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February 17, 2022
Pod Save America
"How To Win A Culture War."

In This Episode

Democrats try to get back on offense for the midterms, Shannon Watts from Moms Demand Action joins to talk about the historic settlement that Sandy Hook families reached with a gun manufacturer, and Jon Lovett stops by to help Dan and Jon debunk three of the latest right-wing conspiracy theories – and things go off the rails.


Show Notes 



  • Politico: GOP culture war attacks ‘alarmingly potent,’ DCCC warns
  • WaPo: Democrats wrestle with what message to take into the midterms
  • WaPo: Vulnerable Democrats plan to run on kitchen-table issues, but some in party want voters focused on Trump, too
  • NYT: Rice Announces Retirement, the 30th House Democrat to Plan an Exit
  • PlayBook: Exclusive poll: Answers to the midterm’s 2 big questions
  • CNN: Why schools are taking center stage in the culture wars
  • NBC: Democrats to Biden: Time to make changes at the White House
  • WaPo: Opinion: Are Republicans hiding their agenda — or do they not know what it is? WaPo: Opinion: Brutal new polling on Biden should scare Democrats. But there’s a way out.
  • Daily Beast: “Pro-Life” GOP’s New Motto: “Screw You, Kids”
  • WaPo: To Run or Not to Run? That’s the Midterm Question.
  • WaPo: U.S. ‘excess deaths’ during pandemic surpassed 1 million, with covid killing most but other diseases adding to the toll, CDC says
  • NYT: In Landslide, San Francisco Forces Out 3 Board of Education Members
  • WaPo: San Francisco recalls school board members seen as too focused on racial justice
  • CNN: What to know about accounting firm Mazars’ move to back away from Trump
  • The Hill: GOP scrambles to figure out what Trump legal drama means for future



  • NYT: A Blueprint for Suing Gun Makers Emerges
  • Shannon’s tweet thread
  • Everytown.org: Everytown Celebrates One Year of Biden-Harris Administration Making Gun Safety a Priority


  • Fox News: Critics mock liberal fact-checking site for rating reporting on Biden crack pipe funding ‘mostly false’
  • Tom Cotton Tweet: Once again, ‘misinformation’ just means true facts that make Democrats look bad
  • Washington Free Beacon: The Weird Ideas and Shoddy Science Behind Free Government Crack Pipes
  • Just the News: Biden administration funding crack pipe distribution, saying it’s needed for racial equity
  • Chicks on the Right: Biden Admin Spending $30M To Give Crack Pipes, Drug Kits To Addicts For “Advancing Racial Equity
  • NY POST: Republicans add crack pipes to list of social issues for 2022 midterms
  • Fact Check WaPo (worth a full read): No, the federal government isn’t spending $30 million on ‘crack pipes’
  • NYT: Explaining the Claim That the Biden Administration Is Funding ‘Crack Pipes’
  • Snopes: Did Biden Admin ‘Fund Crack Pipes’ To ‘Advance Racial Equity’
  • Trump statement, Feb. 12
  • Trump statement, Feb. 14
  • Fox Business Varney rips Democrat ‘political espionage’ in Durham report
  • Fox: Durham report finds Clinton staffers were hired to infiltrate Trump Tower, White House servers
  • Business Insider: GOP Rep. Jim Jordan says a Trump statement that suggested the execution of former Hillary Clinton campaign aides was ‘right on target’
  • WaPo: Here’s why Trump once again is claiming ‘spying’ by Democrats
  • CNN: Right-wing media said it was exposing a scandal. What it really revealed is how bad information spreads in MAGA world
  • WaPo: Understanding the rhetorical fight over ‘spying’ on Donald Trump (Philip Bump) 
  • Esquire: The Durham Report Is Vague Enough to Be Useful
  • NY Mag: John Durham and the Right’s Media Paranoia They don’t understand how the press is supposed to work.
  • Atlantic: The American Fantasy of Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’
  • Daily Beast: Truckers Resurrect Bananas Theory About Trudeau’s Real Dad
  • The Independent: ‘Trucker Carlson’ ridiculed for calling Justin Trudeau a ‘dictator’




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