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February 11, 2021
Pod Save America
“Impeachment, Lies, and Videotape.”

In This Episode

House Democrats use video footage of the Capitol attack to make a powerful case against Donald Trump, Republican Senators look for excuses to acquit, and the Republican Party has been losing voters since January. Then Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal talks to Dan about Covid relief negotiations and the minimum wage.



Show notes



  • NYT: Senate Agrees Trial Is Constitutional, as Trump Consolidates Votes for an Acquittal 
  • NYT: The First Trial Seemed Abstract. This One Is a Visceral Reckoning Over Trump. 
  • Politico: Trump impeachment trial morphs into time machine on Day One 
  • WaPo: Senate votes to pursue Trump impeachment trial after declaring the proceedings constitutional
  • WaPo: On a day of legal wrangling, the trauma of Jan. 6 becomes the centerpiece of Trump impeachment trial 
  • WaPo: 4 takeaways from Day One of Trump’s second impeachment trial
  • NYT: 5 Takeaways From Day One of Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial
  • Politico: Dems marshal terror and outrage in personal appeal for Trump’s conviction 
  • NYT: Graphic Video at Impeachment Trial Shows Riot and Trump’s Comments
  • NYT: ‘Dad, I Don’t Want to Come Back to the Capitol’: Raskin Speaks of the Horror of Jan. 6
  • The Atlantic – Why Jamie Raskin’s Speech Resonated 
  • Vox: Rep. Raskin makes an emotional impeachment case at Trump’s trial 
  • The Nation – Jamie Raskin’s Passionate Prosecution Is Convicting Trump in the Eyes of History 
  • CNN: Two men cried in the Senate Tuesday. One of them made a devastating case against Trump 
  • Daily Beast – Jamie Raskin and the Democrats Exposed Trump and the GOP Knows It
  • Politico: GOP castigates ‘terrible job’ by Trump legal team 
  • WaPo: Trump’s new lawyer didn’t just decline to prosecute Bill Cosby; he also fought his later prosecution
  • New Yorker  – Trump’s Impeachment-Trial Lawyers Refuse to Seriously Engage with the Constitutional Issues=
  • The Atlantic – Trump’s Lawyers Lost the Day
  • WaPo: One of Trump’s impeachment lawyers sued him last year — and accused him of making claims about fraud with ‘no evidence’ 
  • WaPo: Trump’s lawyers say he was immediately ‘horrified’ by the Capitol attack. Here’s what his allies and aides said really happened that day. 
  • NYT: Meandering Performance by Defense Lawyers Enrages Trump
  • CNN: Trump unhappy with his impeachment attorney’s performance, sources say
  • WaPo: In self-imposed exile, Trump watches with unhappiness as second impeachment trial unfolds
  • Politico: Trump was quite displeased with his impeachment defense team
  • AP: GOP senator flips on impeachment trial, rips Trump lawyers
  • NYT: Here Are the Republicans Who Voted to Proceed With Trump’s Trial
  • NYT: Why Bill Cassidy Broke With Senate Republicans and Backed Trump’s Trial 
  • WaPo: Sen. Cassidy’s impeachment trial vote shows he might want to be a bipartisan dealmaker
  • NPR: GOP Senator: Trump’s Lawyers Did A ‘Terrible Job’ On 1st Day Of Trial
  • Politico: Louisiana GOP ‘profoundly disappointed’ over Cassidy’s impeachment vote
  • Vox: Poll: 69 percent of Republicans are less likely to vote for a senator who convicts Trump 
  • WaPo: Nearly half the Republicans who will judge Trump bolstered the falsehood that drove the Capitol riot
  • NYT: Americans Support Convicting Trump, but Only Narrowly 
  • NYT: How Right-Wing Radio Stoked Anger Before the Capitol Siege
  • NYT: Michigan Senate majority leader is caught on hot mic claiming that Capitol riot was a hoax.
  • NYT: Impeachment Trial Updates: Prosecution Recreates Capitol Riot Using Explicit, Never-Before-Seen Video 
  • WaPo: House managers show previously unseen security footage of pro-Trump mob’s assault on Capitol 
  • Politico: Impeachment managers show dramatic footage of Capitol attack 
  • NYT: Takeaways From Day 2 of Trump’s Impeachment Trial 
  • WaPo: 4 takeaways from Day 2 of Trump’s impeachment trial
  • WaPo: Trump’s language, which defined his presidency, is now what’s on trial
  • Bloomberg: McConnell Signals Trump Conviction Is a GOP Conscience Vote 
  • NY Mag:  McConnell Isn’t Plotting to Save Republicans From Trump
  • NYT:  Georgia Prosecutors Open Criminal Investigation of Trump Phone Call
  • NYT: The Fulton County District Attorney’s Letter
  • WaPo: Georgia prosecutors open criminal investigation into Trump’s efforts to subvert election results
  • CNN: Prosecutors in Georgia open criminal investigation into Trump’s attempt to influence election results
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: Fulton’s DA opens criminal investigation into Trump attempt to overturn Georgia’s election
  • Vox: Georgia prosecutors open a criminal probe that could land Trump in prison


Is the GOP in trouble?

  • NYT: ‘There’s Nothing Left’: Why Thousands of Republicans Are Leaving the Party 
  • Gallup: GOP Image Slides Giving Democrats Strong Advantage
  • NY Mag: Capitol Riot Took Toll on GOP Approval, Registrations
  • The Hill: Nearly 140,000 voters left GOP in 25 states in January 
  • NPR: Spurred By The Capitol Riot, Thousands Of Republicans Drop Out Of GOP 
  • WaPo Analysis: Some Republicans are switching parties — but not many
  • Gallup: Party Affiliation
  • WaPo: For the first time, there are fewer registered Republicans than independents (2020)
  • Brookings: Trump owns a shrinking Republican party (2018)
  • CNN: The Republican exodus in the age of Donald Trump (2017)
  • Democracy Fund – Voter Study Group: Party Hoppers – Understanding Voters Who Switched Partisan Affiliation (2017)
  • USA Today: 70% of Republicans Would Consider Joining New Party Formed by Donald Trump, Poll Finds
  • The Hill: Poll: 64 percent of GOP voters say they would join a Trump-led new party
  • NYT: As Trump Seeks to Remain a Political Force, New Targets Emerge
  • CNN: Trump adviser says former President not currently considering launching a third party
  • Morning Consult: Greene Gains Popularity With Republican Voters Following Committee Fight
  • WaPo: Most Republicans see Democrats not as political opponents but as enemies
  • FiveThirtyEight: What Do Americans Think Of Marjorie Taylor Greene? Liz Cheney? Josh Hawley?
  • WaPo: Republicans worry their big tent will mean big problems in 2022 elections 
  • Morning Consult: Some GOP Constituents Have Soured on Hawley, Cruz After Capitol Riot — but Not Many 
  • CBS News: House Republicans’ 2022 strategy to beat Democrats: Target “socialist agenda” and “job killing policies”
  • Politico: Inside Republicans’ plans for a House takeover 
  • NY Mag: The 2022 Midterms Could Be Another Referendum on Trump 
  • Politico: Inside Bidenworld’s plan to punish the GOP for opposing Covid relief



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