliani Concedes He Made False Statements About Georgia Election Workers 



  • WaPo: UPS and Teamsters reach agreement, averting Aug. 1 strike
  • Politico: UPS strike averted, sparing Biden another economic disaster
  • CNN: With one major strike averted, ‘most pro-union president’ confronts labor woes
  • NYT: Fed Raises Rates After a Pause and Leaves Door Open to More 
  • WaPo: As inflation falls, GOP may have to rethink attacks on Biden economy 
  • NYT: Hard Questions if Biden’s Approval Doesn’t Follow Economy’s Rise 
  • CNN: Larry Summers slams Biden economic agenda as ‘increasingly dangerous’
  • Daily Beast: Dems Push Biden Administration for New Worker Protections on a Hot Issue
  • NY Mag: AOC Is Just a Regular Old Democrat Now