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Ghost Of Your Penis

This week Erin is joined by Megan Gailey and Grace Parra to meditate on the merits of “horseface” as an insult, parse all the ways USA gymnastics has fucked up, and repeatedly smack our foreheads over Hillary Clinton’s latest comments on Monica Lewinsky. Then, a palate cleanser: the hosts showcase a few inspirational women in governor’s races. Later, Erin chats with New York Mag’s Rebecca Traister about where all this female rage came from and what to do with it. And still later: Ziwe Fumudoh and Blair Imani debut a new segment called “Let’s Get Uncomfy!” And as always we lay out the Hills We’ll Die on.

Show Notes:

Women running shit! Yes! Let’s make that happen. Get more info on the gubernatorial candidates here:

Does Rebecca Traister inspire you too? Check out more from her here: Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger

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