May 18, 2020
Pod Save America
"Fired up and ready to Zoom.”

In This Episode

The President continues his purge of government officials who expose corruption, the Trump campaign uses a kitchen sink strategy to define Joe Biden, Barack Obama reminds us of what a normal president sounds like, and House Democrats pass an economic relief bill with some defections. Then Senator Sherrod Brown and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Connie Schultz talk to Jon L. about Senate negotiations over the next stimulus bill, and what it’s like to quarantine together.

Show notes

Trump: Desperate and Dangerous

  • NYT: A Sitting President, Riling the Nation During a Crisis
  • NYT: Trump Ousted State Dept. Watchdog at Pompeo’s Urging; Democrats Open Inquiry 
  • WaPo: Trump ramps up retaliatory purge with firing of State Department inspector general 
  • CBS News: Trump fires State Department watchdog Steve Linick
  • WSJ: Some Republicans Object to Trump’s Ousting of State Department Watchdog 
  • Politico: Ron Johnson ‘not crying’ over Trump’s firing of State Department watchdog 
  • The Guardian: Pelosi: Trump firing of Steve Linick could be ‘unlawful if it’s retaliation’
  • NYT: Inspector General’s Firing Puts Pompeo’s Use of Taxpayer Funds Under Scrutiny 
  • NPR: Democrats Launch Probe Into Trump’s Firing Of State Department Inspector General
  • WSJ: Congressional Democrats Launch Probe of Trump’s Ousting of State Department Watchdog
  • Politico: Watchdog’s dismissal puts Pompeo on the hot seat
  • The Hill: Trump and Biden signal bitter general election with latest attack ads 
  • Politico: Navarro ties Obama, Biden and China together in coronavirus attack
  • Buzzfeed News: Eric Trump Said Coronavirus Shutdowns Are Part Of A Plot To Prevent Trump Campaign Rallies
  • NYT: Donald Trump Jr. Smears Biden With Baseless Instagram Post
  • NYT: ‘Geriatric,’ ‘China’s Puppet’: Trump Campaign Unleashes Ads Attacking Biden
  • The Hill: Trump campaign launches ads questioning Biden’s age, fitness
  • NYT: A Sitting President, Riling the Nation During a Crisis
  • The Guardian: Trump campaign focuses fire on Biden as pandemic undermines strategy 
  • Axios: The next front in Trump’s Biden attacks
  • WaPo: Faced with a Trumpian barrage of attacks, Joe Biden chooses to look the other way
  • CNN: Cornered by the coronavirus, Trump returns to a familiar strategy: Attack Obama 
  • NBC News: Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden risk blowing back on him
  • Vox: A sexual assault allegation hasn’t hurt Biden’s poll numbers — yet
  • Politico: ‘Not a perfect messenger’: Trump campaign goes all-in on Biden sexual assault allegations
  • WaPo: Faced with a Trumpian barrage of attacks, Joe Biden chooses to look the other way
  • NBC News: Biden campaign says voters will reject ‘desperate’ Trump strategy
  • CNN: Here are the two groups of voters who may determine 2020
  • AP: Obama criticizes virus response in online graduation speech
  • NYT: Obama Says U.S. Lacks Leadership on Virus in Commencement Speeches
  • WaPo: Obama criticizes nation’s leaders for bungled handling of coronavirus pandemic 

Heroes Act

  • NYT: House Passes $3 Trillion Aid Bill Over Republican Opposition
  • WaPo: House Democrats pass $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill despite Trump’s veto threat
  • Vox: The House just passed its latest $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus package
  • The Hill: The 14 Democrats who broke with their party on coronavirus relief vote
  • Roll Call: Meet the lawmakers who bucked their parties on the Democratic coronavirus response bill
  • Politico: House approves $3 trillion coronavirus relief package
  • Roll Call: As House Democrats push virus relief bill, GOP candidates pounce
  • Politico: Pelosi moving swiftly on $3 trillion relief plan despite Dem gripes
  • Bloomberg: Democrats’ $3 Trillion Aid Bill Has Seeds for Eventual GOP Deal
  • NBC News: Pelosi: ‘No red lines’ for bill to help struggling state and local governments 
  • Politico: Congress nowhere close to a coronavirus deal as unemployment spikes
  • WSJ: Stimulus Talks: How Democrats, Republicans, Trump Split on Coronavirus Bill 
  • CNN: Republicans say Senate likely won’t vote on next big Covid response bill until after Memorial Day

Pod Save America