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August 12, 2022
X-Ray Vision
I Am Groot & Prey + Harley Quinn Animated Series Co-Creator Justin Halpern

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On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight take a bath with Groot! First in Previously On (2:15), Jason and Rosie continue to break down the breakdown in the Warner Bros Discovery merger. In the Airlock (24:07) they dive deep (deeep) into both the delightful I Am Groot short animated series streaming now on Disney+ and the quiet, subversive thrills of Prey – the latest in the predator franchise – now streaming on Hulu in both English and Comanche. Then, in the Hive Mind (39:02) Jason and Rosie are joined by Harley Quinn c0-creator Justin Halpern to discuss the inspiration behind the series, working with writing partner Patrick Schumacker, how the two of them almost ruined Harlivy, how they squeeze so many jokes into every minute, and the incredible voice work and cast.


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