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September 23, 2021
Pod Save America
“Humane immigration and salad vaccination.”

In This Episode

President Biden tries to unify Democrats around his economic plan, former White House domestic policy director Cecilia Muñoz joins to discuss what the Administration can do about the border and immigration, and Jon and Dan break down this week’s wildest right-wing conspiracy in a new segment called Shit Your Uncle’s Posting.


Show Notes



  • Punchbowl: Feuds. Meetings. High stakes.
  • NYT: Why Are Moderates Trying to Blow Up Biden’s Centrist Economic Plan? 
  • The Hill: WHIP LIST: How House Democrats say they’ll vote on infrastructure bill 
  • The Hill: Gottheimer presses for House vote Monday on infrastructure bill 
  • Reuters: Republicans see opportunity in U.S. debt-ceiling standoff
  • WaPo.: The four real reasons some moderates are balking at Biden’s reconciliation bill 
  •  NYT: It’s All or Nothing for These Democrats, Even if That Means Biden Fails 
  • Playbook: Sinema, House mods get their way 
  • CNN: Progressives say they plan to vote against bipartisan infrastructure bill next week 
  • MSNBC: Rep. Bush: I won’t vote for bipartisan infrastructure bill that comes before reconciliation
  • The Atlantic: The Democrats’ Greatest Delusion 
  • Politico: Business groups zero in on House Republicans to save BIF as progressives waver 
  • Axios: Scoop – Manchin: Delay Biden plan to ’22
  • CNN: ‘No one would be spared’: Debt default would set off dire consequences
  • Insider: Even former GOP treasury secretaries reportedly tried to get Mitch McConnell to help avoid a debt default. He refused.
  • NYT: The House approves a spending bill that would raise the debt ceiling, setting up a clash with Republicans. 
  • WaPo: U.S. default this fall would cost 6 million jobs, wipe out $15 trillion in wealth, study says
  • Yahoo: 4 projections for when we might actually hit the debt limit 
  • WaPo: Leaderless Republicans rush headlong toward default 



  • Daily Beast: Democrats’ Immigration Lies Are Finally Catching Up to Them 
  • Slate: The Biden Administration Hasn’t Ended the Cruel Treatment of Migrants 
  • AP: US officials defend expulsion of Haitians from Texas town
  • AP: Officials: Many migrants from border camp staying in US 
  • Insider: GOP politicians are invoking white supremacist conspiracy theories to stoke fears about asylum-seekers and immigrants. Instead of debating policy, their language puts real lives at risk
  • WaPo: Amid furor over border images, Biden faces Democratic backlash on immigration 
  • AP: U.S. launches mass expulsion of Haitian migrants from Texas 
  • AZ Central: Border Patrol agents are using whips to round up Haitian immigrants. How is that OK? 
  • The Intercept: Four Months Ago, Biden Said Haiti Wasn’t Safe. Now He’s Deporting Thousands There
  • WaPo: Biden’s mixed messaging on immigration brings a surge of Haitian migrants to the Texas border 
  • NPR: The Biden Administration Is Fighting In Court To Keep A Trump-Era Immigration Policy 
  • The Hill: Poll shows battleground state support for Democrats ramming through immigration reform 
  • WaPo: Protesters march in D.C. to press Congress for legal path to citizenship as Democrats’ plan hits obstacle 
  • CNBC: Democrats cannot grant legal status to millions of immigrants as part of budget bill, Senate parliamentarian rules 
  • WaPo: After immigration ruling, Democrats’ once-sweeping agenda continues to shrink 



  • Daily Beast: Michael Flynn Wonders Out Loud Whether There’s COVID-19 Vaccine in His Salad Dressing



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