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February 15, 2022
Pod Save America
"Fox Trucks Canada."

In This Episode

Democrats need a better plan to fight inflation anxiety, Republicans get bolder about defying Donald Trump, and guest host Erin Ryan joins to talk about Fox News’ Valentine’s crush on Canadian truckers.


Show Notes 


  • FoxNews: CNN political analyst slams Biden’s response to inflation question: ‘A terrible answer’
  • TheHill: Five obstacles Biden faces in battle against inflation
  • NYT: 12 Economically Insecure Americans on What Keeps Them Up at Night
  • WaPo: White House offers blueprint for union growth as labor movement struggles to gain ground
  • WaPo: The hottest stop for candidates on the 2020 campaign trail? 
  • NYT Opinion Mr. President, It’s Time for a Little Humility, by David Axelrod
  • WaPo: Republicans may be divided over Trump, but that’s of little solace to Biden and the Democrats
  • MSNBC: Corporations are getting off scot-free in the inflation blame game
  • WSJ: Manchin Pushes Democrats to Revisit Tax-Rate Hikes, Sinema Could Present a Roadblock



  • WaPo: A weakened Trump? As some voters edge away, he battles parts of the Republican Party he once ran.
  • NYT: Inside McConnell’s Campaign to Take Back the Senate and Thwart Trump
  • Politico: Trump’s latest political obsession: The baseball team owner not toeing his line




  • Reuters: Canada’s Trudeau to invoke emergency powers to end protests; armed group broken up
  • CNN: Here’s what happened with Canadian Covid-19 protests over the weekend
  • NYT: Canada Opens Blockaded Bridge, but in Ottawa, Truckers Won’t Budge
  • CTV: U.S. conservative figures cheer on Canadian trucker protest
  • WaPo: Rand Paul urges truckers to disrupt Super Bowl and come to D.C.: ‘I hope they clog up cities’
  • Business Insider: Tucker Carlson is selling shirts that support truckers and play on his own name. A former Fox correspondent says it’s just another way to profit off the protests.
  • TheAtlantic: Canada’s Trucker Blockades Are a Warning
  • WaPo: The American right uses truckers to import right-wing fury into Canada                   
  • WaPo: Canada’s Trumpian trucker protests show the global radicalization of anti-vaxxers
  • NPR: The Ottawa trucker protest is rooted in extremism, a national security expert says
  • BBC: Canada protests: After police cleared bridge, is this the end?


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