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August 12, 2021
Pod Save America
“Fire sale on Cuomo books.”

In This Episode

Joe Biden’s economic agenda gets closer to becoming reality, Republicans flirt with a debt ceiling disaster, former Obama economic advisor Austan Goolsbee explains the debate over inflation, and good riddance to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


Show Notes



  • NYT: Senate Passes $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Handing Biden a Bipartisan Win
  • NYT: As Infrastructure Bill Inches Forth, a Rocky, Slow Path Awaits in the House 
  • Reuters: U.S. Senate pivots to $3.5 trillion bill, key to Biden’s agenda 
  • CNBC: Senate approves framework of $3.5 trillion budget plan that would expand Medicare, tax credits and climate initiatives
  • ABC: Universal pre-K, free community college tuition: What’s in $3.5T budget bill 
  • AZ Central: Sinema doesn’t support Democrats’ $3.5T bill, clinches bipartisan infrastructure deal 
  • Politico: GOP prays Sinema and Manchin pare back Dems’ big spending bill
  • NPR: The Senate Passes A $3.5 Trillion Budget Proposal. It’s The Latest Win For Biden
  • Playbook: The latest Democratic feud to watch
  • Politico: Senate adopts budget that paves way for $3.5T spending plan 
  • Punchbowl: A new $5 million AAN campaign against the Democrats’ budget 
  • Reuters: U.S. Senate pivots to $3.5 trillion bill, key to Biden’s agenda 
  • Punchbowl: What are Democrats thinking on the debt ceiling? 
  • Politico: Dems double-dare a dug-in McConnell on debt 
  • Yahoo: Most GOP Senators Sign Pledge to Force Dems to Raise Debt Ceiling without Republican Votes 
  • CNN: Schumer and Pelosi blast Republicans for threatening to not raise debt ceiling
  • Intelligencer: Why Congress Is Fighting Over the Debt Ceiling Yet Again
  • LA Times: Column: Like children playing with matches, GOP again toys with U.S. debt ceiling
  • Slate: Is Congress About to Play Chicken With the Economy Again? 
  • WaPo Editorial Board: On the debt ceiling, Democrats must do the right thing if the GOP won’t 



  • NYT: Railing at Enemies and Pleading for Time: Inside Cuomo’s Final Days
  • The Atlantic: Why Cuomo Finally Resigned
  • NYT: Executive Assistant Who Accused Cuomo of Groping Says It Was ‘Not Normal’ 
  • NYT: Carl Heastie: The Man Who Would Oversee Cuomo’s Impeachment 
  • NYT: Biden Says Cuomo ‘Should Resign,’ as Sexual Harassment Findings Emerge 
  • WaPo: Cuomo’s resignation shows the world is changing — just not fast enough
  • ABC: Meet Kathy Hochul, the woman who will make history as NY’s 1st female governor
  • NYT: How Cuomo’s Downfall Paved the Way for Kathy Hochul to Make History 
  • WaPo Opinion: To survivors of abuse, Cuomo’s defensive theatrics are galling
  • The Hollywood Reporter: Amid Cuomo Revelation, Time’s Up Clients, Former Staffers Say Group Is “Failing All Survivors” 
  • AP: Hochul moves into spotlight a scandal roils Cuomo’s resign
  • NPR: How The Cuomo Probe Fits Into New York AG Letitia James’ Career Of Courtroom Battles
  • The Daily Beast: The Horrific Details of How Andrew Cuomo Allegedly Preyed on a State Trooper 
  • WaPo: Stephen Colbert calls out CNN’s conflict with the Cuomo brothers: ‘Your network is involved in the story’
  • Vox: Why Cuomo resigned and Trump didn’t
  • Newsweek: Tucker Carlson Defends Andrew Cuomo, Says ‘Reasons to Question Motives’ of AG Letitia James
  • CNN: Cuomo’s fight to stay in office runs into a wave of Democratic defections 
  • The Hill: Cuomo’s political future in question as fallout grows 



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